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37,000 N.C. Unemployed Converge on State Capitol in Protest at Standoff

The face off between the Democrats and the GOP legislators over budget cuts brought over 37,000 jobless people to Raleigh on Tuesday to vent their anger at the “third-grade posturing — you either do it my way or else” as one protestor described the current standoff between the Dems and the GOP.

Democratic Governor Beverly Perdue slammed the Republicans for “extortion” in their demand for deep budget cuts in return for passing legislation that would allow the unemployed workers to receive their final 20 weeks of benefits under the federal Extended Benefits program.

The EB program is being phased out in N.C., as the stae no longer qualifies for the federal EB program. The EB program gives 20 weeks extra benefits to those jobless workers who’ve exhausted their initial 26 weeks of state unemployment insurance benefits. Even though the N.C. unemployment rate remains at 9.7%, one of the federal requirements of the EB program is that the unemployment rate must be at least 10% higher then the average jobless rate over the previous two years. Under that rule the N.C unemployment rate hasn’t risen enough to satisfy that requirement.

In recognition of the continuing unacceptably high unemployment rate, Congress lawmakers ruled that the states could change the “look-back” period from two years to three years. With a changed look-back of three years, N.C. would still qualify for EB assistance. But the states Republicans, who control the legislature, have tied the changing of the look-back period to demands for a 13% cut in the state budget.

So once again those that cannot defend themselves are the pawns in a political power play. At a news conference, one of the protesters, Tracy Whitman said “Thirty-seven thousand people are out here watching this tennis match between our legislature and the governor. Nobody’s winning.” He added that if the standoff continued “I stand to lose my house, my car, everything. If I can’t have a car to go back and forth to school, I’ll have to drop school, so I lose that,”

Perhaps it’s all best summed up by one of the protesters, Keith Fountain, who said that he wanted the Republican legislature to realize that each of the 37,00 jobless represents one family – “This bill has nothing to do with any budget. We’re not line items on the budget. We’re people who need to have a little bit of support. We’re not beggars. We’re not hobos. We’re not bums. We’re out looking for work, it’s just not there…We deserve more than to be treated like a political toy.”

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413 comments to 37,000 N.C. Unemployed Converge on State Capitol in Protest at Standoff

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    underempamerica says:

    Best of luck to the NC protesters. The govt allows our jobs to be stolen, knowing full well those jobs will not be replaced.

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    Sharon-GA says:

    The political posturing in this country is shameful and unforgiveable. Neither party seems to have a grasp on reality, which is not surprising, seeing as how they are among the privileged. The GOP in particular seem to be not only totally ignorant of the situation, but uncaring as well, as characterized by Boehner’s flippant “so be it” attitude which permeates everything he does and says.

    I am very pleased to see that somehow or another the unemployed people of N.C. were able to organize in the volume of 37,000 people!! Unemployed people in this country are faceless and our numbers clearly underestimated because we are in the shadows.

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    suri says:

    Gotta LOVE that last paragraph! So glad NC unemp stood up and were counted in such huge #’s! “Looking for work that isn’t there” should be a song title. No one is asking for the moon — just a little support and for the 37,000 FAMILIES represented a way to survive until a lifeboat JOB comes around.

    I become more sure every day that the economy can not stand without offering 1 in 5 Americans a way forward, let alone be successful! Time is wasting away while our elected ‘leaders’ flounder. Every problem, and this unemp/housing CRISIS, is all that and a bag of chips ! offers great opportunities!! We seem in a vaccum, at a loss for ideas, when OUR FUTURE depends on it!! Please find guidance and wisdom to lead this country SOON!! Peace.

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      Jim R says:

      Bravo to the good people of NC – I have been unemployed over 2 years now – and our new Republican Governor Scot – is taking so much from our poor and unemployed. He is cutting Unemployment benefits however, he continues to allow (without cuts) the Work Force One (Central Fla) to buy $14,0000 worth of superhero capes for the unemployed to walk around the community to “make the community more aware of the plight of the unemplyed”.

      What an insult and disgrace -I guess these poor people were threatened if they didnt dress up- they wouldnt be helped..

      He was on Fox News yesterday and proud that our rate as gone down from 11.8% to 11.1% since he took office – OMG – he has got to be kidding – I am 58 yrs old and there are no jobs – how can this man be proud of a .7% drop – he should be ashamed to even show his face on TV – and for FOX News, and their croonies – they continue to bash the unemployed.

      • 3.1.1
        Angel-NYC says:

        That .7% didn’t get employed. They just dropped off the charts when their benefits ended. It’s all part of the numbers game. Spring is coming, the weather is getting more conducive for gathering, many more people are dropping off the charts, and things are going to get ugly. It’s coming.

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    Sharon-GA says:

    Tues, 04/26/11 10:51 a.m.

    Tribe: Unable to comment on our other article anymore, so just giving a shout out here. Hope everyone is okay. Wonder if Angel-NYC is still having computer problems? And what happened to StaciB, maybe she got a job!?

    Thinking about EOTW for interview today. Wondering if Suri has heard anything from her applications?

    Pain in arm yesterday and day before (Sun & Mon)really bad. Stopped wearing sling–it wouldn’t stay in place and think it was contributing to pain. Last night had headache, cough, pain, body aches, etc. Didn’t pay attention to body’s messages a couple days ago, so am going to try and rest some today in between tasks. Have f/u MD appt tomorrow morn and mtg at NH Thurs a.m.

    Hope you are all doing well and can find some peace here (and hope you look here for messages). The other article does not say comments are closed, but there is no section to comment.

    Article relevant–still glad so many showed up to make themselves heard. Think it’s the only way we are going to make ourselves known in this country, and even at that, don’t know that it holds much promise. So discouraging.

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    suri says:

    Job Warriors – I THINK we max’d out on other site too! Sorry re arm but should have offered my insight that I never had sling, just an arm imobilizer that went around waist and held wrist with velco band. So mostly just held arm close to body and I could choose to release wrist for writing/keyboarding. My dr DID NOT want arm at angle, just supported, not hanging down. Used it for 4 – 5 weeks? Are you taking extra calicium for bone building too and extra protein helps.

    Everyone who’s anyone (lol) has broncitis (sp) here including DIL in MI. Use cough syrup to rest and warm shower to breathe better.

    I loved Lawrence O’donnell show, MSNBC, last evening. He took apart Rush Limbaugh on “What would Jesus Take?” if anyone is interested. And Ed Schultz and Cenk Ug.. also had good takes on what is going on with President Obama and Geithner proposing MORE corporate tax rate decreases? Oh, yeah, that’s OUR problem in this country! I have conflicts in watching too much tv but try to stay informed, then get distressed all over again. And the Tailban prison outbreak of 541 that our soldiers paid for with their lives to capture in Afghan?? Are you f’ing kidding me? We should just get out imho. If the Afghan’s didn’t care enough to even know they left for 4 hr, WHY ARE WE THERE? I just don’t know where to turn for any relief in my life as gas is now $4.24 gal as a topper!

    NO, REPLIES – what’s EOTW rule, you usually hear in a week? I’m going to admit today isn’t looking to bright in spirit or weather. Ice maker went out on Daddy’s fridge. I’ve had it 18 yr since he passed, so probably 4 yr or so older than that! Now I have to find my extra ice trays?

    Sharon – I can so relate to Daddy’s car. I STILL have my Dad’s last car, a 1989 Dodge Spirit (love the model name!). He got it for himself for 72nd Bday. He always LOVED his Bday and wanted to be 100! It’s a practical white 4 dr as he retired to FL. It brought it from his ‘estate’ and it was my #1 son’s first car and all through college. Taught all the kids to drive in it as it is great size and handling for that. Still drives and used it as a spare until DH got laid off. It will go soon to parts yard but is just full of pleasant memories!! Used cars are worth $300.00 for junk these days?

    • 5.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Glad you found me here! I was afraid people wouldn’t look around…but should know our determination to be there for one another.

      No, not taking calcium, will take your suggestion. And am eating protein, so good there. Arm feels much better without sling, but figure it would feel better with just a little support. May go back to my scarf/sling…or not. It was so bad last night that I could barely breathe, the pain in my shoulder hurt so bad when I’d take a deep breath…which probably didn’t help much with the coughing thing as I wasn’t able to take deep breaths. I’ll see tomorrow when I go for f/u if there is anything other than sling I can use, or if it’s okay to go unsupported. I’m still really tired today and am going to take it easy, maybe nap so I get some rest. Pain just takes so much out of you.

      Daddy’s car is a 2003 Grand Marquis Limited Edition LS, with only a tad over 41,000 miles. They took such pride in their cars. I’m missing my mom a lot lately…wish I had her to talk to.

      Yeah, don’t even know if they sell ice trays anymore! I don’t have an icemaker…well, actually HAVE an icemaker, but no water source hookup, so have old ice trays, and they are breaking (they’re the plastic doodads…remember the old metal ones with the lever?–made it so much easier to get ice out!! “Improvements” are not always better, just newer.)

      I’m sure you’ll hear something this week about your applications. They never respond as quickly as you think they should, and the same thing applies for making a decision, or letting you know they’ve made a decision.

      Didn’t watch the programs you mentioned; actually, know I watched TV last night, but don’t even remember what I watched!!–was kind of out of it.

      Such a strange time of the year for bronchitis, don’t you think?

      Olympia had me out late last night in the dark, stumbling around trying to find her! It was really dark, and my yard gets really black at night, and she didn’t come when I called, and I couldn’t hear her tags jingle, and I couldn’t find her, and I began to panic that she’d somehow gotten out (she did once), so I grabbed a flashlight and stumbled around the yard calling for her, getting increasingly panic stricken (and angry), stepped in dog poop, which didn’t endear her to me. I would have thought she’d have recognized the panic in my voice, but she didn’t, or chose to ignore it. She finally did come…but boy was I ticked!

      They are still calling for possibility/probability of tornadoes tomorrow–hope all bad weather holds off until after my MD appt and stopping by girlfriend’s house and getting back home. MD going out of town so I really do need to make this appt to see how I’m doing and what else, if anything, I’m supposed to be doing to rehabilitate.

      Absolutely know your frustration. I don’t understand how we can be where we are in this country and so little notice taken of it. I’m equally as surprised by the news that the new proposal for Medicare would “only” cost seniors $6,500/yr…when they’re getting between $11-12,000/hr in SS!! And for those of us who have gone through everything, and have lost our jobs and been unable to find work…let’s see how that works for ya’!!

      Have not heard anything about catering coordinator or chiropractic office job. Made application to three jobs today…probably won’t hear anything..but you can’t get anything if you don’t apply. Just not very optimistic. Hoping that EOTW has some success to report to us today.

      • 5.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        Suri: Thought I fixed that!—- $11-12,000/YEAR in SS. Wow, wouldn’t it be wonderful to make that per hour?!!!?

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    suri says:

    Sharon – NO losing me so easily? lol Yes, check with dr. He may x-ray to check now or next appt.

    Sorry no feedback for you either. It would ‘feed’ us for hopes wouldn’t it?

    I did that on-line test for auto dealership position. You have to complete before submitting resume. It was about 30 minutes of video and questions re car customer sales, etc. I, of course, think I aced it as I have done some with my two previous employers of used cars. Somehow e-mail didn’t go through from my computer for resume and cover letter. Will have DD check it out when she gets home. Mostly I do fine but I’m not a guru by any means!

    Sorry about doggie scare. They can do that to us so easily! Our big dog, 2yr Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, can run like the wind and is very well behaved, usually. But DD does NOT like that Dad will give him freedom off his lead as we don’t have fences in country. I’ve always said our animals (we used to have cats also) KNOW a good home when they have one! LOL We did have one sweet cockerpoo that got hit on the road that was just heartbreaking. He was 10yr and somehow slipped out at night and didn’t make it (DD was 15). The guilt never leaves you.

    Computer is acting up?? Hope to hear from EOTW later.
    Rest in Peace!! JUST KIDDING…

  • 7
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri: Sure you did well on the testing. Not sure I knew you had to take a test, but your previous experience I’m sure will stand you in good stead. You’ve had lots of different job experiences. Not sure why you’d have a problem with sending the email…but you do mention later in the post that you’re possibly having computer problems? That might account for it. Find it strange that all of us have had computer problems. Mine is now a while ago…though not that long; and EOTW has had some problems, and Angel-NYC said she had a virus or something, and now you?

    The storm system that has spawned 35 tornadoes in other states is heading our way, and this is the storm system we are expecting tomorrow. Some storms expected tonight, tomorrow is supposed to be the worst, and I think it may go into Thursday…

    Am waiting to hear from EOTW. She always has interesting things to say and an interesting perspective. I feel pretty much like a “dud” lately. Enjoy your evening…

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    Sharon-GA says:

    Tribe: Got this email, thought you might be interested in case you can watch or get these channels. (Guess you know it’s Bernie (Sanders)…)

    Dear Friends:

    We wanted to let you know that Bernie will be appearing on two of our favorite shows this Wednesday night, April 27th.

    At 9:00 pm (EST) he will be a guest on “The Rachel Maddow Show” (MSNBC) and then at 11:00 pm (EST) that same night he will appear on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” (Comedy Central) to discuss his new book, “The Speech: A Historic Filibuster on Corporate Greed and the Decline of Our Middle Class.”

    Should be a lot of fun. Hope you can tune in.

    Phil Fiermonte
    Campaign Director

  • 9
    Sharon-GA says:

    Am disgusted with the President’s opinion about the (possible new–if it’s signed) Georgia immigration bill. They don’t enforce the laws already on the books, they do not secure the borders, but he thinks it is sufficient. We have the highest increase in illegal immigrants in the country and something needs to be done. The Federal Gov’t won’t enforce the laws, it is up to the states to make their own laws and govern themselves. If this bill passes, it will require employers to verify that their employees are here legally if they have 10 employees or more, and they are required to use E-verify to do this…not just ask for some form of ID. Those against it in the state say it will hurt the state because the illegals do jobs that American citizens don’t want to do, like (supposedly) restaurant work! Yeah, right! That’s why so d**n many people showed up for $7.25 McD’s jobs when they said they were hiring!! No, it’s going to hurt employers who were paying them under the table and not paying taxes on them, that’s what they’re p.o.’d about.

    Also ticked off about what I just heard is happening here–don’t know if it is happening country wide or not. Bank of America is sending out Debit Cards for people who have their accounts with Bank of America for their tax refunds!! Bad enough they are sending a Debit Card, instead of the deposit being made directly into the account, but they are CHARGING for the use of the Debit Card!! And if you want to TALK to someone about this, there is a $2.00 charge!! Each transaction for access to your own money is going to cost you. Just another example of how the banks are continuing to take advantage of the American people. I don’t bank at Bank of America, but it does not make any difference to my outrage. I just cannot believe that banks are still allowed to get away with this kind of crap. It’s the same ‘bend over and grab your ankles’ type of behavior that got us into this mess to begin with. I don’t know how the banking industry can hold it’s head up; I would think they’d be so ashamed they’d skulk off into the darkness.

  • 10
    endoftheworld says:

    Hello S & S! I see you’ve moved.

    Well OK day cept for the ‘interview’ and mother, my God, it is not possible to have any interaction with her w/o feeling like crap, besides the usual, OMG I spend FOUR whole hours outside enjoying myself while SHE is at home slaving away on I don’t really know what. Mother is one of those people who will polish the silver and then complain how she has ‘no time’ to do anything like go for a walk, and i’m like well who is holding a gun to your head to polish the silver, it not like anybody comes to visit except for me and I could eat off paper plates and plastic utensiles. And THEN she compared me to an aquaintances daughter who is living in a group home learnig ‘life skills’ – I was like WHAT?
    After The Interview which I will get to shortly I was highly agitated and went to a State Park which is near there, I literally be passing on my way home, it was like 20 degrees warmer than usual, I change into shorts in my car, gots a good dosage of SUN and a decent tho rather unergetic walk around a beautiful pond with several huge human sized beaver ‘huts’, geese and swans and I think the geese were doing some kind of mating dance. I sat on a rock trying to read Time magazine (Trump for President OMG?!- what an arrogant SOB, God Save Us) but was distracted due to the wildlife and this one spider which kept trying to run up the rock I was on, I’d flick it off and 10 min. later it be crawling back up? and then these big geese came right to the shore like 3 ft. away from me and were chomping on some grass, I think I blended right in with the scenery and they didnt even notice a Person was right there, tho i’ve had many close encounters with animals and am slightly frightend of them.

    • 10.1
      endoftheworld says:

      well this is weird, my screen just kept freezing so I had to hit submit w/o editing or finishing.

      Anyhoo, the Interview:

      THREE other ladies all of whom were working, we had to wait ONE HOUR so one of the ladies left. Unfortunately i was so bored I went and got coffee with the other 2 which made me even more restless just sitting there. It was very awkward that I am not working and these ladies who are older then me other than the 1 hispanic girl (mid 20′s).
      I forgot to ask how many applied. The HR dir. has one more group session, tho I suspect bout the same amount. The other woman did tell me “anyone who applied is invited” so I guess only bout 12 applied and maybe the rest were also working and not convenient to come at 11 today. 2 of the ladies told me I likely havnt been hired as I am dressed too casually (other than my shoes i was dressed same as HR dir) I was thinking of a suit jacket but it so hot today I knew i’d take it off so I had navy cotton sporty dress slacks and a light blue newer good quality thick cotton T with black suede tie up shoes, yeh they are a bit heavy for spring but my feet have shrunk a bit so all my flats are too loose and anyways this is a job where nobody sees your feet.
      yeh the application had the felony question “have you EVER been convicted” vs. 5 yrs. for misdemeanor and WHY i was not charged with midemeanor assualt for resisting arrest I will never know but anyhow I think this automatically disqualified me altho the HR Dir. seemed to be talking to me primarily and I think I was the most well spoken and sharpest looking (intelligent) looking one. Interviews no longer give me the least bit of anxiety so I have a HUGE leg up on my competition in that sense and since we weren’t asked any hard question like ‘why do you want to be a receptionist’ or ‘why should I hire you’ i was not the least bit tongue tied.
      screen freezing up again.
      So here’s the clincher: THE JOB IS ONE DAY PER WEEK SATURDAYS ONLY!!!
      My saturdays are reserved for hiking with my friend, this is kinda like some necessary therapy. He goes to Church most Sundays and like this week he will be reading so we can’t really go anyplace far on Sundays and I hike locally all week so kind of a bummer if alls we have is Sunday afternoons.
      The job ad DIDNOT say say it was just a once a week w/e ONLY job, just said p/t and that was not in the job listing but in the very vague descrip. Also turns out NH is very small there is no secretarial staff, the receptionist is IT other than the administrators doing there own work. Apparently since you answer ALL phones for the entire building of 185 rooms there wont be much tine for doing anything else, other than smiling at the people in the lobby. This seemed like one of the more dead end jobs I have interviewed for and at a likely pay such as $11-12/hr. it’s like don’t know if even worth giving up my other benefits for or reducing i mean. Well I likely won’t get it anyhow as I wont pass the background check (she told us that’s the final step in the offer process) The place was far to dim for my taste so no small loss but I was expecting a bit more like 24 hours and maybe chance of going f/t or moving to another position but at that location really not.
      Man I cannot backspace w/o screen freezing

      Suri- yeh a week to 10 days or even more after app or even interview.

      Sharon – egg knocking or tapping, Easter tradition in some northern european countries, yu tap hard boiled egg on someone elses whomever egg does not break ‘wins’
      oh the Thymes, yeh they have a website you can put in your zip to find a store near you where they sell. Usually in gift or pharmacies. They tend to have ‘try me’ bottles out so you can put some lotions or potions on. I love the Kimono Rose, Naia, Essentials, Goldleaf, Wild Ginger and Lavender and I think the newer Azure was quite lovely. I have 2 product reviews on the website forgot which screen name, it was 2 yrs. ago they had a contest for best product review wins like $300 gift certif. Very expensive stuff comparable to Crabtree and Evelyn which I don’t care for all that much.
      apparently i cannot hit backspace key not sure if my computer or this site, well gots to go.

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    Sharon-GA says:

    EOTW: Will say it before I start having problems too. I think it’s the site. I keep getting messages like do you still want to keep running the script on this page and if you do your computer could become unresponsive. Maybe trying to encourage us to keep it shorter? Don’t know…but not at all happy. Heck, nothing else happening on here, we may as well chat….

    It sounds like the job at the NH is pretty much dead end. Not only does it not have a future and anyplace else to go, but it’s one day a week for crying out loud!! And can’t imagine the pay is going to be enough for that one day to jeopardize all of your other benefits, or to lose your day with your friend. Also takes some nerve for the ladies to tell you you’re not being hired because you’re dressed too casually. They’ve only seen you this one time; and if you were dressed comparably to the HR person, then it is unlikely that you were not properly dressed. Imagine if everyone who applied was invited to attend, suspect that all did not come–like you say, if they’re working, who can take off to be someplace at 11:00 a.m.? And why did you have to wait an HOUR?! How rude!!

    Did sound like you had a lovely time outdoors after your interview. I enjoy the creatures (except for the spider, who would have had me running screaming instead of just trying to flick him away). I would have enjoyed being with the geese and the pond etc. I befriended two geese several years ago and I think they mistook me for their mother. The only time they would fly was to fly to me when I arrived, or fly to chase me when I was leaving. They’d climb up into my lap and groom me–I think I told you about this once before, so I won’t repeat unless you say I didn’t. Anyway, it was a lovely very special relationship we had. And they never pooped on me…just in case you were wondering.

    I’ll have to look at the Thymes, just to see what it’s all about. I’ve never heard of it before. Just like I’d never heard of “knocking.”

    I don’t know what your mom meant by comparing you to someone who is living in a group home learning “life skills.” What in the world did she mean by that? I just can’t fathom what she could have meant, and I’m getting myself offended for you. Did you ask her what in the world she meant by that?!?!

    I can’t go back and check your comments so I can go back and comment on them, because when I do, the computer freezes. Guess this is Steve’s way of discouraging us? Don’t know.

    Yeah, can’t imagine Trump running for President. What an insult to the intelligence of the American people. Next we’ll be voting for Mickey Mouse! This man has absolutely no sense of self control at all…he’d spend all of his time writing nasty notes to everyone who didn’t agree with him–and you can bet there’d be plenty. Heck! People would do it just to goad him, he’s so easy!! Let’s just hope the American people have better sense, but you just never know. I saw on the news this evening where he has 14%! I would think it would be more like 1%. It’s a laughingstock. And what’s with the hair anyway?

    Glad to know you had four hours of wonderful time outdoors to recuperate from an interview which was really misrepresented. I think they knew that most people are not going to be interested in a one day a week job, on a Saturday even, so they purposely were vague in the description to try and get as many people as they could to respond. What an ugly thing to do, and I wouldn’t figure it stood them in very good stead.

    We only moved because the other article doesn’t allow us to comment anymore…think there is a pattern here?!?

  • 12
    suri says:

    Yeah, it’s the site. I’m having same conditions here!

    I totally dislike how demeaning and deceptive these employers are being. It is so disrespectful of any individual’s time let alone those who are already employed!!

    Sorry, EOTW, we have MORE than enough to cope with don’t we. Hope other interviews hold more promise!

    I swear (more and more these days! lol) that this country will continue to slide off the cliff at an even faster pace IF nothing is done soon on the unemp, housing and now GAS prices! In midwest it is just crippling us. There is no public trans and not unusual for people to drive 45 miles, one way, to emp. For the wages these days, what’s a body to do?

    And the housing? Are you serious? We, the nation, are just going to stand by while prices sink and there is no market to speak of? I feel betrayed in sooo many ways after a lifetime of reasonable choices and decisions. Our govt is making NO INVESTMENTS in it’s citizens lives, children, or future but in the BIG BANKS & WALL STREET!

    Did anyone read the snafu Romney made calling these times “peace time” in declaring Obama has spent more money than any former President? 4 wars = peace time?? I am worn out with disgust and will have to limit my tv even more! lol

    Well, only one emp app so far in two days this week. I hope the rest of you are having better odds? I think I’m becoming more like EOTW, not expecting so much…
    Here’s to a good Wednesday and better times ahead. Peace.

  • 13
    Sharon-GA says:

    Just a quick note as I’m getting ready to run out door for F/U MD appt. Weather up my daughter’s and grandkids’ way is bad already, with roads closed due to trees down. They are at HIGH risk for tornadoes today, we are at moderate risk. Worst of storms to be later in the day, through the night and early morning. This is the same storm system that has caused so much havoc in other parts of the country before getting here.

    Our disillusionment is growing with our Govt and our country, as well as the employment issues. Just have to wonder where their heads are. President just presented his birth certificate. What a waste of time, all generated by Trump. Who with even a modicum of intelligence would vote for him, or even take him seriously as a candidate?

    Have to go, be back later. Blessings to all.

    • 13.1
      endoftheworld says:

      Hi Sharon, so did the dr. make any changes?
      Wow I did not realize that area of the country has so many major storms or is this an unusual year? I thought tornadoes where in KS and Hurricanes in FL.
      the weather did not cooperate today so I just ended up going for a longer run, now the sun did come out and it’s about 75 degrees! very hot for here this time of year. Tomorrow it will rain again; was gonna drive down a bit further and meet my friend after my interview if the timing is right, since it’s about 15 min. from his workplace and then join him for his lunchtime walk but I dunno now. He gets a 45 min. break and there is a little park by a stream he walks at but it will be a muddy mess if it rains.
      Boy I am 20 min. late to mother and still have 2 phonecalls to make. one of those days I am stuck in molasses again, it’s either the Aliens or Molasses…

      • 13.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        EOTW: No, springtime is really bad for us here normally, especially as in tornadoes. It’s common to keep your eyes and ears open and to have a tornado plan, a safe room in your house away from windows, preferably in a basement, if not, an internal room. And when they tell you go to NOW, they mean GO NOW! You don’t have time to think or time to organize…you need to know what your plan is and execute it immediately. When I know spooky weather is coming, I take my purse, with my cell phone and ID and checkbooks (for daddy too), make sure I have on shoes in case after you have to walk through glass, and of course, I always bring MB’s ashes downstairs in the safe room too…actually, they just stay there for the whole tornado season now. I go under the stairs–supposed to be the safest part of the have the stairs which support the house. I have a basement, but it’s only a partial basement.

        See below for MD report…thanks for asking. Good luck on your interview tomorrow. I don’t know if I’d be going for a muddy walk tomorrow or not…but if it’s just raining and not really messy, it could still be nice, and you’d get to see him…

  • 14
    suri says:

    Sharon – Thanks for checking in. That’s all that’s keeping me going today. We are, what else (?), more cold and rain, grey and gloomy. It’s permeated my body and spirit at this point. Have to constantly wipe off doggie feet and there are 12! (feet, that is)

    I am beyond grey and gloomy so EOTW will have to set me straight on how she goes so steady. My anxiety for our whole economy is HUGE!! We just seem to be floundering about wasting time. People’s lives are passing by for God’s sake! Is there no end to this? I watched 10 Comm movie in part. (Always a trad at home as child. Only movie we were allowed to watch while we ate our toasted cheese sandwiches and cocoa on tv trays! Those were the days!) Anyway, I kept thinking where is our ‘Moses’ to lead this country to our promised land because this surely isn’t it!

    I do still think my vote for President Obama was correct and he COULD BE the right one, if he would but eliminate the ‘we all need to get along faction’ and make more bold choices. Especially getting tired of Geither in Treasury agenda. Obama claimed “he was more interested in the people’s best interest than getting re-elected”?

    Well, go check job boards and some individual corporate websites. WE will go forward, just feeling kind of Eyeoreish ‘woe is me’ today. Peace.

    • 14.1
      endoftheworld says:

      Suri, you are obviously very weather sensitive as well, yeh it rainy an gloomy here too but hot, 74 degrees and humid like July and just last week I was wearing my fleece.
      I don’t recommend becoming a hopeless pessimist like myself but basically why my mood doesn’t fluctuate as much (tho ENERGY levels sure do) is besides not expecting things to turn out OK, I accept that things are as they are and as they are meant to be. As I’ve said before I believe in a somewhat pre-set fate and that people act accordingly to that which has been pre-determined. I tend to act alot on gut feelings and I tend to be right altho i often wonder if I should be doing things differently. Like for instance I’ve never agressively sought a life mate and often wonder if I should (have) but then again I don’t feel compelled to so maybe it’s not in the cards for me. Ditto for applying for jobs where I’d have to move. I feel that i was meant to be in this area, I feel comfortable here and have no desire to move tho I realize I am limiting myself but I have lived here for 42 years and feel very tied to the area, not that I have alot of friends or personal connections, just tied to the place or sense of this is my home and where I belong.
      Hopeless pessimism might not work for your temperament tho and you might be come irreparably depressed, I am used to it as it’s lifelong and I have a depressive Eeyorelike personality in general but ya might not want to go there and instead try to focus on the positive just keep it realistic and limit spending as much as possible in the event you never recover what you lost. Having unrealistic expectations can really do a # on one’s mood. Like if I thought that I win the lottery each time we play i’d be really upset by now but I realize it’s just a game of chance, if my group is meant to win, they will win, if not then I wasted $500 or whatever but the teeny sliver of hope it offered was worth it, plus I get copied on the group e-mails, I don’t relate to the people in my lottery group at all but it’s entertaining to be included in the conversations and comments.
      Still getting those stop scrip msgs.
      anyhow gots to get moving, very unproductive day today, my energy levels in the – #’s again and am behind on everything.
      Have to go to mothers and change her kitchen light bulb again, I keep my lights on all the time and she lives in the dark but change hers much more frequently. i wonder if it worse for the bulb to turn off and on more than keeping it on all night.
      Oh, some “good” news, i got accepted into Medicaid, yipee for me, ya know they don’t give this lightly, esp. now so am feeling quite destitute as in poor, oh well – c’est la vie! At least ONE LESS thing to worry about…

      • 14.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        EOTW: I think they have some sort of gadget you can get that changes lightbulbs that are up high…maybe you could get one of those for your mom so you don’t have to go over just to change a bulb?! Or does it have a cover on that you have to take off too (those are so annoying!) She really depends on you for a lot, doesn’t she? How old did you say your mom is?

        Congratulations about being accepted into Medicaid!!! Well, being able to prove you are poor does have its advantages, and the fact that you qualify is a good thing…so I’d just be celebrating and forgetting about the destitute part and just thanking my lucky stars that you can get care when you need it. So many people are not.

        Have you ever heard anything about your housing situation? Last I remember it was still kind of up in the air too…?

        Yeah, I’m pessimistic a lot, but I don’t think I could handle being pessimistic all the time like I am when I’m in the pits, because I just think I’d slip into such a deep depression I’d never come out. I have a tendency toward that pretty badly anyway. (Just commenting on your comment to Suri. Know it wasn’t meant for me.)

        Have to run. Hope you feel a sense of accomplishment when you return home later…. Let us know about your interview tomorrow…and any other news in between!

  • 15
    suri says:

    Sharon – Yeah, I read Obama’s release of BC. It was the right thing to get this out of the news and I’m glad he scolded the silliness of this HUGE distraction, by some! Get some real work done for a change for heaven’s sake!!

    Still feeling quite beside myself. Just found out we are really are quite handcuffed by DH 401k in house refi. Didn’t realize (thank God, don’t know we could have accepted it earlier) that we HAVE to close account in TOTAL to access any of the funds!! Talk about adding insult to injury of termination. I AM TRYING TO BE GRATEFUL that we have made it this far, but still. Just feels like another stake in my heart, frankly. Where does it end?

    I had better stay away as I have nothing to offer but gloom these days. Sooo sorry, I go in peace…

    • 15.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Don’t you dare go anywhere!!! You say I’m keeping you going, you all keep me going to…so don’t you disappear on me!

      Am I understanding that you have to close out the entire 401K to access any of it? Wasn’t sure if I understood correctly. Guess you may not have any choice if that’s the case, but luckily you have it to draw upon! I don’t have anything left, so there is nothing I can draw upon. So, difficult as it may be (if this is the case), and as disappointing, at least you can keep your head above water. Not the way you wanted to approach this, and sorry it has turned out that way because I know it has to add insult to injury, and we all have to wonder, “where does it end?” Apparently, it doesn’t.

      Our rains are supposed to come a little later, and REALLY bad weather expected as I said, tornadoes and all…but unfortunately I can’t wipe the girls’ feet and my yard turns into a mud pit…so guess I’m just going to have a muddy downstairs that unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to get the vaccuum down here to try and at least keep up with the mess and dog hair. We do the best we can, I guess. I know what a chore it is to wipe so many feet, especially as my girls aren’t the most cooperative about it!-when I am able to do it.

      Doctor’s report: He was very impressed!! Said my ROM is MUCH better than it was right after the injury and that I’ve done very well. He said I can forego the sling, since I told him I’ve had it off for 2 nights and 1 full day and this a.m. He was surprised about the nights, but I told him I wrap my arm over my teddy bear (!) and then position a pillow so I can support my wrist/hand. I have more work to do, but he said he’s rather amazed at how far I’ve come. I told him how frustrated I am that I can’t lift things, can’t even lift my own arm without left arm assist, but he said that’s normal. He said I didn’t just break the bone, but the tendons that were attached to it are flopping around until the bone heals and knits back, the tendons will not work either. He suggests physical therapy after bone healing, “dip into your savings,” because it’s your right arm. I said there aren’t any savings to dip into. He said I can try to rehab on my own but I might need help. I may ask at the NH as they have physical therapy, and just ask them if they can advise me exercises to do after it has healed. I don’t expect them to actually do the rehab, just tell me what I can do in stages to improve my situation. I told him I want the arm to be like it was before the surgery and he said, “When you’ve broken the humeral head, it pretty much never is the same.” I essentially said that wasn’t acceptable, and he said, “Well, you can try to push it after it has healed.” So anyway, I got a good report, and I’m very pleased. Not happy with what he said, but refuse at this point in time to accept that as fact. I may have to accept it at some time, but not right now.

      May 1st, the taxes on gasoline in GA goes up 3 cents/gallon. The Governor COULD undo that, it is within his power, but he’s decided that he doesn’t want to make that decision all by himself, he wants the legislature to decide. Yep, let’s just abdicate so you don’t have to have responsibility. He made a mess out of handling the ice storm we had this year, as a new Governor he had no clue how to handle it and essentially said, “I’m new,” as his excuse for bungling it. Well then, why did you run for Governor if you hadn’t a clue how to do the job? And at the very least, couldn’t he have consulted with the prior Governor and said, “Geesch, I haven’t a clue what I’m doing, can you help me out here?!” Surely couldn’t have been any more detrimental than what he did do…which was bungle the whole thing.

      Cocoa on TV trays sounds so good!–only it’s too darn hot to enjoy!! But it really sounded nice.

      Yes, people’s lives are passing by, and many are ending, literally. As well, the lives we once had are lives we will never be able to regain, and we haven’t lost all we’re going to lose yet. Every day just seems to get worse. And you’re right, I don’t know how EOTW seems to keep her sense of equilibrium, I certainly don’t! I just keep going up and down like the waves in the ocean, and crashing onto the sand. And I think this country is headed in a swirling vortex down the toilet. I worry for the world my daughter will inherit, and my grandkids, if the GOP takes away all the progress we’ve made in the last 50+ years, and changes Medicare etc., because though they may be young now, some day they will be old, and they will need these “entitlements” as they call them, and they will not be there for them. The GOP wants to destroy everything but the wealthy, and we will be a nation of serfs. I am gravely concerned for the future of this country, and I am very disappointed in President Obama who has NOT compromised, but capitulated…the only similarity between the two is the common first letter. He is such a disappointment.

      So you’re not alone, Suri. Know that we hold each other up, even through our bad days. I’m going to go get out of my outdoor clothes and get into pj’s–I know, way too early, but they are cooler, and don’t mind getting them dog-haired, and have something to eat, as I keep my eye on the weather. My daughter doesn’t have TV, so I keep them informed of what is coming their way…it’s going to be a long day and an even longer night, as the worst of the weather is supposed to be through the night.

      I can’t figure out how I’m going to get “the girls” into our safe room, because I have to put them on leashes, and I don’t have the use of my right arm….They don’t like to go there, it is very cramped, and they get anxious and scared, and they don’t cooperate with getting there or staying there. If you have any suggestions, as another dog owner, I’m open to hearing them!!

      Take care.

  • 16
    Sharon-GA says:

    Tribe: If you’re interested in the gas prices and want to try and do something about it, please read below and use the info below to sign a petition.

    Subject: End government handouts to oil companies

    Dear Friend,

    As Americans continue to struggle with outrageous, unstable gas prices, oil companies continue to benefit from them.

    But more outrageous than jaw-dropping oil company profits, is the fact that our government actually rewards these companies with even more of our money for maintaining this disastrous system — to the tune of $4 billion a year in tax credits and subsidies.

    It’s time for that to end.

    Republicans who unanimously voted in March to keep these senseless handouts are starting to feel the pressure. We need to turn it up.

    I just signed a petition demanding that congress end oil subsidies. Join me and sign the petition here:

  • 17
    suri says:

    OK it’s obvious, I can’t stay away! I just feel so beat-down today.

    EOTW – Aliens and molasses? Sounds like an interesting receipe? LOL ‘Congrats’ on Medicaid – at least it’s something, as they say. I do envy your ability to be ‘outside’ yourself and not allow the stings and barbs to hurt you too much! I guess that’s what I MISS the most — the feeling of trust and tranquility in the universe I had. When DH was inflicted such hurt by an organization he had been employee #1 (his payroll card) for over 20 YEARS, had started from beginning leasing buildings, purchasing trucks, etc. TEN DAYS before Christmas, I lost all my personal connection to our lives having any relationship to the results of our contributions. SO UNFAIR AND CRUEL…

    Sharon – I’m falling for the dog owner question (I knew you did that with intention!). Do you ever crate doggies? Our big one was crate-trained so if he is too excited, nervous, or just edgy he does better in there for storms or too many new people in house. Small ones want to be on laps or under covers! And they all upset one another. Sure is a distraction.

    SO GLAD for dr results. I told you so! lol You’re doing great, keep on – keeping on.

    Please stay with me while I find my determination to stay on solid ground. Nothing new to apply for. See ya’ later. Finding more peace.

    • 17.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Oh yeah, the girls are crate trained…but in a tornado (not just a thunderstorm, but tornado), we really need to be in our safe room. The crates are huge and cannot be dragged around especially by the “one-armed bandit,” and I’m trying to figure out how to get them in our tiny safe room in a tornado. They’ll do fine in crates for thunderstorms. Tornadoes are another story…that was my concern. Crates are in a room with a window. Actually, Nina is the scaredy cat, and for storms she’ll be happy to be in my lap–even though with my arm she has to be on the left side of me, for which she gives me these long, forelorn looks. Olympia is not scared of storms. But they do get scared when I’m trying to get them in this tiny little area for the three of us to huddle in for tornado protection and they get kind of rough and rowdy, don’t want to go in the room when I have two good arms. Well, that was a good suggestion for storms…but not so much for tornadoes. Care to venture another suggestion?

      Just high winds up in my daughter’s area today knocked down (by the roots) 100s of enormous trees on a college campus, two older log houses destroyed on same campus, windows blown out of a hospital, electricity out at at least one hospital and working on backup generators, several houses and cars destroyed….and like I say, this is just the high winds in this storm–up to 80 mph. They are predicting what they are calling “long track tornadoes,” which means they will be on the ground longer than usual. They’re calling for 4″ hail. Wind gusts for nighttime again up to 80 mph. Daughter’s glass outside table tossed around and broken glass all over their patio, youngest son’s trampoline tossed around back yard. I’d like to get my umbrella out of my glass-topped table outside, but it takes two good arms to get it out…so guess I’m just going to have to take my chances. Unfortunately, it can be a javolin if the winds get really bad, and come plummeting through my sunroom windows.

      Ya’ll take care. Gonna let the girls out, it’s getting a little darkish out, want to get them pottied and hope they’ll last until after we’re more clear–though I think that’s going to be tomorrow morning….so will have to let them out again later…

  • 18
    suri says:

    Sharon – If it helps we are troubled by all the unsettled weather in this country also. It’s very dark, stormy here tonight also. Gotcha on the crate deal. Do they like having a cover/blanket over them? Two of mine like to ‘hide’ under one when storms are noisy next to us!

    Never found the sun today outside or in my heart. Got a ‘better match’ rejection from p/t teller app. Man this gets old… Which is worse, you don’t hear back at all or the e-mail rej? Just feel knocked down either way.

    You have NH meeting tomorrow, so hope no traffic tieups and just the routine. I have to get baby shower gift so will go out tomorrow.

    I don’t know how so many in the media can ignore the unemp and the pain of those in crisis with housing etc. And this Royal wedding stuff, enough already?

    Thanks for your kind words on 401k dilemna. Just another hardship for having been terminated, I guess. It so feel like a punishment for a crime you did not commit! So I will apply for refi and pray that it can be extended as is? I think I’m also going to apply to another bank and/or credit union for fixed rate mortgage to make comparison starting next week. These days decision are made pretty quickly. Was just hoping IF I had a little income would help extend the finance limit for mortgage amount?

    Glad your DD and family are safe. The devastation of the storms and flood is just heartbreaking on tv. For so many, how do you ‘rebuild’ or ‘start over’ today. We try to everyday don’t we?

    Trump is such a joke and playing the media for fools. I am sick of all media about 2012 elections already. Just tear up the calendar because nothing important is going to happen till then?

    Well, need to turn on lights. Hope the storm passes you by. Stay safe and strong.

  • 19
    suri says:

    Job Warriors – I’m off to deliver another resume for a p/t job in local tire dealership and found one finance co to apply to online that I think is f/t? Hope this day brings hope for all of us in the battle. Yesterday was just one of those, if it wasn’t for bad news there would be none at all, days!

    EOTW – In researching app for home equity refi I was on Clark Howard, the finance guru, site and looked into Pentagon Federal Credit Union as a possibility. They also have credit cards at great rates so thought that may be of interest to you also as you indicated you have, as I do, some high int VISA. Check it out and let me have your thoughts, when you have a chance. Think you have interview so we’ll compare notes on that too!

    M A Y B E we could HOPE that something solid in this country can be addressed NOW that we have all seen Obama’s bc and Trump can be laughed out of town. Could we make this stuff up? LOL The world must be laughing at the ‘stupid Americans’?

    Loved watching Gabi Gifford’s walk to plane for space shuttle visit. What a mircle!! God please surround all who suffer but go on with your care.

    This only getting out of the house once a week plays havoc with my outlook, me thinks? Between no shopping to do and don’t want to waste gas, it just sucks. That and cold grey rain everyday and the furnace is running and it’s nearly May! Don’t love climate change at all. Back in the day, as the kids say, April was always warm and sunny and almost ready for shorts and tees — in my memories anyway!!

  • 20
    Sharon-GA says:

    Tribe: Don’t know if you’ve kept up with the news, but GA was hit by tornadoes really bad and four counties declared by Governor as states of emergency. 13 dead so far, 4 missing. Some residential areas are totally cordoned off because the houses are totally demolished and they are doing body searches.

    I spent from 11 pm – 2 a.m. in the “closet,” three different tornado warnings in my county. Tried to take the more compliant of my girls into my safe area, but she tugged and resisted and refused to go, so I just finally gave up (in near tears) and put her in the cage. DD and I were in near constant communication throughout the night because they were under warnings three to four different times too. She’s up in Northwest GA, and every area that she used to live in was hit. Son-in-law had 2 coworkers affected…one’s house totally disappeared, only thing left is the foundation; another’s house was totally demolished. So much devastation up there. Got about 4 hrs sleep last night, and stayed downstairs since we were under tornado watch until 8 a.m., slept on sofa, not good for arm. Not going for care plan mtg today, am going to do it by phone. Really exhausted. My cousin from IN called me this a.m. to make sure DD, daddy and I were okay. The second tornado warning also was headed toward the NH, so I called them to let them know and they said they were making preparations, and I called daddy to let him know if someone came and told him to do something he needed to do it, and if he heard noises he’s not used to he was to carefully get himself out into the hallway and close the door to the room. That warning didn’t last so long, thankfully. It was a really exhausting night and worrisome.

  • 21
    Sharon-GA says:

    Continuation: Site wouldn’t let me finish post–this is SO ANNOYING! Sorry they have done this and made it difficult/impossible for us to post here.

    Good luck with your interview today, EOTW. And Suri, glad to hear you have something to apply for (two somethings).

    Yeah, now that they have the birth certificate, they are picking on his SS# and something else. And Trump is so delighted with himself, makes me sick. It’s all about him! He’s such a blowhard! He needs to take his hair (which seems to have a life of its own) and skulk off into a corner somewhere..he’s such an embarrassment.

    Have a good day ya’ll. Going to do my job search, have my care plan mtg by phone, and maybe take a nap. Arm a little distressed today from all the maneuvering last night. Grateful for safety, and devastated for all the people who lost so much last night, and those who lost their lives.

  • 22
    Sharon-GA says:

    Actually, Governor has declared 16 counties a state of emergency….

    Even though adrenaline kind of remains from last night, getting very, very sleepy!!…fitful 4 hrs sleep will do that to you I guess.

  • 23
    Sharon-GA says:

    Geez….did you all get hit by tornadoes too and knocked off the face of the earth??!!

  • 24
    Sharon-GA says:

    Well, I guess maybe you’re all going to bed early to get up for the royal wedding tomorrow at 4:00 a.m.!!? Or maybe you both got jobs today and are out celebrating!?! It’s just strange that neither of you have posted here. I think you may have posted early this a.m. I thought I saw a reference to buying something for a shower gift, but just in quick perusal don’t see it…don’t think I dreamed it!!

    I know you were hoping to have a job under your belt when you applied for refi…but you didn’t really have a lot of time to achieve that. But like I said, maybe you got a job today?! If you both get jobs, it’ll just be li’l ol’ me here (like now-LOL).

    Take care, hope you’ve had a good day.

  • 25
    suri says:

    Sharon – U are so funny! Like we got jobs today? lol The auto tire place was pretty shaky but I’ve worked auto repair tho more ‘up scale’. The place has been there forever and does alot of industrial truck and farm tractor business besides regular auto/truck sales. I looked so good and they just gave me a clipboard at the desk to fill out app and office lady didn’t even want to talk to me. Another disappointment, what’s new.

    Yeah, I’m like everyone else, just tired of being poor. It just seems like the country song, “I’m below the upper, and above the lower, and stuck in the middle where money is tight”! I just can’t get away from finances in my head…

    The devastation in the South is over and beyond all belief. We in IN have our share of tornadoes but lately just rain, rain, and more rain! I can’t watch too watch news. The people’s faces are heartrenching and how do you begin to start over in this world of ours today? I know personally people in our area with health problems or family caretaker situations that are also having no luck in rejoining the work force like I am. But what can we do but keep ‘trading down our dreams’?

    Hope you will sleep well tonight after restless night of storms. It made it that much more dangerous being at night!

    Missing all the others and hope EOTW checks in also. Peace and quiet for you, I hope.

    • 25.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: So glad to see you!! I thought I was all alone (and it wasn’t a nice feeling). Lots of times for the walk in and fill out an application, no one talks to you. So don’t be too disappointed about the office lady not wanting to speak with you, it could still happen.

      Yes, I’m hoping to have a more restful night too. I think we’re to have a nice weekend, and then maybe some unsettled weather again next week…but things can change between now and then. It is so unsettling, and particularly so when you see all the devastation.

      I hope we hear from EOTW. She usually lets us know about her interviews…so maybe we’ll get a blow-by-blow yet tonite, or tomorrow if not today. Maybe she’s been abducted by aliens again and lost track of time?!

  • 26
    suri says:

    Sharon – Maybe EOTW is a Royal wedding watcher and has turned early for that? lol Hoping for sun to come through tomorrow here. We so need to see the BRIGHT SIDE of something, huh!

    It was good to get out of house today anyway. I read that McD’s released figures for their job day for 50,000 jobs. Over 1,000,000 people applied for these low wage, part-time jobs!! What does this tell us about the freaking economy?? I’m trying not to panic myself and apply for anything and everything, if you know what I mean. It doesn’t help that schools will be out soon? I feel so badly for the young kids as so many of ‘their’ jobs are being grabbed by adults… I pray to see the day come when the pendulum swings for the employee again!

    Had lunch with my Sis today for $4.00 at Culver’s (a burger place in Midwest). She is just so removed from my reality she starts talking how DH and I should travel? I just headed her off with “we can’t afford it”. How many times do I need to tell her? I pray I have never been so insensitive to others. She’s deciding on Arbu or Costa Rica?? lol

    What was the phone plan meeting with NH. Same stuff? Wishing you sweet dreams all and hope EOTW is safe. Peace.

  • 27
    endoftheworld says:

    Good morning, my yesterdays post’s didnt take, not sure if this will either.
    I’ll be out rest of the day so won’t try again.
    I should look into a WordPress account or we should just exchage e-mails, this is a News website afterall an I feel more than a bit silly writing here.

    • 27.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      EOTW: I had a WordPress account (don’t remember the password I was assigned because I/they had trouble initiating it), but I don’t see anyplace now to go onto it even if you wanted to. I do have another thought, but not sure how to put it on here. If you figure out how to access WordPress let me know…

      • 27.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        EOTW: If memory serves me, I think that was when it was If I remember correctly, it was when MC was still with us…?

  • 28
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri & EOTW: Sorry about your lunch with your sister. Well, not actually sorry you had lunch (LOL) but sorry about her insensitivity. I just can’t imagine that she’s not getting it…?

    Sent 3 resumes this a.m. Am calling closer to noon to the chiro job to speak with the wife who runs the office and see if they’ve made any decisions about calling back for 2nd interview. Tried calling earlier and they said she was with a patient and to call back. Also found a phone # where I could check back about catering coordinator, and left message on her cell phone. If they’ve made a decision on someone else it is unlikely I will hear back from her.

    Didn’t watch ALL the hoopla on the Royal Wedding this morning, but I did watch starting around 6:00-8:30. She looked really lovely, and it was rather a beautiful and happy occasion. They seemed so “together” for all the pageantry. It is so far removed from “real life,” it is very much like watching a fairy tale in real time. Wish we could come up with our own “fairy tale,” even though so far removed from their fairy tale…just a job, well-paying enough to hold onto what we have if possible. It would be even nicer if it was something we could enjoy…but I’d settle for a well-paying job. I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve pretty much always been able to find something I’ve liked about most of my jobs.

    EOTW, sorry your post didn’t take yesterday, perhaps you didn’t check to see if your name was there? Or perhaps it got “stuck” with the script deal and wouldn’t let you submit…been there/done that. Don’t know what you’re going to be doing today with being gone all day, but hope you have a good day, and am sure you are going to spend some time outdoors enjoying yourself, so that’s always good. Sorry you feel silly posting here…sometimes I agree, but I miss you all when I don’t hear from you.

    Hope for sun for you today, both of you. And hope StaciB and Angel-NYC are doing well and maybe they’ve secured jobs?

  • 29
    suri says:

    Guess I had to rethink our postings after EOTW ‘called’ us on it, but why not? No one else is posting but I remain hopeful we will hear back from them. I know, some days are DIAMOND and some days are STONE so maybe EOTW just wasn’t feeling it today.

    Sharon, I love to hear you are back at it with app f/u! I would love to have any paying job — let alone something I could enjoy! lol I am constantly torn by reminding myself how few times I have had to interview/job hunt. Many times I was offered openings with just a cursory interview based on previous experiences. YES, I guess I thought that would always happen! lol

    The little job I dropped app at yesterday is a ‘perfect’ example. (Thanks for encouragement on still getting call on it, Sharon. YOU are a friend, indeed!) Just your basic work hard for a living type business, probably been in family 40 years. I COULD HELP and wouldn’t be out of my comfort level. Do what needs to be done. Going to lunch or getting out at 5:00 would not be my first priority. But I am afraid the age thing is always under the radar. Even though, as I have previously posted, I have competed in the work force with thirtysomethings quite well (worked circles around them, actually) I just have to acknowledge the stigma against age. Particularly when position requires some ‘jump and run’ activities or physical interaction. THAT is what is missing imho today. NO ONE thinks ‘outside the box’ on applicants because there are so darn many of us!! The employers just don’t have to compromise on their lists of the perfect employee requirements.

    Got 2 positions to e-mail for today. One at new financial services full time; other part-time at state auto license bureau. Got any vibe on either? I don’t! lol

    Wishing everyone a great sunny day in weather at least. Our dispositions will be the usual work in process!! Peace.

  • 30
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri: Yes, I know what you mean. I never had problems getting a job, would go on an interview and very often (most often) was offered the job on the spot; if not on the spot, the same day or the next. I never anticipated this state of affairs. And I don’t think I’m using the age discrimination thing as an excuse, I think it is a reality…and I know for certain because of the change in the atmosphere when they found out my age. It’s not an excuse, it is a reason. And unfortunately, it does exist and is alive and well, particularly in today’s job climate. I’ve thought about the places EOTW has mentioned hire the “gray hairs” (as she calls them/us) like Home Depot–but I’ve looked at mine, and the cashiers are NOT, and the only “gray hairs” are those who are working in the individual departments who have experience in carpentry, plumbing, contracting etc., whose experience is valuable in the building industry. The other people are all young. Anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter all that much because we can’t do anything about it except keep trying and hoping that we’ll run into someone who understands that our experience is actually WORTH something, and that our work ethic is often much better developed than the younger generation(s). Yes, I’ve also competed well with 30-somethings. But it was in a different job market, like you say, when they can be just as picky as they choose to be, and if one of their qualifications is youth, even if not stated directly, then I don’t qualify. Some ads I read today were like, “…young, bubbly person…” Hey, I can be bubbly if you need, but I cannot be young….been there/done that.

    I would think the new financial services position would snap you up right away, with your banking background…I’d think they wouldn’t be able to wait to call you in for an interview. Plus it’s full-time, so that would be good, and MIGHT offer benefits of some sort. State auto license bureau…don’t know so much about that, but you obviously could handle that with one hand tied behind your back…

    You’re right, no one is posting–so I don’t think we’re taking up valuable space that other people are clamoring for; and the articles even are getting far and few between. I thought Michael D was going to be coming back more regularly, but it’s been a while since he’s written an article. Maybe he’s gotten a more FT job? I know it can be very frustrating to type a post and then it either doesn’t show up or you can’t submit it (which seems to be a problem lately), and that may have just irritated EOTW enough to feel like it’s silly to post here. But she’s also mentioned previously I believe that she doesn’t think this is or should be a place for people to find support, so that may have something to do with it too. I don’t know. Or, like you said, maybe it was just a bad day. She’ll either tell us or she won’t. If you should see something in your emailbox with subject my name, it’s not spam. And that might be the better way to go if you’re comfortable (that means you too EOTW…and Angel-NYC, and StaciB). I’ll explain how in the communication if I do it (again, asking permission first).

    I hope you have a great weekend. I have no big plans…the normal job search both days, date with BF, do laundry, still haven’t figured out how to manhandle vaccuum to downstairs and back up, so may work on that…nothing particularly special. They’re talking storms again the beginning of next week, and they haven’t determined yet if there could be violent weather again…let’s hope not. Keep hope alive.

  • 31
    suri says:

    Sharon – We can only hope good, busy days are keeping people away, including Michael D! I’m still feeling quite blue even with the sunshine today. I miss and long for the days of just normal high spirits! I am amazed when family let’s me know, we should ‘be over it’? Seriously??

    I can’t help but read the unemp articles on Huff Post as of course I relate so painfully. It helps me know we’re not the only individuals so stricken, but must not indentify too much or I just get down in a black hole. Mostly I feel anxious for our whole economy and society if movement is not achieved for all!! The downward spiral in salary continues for those employed also. So many homeowners have held on for improvements in the economy to reclaim some ability to sell and move on. Nothing…

    I continue to hear on an almost weekly basis of friends of friends, etc. in our age group and still can’t locate any level of emp. It’s so tough to share the knowledge of what that REALLY FEELS LIKE! So many of us still have kids at home and in college and that feels like even more loss!! I personally know this experience has scarred (and aged!) DH and I. There is enough to deal with life’s accidents or even your health giving out, but to just have your ability to be employed or become employed snatched from under you is a most bitter pill. And this crisis was MAN MADE in the housing, stock market, and corporate greed world that seems to run our country. (Sorry, warned you!)

    I shouldn’t lament the same old stuff, but it feels like we can’t ‘get away’ from being stuck. And I guess it HELPS A HUGE AMOUNT to have contact with people who understand the day-to-day reality of willing yourself forward.

    Peace and sweet dreams if you’re not back till a.m. and to all those involved we send strength and hope.

  • 32
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri: I agree, it really helps to have people who understand our situation and who also provide support and be one another’s cheerleaders for the everyday reality we are dealing with.

    Whoever would have thought that our country would wage war against the older citizens (that reference would be to us), the elderly, the poor, the disenfranchised, and the children. That is what the GOP is trying to do by their bills to change Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, education. They say it will not affect those within 10 years of any of these things, but that does not provide any comfort when it comes to the realization that there will not be these safety nets for our children, or those 10+ years out. I would never have thought to see a country which seemingly wants to do away with us, sweep us under the rug and not recognize us.

    And there are articles and statistics which do report that the older among us are one of the groups which are suffering the most in seeking and obtaining employment because we now seem to be a burden on our society rather than a benefit. And that many of us will never have jobs again. How can that be acceptable? A whole new segment of our society relegated to the “new poor and destitute.” Other societies venerate their older among their population, and our society only worships youth…and they’re not doing such a hot job of that either. I really just cannot accept that our country would allow this to happen, but it appears that I am not living in the new reality.

    My last week of unemployment is this coming week. So things are going to get much worse for me, and now I’m hindered by a busted wing in trying to do things to try and move from one place to another, take care of the things I will need to do at dad’s house before I can even anticipate moving there, and then doing my house. It’s just all so overwhelming. I pray all the time for a job that will enable me to stay where I am, or at the very least give me just a little breathing room to try and rehab myself before I have to try and make a move.

    I called the chiro’s office, and they are still doing their initial interviews and have not chosen those for coming back for 2nd interviews. Can’t help but wonder if they are interviewing all 75 applicants! And as I suspected, I never received a call back about the bread company catering coordinator job.

    I applied to a job through the DOL referral service yesterday, and usually they don’t get back until the next day. I applied in the morning and went to see daddy in the afternoon. When I got home at 5:30 I checked my emails and received one from the DOL to apply as quickly as possible for the job and to fax resume and cover letter. I did that ASAP, but it was after hours, and I had problems because my computer wouldn’t recognize my printer–which was really weird, because it recognized it to print out the email, but not my resume. I finally was able to get it printed out, but don’t know what the problem is, and whether or not that’s going to continue to be a problem. Have never had a problem with it before. Faxed it and can only hope to hear something–it’s for a receptionist front office position at an optometrist permanent FT in my town. Applied to two others yesterday in other towns, one for Gen Admin/CSR person and another for Receptionist/Admin. Asst for a construction company out in the direction of the NH.

    The weather here is pretty, but my spirits do not match. Have to try and wash my hair this a.m., and my shoulder is hurting…so it’s not going to be fun. Thankfully with my perm I don’t have to wash it really often, but when I do it is pure agony. Cannot afford to go and get it washed at the hairdresser until it gets easier for me.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. I’m going to go and do my job search for today. I really need to go and grocery shop for the 2 for 1 items at our local store, but just not sure up to it, plus by the time I complete my job search and wash hair, much of the day will be gone. Think sale may still be on tomorrow (I hope), so maybe I can go tomorrow when I’m out to see daddy. Just so tired of trying to rally myself.

    My DD’s bday is today, and it’s the first time I’ve not been with her either for her bday or around her bday…it feels so strange. Called her this a.m. to wish her happy bday, and she got her gift and liked it. Her daddy even actually remembered her bday this year and called her yesterday, so that was nice for her; he so often doesn’t call or send a card or recognize it in any way, so I was happy he called her. (He only talked about himself, but that’s not unusual for him…it’s always been “about him.”)

    Thanks for being there, and we’ll try to be one another’s sustenance here…and at the very least we can be understanding…which seems to be in all too short supply. Have a good weekend. I’m sure to be back to check in.

  • 33
    Sharon-GA says:

    The reports on the storm devastation here in the south is the worst since the Great Depression. Reminiscent of our unemployment situation and economic reality in the U.S.—the worst since the Great Depression. When WILL our Gov’t wake up?

  • 34
    suri says:

    Sharon – I’m so concerned for you and my own anxiety for all of us is easily understood. I feel guilty to be in the ‘dumps’ as my whole life I’ve been the strong, solid one. But I do identify with the “depression is a sign you’ve been strong for too long!” What else are we to do but believe that the very next emp app will be the one? I truly am becoming twisted to be point of wishing bad things (not evil, just a little bad) on those that believe being unemp is somehow TOXIC! Lord, share us their ridcule!

    It’s very grey (yeah, what’s new) and windy here and only 50 degrees. The utility bill says we have been 10 degrees below last year all month. My tulips are out but stay closed tight due to temps.

    So happy for you to hear from DOL and TWO others to apply to! Hope springs eternal! Just takes one, rah – rah! (That’s as cheerleaderish as I get. My sister was the one who could do the splits, etc.! lol) The closer the better with these gas prices! I put in $20 a week and drive VERY little but it’s 8 miles to town for anything. So each week $20 buys less and less…at $4.24 a gal!!

    I’ve got a couple to reply to this a.m. I’m not keeping a very good log of apps as I think it would distress me even more. I recently heard re two more unemp who have DIED (relatives of friends) and I’m quite sure the stress and lack of proper healthcare contributed! I guess that’s the govt solution? Sad, sad, sad.

    I’m just SO aware of time, and life, passing by with no changes or opportunities to improve or even stabilize our outlook. I am hopeful that I am helpful in dividing your concerns and I know you help me keep on track going forward.

    Happy Bday, to DD!! One thing for sure, our children KNOW who we are, don’t they.

    • 34.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: So happy to see you here, didn’t know if you would take the route that EOTW said she is considering taking and not posting here as regularly (or at all?). Do I have your permission to email? Don’t put anything here as far as address.

      Yes, like you I’ve begun to think not nice thoughts about those who seem to be so untouched and uncaring for our situations, but feel that that takes me down to their level somehow, and remind myself that it is important that I try to remain myself somehow throughout this sordid situation. And I’ve never been one to be envious or to be mean-spirited.

      Checked in DOL list of jobs again today, and the one I applied for yesterday is no longer there, so don’t know if maybe they hired someone yesterday before I was able to get my application in…? Very distressed…thought maybe just a small chance? It is just so disheartening. The DOL referral just says that I meet the minimum requirements for the job, and no information is provided on the site about where to post an application, therefore you have to wait on the DOL to get back to you, which as I said is typically a day or two. I replied as soon as I knew I was allowed and where to apply, but just a few hours I guess can keep you from getting a job!! Does this tell us anything about the unemployment situation in this country? I was like 3-1/2 hours after my notification in responding…but I just wasn’t here for a few hours, and who is just sitting at their computer checking their emails every 5 minutes?

      Other than driving to see daddy twice weekly, and going to the very few interviews, and close grocery shopping and picking up prescription refills & my MD appts (and I have one in mid May for me and one for daddy), I don’t drive anymore. And when I do drive, I try to consolidate all of my trips if I can. I also usually make a trip out to dad’s house once weekly, and try to do that on a day when I visit daddy..but with my arm it makes for a lot of driving at one time and is kind of hard. Occasionally I have to drive on Sat. nites when my BF comes (or he wants me to come to him) because his truck is too full and he has stuff all over my side of the front seat, but we stay local within a few miles.

      I know you don’t need to keep track of your job search for unemployment purposes, but it is easier if you have documentation so if/when you hear from someone you can try and trace back as to what the job was. When able, I try to print out the job and make note on it what date and time I applied and how. There have been a few times I actually haven’t heard back from an application for a MONTH or more, and when they do contact you, like EOTW and I have said, they act like they are the only job you’ve applied to, and they don’t give you much information. “You applied for the position of receptionist and wanted to see if you were still interested.” Okay, so I’ve applied to 7-10 jobs this week (as an example), and they don’t say when you responded or when they advertised, and it’s like trying to trace a trail for a mystery puzzle. You don’t want to look like you’re as desperate as you are by saying, “Well geez, I’ve applied to several jobs, could you just be kind enough to give me a hint where and what this job was for?” No, you have to look like of course, they are the only job you REALLY want and therefore the ONLY job you could possibly have applied for. Because, you know, they really want to be the job everyone is clamoring to get…and of course, that must be WHY they’ve had so many applicants! (How delusional?!!?) You’re getting all these applicants because we are all scurrying after the same few jobs!!! So, keeping good records will be helpful to you.

      Yes, I think people are dying from stress-related illnesses, and don’t have access to health care for catastrophes, or for just the ordinary maintenance. And without wellness care, it is much easier for more devastating health issues to arise and sometimes too late to do anything about it. And for some, well, some just don’t care anymore because WHY continue to live and mount up hospital bills for a life where you may not be able to survive anyway? And then there are those who take their own lives, but it doesn’t always show up in an obit because family members are ashamed.

      I am heartened by the outpouring of compassion for those affected in the south…but even at that, there are still those who are saying it’s our fault because we live in the south!! or because the south typically is Republican (and even though I’m not, they paint with a broad brush), or they are downing southerners as being largely poor, and therefore are beyond hope anyway. It’s very disturbing to read some of these posts. But by and large, there is compassion. Would that the same sort of compassion would apply to those of us who are struggling so hard to try and find employment in a job market where there are not enough jobs…but that seems to be largely lacking.

      Have to go wash hair/shower. Saw your posts on other article. So glad to see the good news for Oregonians.

  • 35
    Sharon-GA says:

    EOTW: In case you are at least reading, hope you had a good day with your friend and that you had good weather for outdoor stuff.

    Suri: Exhausted, checking out for day. Did hair wash/shower/blow dry/style, cleaned out dishwasher, vaccuumed two of three levels, did job search, did a load of laundry. Know that my stamina will return when I don’t have to expend so much energy doing things by not being able to use my dominant arm, but it is very exhausting and discouraging right now. Feel good that I’ve gotten things accomplished. Now going to take some R&R. Maybe can grocery shop tomorrow…

    Have a blessed weekend.

  • 36
    Sharon-GA says:

    Good Sunday morning! Since no one has responded/posted, don’t know if anyone is posting anymore, but giving it a shot anyway.

    What would you think is meant by “strong knowledge of microcomputer skills.”? Don’t know whether to apply for the job or not since I’m not sure how to interpret that. Not a computer guru, so if that’s what it means, shouldn’t apply! So, any feedback would be appreciated.

    BF and I did the grocery shopping last night, so I got that done. That’s one other thing marked off my list.

    Will be getting ready shortly to go to NH to see daddy. He’s lost 2.5 lbs, and he doesn’t have any weight to lose. I’ve told him he needs to make a more concerted effort to eat better (he’s very picky) or he’s going to end up getting sick and in the hospital…hoping I can kind of scare him into eating better. I got him a little bear squeeze thing of honey (he loves honey) in hopes that he’ll eat his bread and rolls if he can put honey on it. He always used to eat his bread/rolls at home, actually a very big bread eater, but he doesn’t now, so I’m hoping this will help a little. And he’s not a big vegetable eater…so maybe things like carrots he can put just a dribble of honey on which might make it more palatable for him. 2.5 lbs loss in a months’ time is considered pretty dramatic. And that may not be accurate, as he’s due to be weighed again, so he could have lost more in the interim. Not a good sign. My RN friend said that is unfortunately one of the affects of Alzheimer’s, they lose their appetite, or just forget to eat, or forget to eat even when they’re eating. Sometimes they have chewing/swallowing problems, forget how to swallow and have to have therapy for that. So far he seems to be okay with his swallowing abilities, so don’t think that’s it, just think he doesn’t have an appetite. And the less you eat, the less you can/want to eat.

    Hoping you all have a good day. Hope you can get out EOTW and enjoy some sun and maybe companionship–but I think you said your friend goes to church on Sunday, so don’t know if he comes to visit later in the day or not. But sure you will get out yourself if not.

    Applied to two jobs this a.m., one as assistant to owner (it’s a sales and related position through DOL). It’s a temporary FT that could turn into permanent (so it says–you never know if that’s just a come-on), and it’s a work from home position. The other is for personal injury case manager in the adjoining city. It doesn’t state that you need to have prior experience and does say they provide training, so that could be viable. So that’s been my morning for the most part, as well as doing my job search, but nothing else came up.

    Please give me your feedback about strong knowledge of microcomputer skills…thinking that might be an issue for me.

    Have a beautiful day! Keep your spirits up. Sorry to see no one has posted, but it is the weekend and I’m sure you’re all busy with your various interests and family.

  • 37
    suri says:

    Sharon – I have to research the ‘microcomputer skills’ and get back to you on that. I posted my internet connection was out over weekend and tech should come this p.m. but it came back on line a.m. We had very bad winds so maybe pole connection is loose?

    Thanks for helping me CYA on the keeping a log on emp apps. I know that just represents my anguish NOT wanting to know how many and when applied for. It’s very unlike me, in my former life! lol Your excellent, grounded points remind me of being methodical and organized while expecting sensible results — thank you for the confidence. IF I ever disappear it would be because I feel so small in light of what you, EOTW, StaciB, AngelinNY, etc. have shouldered and endured. There were legitimate reasons for my not entering job fray earlier, one of which was truly believing ‘things would right themselves’ in the economy and or additional safeguards would be put in place. I KNOW full well we are among millions in our circumstances and are blessed with at least our good health and hopefully the ability to keep our home, God Willing.

    On the Daddy weight loss thing — please look into nutritional supplements like Ensure, etc. I will get name of one my DS used, can’t think of it just now. It is sold at Wal-Mart and comes in fruit favors and dr can order it for added nutrition and snacks. I was horrified that my DS medical care was so LACKING in care
    that they NEVER encouraged any food intake, literally! Sad, sad. Many do not realize hospice often does consider food a life-prolonging mechanism? NO KIDDING!!

    You are exactly correct on the swallowing Altz problems
    and I think the honey is a GREAT HELPFUL IDEA. (Continued…)

  • 38
    suri says:

    Sharon – Site was locking up so didn’t want to ‘lose’ post.

    I would concentrate on protein intake for Dad imho as it is necessary so the body does not use muscle and decline. Can Dad give you input as to what would be helpful to encourage more intake? Does he have accessiblity to healthy snacks and are staff at NH monitoring/reminding him? My aunt was in and out of a beautiful NH near Elkhart, IN the last couple of years. My mom passed in local NH 35 yr ago, what a world of difference in bldg appearances and care. However, in both decades the family oversight and inquiries were still required. The actual care staff is always a key factor. My neighbor, a RN, had her Mom 84 and brother 59, dx with Altz at same time six years ago. Her brother declined so quickly and passed within 6 months! Her Mom just passed at 90, molecule by molecule, as my neighbor said. Either situation is extremely difficult!!

    Did you see Larry King special last p.m. on Altz with Ron Regan, Jr. and Maria Shriver, etc.? The exercise info is quite interesting. The old “use it or lose it” was correct!
    I don’t know Dad’s age, nor does it matter because truly we all are unique individuals and some at 75 are just going strong and others are ‘out of the game’ whether Altz or not. I personally think the research into how and why some age sooo well and others don’t it highly interesting. Three areas of genetics, environment, and experience seem equally important.

    One of the most difficult things of life is to be ‘in the moment’ with what is really happening especially when it is not what we wanted to happen! And now that it’s been my life for 2 l/2 years ! Sorry, no pity parties…

    • 38.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Rain and thunderstorms predicted for us today and tomorrow I think. We’re a bit gun shy, having experienced such awful weather and tornadoes just last week…so everyone is a bit on edge.

      Daddy will be 90 beginning of June. He is on a supplement that the NH provides, and has been for some time. I took the honey Sunday and he ate his lunch roll, and when I talked to him this morning he had put it on his bkfst toast, and he was so excited. RN also recommended possibility of monthly B12 shot to stimulate appetite…not sure who to go through at NH (or his MD) for that. Daddy’s biggest problem is that he’s a terribly PICKY EATER. There is so much he doesn’t like. He won’t eat fish, prefers chicken only, doesn’t care for pasta, cheese or most vegetables…so he has a very narrow field to choose from. He is on a restricted salt diet, so many things that he used to like, like rice, have no taste, so I’m going to see if I can find some sprinkle no-salt spices he can put on his food to make it more palatable for him. He also does not have a realistic body image…he’s always been very vain and weight conscious and would limit his food intake if he thought he had gained a pound or two. He’s even mentioned to me sometimes that he’s limiting his intake so he won’t gain weight. I’ve said, “Have you looked at yourself naked in the mirror, daddy?! You look like a Holocaust victim!! You don’t need to lose weight!!” So all of that combined leaves us in a quandry. You kind of have to sneak stuff in on him however you can.

      Didn’t mean to be telling you what to do by keeping a detailed job record…it’s mainly to make things easier for you when someone calls and wants to interview you that at least you’ll have some documentation to refer to. Obviously, those on unemployment HAVE to keep records, but now that I am done—that’s right, today was my last time to certify–I plan to continue to keep the same sort of records because I have found them useful. I am scared out of my mind and am trying hard not to let panic take over, but it is very hard, and I just keep plugging away.

      Going today to try and get front fastening undergarment, as I may truly never get my arm that far up my back again. I only have one that is workable for fastening in front and twisting around, and obviously need more than one, especially if/when I get a job. I still have to hope that there is someone out there who will hire me. Daddy says they have no idea what they are missing…if someone would just give me a shot he knows they’d be more than pleased with me. So nice that he is supportive, and he believes a most of my problem is my age. Yeah, we all know it is a problem…or at least most of us know and admit it’s a problem. We once had value…do you remember??

      I’m so glad you’re here, because I was really concerned that everyone was just going to leave…and didn’t want to be left here talking to myself!!

      I’ve tried to figure out what the microcomputer skills are too, as I don’t like to apply for jobs for which I am surely not qualified–it’s a waste of a prospective employer’s time as well as my own hopes and time.

      Hope you had a good weekend, despite no internet. Glad you are up and running now so you can continue your job search. Let me know if you hear anything about your other applications.

      • 38.1.1
        suri says:

        Sharon – I need to acknowledge the milestone of ending unemp benefits for you with unhappiness. The ‘safety net’ feeling of being left adrift is very empty as we well know. If only ALL states could be as intelligent as OREGON!

        The arm will come back! Just not as quickly and completely as we would like. I try on many levels to make life as compatible as possible and not ‘beat myself up’ on situations I had no control over — like broken arms! Or mortgages needing to be refi!

        Slow unemp day — when isn’t it? Peace, later.

  • 39
    suri says:

    Sharon – Locking up still happening, or it’s a reminder I’m too long winded!! Got to reply to a couple of openings from weekend. (See you were first order of business! lol) May your shoulder be healing and less work for you every week. Need to begin refi apps this week probably. I am working very hard to claim stability emotionally when I just want to scream “Seriously??” about 30 yr refi. But there is no reason not to make our lives as livable as possible and hopefully at least in this day and age the facts are the facts. The property is worth is much, you need this much, your income warrants the payment, etc. I think the ANGER over the loss of value in our homes and the INABILITY to even consider a sale other than ‘close out prices’ is as hurtful as DH being laid off without severence or benefits after over 21 yr! I KNOW the uncertainty for the future is nawing away at all age groups but is particularly hurtful in 55+ who seemingly will not have the time to restore a future at the s l o w rate of recovery(?) we are experiencing.

    EOTW – Welcome back to our world anytime and wishing you the best of days. Maybe this is the week for your job search to have the results you so deserve!!

    Check back later and happy Monday to all. Peace and hope.

    • 39.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: It’s locking up for me too…keep getting the script message. Don’t know why it is doing that–it may be that we’re too long-winded…all I know is it’s annoying because you don’t want it to be totally lost and have to try and do it again and have that be lost too. I try to type even faster–though don’t think that has anything to do with it…I think it’s the length.

      Good luck with the refi. The house next door to me is in foreclosure; and don’t know if I’m going to be able to save my own. Would be terrible for our community if both of our houses go to foreclosure. At least next door they have another home in another state and were just trying to keep this one in case they came back here I guess, or maybe just wanted it for investment potential. But they had such horrible renters (each of the three sets consecutively worse than the one prior) and finally gave up I guess.

      Arm feels a little strange today…like it’s slipping or something.

      Guess EOTW may have decided not to post as she feels just too silly (all of a sudden). Hope that’s not the case, but wish her the very best as she has a unique perspective and am sure she would be a good employee if someone would just give her a chance.

      Take care.

  • 40
    suri says:

    Sharon – Google ‘microcomputer skills’ and came up with it’s a kind of outdated term for basic computer skills? Just general wordprocessing, e-mail intro, spreadsheet, kind of training from early 90′s? Most of my skills, as those in our age group, are self-taught or trained ‘as needed’ in my case by accountants at various employers. But would surely think we ‘qualify’ for microcomputer skills! No guru here either, just ask my kids if I get stuck! Went to a one day computer course years ago and the instructor asked “Who is afraid to push any keys?” and “Who keeps pushing keys until they get it to do want they want?” LOL That was probably 15 years ago. (I was the latter! lol) Just kind of learned along with kids especially my DD who was home schooled through high school on-line with IU due to severe health issues. Yes, I TOLD you I’ve had many overwhelming challenges over the years! She actually had more encouragement and feedback from her online profs than her flesh and blood ones locally. The local teachers informed me they “didn’t want to reward her illness?” and I had to fight every step of the way because they sure didn’t mind PUNISHING HER for her difficulties! I hope they can all live with the way they treated her as one of the GREATEST GIFTS of my life was, after ten years of specialized medical treatment for migraines, she attended comm college and graduated with degree in healthcare!! (Unfortunately, some of the bills on still on CC! If you have great health/medical challenges you will have great debt in this country!!) DH and I have said many times as we added debt to home equity loan, we would make these choices all over again. It’s not like we EVER went on cruises or purchased a new vehicle. I KNOW our choices were rewarded in our kids lives and they know as a family the expense and effort for each one of them has been what gave our life meaning… Just hate the degree of financial stress it has caused but faithful and strong in the choices made. I’m so happy oldest is having baby but truly wonder if my other two will after more closely experiencing the financial strains…

    I went on Wal-Mart and I think it was Boost my DS liked but I guess now Ensure comes in fruit favorites too. I get the mental image thing for Dad also with either dementia or being older. Dad is still Dad! The only other advice/counsel I give is perhaps to have him eat while you visit? We always eat better with company, don’t you think?

    On way back to post this, I went on Huff Post and read article called “Sleepwalking through the Unemp crisis…” by Mohamand El-Erain (sp?) CEO of Pimpco. It is exactly what you and I know and have posted for sooo long!! The only decrease in unemp is people falling off unemp rolls, unemp is undermining the fabric of society, those that have held on have no where left to fall, housing has only gotten worse, and on and on…

    Think many foreclosures this year will be letting go, as your neighbors are, of the dream that the market will come back in any timeline that is feasible to forsee. All that value and hard work by so many who did nothing to deserve the LOSS. But the banks are fine! LOL

    I’m trying to do on-line apps for p/t merchaniser for cards, etc. but having difficulties getting info put through. I don’t know how that works or what it pays, but again it blows my mind at the ‘you need computer access for daily reports, digital camera to show your finished displays, ability to lift 40 lb, availability weekdays in various locations, etc.

    There do seem a good # of jobs, but am seeing ones I’ve already received “Not good fit” reply — reposted!! Ouch!! Hopeful for others to benefit!! The above article gave stats on unemp 19 to 24 was like 29%! Yegads!! I fully believe it’s over 20% of our citizens aren’t emp and many millions under or p/t!! At least I’ve seen an articulate article lay out the facts and can only hope our attention on be focused on this DISASTER in our mist instead of Donald Trump! Ya think?
    Back to job board, see ya later. Peace and hope springing forth.

    • 40.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: My daughter started having migraines at about 7 or 8 years of age. Got her on some medication for a while that seemed to break the cycle and she did well for several years, then as a teen they started coming back–complicated migraines. Very life disturbing and with more likelihood of stroke with them…loss of vision on one side, loss of ability to speak, loss of the use of one side of the body, sometimes lasting for hours, sometimes with loss of ability to identify people, even though she knows she knows them, cannot write. Just pretty much leaves her unable to function. Had many, many problems with this last pregnancy with the migraines and other issues. So yes, I can relate to some of the problems, though I don’t know specifically what your daughter’s were. I know they can be debilitating, and they are frightening to witness…and you’re trying to keep her calm when you’re feeling really alarmed.

      People were working on the yard next door (the house in foreclosure) and he said they live like an hour-and-a-half away, but their business is working on foreclosures, cleaning up houses, hauling stuff out and cleaning up the yards etc., and he said their primary business is here in my town, because we have SO MANY foreclosures now. It’s a **mn mass!! And so disheartening. All of these people’s lives and dreams just totally destroyed. I just find it so hard to understand that our Govt can ignore this.

      Yeah, isn’t it funny…I’m referring to the appl you’re talking about where as an employee you have to use your own computer and have and use your own digital thing they’ll want you to pay yourself!! I’m finding lots of jobs where you have to be able to regularly lift 50+ pounds—which I cannot do…not just with my busted wing, but also most of these jobs do not offer health insurance, and with having had back surgery before, cannot take a chance on being injured and possibly disabled for the rest of my life…so those kinds of jobs are out for me.

      Trump says he’s going to run…what a joke! And Gingrich seems to think he’s going to throw his hat in the ring too. What a circus!! Can’t help but wonder what this country is coming to to have these kinds of people think they could possibly be Presidential material. What egos, that’s the only thing I can think. Somebody sure has given them an overblown sense of their importance and qualifications. Makes you really a little scared…as the GOP seems to be totally out of control, and the Repubs seem to just be willing to follow them anywhere, no matter how unbelievable…like sheep to the slaughter.

      Again, can’t edit or check for typos, so please forgive.

  • 41
    endoftheworld says:

    Well it think it’s a blessing in disguise with the “script running” msg. which prohibits us from posting and ya have to wonder why it was put in there in the 1st. place. I was wasting too much time here anyways. I have enough to do so hopefully I will catch up on my other stuff.

    In an effort to ‘network’ I’ve decided to respond when somebody in my lottery group sends a group e-mail even tho they ignore me and my sour msgs. are a counter to “hey it was a great w/e, hope everybody had fun, another manic monday, crazy busy at work today, talk to y’all later”
    I think those people forget I am still playing lotto and out of work so all the peppy “Thank God it’s Friday” msgs. get on my nerves, this one girl in particular it’s like OMG, I don’t think she’s ever had a serious thought in her head or really had any problems in her life as she is like TOO happy? She is a nurse and is super perky as in “Gag me with a spoon” (I cannot stand over exhuberant people)not only in person but in her e-mails and irritates the living daylights outta me with her “aint life grand” themes. she is working TWO jobs to save money to buy a house or condo and I don’t think she’s ever been UE in her life but around here there is a nursing shortage and she’s the type who doesnt mind working crzy shifts plus with her bubbly personality she’d have no problem getting a job anywheres.

    Microcomputer? OMG i’ve not heard that term in a long while that job poster must be quite old, good for you Sharon, it’s like mother calls jeans “blue-jeans” and nobody used that term anymore, like mobile phones are just called “cells” now.
    You’d be surprised tho how many interviewers will ask if you know how to use a computer, I never know if it’s because I look old fashioned or what tho even NH and assisted living facilities have wireless nowadays or at least a computer room for the residents.

    Suri, the same jobs posting? noticing it now are ya? I’ve been running into that problem for 2 years now. I think that not only are employers super picky on whom they hire they are not picky on when they fire, it is truly unbelievable, weekly i apply to jobs which ahve been posted before some weeks i can’t even find any brand new jobs.

    Well NH #1 job got rejection letter printed 2 days after the interview and i quote “thanks for taking time out of your BUSY schedule to come meet with me about the receptionist job at our facility”

    NH #2 the Admin. job I will find out by end of this week if i am still in the running, I was 1 of 10 but turned out to be a pre-screen and I don’t think I came across as a strong candidate. I really have problems with certain questions such as “what have you been doing ALL this time?” and “why do you want this particualr job with this co?” I am naturally sarcastic and bitter and have difficulty not giving sarcastic answers esp. in light of what I think is a dumb question. So not expecting much there at all, the “interview” if one can even call it that was only 20 min. and I really didn’t get a good sense of what the job entails other than “supporting the admin. services dir” whatever that means. Very nice grounds tho but for $25K/month you’d not expect less.

    • 41.1
      suri says:

      EOTW – SUPER excited to see you back. Sorry, their loss on NH #1 job opening. Yeah, just had to ‘verify’ your observations on job scene! lol

      Your over-bubbly RN reminds me of my BLONDE, baby sis — clueless! Just as well this isn’t their life journey, they would never make it. Sometimes I wish I were more removed from reality also! lol

      I’m hopeful somehow Bin Laden’s demise will signal NEW thinking on situations in that area. See the ‘Sleepwalking’ article if you get a chance. If only those in POWER could hear the TRUTH!! I love that Oregon at least found a way to support the UNEMP.

      Hope you found some fun on the weekend to carry into this week. It amazes me how, good or bad, the time still passes by so quickly. Just without the feelings of achievement, sadly! I am so envious of that feedback of a paycheck, and atta girl, from employment although I know from kids is a rough go these days even for those with jobs!

      Good luck and lots of good vibes for results this week!

    • 41.2
      Sharon-GA says:

      EOTW: Yeah, I’m seeing a lot of repeat ads for jobs…jobs that were advertised maybe a month or so ago that disappeared and then are back again. Wondering if they found no one “worth” hiring, or if they hired someone and it didn’t work out. Some of the ones that come up through this one company on the job boards are always OLD entries. I’ve gotten to where I now ignore that particular “company” because they are often 45 days old or so and no longer in existence.

      My BF absolutely abhores bubbly personalities…like servers at restaurants and employees at stores. What I dislike is sullen, rude people. And I guess I’ve gotten even worse about it because I’m thinking, “you’ve got a job, what’s your problem?” Even though I know it may not be the best job in the world, I still can’t help but thinking how lucky they are. And what I dislike even more is people who don’t want to help you when you need assistance…and I’m going, “So what the devil ARE you getting paid for?!” I don’t mind bubbly people so much…even though I’m not one of them. I’m friendly, but I don’t think I’m what you’d consider bubbly…even under the best of circumstances. Don’t know if I’ve ever been bubbly. Friendly, pleasant, helpful..yes.

      The company who used the (evidently) antiquated microcomputer terminology is a Hospice company. The job duties look like they are something I could handle..but was confused by the strong knowledge of microcomputer skills—didn’t know if I needed to know how to do programming or whatever….

      Well, your lottery people may not respond to your emails, but we always seem to respond to you, so maybe we do fill a spot in your life, if only for feedback occasionally and someone to chat with. It can get a little lonely when not out and about. Of course, I worked at home for many years, so I kind of got used to that–but my friends say I do better with some kind of contact.

      Sorry about the one NH job, but have hopes for the second one that has such a beautiful “campus.” That would be really nice for you. Hope you had a good weekend, and we’re glad to see you back again. Even if you don’t spend as much time here, it’s nice to see you checking in again and letting us know you’re okay and we’re all hoping for good news for a job in your future (hopefully sooner than later, right?).

      Need to pick up daddy’s car and change out so I can drive it for a bit before I have to get it inspected for tag renewal. Got new battery and it has to be driven. Storms called for for tomorrow though and didn’t want to take a chance on having it sitting outside, so maybe I’ll go pick it up on Wed. Went and got front-fastening bras today, so hopefully it won’t be such a chore getting dressed. Always surprised at how expensive they are!! Have never cared much for them, they’re like wearing an uncomfortable harness. Yuck! Well, can’t move backward to re-read your post and comment because it keeps kicking me out and doing the script message, so hope I’ve covered everything. Also won’t let me go back and re-read and edit for typos or anything, so you get what you get!!

      Thanks to both you and Suri for the microcomputer info. Think I’ll give it a shot…probably won’t hear anything anyway!! I really hope to hear something from at least someone I’ve sent apps to the last several days. There are at least a couple that I could be a good fit for if they’d just give me a shot. But then, that’s what we all think and feel, and we don’t get a chance.

      Yes Suri, I read the article on sleepwalking too…actually commented I think.

      Am glad they didn’t capture bin Laden, don’t think we would ever have seen justice done and it would have just dragged it out forever.

  • 42
    suri says:

    Job Warriors – Am satisfied on Bin Laden’s being taken out and happy for Obama to have this success! There was great risk to that decision and hopefully he will continue that boldness to resolve/address our unemp crisis in short order!! I know, I’m dreaming, but hey!!

    There is also article on-line re: “how depressed poor people are?” Are you kidding me? LOL I ALMOST don’t mind being ‘poor’, I’ve always stretched a buck. What I really ‘mind’ is not having any acknowledgement that we are unable to improve our lot in life and THAT WE WANT TO!! Until last five years people of any age could find some type of emp fairly easily to earn at least min wage to supplement SS, etc. No longer possible. The quality of life has declined so far, so fast it sickens me.

    I’m not going to rant on and be a downer. I did e-mail one resume/app for p/t CSR. Hours of searching for that? Oh, well better than none. The Monday weather is chilly, again. This climate change is not for the better! Question: if you have applied to company and they say they will keep app/resume on file for six months, do you not reapply for new postings and actually trust they review? I definitely have trust issues on anything happening ‘as it should’! lol

    Well, good evening and go forward, better days ahead.

    • 42.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: I usually trust that if they say they will keep on file for 6 mos that they will–if it’s for the SAME IDENTICAL JOB. If it’s for a different job, I would apply again. I try not to apply for the same job repeatedly unless it comes back up several months later and it is obvious that something didn’t go right with the first hire, or maybe they decided not to hire. (I think some employers are so overwhelmed by the response that they make NO decision!)

      I think I’ve been reading the same articles you’ve been reading–poor and depressed. Duh…?!? Whoda thunk it, huh?

      It would really be nice if the President would be as bold with the unemployment issues, but think it’s far too late for that and we’ve pretty much been forgotten. I think we’re on our own. Sorry it was hours of searching for a part-time CSR job. Even a lot of the F/T jobs around here are not offering benefits. They get away with whatever they can get away with–the less they can offer in the way of salary and benefits, that’s what they do. It’s a downward spiral until we’re circling the drain.

  • 43
    suri says:

    It’s darkest before the dawn; the pendulum has to swing all the way, before it comes back to center; every storm will end… Take your pick but IT will change and WE WILL look back on this time. The struggle has challenged every aspect of our beings and tested our spirits, but we will PREVAIL and ACHIEVE the SUCCESS we have so earned and deserve! Please rest assured somewhere soon the tide will turn and all will be well again. This is not JUST wishful thinking or dreaming but my heartfelt belief in our country. (Did I tell you my parents met in WWII? lol Gotta love conflict!)
    Peace and dreams of a new tomorrow.

    • 43.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: You must have gotten a “second wind” of optimism from somewhere!! It’s nice to hear you so positive that things will change. I hope you are right, but I don’t know where you pulled that mysterious strength and positivity from…

      Sleep tight.

  • 44
    endoftheworld says:

    Suri et. al, I read the Sleepwalking article, yeh, same old tho really. From time to time somebody will write about the UE situation now that maybe a few dz. UE people read.
    I liked this one which I will share link, a bit of a different take on WHAT HAPPENED TO THE 99ers? I found it hysterically funny, it’s not something even I would have thought of but I am not religious so obviously that option would not of even occured.
    Hope you find it as funny as I did and not offensive

    • 44.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      EOTW: Read the article, and it was funny. Somewhere or another I think I read something similar to it, but was not as funny. Guess the rapture would account for us having disappeared (at least from the mind and eye of our Govt). Saw your post there. Actually, the GOP would probably be very pleased if that’s what happened to us… For now, “out of sight, out of mind” has to be working for them.

  • 45
    suri says:

    Job Warriors – Morning!! My ‘newfound’ brightness isn’t due to anything particular, more IN SPITE of the same old, same old. I do long for those, in memory at least, long periods of feeling positive. Now it’s an unusual night where I can sleep even 4-5 hr or without waking up and trying to sort ‘how to pay bills’ in my sleep (it wasn’t a dream, believe me! lol)

    Thanks for looking at article. I just feel so strongly that the answers are CLEAR and the problems are sure UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!! I read the comments, your’s too Sharon, and saw several that were in direct correlation to my personal situation. The working all our lives, putting children through school, then ready to pay down mtg/bills for retirement, then BOOM!! You’ve listened to me too often on this, sorry…

    EOTW – I’ll read yours later too. Are you finding any NEW openings to response to this week? How are neighbors? Hoping all is quiet in your home area.

    I LOVE hearing some talk re drawing troops down in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. It can’t be soon enough and am grateful President Obama’s decisions were rewarded with success!!

    Not ready to play ‘debt ceiling’ game?? Can we hope for NEW focus for elected leaders to really address needs of citizens? DH has been hunting for morel mushrooms. Special Spring treat in Midwest!! Once we went mushroom hunting in Maryland and ended up on Camp David property and were escorted off promptly!! What a memory! (Didn’t find any there…) LOL

    Trying to find balance as always. It’s so difficult to look forward — to what? Please know all of our futures are in my heart and I’m completely OPEN to the economy changing and opening UP in ways we will not believe is possible!! (NO, I’m not drinking, yet. lol)

    I’m such a newcomer to job search, but still those who ‘aren’t in the know’ ask “Oh, haven’t you found ANYTHING YET?” with a certain distain. WOW, are you ever out of the loop? Well, off to job boards. Not sure I understand the writing article for income posted here today? EOTW and Sharon that would be right up your alley!! (Yeah, we gotta quit hanging out in the alley? lol) Peace and hope.

    • 45.1
      endoftheworld says:

      Suri, yeh i’ve thought about online writing like for the examiner and I investigated various websites but forgot why i didnt pursue further.
      Yeh quiet upstairs now, I do think they put in double flooring, the sound is different almost MORE muffled other than heels clack more? other than in the bathroom, it sounds like I can hear straight thrue the vent which was not quite as noticeable before.
      The ongoing/new problem is the big rat or other animal holes, I had blocked all 6 with rocks and not found any new ones for over a week and today there was another one, so big I coulda stuck my fist in it right at the bottom of my stairs where the asphalt has worn off and it was just dirt so NOT pleased there. I was surprised how little rat/critter poison and deterrents are avail. in the garden and home stores. My friend had given me some steel wool to wrap around the space around kitchen sink pipe but it’s not tight tho he said the scratchiness would deter them, the bathroom sink really doesnt have room for such a big animal to squeeze in, mice yes but not the size of that thing(s). If i see the property maint. people and they look like they speak english i’ll pt. out the holes i’ve covered, however i did not have luck with another matter, actually acouple of matters and as a renter I can’t call the office i’d have to call the landlady and I really don’t want to bother her lest she want to come over and see for herself.
      Actually i found 2 somewhat newish jobs at Marshalls and JC Penny. I’ve applied to both but not for the posted jobs. I went in person to Marshalls in a nearby town turns out it was not the job as posted Admin. Coord. it was a Cash Coordin. and you needed prior accounting or banking or retail cash office experience. I was quite annoyed as this was f/t with benefits.
      The other one was optical sales in optical shop it’s 30 hrs. MIN. wage (I dunno bout that) and commission based. Actually have an interview Thurs. They are separate of JCP and do their own hiring which is good as i’ve done the JCP online app and not been called in but not sure why min. wage. I will have to think about that one should they offer me the job, not good at selling myself or items/services to others and quite frankly the glasses are so ugly i’d not wear them myself, I tend to like the old fashioned “old lady” styles, lite brown largish plastic frames. I think the new ultra modern rectangular and wide with bold colors or even patterns look really geekish on both myself and others, the look says “nerd” to me so I’ll have to see besides selling is there anything else involved like is there an on site eye dr. or do they only sell frames.
      I have a Mr. Peanut glass jar which was gonna recycle but occured to me it MITE be collectors item, so now after hours of investigating i see that it’s not listed anywheres but hey i bought it from supermarket last month so maybe in a few years…very interesting i had NOOO idea Mr. Peanut was such a collectors item, I cannot imagine the allure. I cannot stand clutter so I am not into collecting anything and find it an odd hobby but whatever people are willing to pay $20 + for somebodys old peanut jar (basically garbage!) I found it terribly amusing.

  • 46
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri: So good to hear you positive; sorry I cannot join you! I’ll let you carry me for a while. LOL.

    I’ve just wasted what feels like an enormous amount of time trying to find a place to apply for this job I saw online. If you go to the online site, they want you to pay them for the privilege of putting in an application…and I’m sorry, I can’t pay for job sites, especially knowing that your chances of ever even getting called for an interview are so remote. Additionally, for this one, it gives the location as being a place near me, and when I look for the company (which was given), they have NO office where they say the job is!! What kind of scam is this? It sounded like a really interesting job, and one that was a fit for me, so I tried really hard to at least get an address where maybe I could mail a resume…but like I said, that office does not exist, even on the company site! Very irritating.

    NH called me yesterday to say that “..since you’re concerned about your dad’s weight loss…” they have increased his supplement by additional amount and bid instead of once daily. I’m thinking, ‘since I’m worried about his weight loss…???!!’ Even the care team said it was enough of a loss in a month to be concerned–so what’s the deal here?! It’s a bit annoying to think that if I hadn’t asked about his weight loss (which I noticed just by the way his clothes fit), they wouldn’t have done anything. I know that maybe some people take their family to a NH to die, and don’t really keep up with them (or care, for that matter), but they know that’s not the case with me. Talked to daddy this a.m. (as always) and talked to him again about making a concerted effort to eat more. His response? “If they serve me food I like.” My response? “You eat the food they serve. You’re not ordering from a restaurant. You do have alternatives…two choices for lunch and dinner. But you won’t go to find out what the alternative is, and make a choice if you don’t like the main meal. I can’t chew and swallow your food for you, and I can’t be there every day to make your meal choices. You have to do some things for yourself.” It may sound a little harsh, but daddy knows I don’t pussyfoot around and he’s got to make an effort while he still does have that mental capacity to do it. He just will not make the effort. Sometimes he thinks it’s an inconvenience for the staff and the cook–but as I keep telling him, they prepare both meals anyway, he’s not putting them to any trouble!! So frustrating.

    Yeah, I don’t understand how we could make money writing online either, but it does appeal to me. I know Steve said there is no pay here on this site. I wonder how you find sites that do pay? After that, of course, you have to figure a way to have something to write about that isn’t out there all over the place, and that has an interesting slant.

    I don’ know what morel mushrooms are? I’d be afraid I’d pick something poisonous and end up killing everyone!!

    Well, off to try and apply to another job. Hope I have more success than the one I have spent all this time trying to apply to. Oh, while I was out yesterday doing my undergarment shopping, I heard someone mention a job application, and I asked if they were hiring, and she said yes, so I picked up an application. It’s a place where they hire all young, attractive girls, so I doubt very seriously they would even give my application consideration–probably just toss it in the trash and laugh when I was out of ear shot. But I’m probably going to embarrass myself and do it anyway. I’ll probably take it tomorrow and go and pick up daddy’s car…since they are still calling for storms and possible hail today, don’t want his car sitting outside.

    Many of the comments on the HuffPo article reflect our lives, Suri, having worked all our lives and been responsible and raised our kids and been conscientious and having an excellent work ethic, only to be pitched out into the street with no backwards glance.

    Will check in later. In the meantime, have a good day, hope you hear something from your applications.

    EOTW, hope you hear something soon about the NH job, and that you hear something positive…really positive.

    • 46.1
      endoftheworld says:

      Sharon, hi. no nothing yet from NH job and wouldn’t ya know, I LOST the piece of paper i wrote down the woman who called me and her ext and am not sure the woman who interviewed me was the same who set up the interview.
      I have a complete block on this woman’s name so embarassing, for some reason I recall the receptionist was this friendly woman “Allison” but the interviewer I cannot guess so I hope to here from her soon cause I will feel like a nit-wit calling the main # and not sure whom to ask for, she never did say the name of the dir. or maybe she did and it was Kathy?
      In the paper there is a paid study for early stage alzheimers, i feel like calling them up but you had to be like between 45-65.
      My memory is shot so I write stuff down BUT then i lose where I wrote it, there are pieces of paper everywhere. I try to remind myself to get a bleeping notebook but I keep forgetting!
      Well I got a bad result from my lotto group e-mail, apparently ticked some people off and they are jealous of my swinging single job-free lifestyle. The organizer of the group had written such a snippy email i was shaking in rage all day, my friend told me to ignore it and not respond but I finally did answer her question as to would I find working in a restaurant beneath me and and I also told her i detected a note of envy in her reply, since ya know, she’s got a house, boat, new car, a $50K exec. secy job with 401K and she’s complaining she might have to take on a restaurant job as she doesnt have enough money an she asked me why I havent tried that which is LOL other than waitressing WOULD be beneath me, I cannot possibly envision myself going up to a group of people out on the town and being all cheery and “hey how are you folks tonight, can I get you started on some drinks” Gaa. Anyhow sure i’ll get some other nasty response about how she’s sick and tired of supporting “my kind” (taxes) since I “refuse” to get a job – grr. As I said those people are not friends, I was a Jaycee for a few years so that’s how i know them but still it annoying when somebody totally misunderstands your position or trys to shove their values down your throat and I cannot believe this girl is broke and whining how SHE has no money and she somehow seems to think I with my NO job or even when I HAD a job have the same upper middle class lifestyle as she, amazing.

      BTW mother has drank ensure and this other similiar I cannot think of, gross sweet stuff I think. Mother is thin like a cancer patient for years, very unbecomming, being toothpick skinny is just as ugly as being a huge fat blob. She eats and eats but won’t gain weight, had her thyroid looked at it was high but WNL. Your father must be sick of the food by now there if he’s been there a while and they have the same thing every week, like lasagna on mondays, fish on tues. chicken on wed. etc. I’m a very picky eater and tend to have waay too much food at home so I can eat whatever depending on my mood. Fortunately this here apt. has a huge fridge, much bigger than the teeny one mother has which would make the milk carton clausterphobic.
      All that stormy weather you’re having down there, I dunno. Might be a sign the End is near?

      • 46.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        EOTW: Unfortunately, you probably unleashed the demons with your reply to this woman from the lottery group. As far as most people are concerned, those of us unemployed are no more than the dregs of the earth. The fact that you get financial assistance is very likely going to grate on her nerves…she would much sooner you starve to death than take a penny of “her” money. I’m sorry you have to deal with this snooty, snotty woman. You have to be careful or you give them a target for their venom. Better to ignore them (IMO) and let them blather on about their poor (?!) lives than to ignite their ire and give them a direction to aim their venom. You know how ugly people can get–evidenced by the trolls on all the sites with articles on the unemployed. This woman is undoubtedly as ugly on the inside as she evidences by her behavior. She wants you to pity her!! Feel sorry for her!!–this woman who HAS a job, who HAS toys, who has a 401K, and who still can do nothing but complain that she’s going to have to get a second job. That’s her choice. Oh ugh…she’s just not worth us all getting so upset over and at. What will happen when/if she loses her cushy job…let’s see how well she handles that. But, of course, people like that rarely have to answer for their behavior…at least in this life. I know you can’t help but be angry and shake with rage…but you might need to just go out and blow off steam and then let it go rather than continuing to address her, because this could escalate to all proportions and only hurt and anger you further. Let her be the one to stew. OK. We’ve all wasted enough time on her. Maybe if you print out her email and make a ceremony out of burning it and letting it go, it might help? (Even though I know you feel more like cramming it down her throat!!)

        As Suri always says, Breathe….breathe…breathe.

          endoftheworld says:

          actually i ended the discussion on one end but opened it on another. I’d asked her if she in fact WAS jealous of me and she said “I’d love for my b/f to take care of me too” soo
          not sure if she means yes she’d jealous the STATE (where I was born and have lived all my life and attended University) is taking care of me (H they also charged me with the Felony so) OR she thinks my “b/f”?! is supporting me financially? I reeally wanted to ask what she meant by that but will let it go end of story. Like um NO, my friend is not really my “b/f” in the tradit. sense, besides being married, he’s 23 yrs. my sr. so kinda a Father Figure and 2nd. NO he couln’t spend any money on me even if he had it, he and his wife have joint accounts, she pays the bills and manages their money (tho he’s an accountant, go figure). He does treat me to the occaisional Subway Seafood sandwich (more on that later) and like he paid for my bike tune-up last year, bought me my cell (not the plan), toys and books for my Bears and things like that, and Yes on some special occaisions a Thymes product. He’s also going to be giving me some old T-shirts i can use as rags for cleaning (gee I guess that’s a hint)

          The disgusting Subway story I have is:
          The Subway stores here are staffed by Indians or latinos, recently more and more non-english speaking latinos. The other day I just had a massive craving for their seafood sub (yeh i know weird) the guy could barely speak, he did not understand a word I said and I spoke espcially s l o w l y. he gave me the wrong bread, a ft. instead of 6″, Chicken INSTEAD of Seafood and lettuce when I didnt ask for it. I just left in disgust w/o my sandwhich. I was truly pissed how can this bleepin guy who does NOT have a basic grasp of English, cannot even do something as simple as arrange a standard subway sandwhich GET HIRED? these immigrants seem to be in cahoots so no pt. in complaining to the particular store manager, a while ago another girl put hot sauce on my sandwhich when I’d NOT asked for it and she told the mgr. I did and the MGR. said I have to pay for it? OMG. this was the same place so no pt. in asking for her, but truly disgusts me that people like that can get a job, I mean ya don’t need college level English but for God Sakes ya got to be able to talk to the customer and not screw up their simple order. This is why I stopped going to DD, I just gave up, all Latinos and only the supervisor speaks English, they don’t bother to learn their own menu or what NO cream, just milk means. Not that i need to be wasting my money on FF but ya know once in a while ya get sick of making your own B,L & D ALL the time.
          I’ve been fantasizing of opening my own lunch place with a sign in the window “English spoken here” & “we will get your order right or it’s FREE.” I think this is where the misperception comes that FF places will hire ANYONE, I think they will hire a certain ANYONE but not a normal american citizen ‘anyone’. Not sure if they engage in funny business such as not paying EE’s overtime or what, the min. wage thing is the same for retail jobs so don’t think that’s why they only hire non english speakers because they figure regular americans not work for that pay.
          Speaking of, that one you went today sounded good, “competetive wages” in RETAIL omg! ALL the chain stores here pay min. wage I could not believe it when a couple of years ago I went on a applying to every store/supermarket in town frenzy, at most a couple paid a few dollars beyond min. wage but min. wage was THE standard. Even a fancy upscale store like L&T and Victoria’s Secret and C&E paid only a few cents over min. wage and some like Macy’s pay more if you have prior recent retail experience. I worked at Banana Republic in ’07 for the holiday season was hired for a whopping $10/hr which is waay higher than the rest of the Mall stores paid. Unfortunately they stuck me as greeter a postion I am ill suited to do. I had to literally grab peoples attn. as they walked in the store and welcome them and see if I could help them, most of the time they came with a friend and weren’t even looking at me so i’d have to jump in front of them as i knew the mgr. was watching me from the security cameras (she’d come out and tell me to smile and engage with customers more)
          NEVER will I be a greeter in a store again, not even for $15/hr. it is one of the more mentally exhausting jobs for a introvert ever.

            Sharon-GA says:

            EOTW: It’s been years since I’ve been to a Subway, so don’t know if they are managed and run by latinos here or not, though it would not surprise me…as I’ve said before, we are the fastest growing state for illegals in the country (what a distinction!). What I find at the regular FF places is surly and bordering on rude people behind the counter, and that’s of any race or ethnic background, not limited to latinos. In our Mexican restaurant (I call it ‘ours’, but it’s just a favorite of ours, though we don’t go often because it’s more than FF prices), we have problems being understood, but I point a lot and use hand motions. Their food is good and they do a good business.

            So I wonder why this lady thinks you have a boyfriend who supports you? I guess maybe she figures how would you live otherwise? Why does everyone assume that everyone in the world is either married or living with someone? Everyone always assumes that my BF and I cohabitate–NOT. And he definitely does not contribute to my support in any way. There just still seems to be this assumption that a woman does not go it alone. I’d just let her make whatever assumptions she wants to make and let her go on her merry way. She’s obviously not a happy person (heck!!–neither are we–but we may have more reason than most!).

            Yeah, when she said competitive wages, I’m figuring we’re still talking minimum wage or close to…retail pay is pretty pathetic. The fact that you got a $10/hr job in retail is really amazing!! I remember the summer between my junior and senior year in high school my girlfriend and I went and applied at a ‘local’ women’s clothing store for summer work. They didn’t want to hire my friend, but they wanted to hire me…but they wanted to hire me permanent full time and they wanted me to quit high school!! Can you imagine such a thing? I mean, they actually encouraged me to quit school to come and work for them!! Funny…I remember what I wore to apply. Isn’t it funny the inconsequential things you remember?

            Well, tomorrow’s another day…see ya!

  • 47
    Sharon-GA says:

    Storms are moving in, thunder in the distance, shutting down and unplugging…can’t take a chance on losing the source of finding jobs!! Have applied to 4 jobs today, and still have to fill out another application to take with me tomorrow. Haven’t heard anything from last weeks applications, or those from early this week, including the one from the DOL who said to complete it as quickly as possible–to either sit and wait, or not hear anything at all, I guess!! That’s pretty much been the story with ALL of the DOL jobs. Ya’ll take care.

  • 48
    suri says:

    Sharon – Lost a HUGE post from earlier. I took it as EOTW, I’m here too much!lol

    The problem with being UP is the down. NO nothing to apply for today. Weather is just COLD, chilly sunshine. Rain p.m. here too.

  • 49
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri & EOTW: Just a short check-in. Have to fill out that application and take to store, and then go get daddy’s car and get gas and maybe go visit him today (?depends on time). Got an email response to a job I sent resume for, and it said they had gotten such an overwhelming response that they were trying to eliminate some through answering some questions to narrow down the number of people to consider. This actually plays to my strength, which is more the written word (which you wouldn’t always know here, as it’s kind of “stream of consciousness” writing) than verbal. They want to know what your work history shows in the way of being detail oriented and organizational. And they want you to address a work-related crisis situation in a customer service environment and how you handled it. It was an email I got after I had shut down yesterday, so I didn’t get it until this morning, so hope I was not too late in responding. I was able to answer these questions quite handily, so I’m hoping for at least an opportunity to speak with someone face-to-face.

    Sorry, Suri, that you lost a huge post. Always make sure your name and email address appears before you post (I’ve lost posts that way). And, of course, with this script message coming up, it’s hard sometimes to get it to submit. I say “yes” to the script, and then it sometimes takes a little while until the cursor comes back up that will allow me to at least submit. It will notlet me go back and edit, or go back and check what I might want to respond to, but if I wait long enough, it will let me submit what I’ve written. Maybe that will help…? Please don’t give up on posting.

    I’ve applied many times to JCP with no response too, given up on that, because I applied for jobs I was definitely qualified to do, but was not even considered. Eventually I just felt it was a lost cause–their loss as well as mine. Did have one retail job interview early on and the lady I interviewed with was so condescending, “I’ve never known anyone who hasn’t worked in retail.” Well actually, I’ve never known anyone who HAS worked in retail!! Not that I think it’s beneath me, simply that I’ve always had office jobs. I felt like she was looking down her nose at me!

    EOTW: The optometric job is probably minimum wage because they also pay commission, and if you don’t like their styles, and you don’t like sales, then probably this is not going to be a lucrative position for you (my opinion), and it is not likely that you are going to enjoy it either (though that seems to be secondary to most of us these days).

    I don’t think you need to take an Alzheimer screening test. I think it is stress that is causing your memory problems. I do the same thing, write everything down, and sometimes can’t find it!!–which I do get really upset about. As you say, we should probably keep a notebook rather than just writing on pieces of paper which can get lost or misplaced or thrown out accidentally. Stress will cause you to forget things you normally would not, to include names, where you put that piece of paper, and what you were supposed to do. I’m usually pretty good, but sometimes I just have moments. My girlfriend has actually talked to me about her memory lapses, and she has no stress–she’s retired, has PLENTY of money, has pretty much no responsibilities, and she is having lapses in her memory as well. It happens. Like I’ve said, I’ve become kind of OCD about things, like making sure to check several times to make sure I have my keys or anything I need to take with me when I go out the door. And I have to remind myself to make sure to take things for daddy, or run errands that I need to do for him in addition to those for myself, or to take care of paying everyone’s bills and make sure that if I don’t get a bill that I follow up on it, stuff like that. For some reason, all this technology was supposed to make our lives easier, when I think it has just added more stress to our lives.

    Need to go and fill out application and take a shower and get dressed. The storms that came in last night REALLY cooled our temps off dramatically, “blackberry winter”–had to put on jacket this morning to go outside and have my coffee, but sun shining and it’s supposed to be pretty this weekend.

    Will check back with everyone later, hope you have a good day, and hope you hear something from the NH today, EOTW. And hope you hear something too, Suri, from your applications. I know the rollercoaster, like most of us do, Suri…the UP followed by the DOWN, and the down actually feels so much worse when you’ve had a big up. Some of the worst downs are when you are so certain you’ve got that job…and you didn’t.

    Enjoy your day!

  • 50
    suri says:

    G’morning, Job Warriors – Amen, Amen, and AMEN!! to all your thoughts and observations. Yeah, the stress (or DISTRESS! lol) is the great remover of facts from my mind also. I have a good memory and awareness but often find my thoughts straying to ‘what if’s'? I also feel the lack of trust in my universe that things won’t go wrong or break down? It is so difficult when I feel bombarded and try to pace what demands I can, personally and financially. THEN, out of the blue, SHIT HAPPENS ! (as my #2 son always says! lol)

    Is it me or have we read a little more recently re unemp crisis? Did you see Oregon’s extension for unemp, they thought 17,000 would apply 24,000 have thus far, will be used up twice as fast as they provided 6 weeks?? Ya think the problem isn’t HUGELY discounted?

    Sharon – The post I lost had advice on Dad that, as EOTW remarked, he may be bored or depressed? Also perhaps visiting while he’s eating would encourage him. We all do better with company don’t we? lol Also, I have exp with some med professionals not monitoring or encouraging eating as a ‘personal right’ with elderly/ill. Also makes sense that his physical image and thinking aren’t 100% clear. If we are lucky enough, our parents become more like our children once were and we need to check on their well-being. I applaud you for managing everything for Dad in spite of all that has past before. Many, many have no one in our society today who even cares…

    EOTW – I AM ENRAGED for you that anyone would add rocks to your wagon of cares!! HOW DARE HER! Sometimes things like that ‘roll off my back’ but other days it’s just a ‘kick in the gut’!

    I have made appt for tomorrow for application for fixed rate mtg and will call in the request for home equity reset today. I pray it be all be much smoother than I have imagined — wish me luck to deal with individuals who are at the very least respectful and wish me strength to deal with ignorance, if needed!! lol

    • 50.1
      endoftheworld says:

      OK Suri, Good luck tomorrow!

      You are lucky to have a normally good memory.
      Mine has allways been crappy, I even went to a neurologist in my mid 30′s, everything is normal though I do have an attn. deficit which was attributed to depression.
      I have the WORST problem with remembering names and not looking forwards to my next job as people don’t wear name tags or the photo ID’s some places have people hang around their necks are in too tiny print to read. In every job i’ve had I’ve been severely embarrassed as everybody knows who I am but just a bunch of nameless faces to me.
      When I meet someone I write it down on a piece of paper (which usually happens to be a post it note) with their job title and ya know post-it notes, fall to the floor so for my next job (if it EVER materializes) i will have to bring a little “black book” so to speak and keep it in my desk.
      Post it notes have there use but they really don’t stick for long.

  • 51
    suri says:

    Job Warriors – Part II – We’ll beat the ‘script thing’ at it’s own game. This way post will not all disappear?

    Sharon – Found the questions interesting on emp app reply. JUST SO DARN MANY applicants it’s overwhelming out there. And all of that just pushes down anyone’s ability to get salary increases, etc.

    Just ‘LOVE’ it when people who have not been exposed to this crisis (or anyone they love) have no freaking idea of the length and depth. I try to have ‘thick skin’ in general but sometimes a casual comment can just cut to the core of my being!! Sad, sad. Like DH and I have worked our lifetimes, played by the rules, and somehow ‘tough break’?? And these 401k’s are the biggest scams pulled on Americans for the majority of us. If the company can’t fund our retirements, how in the world will we?? These problems have imho been building in our economy against the former average middle class worker for over 20 years. And then there’s the health care mess that has been transferred over to the individual and is clearly still not resolved. Some days my mind plays havoc with what will ‘take me down’?

    Well, going to phone in to bank I presently have for home equity and get my options clarified. It’s kind of like dominoes, line up this, check that, see where it goes! Peace and best vibes going your way.

    • 51.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Good going outsmarting the script thing! Have to find our way around pretty much everything these days!

      News on TV right now says homeowner’s insurance is going up by about 20% due to all the storm damages around here. Insurance companies have requested as much as 40% increases, but was only approved for 20%.

      I found the request by the potential employer to be reasonable, particularly under the circumstances–with so many people applying for every job, how other than this can one manage to deal with the enormity of the situation? These would normally be questions you would ask in an interview, but if they got as many applications as most places around here, I would imagine narrowing down the field is a real problem. You just can’t take the time to interview 100-200 people (or more?). I don’t know the company name. It is evidently a bridal service, whether it’s a bridal store, or a bridal planning service. I’m thinking it’s a bridal planning service, because they said it was a fast-paced environment with great need for detail-oriented and organized, and if they are asking questions like crisis management, am thinking it would more likely be a planning service. And, of course, emotions are running high for brides and family who want everything just so, and are spending good money to make sure it is. I would think it could be high stress, but also could be pleasant to be involved in someone’s wonderful, happy day.

      Took my application to the store where I got my undergarments on Tues. Didn’t really expect much, so was surprised when I was greeted upon entering the store (they always do that–but was surprised by the response to my application). I told her I wanted to give my application, and she essentially did a “mini interview” standing right there in the store. She wanted to know why I wanted to work at that particular store. (And, of course, I’m thinking “because I need a job!!”) I was honest though to say that I had ordered from their catalogs before they had a store in our area, and that any time I had been at the store everyone was very pleasant and helpful and that the store was well-organized. She wanted to know if I had retail experience, and I said no (for the most part–I was hired to do the set up of a new store opening–which was a 1 to 1-1/2 week job). She said they were only hiring right now for part-time seasonal help, and after the summer might be offering permanent part-time. But she noticed on my resume application that I had supervisory experience and she asked me about that, and said that they were hiring a supervisor and had been interviewing and if they had not chosen anyone, they might be calling me back to interview for a supervisory position. (It’s rare that you run into anyone today who sees “transferrable skills”–so I was quite impressed.) She said if the supervisory position had been filled they might call me back in the next two weeks to interview for the part-time seasonal. Of course I would prefer full-time, and permanent…but it could possibly at least get me in the door in retail if they considered me for that. I dressed appropriately for dropping it off, just in case–and ever so glad I did. She shook my hand and called me by name when I left, and gave me her name and the name of the hiring manager.

      She didn’t tell me salary, but she did say they were competitive with other retail jobs but she wanted me to know that with someone with my experience that it might not be the “salary you are used to, or that you deserve.” I know that retail historically is not what you would call well paying. I thought it was a nice way for her to put it. I was very impressed with her professionalism.

      I had not read anything about Oregon going through the additional unemployment funds!! Wouldn’t you think this would make headlines somewhere? And that it would draw attention to the fact that 99ers are still out there trying to survive and still not getting jobs?! I continue to be amazed at how they can continue to deny our existence!!

      Yes, daddy probably is bored and depressed, but he will do nothing to help himself. He refuses to attend any of the activities, even just to observe. The only thing he will occasionally attend is church services, if he doesn’t sleep through the time they are scheduled. He will not make an effort, and the staff continues to try to get him to participate in something/anything. He has stopped reading (and he can still read–I’ve kind of tested him, wondering if he was losing the ability to read, or if his eyesight needed to be evaluated), and he always used to read. He has books he started since being in the NH, but he seems to have no interest. He has stopped watching the news, despite me calling him to remind him to turn the TV on and watch. And as far as body image, daddy has always had this body image thing–being vain and making sure (particularly at times of family reunions coming up) that he was svelte! Anorexic-type behavior kind of runs in the family and at one time I had problems with it too (guess when you grow up around it, it seems like “normal”). My mom was particularly bad about it–not bulimic…just didn’t eat. And like I say, he’s a terribly picky eater, always has been…and I’m sure he feels he shouldn’t have to eat what he doesn’t like. My poor mom, he would only buy what he would eat, even if mom enjoyed a variety of foods…and he narrowed down her choices so that I know she was bored to death with the available choices. My dad ran the house in every way, and that didn’t get any better the older they got.

      Hope you had some success with your refi.

      Like you, I worry about things breaking down, and get near hysterical because there is no money to fix anything, hard enough to just maintain.

      I don’t understand why EOTW isn’t able to find rat poison at the home stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s or the smaller hardware stores. I haven’t bought any in some time, but when I did buy, it wasn’t hard to find. The only thing I can think is that the rules have changed for what they can sell–or maybe there is such a problem there that it’s just hard to keep in stock? I can definitely understand her alarm at having creatures of this size that are apparently making more and more holes around her house, and her worry that they will come inside. I’d be calling around to see what I could find in the way of rat poison, and if that didn’t work, I’d call an exterminator. Know it costs…but there are some things that if you’re as scared of critters as we are that just might be worth the cost for peace of mind.

      Keep us posted about refi and jobs, and am thinking about you. After all our high temps, we are now in frost danger…usually our last date for frost is April 15! It’s really chilly today, and windy…kind of more to my liking than the hot weather.

      Keep the faith…and excuse any typos because I cannot edit…

      • 51.1.1
        suri says:

        Sharon – I’m not going to ‘jinx’ myself and even say — so far so good on refi. I’m going to get info and rates from a competing bank tomorrow. It doesn’t sound as if they are very busy (no kidding! lol) with mtgs as she could have seen me this p.m.

        I’m just going to roll over with least amount of expense at present time, so that will probably be with current bank, and then do fixed rate. Of course, current bank is really only for one year as the darn things change constantly!! LOL

        Not one word on any apps. Realize how sluggish things are and now with gas hikes!! We are at $4.45 — Wall Street playing us like a fiddle with the speculating.

        I’m glad you posted and know in your heart that you can’t do it for him. Who knows if it’s with intention or, as you say, loss of interest. I tried to help my Dad with a cleaning lady and Meals on Wheels. He kept the cleaning lady, liked her, but threw out all the “garbage on wheels”! LOL And he wasn’t a great cook but preferred his own simple fixings and going out with friends for special occasions. They are abit like teenagers, we can tell them what we think, and they do what they want anyway!!

        Hope the cold snap doesn’t aggravate your arm. Is it coming along?

        So happy for reception by retail store person. It seems too much to expect to be treated so nicely these days?

        EOTW – Go on-line there are lots of ‘home remedies’ for rodents and bugs, etc. that aren’t so expensive or bad for environment. Maybe it could be a chipmunk — we have those here?

        Guess I’ll wish everyone a goodnight and better day tomorrow. Peace.

          Sharon-GA says:

          Suri: I don’t really expect to hear anything back from the retail store…as I said, I’m older than the average employee or even the average customer. But it WAS very nice to be treated like a human being for a change!! Isn’t it awful how we’ve come to expect to be treated disrespectfully and even sometimes without the lack of common courtesy, and when we do get it we are shocked, surprised and in awe, and so very grateful!! What an awful thing to have to say that we’ve come to this point where to be treated reasonably is the exception rather than the rule; and where we are so terribly grateful for just the minimum.

          The arm kind of comes and goes. I think the pain is getting better, I’m moving it more, but still can’t lift anything, which I find terribly aggravating and inconvenient. My exercises are still excruciating and I have to talk myself through them. Thanks for asking.

          Have to go and pay bills…joy, joy. Going to go and see daddy tomorrow and normal everyday job search. Hope you have good refi news tomorrow…sounds like you’re feeling pretty positive today. Later…sweet dreams.

            suri says:

            OK Sharon – I read between the lines! lol It’s Victoria Secret, you go girl! As I always said to the guys at my last job (they were in their 30′s) I might be ‘old’ but I’m not dead! LOL Really sweet dreams.

              Sharon-GA says:

              Suri: Ya’ got me! The giveaway was the catalog, right? Anyway, I will be shocked (not surprised, shocked) if they call me back for ANYTHING. Actually, when I was there shopping and overheard about application and inquired and was treated respectfully and as if I was a viable candidate was very nice…but I thought as I was leaving, “They’re probably laughing as I leave.” When I was there yesterday, after I spoke to one of the managers, one of the ladies who waited on me saw me and I told her I was wearing my purchase and she came over to me (with the manager watching) and talked to me as if we were friends. When I had been in on Tues. she had been to a chiropractor and was moving slowly, and I asked her how she was feeling (yesterday) and found out she had been in a car accident a couple weeks ago and was having chiro care for stiffness. I saw the manager watching us, probably wondering if we were friends. Anyway, as I said, will be shocked if I hear anything. Maybe you should be a PI, Suri!!

                suri says:

                Sharon – I ‘knew’ we were doing our dual postings! Glad you fessed up and thanks for verifying my observations.

                I swear I ALWAYS liked a mix of ages in any office environment, a balance. And when I was the young manager in many settings I NEVER discriminated against anyone, for any reason — age, race, sexual preference, background, etc. I guess as a child of the 60′s I really got that we are all the same!!
                May I see that day of respect for all again VERY SOON!

  • 52
    suri says:

    Job Warriors – Just hangin’ out, checkin’ in. Last few days VERY quiet on job app front. Am trying to find peace and make best long term arrangements for finances. It’s always that ‘this isn’t what we planned’ thought in my head. I’m GOING to be grateful that int rates are low and that we will have the ability to find our way but the mental, emotional adjustments seem never ending. I think I’ve come to terms with very limited availability of shuffling money then DH will be ‘down’…

    Don’t know how you two, Sharon & EOTW, are/have been so strong for so long? You are my inspirations!! Somewhere read quote that I thought I’d have more patience by now but instead I just don’t care anymore? lol Somehow I am learning not to be so attached to our past life that I don’t enjoy the life I now have! So that includes being extremely happy for the good company you have freely given me on this journey. Somewhere, somehow this matters in the universe and it is certainly important to my world.

    Frost again last night!! Crazy weather everywhere. Are you all doing anything special for Mom’s Day? My #1 son (with Gbaby on way in MI) will not be coming home until July, maybe it will be warm enough for a cookout by then? #2 son is coming over Friday eve for pizza or take out Chinese with us. MY CHOICE, of course! LOL And DD will be around. NEVER have done other than simple Mom’s days like kids cook breakfast, etc. when younger. I always say I’ll be your Mom no matter! Always rather have a handmade card or hug than spending money on gifts — even when we all had money!

    Guess I’ll recheck job boards and note some questions for appt later with mtg lady. I know we are all doing the best we can. Sure wish our govt could rethink this out of sight – out of mind on UNEMP CRISIS or media could at least stop with the Osama details and report on Oregon’s six week unemp benefits being gobbled up in half the time, etc. Now I’m dreaming…

    Peace and hope, later.

    • 52.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Can’t speak for EOTW, but for myself, don’t know that I’ve been particularly strong, just persistent, always hoping and praying for the best…but obviously that hasn’t gotten me too far. I think I’m going to have to accept the fact that I’m going to have to “give up” (read have it taken away) my house and am grateful for the kindness daddy has given in saying I could move into his house if needed. Have been missing mom a lot, always got her a card and often spent time with her. Also been thinking about how both mom and dad were so happy when I bought this house, how they helped me pack despite their physical conditions, how they helped with the move, how they helped to find things for me for my new home to the point where daddy told me that mom told him when she’d walk into my home she’d feel that she had helped decorate. They knew my taste so well, I couldn’t have picked better myself had I had the time to look for things (of course, this was while I was working). That makes it even more poignant to think about losing the home that they loved as much as I did, and were so happy for me to have, and so happy that we had a home where all of us could gather and not be cramped and could enjoy ourselves. Mom always said as long as she was alive I wouldn’t lose my house. Of course, she had no idea what was coming down the pike, and that I would be this long without a job. My heartbreak is just so poignant. I miss our past few years and wish I could turn back the hands of time and have things like they were even just a few years ago. So long to have them both here, even though debilitated, still able with lots of assistance to get around, and so much a part of my life. I miss my daily calls to my mom (even though I now make them to my dad, nobody replaces your mom). When I go into their house I always shout out, “Hey mom, it’s me!” And I go into the bedroom and can almost see her lying in the bed, her welcoming smile, and how when I’d lean down to hug and kiss her she’d tell me, “You smell so good.” I miss her arms around me.

      Well, have to go and get ready to go to the NH. Am filled with such nostalgia, and such feelings of profound loss. For my mom, for the daddy of a few years ago, for a work life which is gone, for the life in any way I had and now stand to lose. Am just so sad.

      No particular plans for Mother’s Day. Sure DD and her family will be celebrating Mother’s Day for her, and I know they are going out to dinner Sat night with several couples to celebrate her bday (again). I got her a pretty card and put it in the mail last night. Hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day celebration with your family, and sure you’ll hear from son #1.

      Again, good luck with your refi. Job openings are sparse…some of the local papers actually have NOTHING in their employment section!! Yet you still have people who think there’s plenty of work out there for everyone if they just put forth the effort. People now need to start talking to prospective employers and see how inundated with applications they are…maybe then people would see and understand that the jobs vs. the #s of people applying are far understated, and that our job crisis is much, much worse than our Govt will admit to or try to address.

      Take care….

  • 53
    suri says:

    Sharon – I READ you too well and SHARE your sadness. One of the most upsetting factors of our lives is just the LACK of feeling any change for the good — for our whole country — for WAAAY TOOO LONG! Now the gas prices have completely closed off the economy. But still we debate the funding of Pakistan?? Are you kidding me??

    I think I’ve used the analogy before that the govt reminds of the 3 monkeys (or actually many more! LOL) before: See No UNEMP, Hear No UNEMP, Help No UNEMP!!
    But we wait, the country waits, and the govt wonders why no one can spend? Seriously?

    I don’t think I have ever taken ‘life as normal’ for granted as I have endured many periods of day-to-day agony of body and soul. But, as you say, having it taken away through no fault of our own and with no opportunity to control outcome is CRUEL & UNJUST punishment with no crime in fact. I will now ask for forgiveness from all those who are in fact in far worse straits than mine… Remember if we have our health, we have everything!

    I think the post I ‘lost’ had all the explanations: Darkest before the Dawn; The pendulum has to swing to the extreme before it comes back to center; Keep coming up to Bat;Just takes One;Next thing is just around the corner or Get Back on the Horse? Maybe we can think of one for each day of the week? lol

    Won’t remind you how lucky you were to have parents for so long, you know that. Love the comfort of Mom’s decorating and presence in your home. A ‘home’ is much more than bricks and boards just like a job is more than a paycheck. Please know my spirit is with you for the pressure of unemp ending. I don’t know how GA banks work but I would not ‘let go’ quickly or easily? I’m going to check on sites for info later.

    Gotta go do my ‘SPA’ stuff (otherwise known as shower & wash hair! lol) and get errands & groc list. Everything is one trip a week these gas prices! Peace.

    • 53.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Yeah, it wasn’t just mom’s decorating, it was daddy too. Daddy loves to shop, and he and mom would go out and look for things for my house. They didn’t buy most of them, they’d just do a search, and then they’d tell me and I’d go out and check them out and buy them–two of my sofas and two chairs were from yard sales that they found them, my dining room table and china cabinet they found at an antique store. I could trust their judgment and their taste, and I’d go out and check it out and then try to figure out how to get them home. They gave me placemats for my new table for a holiday, and then were so excited that I loved the color that they ran out trying to find removable cushions for the chairs so my rather messy family wouldn’t get the upholstered seats on the antique chairs all stained. (The antique furniture was less expensive than anything I could have bought new–even one piece of new would have been more than the whole set.) Then for another holiday they gave me a matching runner that went almost as if they were made for the placemats and chair cushions. When I moved into the house, daddy picked out a baker’s rack that just unfolds and there you are, Magic! He was so excited he could hardly contain himself. And mom was mad!–Mad that he had gotten it without asking her opinion, or without asking me. They went shopping with me for things I needed for pot and pan storage (since my house has little in the way of kitchen cabinets and storage). They had a wonderful time looking and planning with me. I worked such long hours that I seldom had time to go out and look and shop for myself, so they did it for me and then came back with news of their finds–and sometimes they’d show up unannounced with some little thing they had found that would be just perfect. Everywhere I turn I see their love and their excitement and I am touched beyond measure.

      I know how lucky I am to have/have had them so long, but my thought when mom died was, ‘why did she leave me here all alone?’ It was always hard for me to envision living in a world that didn’t include them…and it still is.

      I remember when I had a life. Everything all changed pretty much at one time. I lost my job at the same time that their health took a dramatic downturn…everything in my life changed at once, and nothing has been the same since. I know I sound whiney, and I don’t mean to. I guess maybe Mother’s Day coming up is hard, and having exhausted my benefits and trying to hold out hope that I’m going to find a job–praying for a miracle (the best) and trying to figure out how to prepare for the worst. Just wrapping my mind around it is so hard. EOTW would definitely be handling this better than I am, and she’d smack me up side the head (figuratively) and tell me to get myself together and that it’s just the way it is. I’m just not dealing well with anything right at the moment. I’m sure busting my shoulder hasn’t helped my mood a whole lot either.

      And maybe I’m even more depressed today because the visit with daddy wasn’t good. He was confused…I got there about 1:20 p.m., and he thought it was morning. He had just finished lunch and thought it was breakfast. His watch was missing off his wrist, and when I asked him where it was he said he didn’t have a watch–he definitely does! I went through his stuff looking for it and couldn’t find it and talked to one of the staff about it, then went back to his room and thought, well, I’ll just check his sweater pocket, and sure enough, there it was. But he didn’t remember he even had one. And we went outside and sat and got some fresh air, and he just kept repeating, “what a pretty morning,” and telling me how pretty I am. He didn’t eat his desert, and it was chocolate pudding–he always eats his desert, and always eats chocolate, but refused to eat it. He did at least eat his chicken. He just didn’t seem himself (or the new self I’ve come to know), and I’m concerned and know that unfortunately it is not anything I can do anything about…and his birthday is coming up, and so many people die just before their birthday…and every day I find myself barely breathing in fear. I’m scared of losing him, and I’m scared that when I lose him it will be the confirmation of having lost them both now and that I will lose my tentative hold on my own sanity…sanity being my ability to handle everything emotionally. I can see myself breaking into a million bits of broken glass.

      I’m sorry. I need to go and get over myself.

      • 53.1.1
        endoftheworld says:

        boy you’ve been hyper today Sharon!
        i’ve not had time to really read the posts and now it’s almost midnight and am STILL not done for the day with my stuff. I honestly don’t know HOW i’d have time for a f/t job.

        Suri, i hope your refi meeting today was it? went OK.

        Had my interview at JCP. The eye dr. told me if i mean to support myself off this, it won’t be enough, business has been slow and um their shop there is as tiny as my kitchen (standing room only). Otherwise had interesting chat with the optometrist. Getting a opticians license 18 mths. to 2 yrs. at a CC would be a lucrative career he advised me, even gave me his card if I actually decide to get a license, he said the optometic community is very close knit and they all network with each other. I should have tried this earlier, I can barely read the newspaper anymore and have to concentrate reading the longer articles in Time like it was some college textbook. I might still investigate for the H of it, the CC by me offers medical career certificates but not for opticians plus with felony I don’t think I can get any professional license if I recall correctly the atty. telling me. The job ad was totally wrong tho and not sure who put it that way and why: “great pay, commission, bonus, benefits and 401K” um NOT for this sales assist. job it WAS min. wage and there was no negociating it 50 cents more even and there were 2 opticians there today, the dr. said he was actually looking for an optician, when the ad said “entry level will train”, that was also misleading.

        Did NOT get NH #2 job at fancy place. I called this am and no return call…To be honest I HAVE NO clue why i am not getting offers. I assume it’s the felony but it could be the way I present myself for all i know. What was odd was this girl who was LEAVING the state was the one doing the pre-screen what if she just didn’t like me and her boss who would be MY boss would have. It really makes no sense. Maybe she’s vindicative and wanted to hire someone who would make her look good, someone who’d do a worse job than her, who knows.

        To pad that disappointment a bit I did get ANOTHER interview this saturday at a Glass place (windows & doors) yeh I know real exiting, have to think of WHY I wanna work there I mean as in fake answer to interview question, am pretty neutral towards glass, really have NO passion there, it’s like how can one get exited about a door? I have applied there 2ce. before was kinda embarrassed to do it again but yet again, the ad had said “will train the right person” and I generally prefer those kinds of jobs rather than having to figure it out myself tho not sure if this means the position is for Sat. if they are open then.

        well another busy day tomorrow…

          Sharon-GA says:

          EOTW: Glad things are at least happening for you. And it sounds like your interview with the optometrist was a nice experience, even though not resulting in a job. It sounds like he took a real interest in you and took time to talk to you as a person. As for NH job, we never really know why we don’t get hired, and any of the situations you described could be why. I do not think, however, that you don’t present yourself well, because I know how prepared you try to be when going in and how hard you try. And you have an interview on Saturday!–that’s great! Yeah, not sure how you could get real up-close-and-personal with glass, but I’m sure you’ll find a way around it. I wish you luck for Saturday.

          News this morning says 175,000 new jobs were created…no mention now of the 43,000 new UE claims! The media seems to be ADHD and have a convenient lack of memory from one moment to next.

          Take care and best of luck. I just know that someone is going to see your potential…I just wish it would be sooner rather than later.

          suri says:

          EOTW – Hey, there! You just get going at midnight! lol

          My refi consult was with a really great banker who I really connected to. Made it simple and smooth. This is the deal, these are the #’s, etc. Of course, I had it ‘laid out’ on what our goals were. Rates are pretty similar, of course, everything these days is pretty ‘cut and dried’. Your house is worth (average market value in the re parlance), your credit worthiness (FICO score), verified income for two years, mtg amount % to home value (under 80% gets best rate) = locked in mtg!! I slept well for the first night in months!! I had agonized over these decisions so much. I think greatest amount of distress was in accepting we must/should move on and allow ourselves as comfortable a situation as possible for our best interests. I am amazed at how the waves of anger/resentment/lack of control keep washing over us EVEN AFTER two and half years! It’s just human nature I guess, but this isn’t what we planned is always on the tip of my tongue and top of my mind…

          Now, after I check you all out lol, I’ll begin phone application with present bank. Of course, present bank only means for last year and I was called yesterday that they are reorganizing again in Sept 2011! With the current bank, you can only do phone line or on-line mtg apps. The branches only have tellers/csr people. Will be cheaper if we go with them as they will pay for new appraisal and settlement costs. Trying not to ‘dig the hole any deeper, ya know’!

          Good news/bad news on your emp front, huh. Liked that you were treated as member of the human race, with potential and worth!! (What’s with this, you & Sharon respected — all in one week! lol) Sorry (?) re NH job — don’t try and figure it out imho. It’s their plot to make us crazy!

          I am not only seeing jobs I’ve been ‘not the right fit (age)’ rejected STILL LISTED week after week;NOW, comes the relisting of the chiro job I had the group interview for and they ‘filled’ ?? Ouch!! Job searches are not for WIMPS are they?

          The glass company — customer service is the name of the game, don’t you think? I am not a high pressure type salesperson myself but certainly directly people to options for their choice would be ok. Alot of sales is in the human connection imho. Kind of like politics, would you have a coke/beer and enjoying chatting with this person?
          Other than that, be an actress and ‘fake it’! lol
          I’m sure, like most things in life, you will be amazed at ALL there is the selling windows and doors!

          I’m so proud of you and admire your ‘steady as she goes’ and keeping your oars in the water disposition! As you have perhaps noticed, I’m all over the place! lol

          Are you going to get in a hikie (isn’t that too cute) this weekend? Mom’s Day stuff happening?
          Weather is nice (?) today and should be almost 70 degrees on Sunday. We need the sun for our souls!

          Guess I’m picking Pizza Hut to pick up for kids tonight, got coupons. We usually do cheap stuff, frozen or $5.00 carry out, when I don’t make home made. We have never been too high on the hog as with 3 kids and probably for last 20 years some of them always had a “friend” or two along, but now, on my good days, I take pleasure in very small treats! Gosh, that was fun…

          Check back on ya later. Peace.

            Sharon-GA says:

            Suri: So glad to hear your good news and that you slept well. Know you will enjoy your Mother’s Day celebration tonight, with a family who appreciates you!–that’s great!

            Yes, I think EOTW is doing really well this week, even though she got disappointing news, she was treated not only respectfully but with a sense of her worth. That was really nice! If the glass co. job requires EOTW to “act” on a daily basis, I don’t think she’ll be so happy with that–from the posts she has previously made. But I do think she has the spirit to be helpful, and I know she would be good at anything she took on.

            Sorry you’ve been seeing jobs you were not “suited” for continuing to be advertised. You’re right, not for wimps.

            I’m thinking a job is just around the corner for EOTW…I just don’t see how it can’t happen. I just wish she didn’t have this felony on her back…because otherwise she’d have been hired over and over and over again. The monkey on her back is keeping her from her success (IMO), and I hope someone will be able to hire her and see how really great she is.

            Have a good day and a good weekend.

  • 54
    Sharon-GA says:

    On Huffington Post, read the article by Arthur Delaney on the new Jobs Act proposed. You will be outraged.

    And then for further outrage, read that Pakistan is paying U.S. LOBBYISTS to lobby FOR Pakistan saying that they didn’t know about bin Laden living in their midst because they are concerned we are going to cut off aid.

    Too angry to actually comment any further. Read for yourself…maybe you’ll be more eloquent!!

  • 55
    Sharon-GA says:

    Well, the news just announced that unemployment in GA increased the most it has in 8 months, increased by 43,000 new claims for unemployment, now coming to a total of 474,000 (and of course, this does NOT include those who have exhausted benefits, who are underemployed both time and $$ wise). And you know what their summation was? So intelligent. “This could be not good news for the unemployment situation.” DUH!!!!!??!! Ya think?! Get your heads out of your _____ and get a clue!! The media has to be complicit with a Govt who wants to continue to try to deny our existence, or they are both just plain stupid! It just makes you want to scream. It doesn’t look like good news? OMG! Yet you read this Arthur Delaney article and see what they want to do next. Is there any end in sight to the injustice? I’m afraid this country is going to go down in a burst of flames. As EOTW wondered, maybe the end is near…?

    • 55.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Correction: Not in GA…article under unemployment on that in Huffington Post too. And don’t miss the Arthur Delaney article on the Jobs Act. And just for measure, as mentioned, the U.S. Lobbyists hired to lobby on behalf of Pakistan to the American Govt.

  • 56
    Sharon-GA says:

    The observation EOTW made was correct…a bit hyper. Suffering from deep depression re exhaustion of benefits and still no job on the horizon, no jobs even today to apply for, missing my mom, daddy’s mental deterioration, having a hard time accepting the loss of the life (in all ways) that I once had. Just a number of things all at once. Know I have lots of company, all the people out there discouraged and looking for work with no success, but it really doesn’t help to know you have so much company. We are all out there scrambling after the same few, pathetic jobs–and most of them are not living-wage jobs, while our lives are circling the drains. Would be happy even to have a not living-wage job just to have something coming in the door…and the other 100-200 applying for the same one job want the same thing.

    And on the other hand I am angry at the media and the Govt for ignoring the needs of the people in this country. There are an estimated 13.7 million people out of work (not including those who have exhausted their benefits or those underemployed, working p/t jobs when they need f/t, or working for minimum wage and trying to subsist on that). Yet our media is touting the 175,000 jobs it claims were “created”–while there were 43,000 new unemployment claims–but they’re now forgetting to mention the 43,000 new unemployment claims in their anxiousness to make things look better than they are–what’s new?! I’m sick to death of the propagandizing in this country. And I’m angry that Pakistan can hire U.S. lobbyists to lobby on their behalf so they do not lose their foreign aid from our country. I just cannot imagine such a thing. We can’t get aid in this country for our own suffering people, and Pakistan wants to continue the aid we have been providing them? And then there is the new Jobs Act that has been proposed–which will not add Jobs, so it is a misnomer…it just gives the individual states the right to cut off assistance to the unemployed after 26 weeks. And don’t kid yourself, if every state can do its own thing, there will be no further assistance for those who have become unemployed in this country THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, and who cannot find work despite daily efforts because there are so many people looking for work. Do understand, there are jobs…there are just not enough jobs. And they claim that the unemployed (have suddenly become) untrained and uneducated and that’s (supposedly) why we can’t find work. #1–how did we suddenly become too stupid to be employed? #2–a lot of people have gone into debt for additional training and/or education, only to find that they still cannot find jobs and now they are even in further financial crisis. So yes, I am angry, I am frustrated, and I am deeply depressed.

  • 57
    Sharon-GA says:

    Anticipate Suri is going to be celebrating Mother’s Day in a bit with her family…so happy mommy’s day to you.

    Don’t know if I’m a bit less hyper today, or just so down having a hard time seeing the bottom when I look up.

    Quick update of some (hopefully) positive news. Just got a call from V-S, have an interview Monday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. Don’t know if it’s for p/t seasonal or supervisory position, but either way, it’s an interview for a job. Just thought you might want to know. Certainly don’t have all the interviews EOTW is lucky enough to be getting, but am happy to have an opportunity. I was very impressed with the professionalism there, so I hope to be on my toes.

    Trying to keep my posts short and to the point and not so over the top as yesterday….was a bad day. Today not really better, just trying to keep my mouth shut a little more.

    Ya’ll have a good day. Will think of you tomorrow, EOTW, for your interview.

    • 57.1
      endoftheworld says:

      Sharon, Wow good news (I think) for VS job callback. In light of the fact they saw your application and were OK with NO recent retail experience, that means they will be willing to hire.
      I worked there for a short time in 2007 before the Banana Republic job. I could not bear to work for min. wage which is what they paid me for p-t eve. and w/e cashier job. It was not the best experience, I received NO register training and those were not the most user friendly as opposed to the ones BR had. Also they ran a tight ship my first day it was just me and on other cashier, she’d only been there a short time and didn’t seem to know what she was doing, plus she’d not even been told she was to train me. She was about 17 and acted like I was an idiot because I didnt know how to use a register, um it been quite a few years since I’d used one and all registers are not the same. Fortunately they had these flip cards on the register so you could look up non standard transactions like coupons or paying 1/2 cash and 1/2 on credit or using store credit etc. I don’t care for lingerie but liked the lotions and potions specifically the pear and this floral scent which name escapes me. We had to sell VS credit cards to all customers and most of them allready had, we had a quota to meet I think as well but most stores have that nowadays, it can be quite annoying esp. for a specialty store like VS most people don’t shop there regularly, i’d certainly never, much cheaper to go to Sears or Target.
      Your age might actually work FOR you, every co. needs to have SOME older people otherwise they could be sued for age discrimination. I do recall that while most of the staff was in the late teens or 20′s there were a few supervisors who were in the 40-50 age range and 1 grey haired lady tho hard to tell how old as she had long hair and may have been pre-maturely grey.
      Hopefully they are considering you for a supervisory position, the register job can be a bit boring since cashiers could not leave the register area.
      Not sure if the sales assoc. the ones who walked around actively trying to sell got paid more or if they were paid on commission, but I really not feel comfortable selling bras to woman, esp. that I am flat as a pancake myself, I really don’t wanna be staring at woman’s chests all day and wondering what size they are. I have to say the management was nicer than at Banana Republic but the cashiers were 19 yr. old’s looking to make money for spending not living off so it might be awkward for you.
      I was amazed at the # of older customers tho, some frumpy looking librarian 50ish type buying thongs, I’d get embarrasssed for them!
      The one here in the mall you cant really walk around without being “helped” I tend to find it annoying to be shadowed so I avoid those types of places.
      At L&T we were told to befriend the customer to make them want to buy from us, after the “friendliness training” which was mandatory I really decided I could not work there, you were also monitored via security cameras, and “mystery shoppers”, am paranoid enough w/o this type of monitoring.
      I’d not do retail though I did want to work at Barnes and Nobel whom ALSO pays min. wage, believe it or not. One would think the bigger chain stores would pay better but not the case, esp. if you’ve not got any recent retail experience.
      That was last year, there was a sign in the window “now hiring” but I did not even get an interview, small loss tho.
      In all those places the hiring mgr. will tell you how great you get EE discount as if you are just working in order to make some extra $ for buying clothes you don’t need but want. What depressed me was, going out into the Mall during break and buying a slice of veggie pizza and large soda and there goes and HOUR and 1/4 of your pay you just made. For me sales will not move me forewards so I don’t pursue every retail opening out there, tho I know how you feel about coming to the end of your UE benefits. Heck I’ve been living for almost 7 months with 0 income, not even gonna tell ya how my checking account has dwindled.

      As I wrote to Suri, my interview tomorrow was CANCELED.
      ugh, so now NOTHING on the drawing board for next week, guess I outta do some job search tonight, what fun.

      • 57.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        EOTW: I wanted to work at Barnes & Noble too, put in an application, but was never called in for an interview. Way back before the big chain bookstores, I wanted to have my own bookstore. In one of the places we lived there was an old house for sale that I thought would have been really unique for a bookstore–making each of the rooms for certain kinds of books, and I wanted to have seating and sell coffee and tea and sweets/snacks–way before anybody was doing this. Mom and dad and I always wanted a bookstore, and my dad also was interested in owning a jewelry store. A jewelry store is another place I would like to work, as I actually know something about jewelry.

        I’ve never worked retail, except for a week to 10 days setting up a new store locally–they hired like 80 people to do the set up, then got rid of most of us when the store opened. A lot of the set up people were people who wanted to transfer from other stores, so those were the most of the people they kept when the store opened. And I’ve never operated a cash register. Everyone nowadays seems to run around the stores with those bluetooth gadgets in their ears…which I find extremely annoying–not happy to have someone talking in my ear all the time…and they have them at V-S too.

        Retail would not be at the top of my list, largely because of low pay, and because this is not where my experience lies, but I have applied (like I said before) at JCP and Kohl’s, B&N and Williams-Sonoma with never a call back and would always have been glad to at least have an opportunity to interview. I’d like W-S too because I enjoy cooking and love kitchen gadgets…I sometimes just go in and wonder around, and attended their classes once. I also like Chico’s, have only bought there once when I got a pair of pants and a top on a really good sale..could not afford to buy there unless on sale. Have bought bras at local big box stores, but just can’t find anything that fits where the straps stay up…I have broad shoulders, but they slope and straps just never stay up, and historically V-S stay up on me better than most and only paid a few $$ more than what I’ve spent at big box stores for ones that didn’t work for me so were therefore a waste of $$.

        At V-S they seem to wear black…and may have to purchase maybe another pair of pants and a couple of other tops because most of my black stuff looks alike and I’d look like I was wearing the same thing day after day!! I much prefer black to the khaki pants that most places wear..for some reason I don’t like or look good in khaki pants…maybe I’ve just never had the right thing. Anyway, that’s all just borrowing “trouble,” I need to get through the interview first and see what happens. If they have a cashier person assigned, they must have been short-handed because I didn’t see that anyone was manning the cash register all the time.

        UE benefits are now exhausted–got my notification by mail the other day, and as I don’t qualify for social services and have gone through any savings, I need a job. I’ve not been picky through this whole process, and have applied for even FF jobs during this job search because I need to have some sort of job. And now it is really critical…not that it always wasn’t…because like I said, I’ve been applying for pretty much anything to have a job. I’ve even applied for babysitting/nanny jobs, but they want experience (and being a grandmother doesn’t count!) and CPR certification, and some want state certification–and they pay $5-10/hr–usually tending toward the lower end! I’ve applied multiple times for Barista at Starbucks and B&N, and never got a call back for them either. I think when you have to apply on-line for so many of the jobs that it actually decreases your chance of getting an interview because they never make face-to-face contact with you. I’ve not seen an ad for an opening at V-S, and would not have applied there unless I’d been there and overheard that they were accepting applications, and even then hesitated because I didn’t think I was in their demographic, but figured what did I have to lose, other than being laughed at behind my back after I left!!

        The pet sitting has been out of the question with my shoulder as most have to be walked, and most have multiple pets so have to use both arms. As well, they are suffering from the gas prices because people are not going on vacations. And again, I was mainly for backup to the regular person and sure she’s keeping the business she has to herself since it has diminished dramatically.

        I’m sorry about the cancellation of your interview today. It is possible that they’ve been interviewing prior to you, and found the person they wanted before they got to you…it does happen. At least they notified you, not like the place Suri went and after she got there they told her they’d already hired someone!!–that was just rude and inconsiderate!!

        I emailed my girlfriend that I had an interview at V-S and she didn’t even respond to it..almost like she thought I was joking!! She has tickets to a playhouse local to me where she and her sister (who is in NJ right now) bought “season” tickets where they sometimes get a two/for one deal, and we’re going Thurs. nite because I don’t have to pay, and we’re going to S&S for dinner before because she has coupons, so that will be nice for an “outing.” Sweet of her to think of me.

        Your hike sounded nice the other day. Glad you’re still able to buy gas to go to places you enjoy. So many of us are using our cars less and less because of the gas prices and trying to consolidate trips. Maybe the weather this weekend will be better than they are anticipating and you’ll still get to go with your friend. We were down in the 40s last night, but are going up into the 80s today, and tomorrow we are supposed to reach 90 with maybe morning temps of 50, with p.m. storms…so will try to go to the cemetery earlier in the day so I can actually spend time with mom before I go to visit daddy.

        Well, have to go do my job search. Been relatively nothing to apply to this past week or so. So much for the “good news” the media is crowing about!! Have to wonder in what alternate world they are living!

  • 58
    endoftheworld says:

    Suri, looks like you had a pretty decent day and top it off with Pizza! I love pizza, I eat it every week, usually the frozen or some home-made variety, am having pita bread pizza with salsa instead of tomato sauce tonite along with some black bean soup. yeh my friend says I am a “closet latino” with all the salsa, rice and beans and guacamole I eat and I often use tortilla’s for tuna melts or nachos or sauteed veggies on top and grilled under the oven with melted cheese.
    Well i had a BIG “hikie’ today, quite excellent in fact; went up to the NW corner of the State bout 95 min. drive, yeh more than I’d like but well worth it. The particular area is accessible by dirt rd. only, my car is 13 years old and dinged and dirty so while it’s not a particular fun drive with the potholes and huge rocks, at least I dont’ have to worry about scratching my car further, plus for a small sedan it does have higher ground clearance than the newer models, and I know this will be a problem when time times to get new car, I don’t need an SUV for just l’il ole me and they cost bout $10K more than compact cars.
    We are sposed to have a rainy w/e depending on which forcast you watch, they’ve changed it like 10 times. Was gonna meet my friend for an afternoon hike if weather cooperates Sat. but now who knows.
    My interview Saturday was CANCELED !!!
    NO COMMENT on that other than Thurs. at 3;30 one of the owners of the business e-mails me to confirm my interview at 10:30 Sat. AND 9AM Fri. he e-mails me to say don’t bother coming in we hired somebody?!
    This is the 6 or 7th. time I’ve had interview canceled last min. and if I include the phone pre-screens where am told I’ll be contacted for an appt. in a few days but that never materializes I’d say I’ve had about 15 interviews canceled on me.
    He did say the reason was they got someone who had worked in the business prior tho not sure WHEN that happened unless he had an 8am interview today, likely story anyways… my last job was at a Country Club and I’ve applied to 3 Country Club jobs and not been hired so go figure.
    I didn’t get any of my stuff done today and really annoyed I’ve not gotten my Medicaid card yet and caseworker has not returned my call from yesterday. I was approved for health insurance for April and May on April 28th. and don’t have a card so I dunno what good that is. I am not sure why they only gave me 2 months. Was hoping to go to dentist finally with the plan instead of paying from my life savings but hopefully next week will find out what’s what.
    Have a good one.

    • 58.1
      suri says:

      EOTW – Is to the ‘end of the world’ what you see when you are on right summit on a hike? Sometimes I just GO there in my mind! Son #2 and DIL just returned over Spring break from hiking in Smoky Mts. for second year. They LOVE it and the picture show they brought back made us feel right there with them! I LOVE the digital setup with cameras and show on tv. Kind of like slides (I know, before your time! lol). The only downfall is they often have quite the adventures in finding their destinations on backroads and spooky empty areas. Maybe good they are young and still aware of the necessity of safety always. And if they have a ‘bad feeling’ just leave! Although, they did like the ‘out-of-season’ aspect of alot less people on trails and views to themselves more.

      Me thinks alot of the incompetance of govt/Medicaid is intentional?? Hang tough and it will work. This life these days is not for faint of heart at any age. It’s all the complexities and distress trying to connect to all the options that wear people down (and sometimes OUT!). I’m old enough to appreciate the positive aspects of less judgement on how and why people choose their lives but must admit this being alert to every option being a scam or not in MY best interest is exhausting.

      I am willing myself, at least for this weekend lol, to believe life is a level playing field and we will all find the goal line soon. There is the thought that if I hang on to the anger over the life we planned I will not be ‘in the moment’ and miss the life I have! You, my dear, seem to epitomize that for me. You just ‘get on with it’ and doing allow every wave to rock your boat! That’s a good thing!

      • 58.1.1
        suri says:

        EOTW – post cont. – Well, hoping you get to spend some time for fun, for hikes, or whatever pleases you this weekend. Next week is a new beginning for us all!

        Be at peace with Mom and whatever time you spend with her also. We all need imho to be as kind to ourselves to make up for all the jabs that seem to come out way! NO ONE can truly embrace what it is like without being on the front lines in this unemp battle. I try to put on a heavy coat so the casual insults people make about my attempts to find some emp SLIDE OFF. Especially re age or finances? Doesn’t always work… And I don’t feel everyone is entitled to my inner feelings and if you have to know my balance sheet to verify my statements, what is the point?

        Well, going to check jobs — only one applied this week for! Slim pickins’ is an understatement! What a great recovery? Ha! See ya later! Peace and hope.

  • 59
    suri says:

    Had another post lost in the black hole of either computer connection or script ? … Maybe a way of saying I’ve got to shorten up my diatribes! lol

    Sharon – Did lots of sharing and ranting for our past lives… Please know I appreciate your distress! Good for V-S interview, I have good vibe for at least a fill in position while you continue onward.

    EOTW – Sorry for job snafu? We just personalize stuff that probably has nothing to do with us? Make the best of weekend!

    Pizza was great with special on-line deals! Never did get ahold of phone bank rep for refi app but feel some peace that it will roll along. I had worn myself out with research and rethinking situation and rates.

    See you all a.m. Peace for a good night!

    • 59.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Sorry you seem to be losing your posts. Will again remind to make sure your name and email address are up there before you start writing (I’ve made that mistake more than once). And try to work around the script message–click on yes, wait until your cursor blinks again, and then scroll down to submit right away so you at least don’t lose what you’ve written even if you’re not done. Those are the only suggestions I have..just letting you know what has worked for me.

      Glad you had a nice Mother’s day celebration with your family. Told daddy about my V-S interview Mon. and he wished me luck and said, “You never know what it might turn into.” He’s right. Not that even moving up will be $$ producing, but just have to keep an open mind and hope that somewhere out there is an opportunity that is just waiting for us. Maybe I was just there the other day at the “right place/right time”? for at least an opportunity to join the work force, even at the low (low) end. If it’s p/t seasonal, it will only be 15-20 hrs/wk…but at least it would be work and show I’m doing something in a continuing job search.

      Hope you have a good weekend and that you hear from some of your applications this week. We just keep applying and applying, with nothing on the horizon, but the media still keeps touting how things are improving! As I said in my post to EOTW, have to wonder in what alternate world they are living.

  • 60
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri: This last post didn’t want to “take” either…was just stuck in transmitting. I went up to top and did the Shift-Refresh and that worked. So maybe that will work for you. Very annoying to try and post on here anymore!

  • 61
    suri says:

    Sharon – Thanks for your helpful tips as always — the refresh might work. I’m kindof in a gloom today (and weather is too — what a coincidence!). Just ‘usual’ from listening to kids discuss poor treatment by employers as well as no pay increases or decent benefits! “Whoever” thinks this isn’t affecting the whole nation is BEYOND OUR HELP. My DIL teaches at an alternative high school and certainly is aware of the deteroriation of the lives of her students and their futures! Also that area of teaching takes a toll on energy and she has done 5 years already but NO WAY again this year to move to public school systems due to cut backs and so many teachers who could/should retire staying in place indefinitely… Son, who got me the best card & necklace & is sending flowers (he says he wants to move up to #1 LOL) was sworn at by his supervisor and had to report that to regional. What fun for EVEN those who have jobs, huh? I’m about ready to use the F word!! That’s serious, for me. I always joke that I spent alot of good money to send my kids to college to learn the use the F word!! LOL Now it seems second nature with everyone…

    DD has alot of anxiety over her income level and wanting her freedom. Basically doesn’t feel secure financially to make the move. I apologized as I think my fretting over accepting our refi and new finance arrangements have spilled over on her!! She got too carried away with thinking ‘she should be out’ by now and can’t believe two years into her career she hasn’t moved up salary scale and can’t build vacation benefits (who knew healthcare industry was such a ripoff except for the top?? Houston, do we see a pattern here? lol)

    I LONG for the days of a living wage, reasonable ability to find housing, transportation expense contained, and the promise that things were better EVERY YEAR!! Wow, what a lovely dream…

    I’ve always related to the Jewish saying “A mother is only AS HAPPY as her MOST UNHAPPY child!” This is truly a tough job in our world today. I am so happy to have three children as one is usually UP, one may be DOWN, and one is in the MIDDLE! If my emotions only had one to focus on, heaven help both of us! LOL

  • 62
    suri says:

    Sharon, post cont. – At least Dad, at 90 and with Altz, can still be positive!! Remarkable! Is he doing better? On my ‘lost’ post I suggested having his potassium/blood levels checked as when my aunt would ‘lose it’ in NH that was often the cause and she also was a very picky eater!

    I HATE that a huge segment of the population still today does not seem to GET that the unemp aren’t trying themselves in knots and scrapping the barrel to find anything. A friend whose brother and wife lost jobs in their early 60′s, with their only son dx with ca and in college (does it get any better…) have had to resort to a reverse mortgage to continue their lives. I UNDERSTAND that strain and pain all too well. But friend gave the old just get a job, any job, at McD’s etc. I was outraged and corrected her that in our age group, 55+, those possibilities don’t exist. She is a dear friend and I KNOW many times people just want for things to NOT BE AS THEY ARE so they don’t have to worry or be upset for us. But it sure comes out WRONG!!

  • 63
    suri says:

    Sharon – Part III – To let you get on with a fine weekend is my wish for you and hope for a better tomorrow for ALL. Tell Mom “Hi” and what a good job you are doing, but I’m sure she already knows!

    Be especially KIND to yourself and let us all LOOK for any hopeful paths as you are doing with V-S. I just KNOW many places are trying not to get bombarded with emp apps and most jobs are being ‘referred’ to those with some connections or ‘right time/right place’. The employers are ALMOST as overwhelmed as we are? Right!

    Catch ya’ later. Peace and hope.

  • 64
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri: Had all kinds of computer problems this morning. Nothing wanted to work after I left this site, and spent HOURS trying to do job search while computer wouldn’t respond to hardly anything. Guess it was having a bad day!!

    Oh yes, health care industry can be a giant ripoff. Many jobs don’t provide health insurance (?!!), and if you’re sick–tough!!–show up anyway and contaminate everyone. The only ones who get special treatment are the MDs, everyone else is pretty much expendable because everyone can be replaced. The general public seems to think health care is the most stable industry and has the best benefits, but they are incorrect. They are doing the same thing as other industries, dividing a single job between two people if possible in order to avoid giving ANY benefits. Things are rough all over.

    Well, finally finished my job search, as I say, after HOURS of trying to manipulate the computer into doing anything at all! Just couldn’t give up.

    Yeah, I love it when people tell you to “just get a job, any job.” What, they think we haven’t already thought of that?!

    Yes, daddy is still (mostly) positive…not always for himself, but he always tries to be for me and my situation–though he does say he thinks my age is a serious deterrent to my finding a job. And he also feels that my latest “specialty” area is also contributing to people not looking past that to see the other kinds of work I have done over the rest of my life. Even when he is kind of down about his own circumstances, he laughs and says, “It beats the alternative.” And while I agree with him for him, I often don’t agree with him for me…sometimes the alternative seems to be rather appealing….at least an option.

    Well, having wasted enormous amounts of time this morning, I am going to run off and take a shower/wash hair (pain)/blow dry (pain) and all the rest. Was going to vaccuum and such but not sure…will have to see after I’m done what seems to be the enormous task of self-care—whoda thunk it?! Have about another 2 weeks before it should have healed (hopefully), and then can see if someone can instruct me in how to rehab the arm so I can get it to as much back as normal as possible. I’m able to move it better with a bit less pain, but still not able to lift with it, which I find amazingly frustrating and angering…get so mad at myself!! I’m able to hold the blow dryer now (it’s heavy, with a diffuser on the end of it), but I can’t hold it up over head, but that is an improvement in itself.

    I’ll be sure and tell mom you said Hi…I’ve told her how I have new friends who help support me, and I’m sure she’s happy to know that there are people out there who care (that I’ve never even met!).

    Hope Angel-NYC and StaciB are doing ok. Think of them a lot. Think of all of you when I sit out front and have coffee…so you are all with me if not in reality, at least in spirit. It’s nice to have company!!

  • 65
    suri says:

    Sharon – Friends are the gifts we give ourselves! Thanks for being mine. The arm is probably right on track — just not the ‘fast’ track! lol Patience, grasshopper. All things in due time. Having had more surgeries than broken pieces (actually only just the arm, thank goodness) I would state for both a whole year is the point of being pretty well back to ‘good as ever’!

    Just been a lounge around day for me. I deserve it! lol I’ve been realizing how stressed out I have been… It’s strange when in the mist of our problems we can’t seem to get above the radar of our daily struggles. Always OPEN for a break through to calmer seas for our little boats, huh? I really don’t know why, maybe feeling more optimistic on house refi or just being grateful for our family and it’s strengths to pull through many challenges.

    DD had a bit of a meltdown for her personal life not evolving as quickly as she expected. I think it’s a mixed result of two years in her career and the “is this all there is?” reality. Also being our last she measures where her brothers are and doesn’t factor in they weren’t there at her age! Seems for all ages we are frustrated…

    DD did get me a Starbucks frap half-price for a treat that I drank while watching the Kentucky Derby! What bliss. Always love horses since childhood.

    #1 son send card that has a burro on the front with a baby burro on her back! Inside says “Thanks for always being there for me, even when I was a pain in the… LOL” How cute, huh!

    Missing the ‘missing’ from our past here also including Michael Koliss. I’ve stopped remarking on the length of time we as a nation just continue to remain clueless and out of the touch for the collateral damage of the unemp. I am always hopeful some factors will bring the huge #s of unemp to the forefront. We cannot move this economy forward without over 20% of population participating!!

    • 65.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Have much to do before I can get ready to go to the cemetery to visit mom, and then go to NH to see daddy, but wanted to check in and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for being a friend. Later….

      • 65.1.1
        suri says:

        Sharon – Thanks for ‘check-in!’ Just relaxing, enjoying the day. Got to celebrate the good stuff! Heaven knows there is enough of the other…

        Will some chores but mostly outline what I need to accomplish this week. I’m feeling really chilled last few days which only helps me recognize how stressed out of kilter I have been for months and months.

        I’m ‘taking day off’ unemp crisis and such news. It isn’t so ‘new’ is it? lol My belief is that it is so much more work to be poor and very inconvenient! I have to recheck regularly monthly bills and timing for paying. In past, just paid as they arrived didn’t have to be so close to the balance ALL THE TIME. Just mentally and emotionally straining in ways SOME have never/will never appreciate. I have over my lifetime had many a time where I experienced accounting for every dollar (and making it COUNT twice! lol) But this last year or so I’ve had to come to grips on the never ending nature and respect the strength it takes continually.

        Going to get DH packed and off for fishing trip next weekend. He and buddies have done one this time of year for 35 years, but this will probably be it. They were to go to Kentucky Lake in KY but it’s flooded. Just as well, they will go a few hours away (less gas expense!) While he’s gone think I’ll make a major attempt at cleaning closets!

          suri says:

          Sharon – post cont – (Trying not to lose one important word or thought for you! LOL)

          Really open for V-S to be a vehicle to take you to the next place. Did you say it’s local?

          Hope your DD has remembered to touch base with you or if she’s to ‘wrapped up’ in her own that’s ok too. I’ve always loved the Christina Rosseti poem lines “better you should forget me and be happy, then to remember and be sad”

          Give me a report later, if you have time. I will send all good vibes/karma your way for interview and possibility! Peace and hope, bywords for all Moms!

            Sharon-GA says:

            Suri: Visited with mom for an hour and daddy 1-1/2 hrs. He was much better today, which was really good for me! Enjoyed my visit with mom had been since my bday 1 March since I had been there, so I had lots to catch her up on. There were a lot of people who came and went while I was there and I was pleased to see them come and visit their moms.

            Got a call from V-S while I was at the NH, and the interview appt has been changed to 1:45 p.m. instead of 4:00. Keeping you updated so you can keep me in your thoughts at the very time of my appt!! She apologized for calling me on Mother’s Day and a Sunday to boot, and that something had come up for 4:00 and wanted to know if 1:45 would be okay for me. I told her that would be fine and she thanked me for my willingness to be flexible. I asked her if she was a mommy, and she said yes, so I wished her a happy mother’s day, and she asked me same and wished same for me. I told her I was looking forward to seeing her tomorrow at 1:45. So you try and keep good thoughts for me. As I said, I’m very impressed with their professionalism, everyone I have run into there. I’m a little off center, since I’ve never worked in retail and really have no idea what kinds of questions to expect, so this will be a new experience for me. Also, since I don’t know which job I’m being interviewed for, that throws me a little off too. I just have to trust my instincts and go with my best foot forward. I know it’s not a well-paying job (in either case), but I do need work, and I will be a good employee, and it may just be the thing I need to just get me out there.

            The day has thus far turned out to be lovely, once in a while gets overcast and wonder if we are going to get the predicted storms.

            Your DH fishing trip sounds really nice, a way for him to feel like his life is still the same as it always was (except for the location–which has nothing to do with his circumstances, but Mother Nature).

            It will also give you an opportunity for some down time and maybe a little pampering–read a good book or magazine, take a leisurely bath, anything that makes you happy and relaxed. Take a little time for yourself…don’t clean closets the whole time!

            Yes, daughter called me at 8:00 this a.m. on their way to church to wish me happy mother’s day. They had no plans (at least that she was aware of) since they had her 2nd bday dinner out last night with four other couples at a Japanese restaurant.

            Have to go fix myself something to eat and get out of my clothes. Need to do nails tonite and maybe try on what I’m planning to wear tomorrow to make sure they are suitable and ready to go. And then want to take some time and relax, read the Sunday paper, maybe take a tiny nap, need to pay some bills and balance daddy’s checkbook. May not have any time to relax after all….?

            Thanks for all your good thoughts and for checking in. Yes, I get deeply chilled too when I’m excessively tired (from either stress or physically tired), but most usually from stress. Have a good rest of the day.

  • 66
    suri says:

    EOTW – Guess what? I went on Clark Howard website, the financial guru, and Thymes is advertising there now! I went to their website and saw your “Kimono Rose & all” and loved the descriptions of the fragances. See how helpful you are! Not in my area, but maybe someday when my boat comes in I’ll be able to order! lol

    Hope you’re having a great weekend. Peace and hope.

  • 67
    Sharon-GA says:

    On further unemployment/employment news, I heard that here in GA claims were made that thousands of jobs were created with stimulus money. However, upon further investigation, they are saying that these jobs were actually not created at ALL. Again, further verification that the news about increased employment is manufactured to make things look like they are better than they actually are. Of course, the story that the jobs were actually not created will be a one day news story, and then the media will go back to the propaganda that employment is increasing and everything looks wonderful!

  • 68
    suri says:

    Sharon – I’ll be with you at 1:45 p.m. with bells on! (well, OK I’ll leave the bells behind… lol) I love that you got to connect with a human being. I have that same feeling re the banker I spoke to Thursday. A half-hour that was so refreshingly direct that it felt empowering! I hadn’t even realized how my ‘beat down mode’ is all I have most of time! Never feeling EQUAL let alone ON TOP OF the situation. Very empty…

    Mom’s Weekend was very satisfying to me. DD got me fabulous chimes for my outside deck where I love to read when weather allows. They are quite oriental in design and elegant. Very soothing and appealing to me. We are 10 miles from Lake Michigan so lots of winds to empower the chimes!

    I’m not sure if I’m sorry you don’t have other siblings to share in Dad’s care or that it simplifies it? lol Happy for all good days for you and Dad.

    Nothing to apply for right now. The local job scene — ISN’T?? Seems like gas prices just shut down what little economic activity was happening. I’ll concentrate on refi and DH trip prep for next few days.

  • 69
    suri says:

    Sharon – There seem to be more and more facts presented in articles of the unemp levels and the replacement of solid middle class wages with EVERYTHING becoming a $9.00 hr job! Yikes!!

    I have GREAT concerns re nothing of any consequence changing with all the attention/spotlight on 2012 election?? This country is losing a vast amount of time with no results to improving our economy, let alone the lives that are continuing to slip-slide away. Many, many individuals have held on for sooo long and have become sooo broken. The real estate market foreclosures continue to pull values downward and in our area of the Midwest houses are being left to deterorate badly in a vicious cycle!!

    I gave our kids the usual assurances that things will improve — soon I hope. Wish I had the confidence it really would!

    Going to meditate on your interview. Sure you will manage it nicely, just hope it’s something workable at least for the present time. Update us later. Hope EOTW is finding some points of interest to apply for herself. Peace and hope for good vibes!!!

  • 70
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri: Thanks for your good thoughts and I will carry them with me for today’s interview. What I have been impressed with is their seeming professionalism. I know I have mentioned it several times, but I have found such a lack of professionalism in my office job interviews, which I would actually think would be MORE professional than a retail position, that I am startled.

    Yes, I’ve heard from some people that having siblings can actually create problems when they don’t agree on care. So maybe it is better to be an only child, except that it all falls to you. The other thing that bothers me about being an only child is that when they are gone, there is no one to share the memories with. No one else knows and has those family memories of the “core” family unit. Of course, I have my daughter and grandkids who have memories, but they are not the memories of growing up. And as bad as many of my memories are, there were good memories, and there is no one to share that with.

    Need to go and start preparing for my interview…make sure I have all my information, change purses, etc. After interview need to pick up eyedrops for one of my girls while I’m in the area.

    Oh, you asked if the V-S job is local–no, not exactly. It’s the next town…20+ minutes away. Not a lot in miles, but no short cuts and have to go through lots of lights. Wish it was more local, but traffic is so bad in our areas that even local jobs can take more time to get to than one would think.

    Will be back later…

  • 71
    suri says:

    Sharon – Good luck, but I really think it’s not about you but an employer with an open, intelligent mind! I agree the few interview situations I’ve had this go-round have been filled with rude, disrespectful behavior! I’m afraid it ‘shows my age’ that it’s unbelievable how arrogant employers/interviewers have gotten?

    My last gig as office manager for auto repair shop (two locations/3 office staff/8 mechanics) was, BY FAR, the lowest on the totem pole of my positions! LOL However, I would never have subjected any emp applicants to current practices at even those min wage jobs! I’m always saying “the world is a different place today” and I hardly even mean BETTER?

    I’ve been wondering how doggies are doing? Forget to ask.

    I am following EOTW’s lead with attitude: If it happens, it happens. Don’t overthink it! Check ya’ later. Happy Day!

    • 71.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Well, I’m ready to go (early). I always prefer to be early than late, hate people to be late, shows such disrespect for their time. I’ll sit in the car if I’m too early. Probably too late to get an opinion on what I’m wearing, but I’m wearing black pants with animal print whitish-cream/black/gray top with asymmetrical hem and black shoes with creamish colored purse, silver earrings and black leather necklace with silver heart. Wearing my fu-dog ring–fu-dog represents power and protection and always gives a sense of empowerment and strength…can always use that.

      The girls (doggies) are doing fine. Olympia requires eyedrops all the time because she has an eye disease that is uncommon to greyhounds but will leave her blind if she doesn’t have them, so I make sure to always have a supply. She seems to have recovered from her teeth cleaning and extraction procedure, though I still feel really bad about it. It doesn’t seem to have affected her ability to eat, and her breath is certainly much more pleasant!!

      Wish I had some idea of what to expect from today’s interview. Because they seem to be so much more together than anyone else I’ve interviewed with, I expect them to possibly be different during the formal interview process too…so I’m a little off kilter!! And again, don’t know if retail interview will be different from office interview!

      I may stop on the way home too and get daddy’s car inspected…I think I may have driven it enough to make sure it doesn’t fail due to new battery placement. Daddy’s driver’s license expires the beginning of June and don’t know if I need to get it renewed or not. He’d have to go and have his eyesight tested for it (at least I think that’s what I understand). He doesn’t need it for driving, but don’t know if I should renew it simply to have as current ID. Any feedback? Afraid he’ll think it will mean he can drive. I had such an awful time with him about driving before he went into nursing home. Hid his keys and he really pitched a fit. Think he understands that he doesn’t drive anymore–but a lot of times he was calling me thinking he had driven somewhere and lost his car and wanted me to go and find it (and this is since he’s been in the NH and hasn’t driven). Does he need a current driver’s license as ID if he’s not driving?

      Will let you know how it goes when I return. Probably won’t have anything definitive to report, but can at least tell you what I thought of the process. Funny, think I’m more nervous about this interview than any of the others I’ve been to…how weird.

  • 72
    Sharon-GA says:

    Hope EOTW had a good weekend. Haven’t heard anything from her throughout the weekend or today.

    Back from interview. Interview was at 1:45, left at about 3:15-3:30. I think it was a very good interview, it was certainly interesting, and I feel pretty positive about it–but then, we know we can feel positive about an interview and then nothing happens…so I’m just biding my time until I hear something (or not).

    They filled the supervisory position, but she said there is room to move up. This position is for seasonal part-time, but she said it could turn into permanent part-time after the summer. She said a lot of college girls want to work at V-S and they leave after the summer, so the position could then become permanent. She did say that I could move up into more management type position if I’m interested. I was not aware, but Bath and Body is part of the V-S brand, as are a couple of other stores that I don’t remember–another one I think is in the same area (as is Bath and Body), so she said opportunities can open up in those stores as well that would enable me to be able to move up and if so interested come back as positions become available. So, that is a thought too. She said the pay is only a tad above minimum wage, but she said she was going to check to see if there was any chance that they might be able to offer me a little more than their standard, but no guarantees. She said she thought I would be a good fit for them and she hoped I would have the time to decide if I feel the same. She wanted to make sure she had names of references who would be available now that she could check, because she said that is her next step before she can offer me a position. She asked me a lot of questions, specifically about how I would handle certain situations, etc., and then she asked if I had questions, which I had plenty of!! Not having ever worked in retail, I had lots of questions, both generally and specific to V-S. I reiterated that I had never worked in retail and didn’t know how to run a cash register, and she said, “I can teach you to run a cash register in a half-hour. What I cannot teach you is people skills, and that you have. Those are skills you either have or you don’t. We can teach you all the rest.” I asked specifically about the ratio of their sales–their ‘beauty products’ versus their lingerie, and what the percentages were for each of their product areas. Like choosing people for jury duty, you try to choose a jury based on the demographic of the community the trial is held in…that’s what they try to do in choosing their employees based on the demographic of the community. And as she said, the community is not just college kids…so I guess that’s why I at least had the opportunity to be interviewed, because I’m representative of a portion of the demographic that might not otherwise apply for a job at V-S, but which is representative of at least a portion of their clientele. This is a very fitness-oriented community, so even the older portion of the population may be in better shape and/or look younger than the general public.

    I continued to be impressed with her professionalism, and I told her so. I have been on interviews in which the person interviewing me had obviously not read my resume, and even sitting there with me were too lazy to look at it and ask intelligent questions. She knew my background and we just built upon it rather than having to regurgitate it! And I think we made a connection. She did tell me that I asked very good questions. Perhaps if I had worked in retail before I would not have asked the questions I asked because I might have supposed I knew the answers…but I do think some retailers are different than others as to how they do things and how they manage. I believe this store is very well managed, and I don’t know if this is representative of all V-S, or just that this one is managed by extremely professional, intelligent, educated, organized people. If I am going to work in retail (which is not a given, and I’m not suggesting I will be offered the job), I cannot think of anything better than to be trained by the best. That can only stand you in good stead no matter what you do.

    While I was waiting for my interview (she was having another just before me), I tried some of the lotions (I already had on perfume, so did not want to mix perfumes), but I did try a tiny touch of two lotions. I remember EOTW mentioning there was a pear one that she liked, and I found one and tried it…wasn’t too crazy about it…thought that was the only one, but then found another, but didn’t want to use my other hand to try it as I wanted to check out something else. I found one I really liked that has freesia (which I love), it’s called The Vixen…and it’s a little on the spicy side, which I prefer spicy scents. I’m not really high on fruit scents, though I do have a fig soap and lotion that I really like. I like Korres products…I have dry skin, particularly dry legs in the wintertime, and most lotions just don’t address my dry legs adequately, but the Korres body butters are luxurious and do a great job and you don’t have to use much, so it’s economical, particularly since I only get it on sale. I have a rose one too that is very good.

    My outfit looked nice, but it would not be okay for work. They seem to want you pretty much all in black. You can have a white shirt or tee on, but you have to put a black vest or cardigan on over it. I saw a pretty black top the other day, but it has short cap sleeves…I prefer a little longer sleeve, particularly now with my still yellow/green/blue/black arm.

    She did comment that she liked my rings…I find jewelry is often an ice breaker…we women do notice jewelry. I don’t notice purses and shoes so much because they’re not high on my list of things I’m crazy about other than just something that I might like–but I’m not into name brands and wouldn’t know if I was looking at an expensive bag or not unless I looked at the price tag. But people do comment that they like my purse(s)—though I certainly didn’t pay much for them–I got the same style a few years ago in two different colors, they look like leather but aren’t, and everyone comments on them. As for shoes, comfort is my biggest priority…as I prefer to be barefoot, or in slippers when it’s cold. Shoes are kind of a necessary evil…the most important thing being comfort. My mom ruined her feet for stylish shoes (other than her birth deformity which created their own problems)…my daughter inherited the “shoe gene,” I’m just “shoe stupid.”–I don’t really know what looks good with an outfit. The shoe gene skipped a generation!

    Found nothing to apply to this morning. I’m still certifying with DOL, even though I know I have exhausted my benefits, and I will continue to do it until the system refuses to accept the information. I want them to know that I’m still unemployed and I want to continue to be counted among the unemployed…and I will fill out my paperwork and send it in too!! I don’t plan on going away quietly!!

    The woman I interviewed with said she had taken a substantial pay cut for this job, and that she just loves to work here and found it well worth the cut she had to take. (Of course, she probably is not the sole support of her household either!!) Mention was made of employee discounts, but not a big deal was made out of it…it was just more in passing.

    Well, have to let the girls out–I came down here to write to you first…and Nina is crying…so I’m going to go.

    Hope you are okay EOTW…we miss you when you don’t grace us with your view of the world. And Suri, you know I always appreciate you!!

  • 73
    Sharon-GA says:

    “Celebrate good times….” I got the job!!! Ok, I know, I know, it’s not well-paying, it’s not permanent, and it’s not f/t. But it’s a job!–and it’s an opportunity!! And I’m inordinately excited! And the nice thing is, she is excited!! She was just bubbling over with enthusiasm when she called me and offered me the job, and when I accepted, she was just so enthusiastic and said how they were looking forward to having me on-board and she couldn’t wait to see me. She gave me two choices of days for “onboarding,” this Thurs. or next Mon. I have my f/u appt next Wed., and daddy’s cardiology appt next Fri–which I will have to tell her about when they are making schedules for next week–other than that I can do most anything, so I chose starting this Thursday. I’ll be there in the a.m., and then my girlfriend and I are going out to S&S dinner and a play that night so I can tell her all about it and we’ll have a mini celebration. When I hesitated just a minute trying to decide when, she said, “If neither of those work, we’ll figure something else out for you. Everyone else is training those days, but we can figure out something else for you if you need.” I told her no, that wouldn’t be necessary, Thursday would be fine for me.

    While I was on the phone with her another call was ringing in, and when I hung up with her I answered and it was my old supervisor (for the co. that went out of business due to outsourcing overseas). V-S had called her for reference, and she called me to ask if I was going to go to work for them, and that she had a possible work arrangement for me if I was interested in knowing more about it. She is now a recruiter for another company, and they may have a position that might work for me, but it pays really pathetic because that’s just their rates. I told her to find out the info and send it to me, but that I was going to work for V-S but might possibly be able to work another job. First, I don’t want to dilute the V-S job…so that is going to be my concentration. We did get a chance to get caught up with each other though, and she said she thought the V-S job was a really good opportunity and she said, “I think this is going to be a good thing for you. I think you could really go somewhere with this.” I told her how professional they were and how I’d been to office interviews and they were nowhere near as professional, and she said, “You don’t want to work in an office…they’re so boring!! This will be good for you.” She emailed me pictures of her eldest son who went to prom this year!! Egad, I can’t believe he’s that grown up. She said her life is finally turning around from the close of the business that affected her too, and she’s finally digging herself out of a hole (she’s married–so at least she has a backup) and she’s finally beginning to feel good about herself and her life again..and she’s even lost some weight and feels in such a better place. She said when she took this job as recruiter the pay was terrible, but she’s been with them 12 weeks and has gotten more responsibility, more pay, started out p/t and is now f/t, got a bonus…and she said, “I think this job with V-S could be the turnaround for you too.” She asked about daddy, and it was just nice catching up with her a little bit.

    What was so really nice was the enthusiasm and excitement they (V-S) have in having me be a part of their team. I mean, she could have called and offered me the job with the attitude of ‘well, we have this job opening and you’ll do’–but it was so much more than that. When you’ve been treated so long like you are expendable and pretty much of no value, it was just so nice to have someone seem to place a value on you as a person and on your experience, and tell you flat out that they know I have more experience than I’m being paid for and they’re sorry they can’t offer me more, but they do think I will have the opportunity to move up in the company. To have someone say that there is a value for my experience, when you’ve been treated like so much junk…it’s just such a nice feeling.

    I stopped at my girlfriend’s after my interview on the way home and on the way there I was thinking…well, it’s only part-time, and seasonal at that…but it’s been 2 years since I’ve had a job, maybe part-time isn’t such a bad way to start out…and I do still have daddy to take care of and all the other things I do for no pay that still have to continue to be done…this may just work out well for starting out again. And truly, it may just be a way for me to ease myself back into the work world, while also learning something totally new to me.

    Will go out tomorrow and see if I can find some black tops that are cheap (maybe there will be some things on sale?!), and maybe another pair of black slacks so I’ll have three. Might need to look at a pair of comfy black shoes..the ones I have are not going to last a lot longer, and the others are too high heels to be standing in all day long–okay for desk job, but not for sales.

    Anybody have any other suggestions?

    Called my girlfriend and told her, and she’s so excited. She thinks too that this might be an opportunity for something good for me…and not necessarily “just a job.” We’ll see. But wish me luck. And I’m not gone from here, and will not be gone from here. I’ll let you know how it’s going out there in the work world after being out for so long, how I like retail and sales, and to check in and see how everyone is doing. And do understand, I’m still going to need support and cheerleaders while I’m finding my way around, as well as offering my support and encouragement to you. So please, don’t count me out. Like it or not, I consider you friends..and I don’t want to lose you.

    Going to go bake up a little chocolate chip cookie dough in celebration!!

    • 73.1
      Steve Ross says:

      Congratulations Sharon, I’m very pleased for you :)

      • 73.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        Steve: Thank you so much for your congratulations! And I know you are hoping the best for all of us out here in this terrible struggle. Read in today’s paper that GA has a half-million unemployed–this does not count those having exhausted benefits, those underemployed (p/t and minimum wage). And now we have the graduating class (both high school and college). So it’s not going to get any better for those of us who have been unemployed the longest. Again, thank you, and I will try to do all of you proud.

  • 74
    suri says:

    OH, Sharon – I am SO HAPPY TO SHARE THIS MOMENT WITH YOU!! Pat yourself on the back for holding strong through all the turmoil of this job market!! Only those in the trenches KNOW the efforts and pain…

    IF, I had read and responded to your first post regarding the length of time for the interview, I would have said “You so got it!” lol I love that they get the ‘good people are GOOD at many different things’! Also think the ‘starting out’ schedule will bode well for you to ease into. Remember appts can and do get rescheduled all the time.

    Most interesting about other corporate entities and their possibilities. Your abilities will shine through and create your own opportunities. The personal connection with interviewer and your internal take on the store was ‘spot on’! Personally, new job jitters will be a ‘piece of cake’ compared to the torture you have endured imho.

    The shoes thing is important but maybe check out the other employees first? I always think 2 pair to switch off and then maybe sandals? So many offices/shop have the ‘denim day’ thing also? I have always had good feet and no problem with ‘jumping and running’ when in heels and office environment. Last gigs have been able to wear jogging/sport shoes as well as loafers (my fav) or boots in winter.

    • 74.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Thank you so much for your support, enthusiasm and well wishes for me. Like I said, even before I let my girls out I turned on the computer, changed my clothes, and came down here and posted. Didn’t even call my daughter or BF first!

      Yes, I think the other V-S brand stores being local will help if I can move up into a management or supervisory position. And like I said, the people at this store are so impressive that I am happy to be learning from good people in an industry that I really know nothing about. I did ask her about how they go about review and feedback, and she said they had formal written reviews but that sometimes they will give feedback at the time. I told her I would prefer feedback at the time because I need to know what I’m doing right and wrong at the time I’m doing it. I understand the need for formal written reviews, but I want and need information as I go along. She seemed to like that too. She also said that the managers and the staff give feedback and suggestions to one another, and she encourages the staff to tell her if there’s a better way to do something. She said there are V-S guidelines that they have to comply with, but sometimes if they don’t have enough inventory for a display to look abundant, they work together as a team to figure a way to abide by the guidelines while still getting the desired results. It is possible that this store is so well run because it’s in an upscale, rather demanding community, and it’s in an upscale shopping area within this community. I used to live there when I was married…had to move out after my divorce because I couldn’t afford to live there. We were certainly not among the prosperous in the area (there are all different income levels and S/D for each level), but I couldn’t live in even the least expensive or even apartments there when I divorced. But the point is, it’s an affluent area with a very demanding citizenry. If a store is going to succeed there, you’re going to have to meet those demands in both friendliness and customer service or you won’t survive.

      Yeah, you might know, I didn’t notice the shoes!! Like you, Suri, I love boots in the winter–they are my favorite–I have a wedge pair that I can wear all day long without any pain. And I like sandals. Sneakers are okay, but not sure they’ll suffice there as they’re a little on the dressier side. Could probably do flats, but I’m so short, I really like a little bit of a heel. I don’t like being short–have always aspired to be “tall”–5’4″!!–to me that would be tall!! I had a boss once, and she said something to me one time which prompted me to say I was short. She looked at me startled and said, “You are?! I never noticed, you have such a big personality!!” She was a very successful broker, and I just adored her.

      I am so happy to have your support and your confidence in me, and I will try and do you all proud. I think too that maybe starting out p/t could be to my benefit…kind of gradually reintroduce me back into the work world. I’m just very grateful to have an opportunity; and I’m so grateful to know that I have you here to come to and ‘talk’ things over with.

      I read in the paper the refi rate is down to 2.99%…can you take advantage of those kinds of rates in your refi? I know that the housing market has taken a terrible plunge, but it’s great to know your area has not been as dramatic as many. I heard the other day that some of the Atlanta area has experienced a 60% decrease in home values!!!! You talk about devastating! I’m afraid to even look at what my house is worth now. They don’t have the information correct on my house online, so it wouldn’t be correct anyway.

      It’s after midnight, and it’s been a kind of busy, long, and exciting, exhausting day. I’ll be back tomorrow…want to say hi to EOTW before I turn in for the night.

      Sleep tight, sweet dreams….

  • 75
    suri says:

    Sharon, part II – Just knowing the universe pointed you in this direction cheers me and make my heart glad! Don’t worry we so have your back for the days that you remember WORK is a 4 letter word! lol Truly though, I believe working and activity will be so welcomed after all the angst… Just don’t try and make it ALL happen too fast! All times in their time, Grasshopper!

    Well, the EE discounts will be helpful and you and DD. My DD loves V-S: both the scents and underwear!! Our ‘closest’ store is over 30 miles away but not managed nearly as well as this one seems to be. I have no exp in retail but customer service will be a ‘cup of tea’ for you. Our V-S store has so many young, clueless EE with not helpful attitudes. Just bored and waiting to end shift ya’ know the type?

    I’m glad you had a reconnect with former coworker and could share updates. We spend so much of our ‘work lives’ with our ‘office families’ don’t we?

    Enjoying President Obama’s success with the Bin Laden deal but as Chris Matthews said on ‘Hardball’ tonight wish he could find a “Bin Laden moment” of success with economy. They say housing values have fallen a record amount in the first quarter of 2011 AGAIN. Homes on average have fallen 30% in value since 2008? In the Midwest, our haven’t fallen as much but we didn’t have the runup in bubble values either. The facts are over 25% of all homeowners are underwater on their mtgs!! Yikes! This leaking of value is eroding our economy and must be addressed imho. It continues to lead the uncertainty right along with job stability.

    Well, I hope EOTW sees your new beginning as validation that it will happen for her also. Every win for one is for all of us! Please rest well and be happy — you have earned this many times over!! Joy and peace.

  • 76
    endoftheworld says:

    Ah Sharon, I KNEW you’d have a job before me! (Likely Suri will too). I cannot picture myself working at all and think I am one of the ‘collateral damage’ or just unemployable.
    I worked at both VS and B&BW, neither of which worked out, besides the pay, I am not cut out for retail/customer service type jobs. Yes you do have to be a people pleaser and enjoy chatting with customers about the products and selling credit cards and chatting up sales and promotions and be ENTHUSIASTIC.
    Your perserverance paid off AND you got lucky with this particular store (the VS here, mgmt. was not so great and the sales assoc. seemed stressed/the cashiers bored and had a couldn’t care less attitude and nobody seemed interested in training new employees tho I do recall watching some videos which mainly pertained to sales and customer service but not register training which I think everyone in my new EE group had allready and it was assumed i did was well.
    Maybe your Guardian Angel is looking out for you afterall?
    I have a possible interview for an eye dr. assistant trainee job, the mgr. e-mailed me and asked if I’d be able to work in all 3 of the group’s offices which the furthest is 80 min. drive, the middle 45 and the closest is 30. I told her I could be flexible but I’d truly prefer the one location closest to me so I’ll find out if that’s acceptable, it seems as if they move the staff around. This job is a trainee job so while i’d be interested in being eye dr. assist. it not likely they have NO applicants w/o prior training or certification. This job includes free eyeglasses or contacts as well, full benefits and 401K, another one to fantasize over…
    Also heard back officially from NH #2 in very tacky manner, they mailed me a postcard rejection letter NOT in an envelope so now my mailman knows too. It was very vague as to why they were not pursuing me further, they actually didn’t give a reason just said that “we will not be pursuing your candidacy further” and no standard “we will keep your resume on file” even. Oh well.
    I may have a “job” as hiking trail inspector, like 30 hours for the season. This was presented to me but nothing is set in stone, the total remuneration would be less then $500 and I’d have to report as self employment for tax purposes so dont know if even worth it. It’s for the same committee i am recording secretary for, my friend who is Chair, “volunteered” me w/o asking me first, am not too exited and not sure it’s something I could even put on resume to impress future employer but $400 is $400. So far nobody has heard of this trail (I mention it at interviews because of the secretary job). The trail runs thru my town and I am surprised people have not even heard of it. the other part is they will assign some guy to work with me and not too keen on that, am picturing being stuck with some big oafish lumberjack type, very awkward, I’d much rather do it alone, esp. as I have to pee alot.
    Today went on a spectacular hike in the NW corner of the State Suri, and did NOT want to come home at all. It’s a pity that area is so far a good 90 min, and i’ve allready got 112K miles on my car which for 13yrs. old isn’t so bad but if I get a job with long commute i’ll be hitting 150K sooner then later, not that am expecting anything. I must say my little toyota corolla runs like dream, such a pity they had to change the model and now have so many problems, i likely won’t be buying another toyota and not sure what next. This particular car really runs well, I’ve had very little problems with things breaking down and I drive like a maniac so it must be sturdy and well built.

    • 76.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      EOTW: This is totally off subject, but OMG, just read headline that Arnold Schwartzenegger and Maria Shriver have separated!! It just caught me by surprise.

      Believe me, I was feeling like I was never going to have a job ever again too, that I had somehow become some sort of pariah and become unemployable–went from working 12-14 hr days to nothing, and no one wanted me…so I know exactly how you feel about wondering if you will ever work again. Think maybe it was the Guardian Angel. They didn’t advertise this job (at least that I ever saw–and you know I’m on the job boards every day and the local papers every day), and if I hadn’t broken my shoulder and needed a front fastener, I wouldn’t have been there and overhear someone ask about an application. I had to overcome my mortification of thinking they’d laugh at me if I asked for an application, and then had to overcome it a second time to take it back in after having filled it out–figuring that I just didn’t fit their demographic and had no chance. Maybe it was just that “right place at the right time”–which has never happened to me before..good luck doesn’t just follow me around. I certainly haven’t given up on you, and I know you aren’t giving up on yourself either. You have more resolve and resiliency than just about anybody I know, and I commend you for being out there all the time, putting yourself out there, and then handling the rejections with equanimity that I can only admire, because I certainly don’t have it.

      I know you’re not terribly excited about the trail inspector, but I think it sounds great for you. I’ve been thinking about jobs that would be good for you that would include the things you love, and haven’t been able to come up with something that I thought was just the right match. I know this doesn’t make you much money, but it gets you paid for doing something you love! You do it for free…why not get paid for it–even if it’s not much? It’s more than nothing. Sure your friend wouldn’t have volunteered you if he thought you’d be paired up with someone you would be uncomfortable with or that you’d have cause to fear for your safety; though you did make me smile with your oafish lumberjack…I got a mental picture!! Like you, I think I might not have been real pleased with him volunteering my services without checking it out with me; but maybe he just figured you’d really enjoy it and why not make a little $$ at it.

      I’ve gotten the postcard rejections too. They must have them printed out with the same thing—because mine were just the same!! No reason, and nothing mentioned about keeping resume on file. There must be a place people order these things from online or something?!?

      Another eye doctor assistant? Wow…maybe the universe is trying to tell you something..? I know a lot of offices have several different locations, and the staff (including doctors) rotate their days at each office, so their staff needs to be willing to move with them. Hopefully the pay will be enough to make it worth your while to travel that far and compensate you for your gas. I wonder how many times a week you’d have to go the furthest away? Maybe the closest office is the one where they spend the most time? That’s one of the things, of course, that you’ll find out when you go for an interview. I think the trainee positions are good. For one thing (my opinion), it makes you feel less like a dunce when you don’t know what you’re doing. It also gives you an opportunity to learn something new, and takes a little bit of the pressure off of you during the learning process. I wouldn’t assume that other people will have experience…and even if they do, they may be willing to only pay trainee salary to start and not really want someone who has training; or maybe it’s a doctor who is particular about the way he wants his assistant trained and doesn’t want them having been trained by someone else. There are people who want someone who hasn’t possibly learned bad habits from someone else, and wants to train them the way they do things. And even if there are people who apply that do have experience as an assistant, that doesn’t mean they will make a connection with that person. The last eye doctor you went to, you really made a connection with…there’s no reason not to expect that that can’t happen again! And it would be great to get benefits!! I’m keeping positive thoughts for you. As I’ve said before, if you didn’t have this felony thing hanging over your head, you’d already be employed and have had more offers than several of us put together. I’m just so disgruntled that we can’t figure out, between us, how you could get this expunged, or how to deal with it so that it could be overcome.

      Getting really tired, so going to call it a night. Do take care, and hope you get a call for an appt for the eye doctor asst.

      Glad you had such a good day with your hiking. I know sometimes it really has to be hard to come home when you’ve found your own little piece of heaven.

      • 76.1.1
        endoftheworld says:

        Sharon, I am Envious of how positive you are, if i’d of gotten the job at JCP I likely would not be nearly as exited as you, I’d be fixating on the crappy salary and hours and thinking is THIS my lot in life now?
        While it’s good you are focusing on the here and now and in any event whether or not it works out it will be a great learning experience and good for the little grey cells who need their exercise too. I don’t know bout you but mine are pretty fried and not good to be like a hamster running around on his little wheel week after week and going nowheres. It is true you may end up LOVING retail and deciding it’s what you really want to do and why didn’t you do it sooner. Just don’t spend all your $ on VS stuff! I’ve never worked anywheres and not been tempted esp. if you are ringing up sales all day and everybody is buying you kind of get into shopping mode too.

        You will likely be nervous but you shouldn’t worry, it’s not rocket science and you know the mgr. allready likes you, am sure you’ll have no problems with the rest of the staff too.

        If I were you’d i’d update my resume right now and keep looking like once a week. If you don’t like the job you have a perfect ‘out’ as to why you are looking for another job – the pay is too low sounds better than I’ve been out of work for almost 2 years as to the question of why do you want this job. It also would be interesting to see if being currently employed will up your chances of being called in to other interviews and possibly getting a better offer? Of course you may really feel you are sick of looking for the time being and just give it a rest tho I myself have developed an obsession of checking certain websites, I dunno, I think If I found a job unless I felt it was perfect, I’d likely still feel compelled to check, maybe just to make myself feel better that there really is nothing else out there worth applying to.

          Sharon-GA says:

          EOTW: I will likely update my resume and start/continue looking for work, at least part-time–but going to give it a break for a week or two. I’m going to concentrate most of my efforts on doing the best job I can at this job in the hopes that it will turn into permanent or that I will have an opportunity to move up. If I don’t give it my best effort, then I’ve already shot myself in the foot. I am not usually what you’d call a positive person…I tend to look on the negative side; but I am so excited to be given an opportunity to get out in the workplace again, even if it’s a “crappy” salary and only part-time that that is taking the priority right now. I’m enjoying the positive feelings, and when the negative ones creep in, I’m doing my best to try and replace them with positives–the opportunity to learn something new, the fact that the mgr (or one of the mgrs) likes me, the fact that I might have an opportunity to advance, that I already have a part-time job taking care of daddy, that I might need some time to get used to being back in the workforce before I consider full-time work or two part-time jobs—whatever I can replace my negative thoughts with, I am trying to do it. I like people, and I’m good with people, but they take a lot of energy out of me, and I need down-time and alone-time to recoup. When I married the first time my biggest concern was how was I going to deal with being with someone all the time and how was I going to have any time alone so that I could recharge my batteries. The typical introverts need to recharge if they are around people. Anyway, I will probably continue to look for other (or more) work, but I am going to take a break…and then get back up on the horse again. But I am genuinely looking forward to not being on those sites every day and feeling like I’m butting my head up against a brick wall all the time, and the ups and downs of the application and waiting process, where all your thoughts are concentrated on hearing back and if not, why not. And then the interview call, and the interview itself and the preparations for it, and then the agony of recounting the whole thing and waiting for the call that most often never comes that lets you know where you stand. That I won’t miss at all.

          There might be one or two things I’d be interested in purchasing at V-S–but since I made my purchase before being hired, that’s pretty well taken care of. I might be interested in the beauty products…that scent that I liked–and they are on sale right now. The store I’d really have a problem with would be Barnes and Noble. Or a jewelry store. There’s not going to be any xtra money for anything–not really enough money to cover expenses already in existence, so don’t worry so much about spending $$ I don’t have.

          I already learned something in my interview process that I didn’t know, and actually guess I hadn’t given much thought to. I asked about the work hours and about quotas and how and when they do their scheduling. And she was telling me that the hours are determined by the $$ volume the store does. If they have good $$ volume, that shows they have enough business/clientele to warrant more hours and/or more employees; and when the volume is down, hours are cut. I guess I just figured that a store was staffed with so many people at any given time…period. So, before I even begin working I’ve already learned something. It may have been an obvious thing–but it wasn’t obvious to me!–and I went, ‘Well, that makes sense. I wonder why I didn’t know that before?’ Probably because I never really gave it any thought. Just like when I worked for that week to ten days at H-L setting up the new store. I never gave any thought to planograms and how a store was set up or what it took to do it. The shelves were all glass–cut myself pretty good a few times. They didn’t give you anything to measure with, and often didn’t even give you good measurements for the pieces you had to reserve and make space for, and all the little pieces have names, and each has to be done a certain way…and then you have to squeeze that glass down in there. And it’s endless hours of setting all this stuff up and kneeling and squatting and sitting on dirty floors. And I was assigned to the decorative items–which is the largest area of the store and encompasses the whole store–goes all around. Huge glass tables set up and all the glass had to be cleaned and polished. And then I was assigned to unpacking stock and separating stuff out, and picking up and moving huge boxes, and then sorting things into ‘like items’ so someone else could do the displays. (Unpacking stuff was fun–it was like Christmas–everything a surprise!!) Then there was the cleaning and sweeping nightly of the storeroom–dust choking you and settling all over you. And being assigned cleaning the bathrooms when it was time to clock out–and ending up spending another 1-2 hrs cleaning toilets and mopping floors and cleaning sinks, and wiping down the lunchroom and cleaning the tables and counters and refrigerator, and sweeping and mopping that floor. So many things that I never considered when I walked into a store…things you just take for granted as a customer. For that week to ten days I worked like a d**n dog! My knee hurt me so badly I could barely walk and was popping Aleve like candy to try and relieve the pain. The camaraderie between the employees was really nice–we were all desperate for work and there was a kindness among us. But I really didn’t care for the mgr, and I think it was mutual…and the more time went on the more it became obvious. For one thing, I’ve never been an employee who had to be stood over and told to do something or keep busy or move faster or whatever…but he stood around like a master with a whip. I’d be using the truck thing (having an elder moment) you walk behind to move multiple boxes, and I’d be trucking along, and he’d stand there and say, “Move faster. Faster.” He’d get on the loud speaker and he’d yell at us all to get a move on. I’ve never, ever worked in an atmosphere like that before. I’ve always been responsible for myself, and I’ve always done my job and sometimes that of others without having to be told to do anything–and it was insulting to be treated like that. That was my only taste of retail thus far–and it was not a pleasant one…so I’m hoping that this one will not resemble that.

          Wow! I think it’s great that you took on doing this proposal for the trail inspector. You just astound me all the time, EOTW. You have such a reserve, such skills, such resolve, and you don’t even know it! You tackle things head on and just keep on truckin’. Girl, you got so much goin’ for you!! I just have to believe that something good is going to happen for you…because you do deserve it, and it hurts my heart that you try so hard and hit brick walls.

          Really, really have to go now…have so much yet to do this evening/tonite.

          It is possible it was Divine Intervention…and if so, I hope that your Guardian Angels will deliver you an opportunity worthy of you.

  • 77
    suri says:

    EOTW – Last things first — 112,000 miles on a car is not a big thing these days. Being in car biz a little can tell you many, many are driving cars record # of miles and actually 200,000 is now like 100,000 USED TO BE. I drive a 1995 Chevy Blazer with 128,000 and it has the least amount of miles of any of our vehicles!

    Yeah, not so sure re hike trail job either? More details, maybe on timeline and what’s involved? If eye glass asst. only involves fill-in or vacation coverage for other locations, could be doable? Feel like we all have to be contortionists to find a ‘fit’! lol

    Please ingore STUPID and there’s alot of it around (as in postcard notice!). The idea of Guardian Angels for Unemp is quite attractive to me! We probably need a whole army of them.

    Not much around to even dream/fantasize about in emp at this time. The hurt of seeing jobs you’ve been rejected from readvertised for cuts deep. I know the age thing is just making my apps an easy discard! So sad, they don’t know what they’re missing! lol Just heard local hospital is cutting like 112 jobs!! WONDERFUL NEWS?? That and all the grads will provide much more company on the journey.

    Well, now we just need to help you ‘visualize’ your new future and opportunity! Just takes one, got to keep going up to bat, oh you know the drill by heart… Peace and hope for better tomorrows and joy for Sharon’s new start!

  • 78
    Sharon-GA says:

    Tues morning…doing daddy’s laundry and going to get ready to go out sale (hopefully) shopping and get daddy’s car inspected. Strange not to be doing job search. Once I get some time and comfort under my belt at the new job, I will probably continue my job search for something to add to it, but right now am concentrating on that so I can put my best foot and effort forward. Am beginning to get a case of the nerves, now that my excitement has had a chance to settle in. Told daddy this morning, and he kept telling me congratulations. I know he’s a little bit concerned about me getting a job because he’s afraid that it will mean I can’t come see him, so I’m trying to assure him that everything will be just fine.

    Keep your spirits up–maybe one of us finding a job will bode well for all of us here?–we can only hope, right? Be back later to check in.

  • 79
    Sharon-GA says:

    EOTW: Oh, on the car mileage…BF had a pickup that he sold with 200,000 miles on it, and the buyer is still driving it at about 260,000 miles…so let’s hope your car has that kind of life to it.

  • 80
    suri says:

    Hello – Just had to reread Sharon’s post again for the pure enjoyment!! Yes, the job hunt is second nature and a JOB unto itself! Please be kind and pace yourself in all areas — Dad, home & work. I myself try for the Zen-like qualities of calm and peace to allow my brain space!! I just cannot risk going into too frantic a place in my head and have to keep DH on board the boat also. Although with the Spring weather finally arriving, he is much better with being outside and FISHING! He loves FISHING!

    While I submit to the appeal of divine guidance, I know Sharon has been alert to every possibility for opportunity! Way to go, girl! Now, as WE ALL KNOW EOTW will be claimed as an EE soon. Just hoping for a creative, open connection that will not bore her completely — with benefits, good office location, personnel, etc. Just sayin’ as long as we are ordering? LOL

    Sharon, I do not have mANY envious bones in my body, but adore just reading the ‘lightness’ in your tone as you approach your new world! Making do as become my new mantra and partically a science with me. Compromise and acceptance has always played a huge part of my life!

    Wish we could have updates on Angel-NYC, StaciB, and others and I pray for their healing from the wounds of unemp we have all suffered. Many get stronger in the broken places as Sharon & EOTW have, but many just become broken…

    There is still ‘talk’ of adding those unemp weeks but not sure how creditable? More states are just chopping people off unemp altogether.

    Maria & Arnold didn’t surprise me so much as marriage, and life in general, for everyone is so challenging and complex. At least the wealthy have lots of options. And in any long term marriage imho there are periods when it’s just not as much “fun”? They may rethink their journeys and come back together or this may have been in plans for a long time? We just don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

    • 80.1
      endoftheworld says:

      hi, well I really don’t “feel” i will be gitten a job any time soon, tho I did do a proposal for contract work for the City for this mini trail work job. It took an hour to write the damn thing, I barely have any coherent thought left. Very awkward in that I WAS an EE of the City in 00-01 but fired from that job, like I have from EVERY major employer in town so they’d never hire me outright but by registering as independent contractor I don’t have to submit copy of my resume or fill out job application just written proposal of what I will do and approved by the Chair (my Friend) and the Consultant (who Was a City EE actually when I worked there but we never met, he was a Dept. Head in another Dept. now he does consulting work for various City land/trail committees and he’s got an in with the Finance Dept. or i’d never get paid) I have to keep it Under $500 or they will want to hire me as an intern and then I’d have to go through the whole background check thing. Very delicate situation, so far either nobody has recognized/remembered my name like in payroll/finance or they’ve forgotten why I left.
      I belive in Divine Intervention as well as Free Will. If Sharon had not been persistantly turning over every stone she’d not be in the position to get an offer, but being in the right place at the right time, simple co-incidence or something more?

  • 81
    suri says:

    Well, got to try phone in refi app again? This doesn’t work as well in real life as they propose it will! lol

    Think there may be one clerical position at a school to apply for but OMG a local hospital just cut all staffing by 112 positions and a couple of other companies are laying off!! More rockiness is not needed… It continues to seem employers are letting go l/t EE with higher wages and then hiring $8.00 wages with ALL the available people out there!!

    Make today a happy one for all. Peace and hope.

    • 81.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Did you ever hear anything back from the other clerical school position you applied to? I really don’t understand why you’re not hearing back–you have such a magnificent background and experience and you would be such an asset to anyone.

      It doesn’t surprise me about the hospital layoffs. I know everyone keeps saying health care is the field to get into and that it is the most secure etc., but my experience has not been that, and around here they are laying off hospital staff everywhere, and in every area–clerical, nursing etc., the only ones who have security seem to be the MDs. I really don’t see anything that’s secure anymore. The food industry has always been touch ‘n go, and particularly worse now, restaurants closing all over the place. Manufacturing is not growing but is being outsourced. Retail is at the mercy of the economy…so many stores around here have closed, stores that have been institutions, just gone almost overnight. Car dealerships have closed and collapsed onto itself, have to travel further to get any warranty work done–sometimes hours away. Schools, teachers are being both furloughed and layed off. Gov’t employees have frozen salaries, open jobs are not being replaced, and they too are losing jobs. State gov’t is as bad (or worse) than Federal gov’t. There is practically nothing that has gone untouched or unaffected. UGA has increased their tuition repeatedly, and now they may have to reduce staff because they just can’t keep increasing tuition or they’ll have nobody who can afford to attend. And, as you say, the jobs that people are being let go, IF they are filling them, they are filling them with salaries in the $8/hr range and no benefits. They may be still talking about extended benefits, but what I hear mostly is the talk about the individual states cutting the unemployed off, not extending benefits. And, of course, the GOP is still after the unemployed, the elderly, seniors, children, the poor, wanting to reduce or do away with all social services. I just really cannot see how this can continue.

      You are so kind in sharing my happiness and excitement with me. Whoever would have thought they would be so happy to have a part-time, seasonal, low-paying job?!!? Of course, I’ve been applying to any and everything for so long–Kohl’s, JCP, Kroger, Publix, Mickie D’s, banks, nanny/babysitters, housecleaning, elder care, and an array of office jobs of all sorts. I would have been happy at any time to have been offered anything…and I am now so grateful to be given an opportunity, and even better is that they are excited about having me on board! I hope their excitement continues.

      I did a lot of my running around today, but I forgot to get a battery installed for my watch. Such a pain, you can’t get a batter installed for a watch at a local store unless you bought the watch there; you have to take it to a jeweler…even for inexpensive watches. Don’t know if the battery is the only problem, but it’s a good place to start. It’s under warranty if I can find the box and where to send it to if it’s anything else. Got some tops…one at a warehouse club where I couldn’t try them on but the prices are outstanding and I can return them if they don’t fit or I don’t like them. Got a couple more tops and a pair of pants at Kohl’s, because they have a good return policy, and a pair of shoes. Will try stuff on here along with things I have, and anything I don’t like, redundant, or doesn’t fit I will return. Shoes I will try wearing in the house for a little bit to make sure they are comfortable–usually about 20-30 minutes will tell me if I’ll be able to stand them or not. Since I’m so short, everything is so long on me that I have to have some kind of heel or platform (or both), and I’m no good at hemming pants (if I have to cut them off, I’ve been known to ruin pants–so I don’t try it anymore), and having them altered makes the total cost ridiculous even for pants on sale. One day I’m going to be tall!-LOL!

      Will try to remember to take watch tomorrow–guess I need to try on clothes tonight so I can return anything tomorrow, and go out to visit daddy tomorrow since Thursday will be out, and I need to pay bills. Also have to look into something legal for daddy, I was caught off guard by something in the mail today–I’ve had two to three weeks of these kinds of things in the mail lately for him that I’ve had to deal with. Hope this one isn’t going to be a problem!! Everyone wants you to give them blood practically when it comes to dealing with things for him. I understand that they need to be careful, but for crying out loud, when I’m trying to GIVE them money, you’d think they’d accept that I have the right to do that, wouldn’t you?!?!! And it takes forever, and repeated phone calls or letters, to get anything taken care of. I’m always astounded by all the paperwork and the legalities for every single thing–and overwhelmed. Like I said, perhaps it is best I’m only taking on a p/t job, as all the things related to daddy (visiting and laundry, MD appts, the legal stuff, etc.,) is a part-time job in itself.

      Okay, I need to go and eat and then get busy with all the rest of the stuff before I become overwhelmed and don’t accomplish anything! Thought I might get a chance to relax just a little bit before starting the new job, but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Best layed plans…..

      Yes Suri, I wonder and worry and am curious about Angel-NYC and StaciB too. It’s been a while for both, longer for StaciB. Maybe she’s gotten something associated with her having been responsible for the building of two houses from the ground up–she seemed to be interested in that, and maybe she found something. But I don’t know what’s happened to Angel-NYC. Last time she said things were happening, but didn’t say what–and it didn’t seem like it was good, and she had computer problems and maybe a virus…I’m just wondering if she’s not able to contact us, and if she’s struggling to try to find a way to apply for jobs. When people don’t post, I can’t help but worry about them…and probably my imagination is worse than reality.

      Thanks for sharing my happiness—will you share my nerves too as it gets closer?!

  • 82
    suri says:

    Sharon – Nerve sharing IS on my list! lol Glad to hear prep is going well. Feel we are living viciously with your adventure in retail. It’s always, always about the people part of the work environment. Hope for some great ones who really deserve YOU!

    Yeah, I’m ‘height challenged’ also but I do hem, often. 5’2″ and always told the guys “I can do everything the big people do!” except, of course, reach the top shelves when putting inventory away. Always good at using aides and sticks to get at things though.

    FINALLY got through to bank site after three days of trying and leaving call backs and the freaking computers are down! LOL Another day…

    Getting DH off on his fishin’ trip on Saturday so washing all his jeans and stuff to pack. A couple of the other guys shop and cook the food. His job is cleaning fish. Hope they have some decent weather next week. It’s 80 degrees today!! WoopYee!! Peace.

  • 83
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri: So you’ve left call backs at the bank for three days now and no one has returned your call?! What a way to run a business, huh? And wouldn’t you know it…when you reach them the computers are down! I can remember I went to daddy’s bank one time to make a deposit. When I went to the counter the lady looked at me and said, “If you want money, I can’t give you any. The computers are down.” Isn’t it a sorry state of affairs that we have become so dependent on computer technology that nothing can function without it? That’s scary, quite frankly. See, I know it’s more work, but I’m a proponent of doing paper and computer. One day something horrific is going to happen and our country is going to come to a total standstill because we are at the mercy of the computer. We thought we were controlling it–but it controls us. Same as with personal technology. We thought it was going to save us time…instead, we’ve become enslaved by it–the cell phones, iphones, ipads, netbooks, notebooks–it follows us everywhere, you can’t get away from people or technology anywhere. Everyone is supposed to be plugged in 24/7. That’s not a savings of time. You just have to wonder where it all will end.

    This should be a really nice trip for your DH…bonding with his buddies, catching and cooking fish, being outdoors and just enjoying. Again, I hope you will take this opportunity to treat yourself kindly, to pamper yourself a little, maybe spend some time with a favorite friend (or yourself). Claim this as “kind to Suri weekend.”

    Well, off to do bills and all the other stuff. Better luck with the bank tomorrow–hope you get to talk to a real live person who has computer access.

  • 84
    Sharon-GA says:

    Good Wed. morning! Woke up early this morning and went OMG, is it Thursday?!–and I’ve overslept?!! Never had trouble with my days before, but so anxious about the new job that I was afraid I’d slept and wouldn’t be able to get there on time. Nerves are setting in. Didn’t get a chance last night to try the clothes on again…was late by the time I finished doing bills and the other stuff I had to do, so will do that this a.m. so I can take stuff back if I need to. And then get ready to go see daddy. And take the watch for battery. Pretty much by the time I get things done today the day will be over. Wish me luck tomorrow. Hope my nerves calm down a little. DD said just relax and enjoy it…easier said than done, I’m afraid!!

    Will be back later to check in on everyone. Let us know, Suri, if you’re able to get hold of your bank people (finally)!

    • 84.1
      endoftheworld says:

      Good look tomorrow Sharon,it will be an exiting day!
      Hopefully the first day you actually work will be on a week-day when there’d be less people around or have they allready scheduled you for THIS w/e?

      I don’t think the eye drs. group will be calling me in for an interview since I was not very gung ho on the 3 office commute idea, I did say i’d do it but I likely did not sound enthusiastic enough or maybe they were expecting the candidate to say it’s no problem at all as i’ve not gotten any response from my last e-mail. I have to wonder about the online directions as well, the middle office is 32 miles and 35 min? It’s highly unlikely unless everybody is actually driving 65 on the hwy. which has not been my experience driving in that direction esp. during “rush hour”. My last job I worked that dir. but got off a much earlier exit and it took me 1/2 hr. to get to work driving like 45-50 and this one is 18 miles further. Sometimes the online directions CAN be spot on timewise tho, very astounding.

      I did just got another call this am. to come in TODAY for another interview. One of those jobs I applied to for the H of it, because I couldnt find anything I wanted, so of course I get called in! The pay was not bad $16/hr! but p/t temp to perm. they apparently want someone to start ASAP being that they wanted me to come today or tommorow and will be done with interviews by Fri. I just applied for this Tues, oh wait, that IS yesterday. I think the job was posted Mon. this is not usual for around here but I guess they are short staffed. Oh, now i see it was posted on May 6th as being “new”. BUT on the original job posting website April 26th! well that’s lovely, am surprised they are still taking new applicants, this was another “will train the right candidate” it’s heavy phones and data entry, not exactly my cup of tea. It’s an office administrator position, in some kind of oil cleanup co, the website is real sexy, pictures of large trucks and dirty ponds, I imagine it’s not in a location I can go for a walk lunchtime. It’s over in NY state and I’m not familiar with the area so have to examine map. Unfortunately the hours are 8-5, I’ve been late to work having a 8 min. commute for 8am, this is at least 1/2 hr, I’d have to get up 6:30 UGH!
      I said in my cover letter I took a class in quickbooks, as this was a preferred skill, however that was a 1/2 day seminar 2 yrs. ago so I am not proficient or even remember much about it but am certain that’s why I was called in, Quickbooks is not as widely used anymore other than by smaller businesses, I rarely see it asked for in job ads, PowerPoint seems to be the more important one, but never needed to use that on the job at all.

      Speaking of tech. a neighbhoring HS is getting rid of books and paper! I cannot believe it, they are giving I-Pads to ALL incoming students starting next school year and they will put some app on it for downloading books and won’t be issuing textbooks. It showed a picture of some students in the library, working on i-pads with their fingers, no more pens and pencils either. I was born waay too late. I yearn for a simplier time pre-computers. I miss my record player and Monkees and Beegees albums too.

      Another fun and exiting day. Thank God the interview is later in the day, i’ve not eaten b-fast yet and think this will be one those days I wont be out for my run before noon.

      • 84.1.1
        endoftheworld says:

        sposed to be “good luck”!

      • 84.1.2
        Sharon-GA says:

        EOTW: Haven’t gotten schedule–hope they don’t have me scheduled for next Wed or Fri–as my orthopaedic F/U is Wed., and daddy’s cardiology appt is Friday and takes the better part of the day. She didn’t ask me for my schedule when she called to offer me the job, but I will definitely mention it tomorrow. Scheduling may actually not be until next week I guess, because there are 2 “onboarding” days–Thurs and Mon., but I don’t know enough about retail to have any clue. In my interview, I did ask about scheduling and how far in advance you know your schedule, and she said they had made schedules for next week…so don’t know how they are handling the ‘newbies.’ I will definitely speak with her about it tomorrow…as these were scheduled in advance and are not easy to change.

        Doesn’t sound like the job is sexy, like you say, or particularly something you’d be really excited about, but the good thing is that they need someone soon. Temp to perm may be good because it could give you an opportunity to test the waters and see how you like it and how you like them, so that could be an advantage. I always find it kind of disconcerting to have them call and want an interview the same day. I’ve actually been called and they wanted me to be there within an hour—here I sit in my pjs, no shower yet, live 30-40 minutes away…what, do they think we’re sitting here all dressed, showered, and ready to jump in the car and break the sound barrier to get to their interview?! If they give me a few hours, I don’t have a problem, but I wonder about the people/companies/businesses who ask the impossible–figure they ask the impossible on the job too, and want to pay you nothing for your efforts. Just like the job I got called to interview for when mom died and they wanted me to come in on the day of the funeral…I explained the situation and asked if they could make it the next day…and was told no, sorry, but only interviewing one day–and it was the next day. Those are people you probably wouldn’t want to work for/with anyway. Let us know how the interview goes. It is too weird that you get called in for interviews for jobs you really don’t want…and the ones you want you never hear anything!

        I can’t believe that a school is doing away with paper and pencils/pens and textbooks!! I know they don’t teach penmanship anymore, and they want to stop teaching cursive writing. I agree with you, I’ve always felt that I was born out of place and time…I belong so much further back. And wouldn’t you think it would be prohibitively expensive to give everyone ipads?

        I’ve found Mapquest to be pretty accurate MOST of the time about the amount of time it takes to get places, but I’ve also found that in some instances they are way out because they have not taken into account the traffic for rush hour, or they have not taken into account the number of stop lights you get stuck in. It’s calculated for the ‘ideal,’ which pretty much doesn’t exist around here. And all the road work they are doing here is going to make a mess out of traffic that is already hellish without construction delays and lanes closed.

        Have to run. Do let us know about the interview. Temps today in the low 90s–11 degrees higher than our norm for the day.

      • 84.1.3
        suri says:

        EOTW – We just CAN’T miss a day with you or we’d be all ‘off track’! lol There are alot of p/t, temp to perm jobs imho to ‘try out’ EE’s. EVERYTHING involved with employment is so convaluted these days! I’m liking the idea of $16 hr and asap. Get on with it and hope for the best! Whatever you need to know, you will figure out!! In my humble experience, small business cannot afford all the upgrades in software and ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?’ Of course, I don’t think the corporates including hospitals and healthcare can either, but they just lay people off!!

        Don’t ‘talk’ yourself out of it (not sexy! lol) — who knows until you see? I’m, please don’t misunderstand, not lecturing as I WELL KNOW we are all struggling with not expecting much…

        Sorry, but think you’re right about travel for eye doctor and the time involved also! I hate when I hear commentators discuss jobs like 8 hours when most of our lives DH have had at least a 45 min commute so you’re talking 11 hours!! And that’s without extra hours, meetings, dinners, etc. Just feeling bitter about the ‘investment’ of all those years not paying off.

        Sending you off on a new adventure and good vibes for a result that pleases YOU! If they are wise and lucky, they will choose you! Just know we are with you! Peace and high hopes.

  • 85
    suri says:

    Sharon – YOU are too cute! lol Love that you allow us to peak in at your excitement. I guess our take away from these experiences is that nothing comes easily and we don’t take ANYTHING for granted anymore!

    We will miss your postings and won’t expect you to have any time until you get day off. Just the ole ‘one day at a time’ (as if we haven’t done that a million times! LOL) As in most aspect to life wishing you luck (it does play a part) and smooth sailing with training and co-workers.

    I DID IT! Changed out my wardrobe from winter heavy stuff to capris and tees. Oh, sorry I’ll check bank later…
    And I think DH should get screens on before he leaves. Believe me, we were thinking 80 degrees would never happen! It’s soul-lifting just to sit on porch or in the yard and be grateful!

    I love that Rachael Maddox and Ed Show, etc. have maintained decent attention to the middle class and it’s demise. To what effect is unseen? I’m hoping it’s like finding Bin Laden;however, think it’s taking about as long…

    I continue to hear almost daily of unemp friends and relatives who are continuing down the ‘black hole’ of making choices that weren’t good then but just to SURVIVE now owing back taxes and unemp. I am not on that committee, let alone the chairman, to JUDGE others actions but you can’t fault anyone for thinking “things will get better, by then…”

    Went to lunch with DS. Not too bad. Won’t see her for awhile as they are going to Arbu. I’m always happy that others, especially those we love, have not been tested as we have been. Went to Bob Evans and they have lots of choices that are $6/7 dollars range. I’ve learned to just order water with meals also! My servers probably hate me…

    Agree with you on the inconvenience of watch batteries. I have always had a good ‘internal’ clock for time anyway but it’s always good to confirm! lol

    Well, hope your day goes well and we hear from EOTW or others ‘out there’. Just to compare notes on how to get from here to the next place? Peace and hope.

  • 86
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri: Since it’s part-time, I will likely be trying to keep up with you all here. I will have to give my first priority to the job, of course, and to learning what I need, and to working around my schedule to take care of daddy and all the rest of the stuff, but I definitely don’t intend to disappear into the nether.

    Glad your lunch with DS went okay, know that’s always fraught with emotion and tension. Glad to know she didn’t insist on dining at a fancy, expensive restaurant!!

    Tried on all clothes and had kind of hoped to return some things, but everything looks good and fits–still not quite sure about shoes though. I got some white tops because I don’t always look great in all black–have fair porcelain complexion (read no color other than fake blush), and black sometimes makes me look drab and washed out. She said I could wear a white top with a black cardigan/vest over it, so I got a couple of white tops so I can brighten up my face a little (most of my white anything are old and more yellowish from age and many washings). I’ll reevaluate after I start working so I see what I’m doing and then return. I have minimum of 30 day return, max any, and in between 90 days. Got good value for my money, but don’t like to spend anything…so it’s more than I wanted to spend.

    Have to run…take care of watch, and see daddy, and get back home and take care of anything else I’ve probably overlooked in my growing case of nerves and excitement.

    As mentioned above, temps here today 90-92, 11 degrees above our norm for this date. WAY too warm for my liking this early in the season. I have a very small window of temps that I am actually comfortable–a 5-10 degree window and anything above or below it is just uncomfortable.

    Have to make arrangement with the NH for celebrating daddy’s birthday, 06/02. DD said she’d bake cakes to cut costs, and I would buy sugar-free cookies and drinks for those not able to eat cake. Will need to let work know that that day is not available. I don’t have a lot I can’t work around, but there are some things…like my appts next week Wed and Fri (Wed my ortho f/u and Fri daddy’s cardiology appt–which takes the better part of the entire day). Hope this isn’t going to be a problem….?

    Okay, now call the bank….seasonal clothing change accomplished…yuck!

    • 86.1
      suri says:

      Sharon – Yeah, haven’t ‘gotten through’ yet to bank. I have good karma re EOTW job call! Keep our winning streak going!

      My #2 son’s Bday is same as Dad’s. Woo woo, the connections are just spooky sometimes! lol He will be 30! He LOVES cake the best of any of my kids but is quite the healthy eater. He also cooks too!

      Like that clothing all could work and you haven’t forgotten how to shop! lol White is always a problem for those of us who live in the country with well water even with softeners. DD seems to have to learn this many times! Am constantly amazed at how LITTLE we have purchased last two years and how long we can make things ‘make do’! DH jeans are now all mostly everyday with only a couple of pairs decent. Maybe for Dad’s day? And after fishing trips there is always stuff that just gets thrown away! lol

      I envy having a work schedule to, if nothing else, put things in a better perspective and balance (not to mention the paycheck! lol) Everything needs it’s own space but too much of anything is not good. That’s often been my problem, just obsessing over situations with no distractions. I’m really hopeful for scheduling to ‘fall into place’ with your personal needs.

      Thanks for your insight on DS. It seems our relationships with friends are filled with much more ‘pure love’ and connections than our family at times? I tell myself that it’s that family just doesn’t want to worry or even have to feel bad about our financial circumstances;however, it rather comes out as ‘it’s not THAT BAD?’ or ‘but what did you do with your money?’ or, my fav ‘that’s over and done with! (my former life, thank you very much) SO LET IT GO!
      Wow, I feel so much better that I got that out! lol

      Could chat much more but going to go for now. Peace and hope.

  • 87
    suri says:

    Hey! Never a dull moment (or if you’re alive you have problems category! lol) DH tried to switch on central ac and of course, no go. Often happens at beg of season. Am embarrassed at old unit is, but worked fine last season. This is one of these ‘we probably need to replace, than put more money in (like refrig!)’ Come with that home equity loan! Another day lost on that effort seemingly…

    When online earlier, DH’s IN unemp popped up with “renew your claim” and allowed me to update? No balance available so?? But as Sharon says they are at least still going to know we’re waiting!

    DH is like a ‘cat on a hot tinroof’ under any circumstances so his excitement is over the top! So wish we could have put all that energy to better use! He has mowed lawn and outside chores so they can load boat & equipment on Friday and leave Saturday morn at 8:00 a.m. Not the usual ‘butt crack of dawn’ as my DD would say! LOL

    DD is still at loose ends and I’m feeling guilty (#1 Mom’s job, huh!) that our age/stage has spilled over on her own frustrations at career beg? I think she (being a girl?lol) takes things to heart much too often and having been in the ‘thick of things’ here with us has absorbed our angst at times. Any advice from the bleacher seats?

    Just ironed (I know, DD says no one does but me? lol) but watched some Dylan Ratigan show with the never ending description of the bringing down of the middle class by the banks and credit card industry. To what avail? CC companies have converted everyone to adj rates at 20% or more for even best credit records and we ‘wonder’ why the consumer/economy doesn’t pick up?? Are ya’ kiddin’ me? Somewhere, somehow Obama has to get jobs open or we as a nation will slip further and further down…

    Hoping for EOTW a real human for her interview also. There could be two left in the world, can’t there? She is just what they need, whether they know it yet or not!! And you Miss Sharon will be good to go tomorrow to V-S world. Beg a new job uses extra energy, remember be kind to yourself? Peace and Hope.

  • 88
    Sharon-GA says:

    Everyone: Please read below.

    Subject: Tell Boehner: Hands off Medicare

    Dear Friend,

    Republican House Speaker John Boehner is trying to destroy Medicare.

    At a recent speech, he threatened to force the government to default on its debt, which would drive us back into a deep recession, unless Congress passed something like Rep. Paul Ryan’s extremist and irresponsible budget.

    The Ryan budget proposal would destroy Medicare and replace it with a voucher program for seniors who’d be dumped into the private insurance market. And if the vouchers didn’t cover the cost of insurance, too bad.

    I just signed a petition telling Speaker Boehner how outrageous his position is, and I hope you do too.

    You can find more information and take action at the link below.

  • 89
    Sharon-GA says:

    Tribe: Going to be short, as I got back just a bit ago and still haven’t eaten all day, and then want to take the rest of the evening to relax. Had a near catastrophe–was trying to superglue a post into an earring–and got all over my fingers, which stuck to the post and to each other. Moved quickly, then had to try and scrub the residue off with kitchen Dobie and lots of soap. Got most of it off.

    Got new battery in watch and that resolved the problem. Went to see daddy, spent a little time outside in the heat, but gave him a change of scenery and a little fresh air. Told everybody at the NH the good news about my job, and tried to drum up business for V-S–told everybody to come and see me. They are all happy for me, got lots of hugs, and people keep forgetting about my shoulder and keep patting me on it. It’s funny, never realized how often people touch my shoulder until you need to be aware of it. Lots of people say they shop there and they want me to let them know about sales, and if I have a fixed schedule so they can come and see me. The activities director, who asks me every time she sees me about the job search, said how providential it was that I broke my shoulder, because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been in V-S. She’s right!! Funny how things work out, isn’t it? Signs of that Divine Intervention that EOTW mentioned? The staff at the NH have always been good to me. I was not the easiest person when mom was dying, and she hadn’t been there that long and I didn’t really have an established relationship with anyone there at that time. I was pretty demanding when mom was doing so bad, wanting to make sure she had pain meds when she needed, and her breathing treatments, and I pestered until she got them. She always hated her breathing treatments, and I knew at that point they weren’t going to save her, but I wanted her to be as comfortable as she possibly could be, so I’d administer them to her and then I’d breathe with her to help her, “Breathe deep baby, come on mom, you can do it, deep breath, thatsa girl, you can do it. Again, deep breath baby….” On and on the whole time, like a cheerleader. I looked up once and saw the staff standing 3 deep at the door to their room watching, with tears in their eyes. When I would cry, someone would come and hold me. Sometimes at night they’d bring me a rolling tray of snacks and coffee. And now they are cheering me on for my new job, saying encouraging things and hoping that this will mean new doors opening for me and opportunities to have more time and more $$ and more security. So lucky to have them and you all. Wish you could come and shop at V-S—well, after things improve. It would be really nice to meet you in person…. So anyway, drumming up business for V-S before I ever even get there.

    $16/hr sounds really wonderful to me—whether it’s a ‘sexy’ job or not, even whether it’s quite up my alley. But again, I can usually find something about a job to like, and I understand that EOTW finds it a little harder. I hope this will be something positive for you, EOTW.

    Please look at the post above and cut and paste the link…we don’t need to lose Medicare on top of everything else. And isn’t it just like the GOP to again hold the Democrats hostage, saying they won’t raise the debt limit unless they get what they want….”Waaaaaa, waaaa, I’m going to take my ball and go home.” So infantile. The he-double-l with the people it affects, I just want to get what I want. I get so angry I could spit. Makes you just want to grab him by the collar and shake the stuffin’ out of him!!–bleary-eyed cry-baby! Sorry–just cannot like that man!

    I’m not sure there’s a lot you can do to undo the situation with your DD. Yes, she has probably absorbed some of this from you and DH, but she’s also experiencing some of this for herself, which only confirms what she’s heard from you. And truly, what would you undo? The reality of the work world is out there, and she’s probably better educated and informed about it and how to deal with it than most…so in some ways, whether you like it or not, you’ve probably given her a step up. She’s not one of these innocents who thinks that just because things don’t go her way at work she can just up and quit and walk into another job–she knows better. There are still people out there without a clue, particularly youngsters.

    Not happy about your a/c…actually a little alarmed! I know what it’s like to live without A/C in GA, and it’s not pretty!! The walls sweat, drawers stick closed, clothes smell musty and no amount of cologne or anything else takes the stench out, purses grow green stuff, to say nothing of how uncomfortable it is, and how many people die in GA without A/C during the heat of the summer. Oh yeah—I’ll have to tell you some time about the house I moved from when I moved to this house–the tales I could tell are hilarious, if you’re not actually living it.

    No, actually, there’s one other person who irons (sometimes), and if not iron, uses one of those little steamer contraptions!–depends on how bad it is or how stubborn the wrinkles.

    Sounds like hubby is really excited about his fishing trip!! That’s nice. Remember, take some time for yourself while he’s gone….be good to yourself.

    Have to go eat and relax a tad, or the night is going to be gone before I know it. I’ll keep you both with me tomorrow morning….

  • 90
    endoftheworld says:

    Well it was a tragic day, not sure yet of the extent of the tradgedy but MY peak in the NW Hills suffered/is suffering under a HUGE forest fire: 125 acres plus! I’ve been sick all day. There is little on the i-net out there on this as it’s a tiny town and who really cares about a forest fire out in the boonies. I wanted to go help put it out but they will only take certified volunteer firemen and I don’t exactly have an axe or chainsaw in my coat closet. This is right on MY trail from the backroads way. Some BLEEPING idiot, whom I could kill right now, either started it by having a fire or throwing a cigarette. Fires are NOT allowed up there, not even at the official camp sites. I was actually planning on going tomorrow as it’s sposed to be mid 70′s and BRILLIANT Sunshine but no word on if the fire is actually out and it is certain that the forest has not stopped smoldering yet and may continue to smolder and be a high fire alert for days. They had to whack my trail wider to get ATV’s and 4 wh. drives to bring water up there but mainly they were chopping a fireline to contain the blazes. The surrounding towns have no fire dept. only volunteer. 3 States were involved. Very scary no new updates. I am as upset as if my own house burned down. I was JUST there on Monday and did not want to leave, I almost cried (another psychic premonition?) anyhow it happened Monday night, at midnight some resident saw fire on the mountain and called 911. This area is like Nirvana, I’d imagine that what Heaven look like, i even did a googlesearch on the legends, lore and spirits of the area, because I truly feel a psychic connection and interestingly my friend does too tho he is not as fixated as me, going there every week but he works so he can’t. I truly feel that is God’s Country and am so sad for all the destruction and all the poor frightened animals. I have put out potential forest fires before at other places where idiots leave a pile of smoldering wood out on a windy area with dry leaves and branches all over the ground, alls it takes is a gust of wind to blow a glowing ember into a pile of leaves and woosh. Just last yr. there was one where the wood was actually smoking and when I poked it and turned a log around it was still glowing/burning, I didnt have enough water so I had to poke at it with a rock until it went out and it took a long time, I was really afraid to leave it be, the wood was too hot to touch and some idiots had just left it to burn out on a dry windy ledge.
    Am afraid the road/trail will be closed for the season or even permenently as a private corp owns the surrounding land and this might be the last straw in allowing the public access (there are NO Trespassing signs everywhere), the road was in bad shape before and am sure any firefighting ATV’s or trucks going up there made the ruts too deep for my little car to go thrue, plus the trail I used itself was cut so that vehicles go thrue (it was quite narrow and also wet but one could pass on strategically put rocks). this is a very desolete less used access to the AT in the NW Corner, the most undeveloped and mountainous region in the State bout 6000 acres, it’s like a wilderness paradise. I will be devestated if they close it off, I’ve been worrying that the Corporation will decide to develope it as it is which would completely ruin the wilderness feel of the place.
    I can only pray that the lack of news means, it was a non-event I mean besides the 125 acres of beautiful trees and wildflowers being consumed, this week has been dry, sunny and very warm, no rain in forecast till the w/e.
    I don’t know what I will do tomorrow, all of the trails/peaks in that area I access from the same road and from the description the fire was/is right there, not even sure if the trail exists or the lookout is just charred shrubbery. I know it will smell for weeks too having witnessed much smaller scale forest fires and the forest or park service will likely have it off limits so that it can grow back and God knows for how long. Very few people really care about the place as nobody lives there, only hikers go there and most don’t go the back way as it takes quite a bit longer to drive to parking area but the actual trail is much shorter than going from the main paved rd. which is a 3 mile slog uphill and a bit too much for me and the main lot is always full, on w/e cars spill out onto the rd. the other side is much quieter and private.
    I may call the selectmens office in the town to find out. I cannot believe I was there Monday and just had such a feeling that I don’t want to go. I kept telling myself I can come back.

    The job interview was a waste of time. I think it would be a bad fit. Oh the ‘girl’ who looked to be a recent college graduate and was actually both Mgr. and HR Dir. told me the pay is $14/hr NOT $16 and when I showed her the ad, she’s like oh whatever, I forgot what we were going to pay. They’ve gone thrue 3 people who’ve not worked out as they could not handle it? RED FLAG, RED FLAG. She hires you for 2 days a week for 3 weeks to answer the SIX line very busy ringing off the hook phone and do data entry. THEN if you pass AND she think’s you’d be a good fit, you get M-F 8-5 but in the further office which is 1 hour from me and she will give you more stuff to do as she sees fit. I wondered if she was the owners daughter, she just seemed ill suited for such a high level job. This was the only time i’ve felt underdressed, being a small business in a warehouse, i figured business casual be fine, the rest of the staff was but she was in a dressy suit dress and heels. I was asked the most inane questions about my work philosophy and work ethic and how do I work and why do I work and why do I want this particular job and why am I the best candidate, etc.
    Like I said, I could not identify with the industry, waste-oil management, try as I might I have no interest in the service they offer. It’s like I applied for an office assist. job at a local garbage hauler, it was also in a crappy industrial warehouse type complex with dump trucks in the huge lot and the owner asks how come I want to work there and I’m like um I need a job? The office looked like it was furnished from throwaways somebody picked out from the the dumpsters.
    Anyhow the next step will be a 3 hr. computer skills test if I’m called back. I doubt I will be called as I got quite annoyed at the questioning, ya know, like I need a job missy, why else I apply here? answering phones and doing data entry are not rocket science and ya really don’t wanna know my work ethic or lack thereof. I was so enraged like what dummy would say, oh gee I have no work ethic, I hate working! Course I hate to lie which made me even more irritated. I was also asked to describe a conflict between me and my boss and how I resolved it, I blathered something out but think from now on when I get these questions I dont like or cannot answer appropriately I will just say I have no ex. to give, my and my boss always get along!

    • 90.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      EOTW: I read your post this morning before I left but didn’t have time to respond. I am SO sorry about the forest fire and your trail. I could feel your pain and anger and frustration–pain at the loss, anger at who might have caused it unthinkingly, and frustration that you couldn’t do anything to help. I was crushed for you. I am not a hiker, but I do love nature and BF calls me a “tree hugger,” which he doesn’t have much use for. When there was the oil spill, I was so crushed and angry and frustrated…the same kinds of feelings you are having. I wanted to go and help the pelicans and other bird life, but they only wanted people with rescue experience, and I knew I couldn’t afford to pay for a place to stay or to pay for care for my girls while I was gone…thought about staying in my car, but still had the problem of the girls. Anyway, please know that I know how you feel and I feel your pain and wish there was something I could do or say that would make you feel better. I watched daily the devastation from the oil spill, and even though they say it has largely cleared, I still see programs where they show that many of the marshes and the lands where the pelicans live are destroyed, there are still problems with fish life, and it is still unknown how much and how long that damage will last. The same is true for forested areas with wildlife and wildflowers and the trees, the the loss of trees makes it more likely to have flooding since trees help with soil erosion etc. These kinds of disasters have much more far-reaching affects than people generally think. I would like to say that you can find peace with this, but I don’t think there is any peace to be found for it.

      As far as the interview and the job…I think it was probably NOT a mistake that they put the wrong salary down, I believe they purposely misrepresented themselves. And if it was a ‘mistake’ and they are that nonchalant about what is a very important ‘mistake,’ then they are incredibly sloppy. In either case, most likely NOT a company you’d want to work for anyway (IMHO). I was rather hopeful for this one just because it was decent pay–but the whole experience sounds like it was dreadful. Strange that they were so dressed up, don’t you think? Did you see that there were a lot of ‘walk-in’ people coming in? Not much sense in spending a lot of time thinking about it…just move on and continue the search. Think you kind of need a day to absorb all that has happened.

      Maybe you can go and see for yourself how things are where the fire was/is, just to satisfy yourself, and maybe see how bad it really is (or isn’t). Not suggesting that you put yourself in danger by walking the trails right now, but maybe just go to the area so you can see and maybe talk with someone about it. My heart hurts for you.

      Went to training. As with most jobs, much more involved than is readily apparent to the casual shopper…lots to learn. People are still exceptionally helpful and professional and I continue to be impressed. Don’t have a schedule yet and have to do some computer info from home. There started out with 4 of us today, but one left because she works for one of the other brand stores, and that’s not allowed, so she chose to stay where she was. The other 3 people will train on Mon. As their staffing permits, they will schedule us for “shadowing” and getting our feet wet, and then later on do a schedule. We filled out paperwork and watched a video, got an informed tour of the store and were taught how to measure and fit, tried on merchandise. It was a very busy session and lots of things to bring home and study. Again, I’m impressed. A little nervous…but am sure that will get better once there is a regular enough schedule to begin to feel confident.

      Hope to hear from you later so you can update us about the trail…and, of course, your job search.

  • 91
    suri says:

    EOTW – I’m so sorry on BOTH counts, your trail and the interview. Hopefully the final reports on damage will be less than what you are anticipating? Renewal in nature is often as destructive as it is in our own lives! We will all RISE from ashes. lol

    Your interview reminds me of my group one! Horrors, rude, and disrespectable!! A 3 hr computer test? WOW, I’m speechless. I’m with ya’ on the STUPID questions — shows their lack of confidence in their own skills imho. And this thing with ‘whatever’ about wages or locations etc. is just disgusting. Talk about using jobs to an unfair advantage? And we spend time and money to be shot down like this? Hope they get what they deserve, but it isn’t YOU! There is something so much better out there, around the corner, just for you…

    It’s late so wishing all well and Sharon a good start tomorrow and you back to the hunt. Peace.

  • 92
    suri says:

    Sharon – I saw commercial and I think your doggie girls will soon have their own V-S beach towels! Hope you’re doing the ‘one day at a day’ boogie we’ve ALL learned to LOVE! lol

    EOTW – Hope your ‘trail’ news both for job hunt and the mtns is better than expected. Got to go to Wal-Mart for a few snacks for DH fishing trip, Twiseliers (? red gummy stick things), Good and Plenty, nuts, jerky, etc. so he thinks of me! LOL Catch up later. Peace.

    • 92.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Read above in response to EOTW about how my morning went. Found out while there about the beach towel, but didn’t see it–it hadn’t come in yet when we went in, and we were so busy that I didn’t update myself on it before I left. Beach towel would be nice though!

      Sure your hubby doesn’t need trail mix to remember you while he’s gone!!–though it is a sweet thing to do for him.

      Was very upset for EOTW about the forest fire. Her pain was palpable…and I read it before I left this morning and was really crushed for her, but didn’t have time to respond before I left.

      How is the search going? Anything to apply to? Have you gotten in touch with the bank yet?

      Got up very early this a.m.–it takes a while for me to get out of the house–if it was just me it wouldn’t take as long, but I have to feed the girls and let them out at least twice before I leave…so it just takes me a little longer to get out the door than most…so I’m a little tuckered. Plus, like I said, there was lots of information to absorb, lots of paperwork to fill out, and lots of information to bring home and study. Am going out with my girlfriend this evening to S&S for ‘dinner’ and then the theater…so it will be a nice evening.

      My DD is upset…her cell is fried and it’s only 3 mos old and she doesn’t have a land line anymore, and the cell lost all her info and they won’t send her a new one until they receive her new one. She got the kids a phone, but with lots less minutes, that she’s using, so she can’t talk much, and she’s just very upset that she’s lost all her information. She sounded so awful. Our technology really has the ability to make a misery out of our lives.

      Have to go take meds, arm/shoulder hurting…and going to try and rest just a tad.

      Please take care.

      • 92.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        Suri: Correction..won’t send her a new phone until they receive her ‘old’ (nonworking) phone.

  • 93
    suri says:

    Sharon – Very sorry for DD phone troubles. Most feel cell phones are a body part these days! LOL I haven’t given up land line yet as our part of country (literally county) is sketchy on cell service. I am looking into Pure Talk per Clark Howard website. It’s no contract and even unlimited phone is like $39.95 mth and free SIM card or like $4.95 phones. Can add lines for $5.00 etc. My carrier for 12 yr was taken over by A T & T and have made visits to their branches and not impressed by service, rates, or phones. Even the most basic phone is $120. each and of course they want to sell all the new online ones & services and you still have to sign two year contract! DD is thinking of going with Wal-Mart’s Smart Talk phone that EOTW has referred to for $50.00 a mth and no contract. Her current BF has one he likes. So after she decides I may try out this Pure Talk system?
    Any imput appreciated…

    • 93.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Daughter’s phone was Smart Phone through Wal-Mart, and she was very excited about it, until this happened and she can’t get any help and can’t get a new phone until they receive her old one, and no way to test her SIM card or transfer info. That’s what I like about having a local store (through same carrier I’m thinking you have, with the references you made). Don’t like the contract deal, and know rates will probably go up now, but I’m in a contract so not much I can do about it. The local store has been able to help me with any problems I have with my cell, and since I’m not a techie, it’s helpful to have some place to go to get assistance…so to me it’s worth it. Think DD is not quite as enthusiastic about the Smart Phone now as she was prior–especially since phone only lasted 3 months and now she has no info and no phone. I’m not a fan of not having a land line, even though I know it’s old-fashioned. Our power goes out more often than I would like, and having a land line is still good as far as I’m concerned, and service isn’t always as dependable on the cell as I’d like. I don’t have a lot of feedback otherwise, except that I know my DD is not at all happy…and I can understand. She now has to reconstruct all of her information and since she has so many church people on it, it’s not going to be an easy task to do. I have absolutely no need for online for my cell, but the latest phone I bought I did get texting capabilities because DD communicates largely that way, and if I want to hear back from her, this is my best way.

      It’s not just the measuring and fitting (of bras), but the stockroom, merchandising, marketing, knowing all the different styles and the benefits of each, and knowing about the credit card and rewards, and setting up the displays…and that’s not even taking into consideration the cash register yet… It’s very interesting and I think it could be fun, but it’s going to be a learning process, and never having been in “sales,” I’m not really used to approaching people…but being a small store that takes a friendly approach and not hard sales fits me much better–it’s more of a service approach as opposed to sales actually. Also have to go online to arrange for paycheck, and put in availability for scheduling–but can’t do any of that until after 24 hours of hire (meaning when it was initiated in system), so will do that tomorrow sometime most likely. The shoes I got will not work–have to wear all black, so I have to take them back and see if I can find something somewhere else, as none of the black ones there fit, or they fit but hurt, or they didn’t have my size.

      I’m glad you were able to get through to the bank finally and are on your way to resolving that problem. One step at a time….

      I’m still checking the local papers for jobs–seeing if maybe an additional part-time job would work…but there’s pretty much nothing out there. Again, primary attention right now is going to have to be the job I’ve managed to secure…then worry about anything else after that.

      I’m really tired (it’s Thurs. nite 11:37 pm), but I wanted to check in and see how you all were doing, and I’m worried about EOTW because I know how upset she was, and I was hoping she would have posted so we’d know she was okay…I know her heart was crushed with the forest fire, and I wanted to make sure she was alright…but nothing. I hope she’ll post tomorrow and just let us know she’s okay.

      It’s been a long day, so I’m going to start moving myself upstairs to get ready for bed…and tomorrow return shoes, find someplace to buy shoes at reasonable price, pick up prescriptions, and run some other errands. If they can use us over the weekend to shadow and get our feet wet, they’ll give us a call. I’ll be nervous, but I think the sooner the better.

      Yes, there are more guy type jobs around here too…

      Hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow and a great weekend, but I’ll be checking in. I think we’re due to get rain–just not sure which day(s) it’s supposed to be.

      Take care….sleep tight.

  • 94
    suri says:

    Oh, the Bank!! FINALLY, got through and initiated loan process for fixed rate. Never as good as you think (or they advertise! lol) but doable and not going down? The things they need/don’t need are strange? Driver’s license #’s for both of us NEEDED, but didn’t ask for home owner’s insurance info?? Go figure? Everything else is numbers and ‘out there’, I guess. This is our current bank but no one trusts bankers any more (and I used to be one! lol) The fees should be min $125.00 and they will pay appraisal so that makes it the logical place to start. Sorry for all my ANGST in making/accepting this decision. It will be for the best long run and may as well structure our lives as comfortably as possible. After this is complete, 2/3 weeks or so, will try to switch some high int rate CC to PenFed (Pentagon Federal Credit Union) on line. Once you are ‘up and running’ with new emp, maybe you will be able or want to rearrange some??

    Job boards are empty this week except for high level or guy job types? Know what you mean about doggies and extra time allotment. LOVE that you are celebrating your fresh start and hoping NO ONE bursts your ‘happy balloon’! WE do have a new standard of appreciation for the small stuff, don’t we!

    Yeah, we don’t respect enough all there is to a proper bra fit or all the various types and styles. My DD loves V-S wearability and I guess I started her addiction as she is lucky to have great curves so might as well love them! Glad we could afford that!!

    The weather today was worth (well, almost) living through the winter for!! Middle 80′s, just sunny and warm!! Replenishes my soul. Wanted house/yard to be more seasonal for appraisal, couldn’t hurt! I’ll check back later. Peace.

  • 95
    suri says:

    Tribe – Another great day in the neighborhood here! DH will physically leave tomorrow and guys (5) are loading boat, equipment, clothes, today. Mentally he’s been ‘checked out’ for the last two weeks on this trip! LOL

    Ugh, re DD phone again. Yeah, the texting thing divides the generational line, huh? I’m still researching the whole deal of cell phones currently. I understand cell service is another much less complicated/expensive item in foreign countries as here. Where did we go wrong?

    I enjoy hearing all the back room stuff re retail. Like most everything in life, there’s more to IT than meets the eye. I so hope for the day all work is respected for it’s value in our lives and to our lives! Interesting how your availability is posted on-line, etc. I agree ‘the sooner, the better’ on shadowing but truly think approaching customers will be, for the most part (nothing is every 100%!), second nature? Your professional side will allow you to be open, casual, helpful, — hey, you sound like a Girl Scout! lol No, seriously, I have often looked for a sales assistant in V-S who had a little more ‘life experience’ instead of the usual 100 lb, flat-chested gals who didn’t even NEED a bra?! You don’t have to reinvent the system to shine your personality on customers and co-workers alike!

    The shoes are important in “if your feet aren’t happy, you can’t be happy!” mode.

  • 96
    suri says:

    Post cont. – I am reflecting on how much of our life’s journey is emotional/mental and that is more difficult than physical imho. I know times are changing in this country and the world but it seems to lack the speed that I recall in the past? After Clinton came to office, the economy was vastly improved in a year! And the Repubs DO keep shooting themselves in the foot (and other body parts! lol) so gotta love that! “Give them (Repubs) enough rope and they hang themselves” comes to mind.

    With your help here, I seem to be in a more peaceful space in my life. I am changing the things I can, accepting more the things I can’t, and just, perhaps, realizing mostly there is no reality — just my perspective!! Thanks for all the handholding, shoulders to lean/cry on, and open minds/ears to the hurtful outcomes, at times. WE ARE STILL STANDING!!

    EOTW – Please check in and update your news for weekend plans and trail condition? You’ve been mum about your Mom lately? Is she giving you a break or did you ‘go away’ so she could miss you? lol

    Checking the (no)jobs boards and rechecking finances, as always, it seems. Gmom said “It’s no sin to be poor, but it’s darn inconvenient!” Boy, did she have that right!! lol Peace and hope for lovely weekend for all!!

  • 97
    Sharon-GA says:

    Just a quick check-in, have to do a BUNCH of running around today, and when I return try to figure out how to access the website and get everything logged in as a new hire and all the stuff that I have to do on that–and you know it’s never as easy to navigate as you think it should be. Woke up with nervous tummy this a.m., spent lots of time in the bathroom! Have done daddy’s laundry (it’s a little after 10 a.m.) and now just need to exchange shoes and find some place with comfy black shoes on SALE and reasonably priced. Have to xchange purchase at V-S as sister size (who knew?) actually fits better. Have to get gas…and just a whole bunch of stuff all over the place today. Feeling really scattered.

    I found when I worked that week or so at H-L that there is MUCH more to retail than a customer actually realizes, and the same applies here, just a little different. I do think we often don’t value different jobs, and I had much more respect after my short tenure at H-L than I had before, and educated my friends to the same.

    Have to pick up prescription refills, must remember to do that, almost out.

    Will return later, and hope to hear from EOTW too…I’m just a little concerned. I’m sure you’re fine physically, but I’m a little concerned for you emotionally as your post expressed such pain…and I just want to know you’re as ok as you can be under the circumstances.

    Will feel better once I’ve accomplished my running around and get back to home base. I forgot to call daddy yesterday, and felt mortified last night at the theater when I realized I’d not called him. He was very understanding this morning and said he knew I’d call him today.

    Enjoy your day…be back…

    • 97.1
      suri says:

      Sharon – Yeah, so what did you eat at S&S? lol Kind of glad you got out of your routine, even if you did ‘forget’ Dad for a moment. That is exactly what’s missing from my life, the getting involved outside my OCD routine of checking stuff! Sometimes the ‘I can’t afford to’ just mandates my plans and who knew I’d have this much time when I don’t shop, or look at flyers?? Seriously, may have to buy a new pair of cotton slacks as you know how last years black or navy always look faded this year and a couple always need ‘retired’. Otherwise it is amazing. I don’t think I have purchased even a pair of jean for either DH or myself in over two years! Not a clothes horse but don’t want to embarrass children with looking too outdated, either? This is what being “retired” looks like…

      It’s like the emp section just closed it’s doors lately around here except for high level or guy stuff. With gas STAYING at $4.25 gal, everything is on hold? I think many of the p/t or min wage positions have been claimed by someone’s relative or neighbor’s kids, out of/home from school, etc.

      Hey, how was the show? Any weekend plans? Did you get Dad’s car inspected? Well, going to do chores and catch ya’ later. Peace.

      • 97.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        Suri: Yes, got daddy’s car inspected and it passed, registration fee will go out next week. Talked to my girlfriend about renewing daddy’s license and if it was necessary since he doesn’t drive, but needs ID, and she said we can get just a picture ID at the DMV…so that’s another thing to put on my list of things to get accomplished. And, of course, will have to take daddy along since he needs a picture, so have to schedule additional time to go out and pick him up, take him, and take him back…probably at least 3-4 hours of scheduled time to take care of this.

        Got all my errands run today. Still haven’t done the internet thing for work yet…it says wait until after 24 hours–and am so sleepy I can barely stay awake, so think I’ll wait until morning and then try to do everything for deposits and schedules and anything else they want/need–and again, hope the site is not too difficult to navigate. Returned shoes and got another pair. They have to be ALL black…and the majority of shoes, at least around here, have contrasting colors for the wedge–which actually is prettier, I think…but dress code is dress code. These shoes were more expensive than the ones I had gotten, but I went to several places and these were the only acceptable ones I could find. Got my free towel!!

        S&S I had portobello mushroom and swiss burger and fries, and a dark chocolate milkshake for desert. Very tasty. The play was hilarious!! It was Neil Simon’s Rumors, and it was very entertaining. This is just a local group and everything is volunteer, but they do an excellent job! We really enjoyed it. My girlfriend says I should think about volunteering to do something with them.

        Weekend plans? Well, usually go out Sat. nite with BF, and go to see daddy on Sun. Had kind of thought I might go out to mom and dad’s and go to the pool tomorrow–but wouldn’t you know, it’s only supposed to be in the 70s tomorrow, and it’s likely the water isn’t all that warm yet to be comfortable to get into with 70s temps. And Sun to be in the upper 60s. So, might wait a little longer. It would make for a rather busy and rushed Saturday if I did that as I’d have to get back and get ready to go out. And Sunday there usually is not much of any time left over after going to see daddy to do a lot of anything else. Of course, I don’t have to do my job search first, so that gives me a little time in the a.m. Though I still am checking just the local jobs through the local papers online.

        Do you check the local papers online on Sunday a.m.’s? I often found that they would appear on Sun. morning, but disappear by Monday (and they weren’t there on Saturday). Just an idea.

        What are you going to do while hubby is gone?–and don’t say all you’re going to do is clean closets!!–I want to hear about something pleasant for yourself…..c’mon, give it up!!

  • 98
    endoftheworld says:

    hi, i havn’t read the posts and am in a hurry to eat b-fast get dressed and get out but just wanted to say I went up to my peak yesterday and the damage was not even visible! Apparently it was on the east side, lower down and was mainly ground fire altho official #’s are at 80 acres, all the result of a campfire which somebody left to burn out (this is why they are NOT permitted and I found 3 fire rings off the tr only 1 was actually in a safer place, on a bare rock).
    I was imagining blackened trees and burnt shrubery, an ugly mess. Too bad I am not a backpacker woulda stayed up there, really too far to go up in that area again today but another lovely day tho likely will be a bit on the hot side, mid 70′s. there is only a small window of time before it gets too hot, Spring has been getting shorter and shorter in recent years, we go from temps in the 40′s in March/April to 70′s and then 80′s plus in May and the high temps last thru end of Sept, even the Autumn is shorter.
    Weather like this and I truly am glad I am not stuck in an office, I’d likely be taking a 2 hr. lunch and cutting out early and gittin in truble for it too!

    • 98.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      EOTW: So happy to hear you are doing so much better!! Just shows you things can be tragic one day, and the next day you can be lighthearted and a weight lifted from your shoulders. I’m just relieved that you are better and that your trails have not been as badly affected as you had feared (at least not close to you).

      Yes, our spring and fall are becoming shorter too…and summer heat seems to last forever, and it seems like winters are a little longer and colder than what I remember. My two favorite seasons are spring and fall, so I miss that they seem to be disappearing.

      Glad you’re getting out in the good weather and doing what you love, feeding your spirit. We haven’t heard any more about the critters, your neighbors and noise, and your mom? It’s kind of a shame that you don’t backpack so you could stay at your favorite places…but I guess that would be a bit creepy to do on your own, a woman alone; unless you went with a group, and then that would take away from what you seem to like, which is being alone during your hikes. Will you be seeing your friend this weekend?

      Again, glad to hear from you and so relieved the trail is pretty much unharmed.

      • 98.1.1
        endoftheworld says:

        Sharon, what a relief for sure, tho I found out on a hikers website that there was considerable damage to the land even tho it is not visible from the peaks and trails I go.

        I know woman who do camp out alone but I just am really obsessive and rigid when it comes to being clean, I just have to shower every day, esp. after a sweaty day of hiking, I could not sleep if I were all grimy. It is a very cheap way to go tho. I do have a tent and did that camping/hiking trip in AK in ’96 but we were able to wash off most every day using nearby hotel bathrooms with showers or there were quite a few hostel type places with pay showers. I did my one and only ‘sun shower’ there but the water was not warm enough and I could not carry enough water to wash off the shampoo so had interesting attempt at going into the river which was like 40 degrees, raging rapids and where the bears came down to catch salmon and eat the berries on the shore.
        This particular trip was very intense but for some reason I’ve forgotten most of it just snippets like the shower scene comes to mind, me being nekkid by the river and in a real panic that a bear would come looking for dinner (there really were NO people around) and also how i tried to go into Kenai Lake to wash off one day and it was just icy, icy cold and I think I managed to dunk myself for like 3 seconds and screamed as it was painfully cold. The spider thing too is a problem whilst camping. Oh the other day I had a spider, you’ll NEVER believe where?! um it was in my HAIRBRUSH – OMG! it would not come out i banged on it and tried to push it out with nail file, it was literally grasping the bristles, finally it moved a bit and i was able to flick it into the sink, needless to say I not only sterilized the brush but my head as well, massive ICK factor.

        Wow you are really getting some major training, what exactly is your title then? I was hired for p/t holiday cashier or ‘cash wrap’? as they call it, the training was very limited I just remember some videos on VS, like the models modelling the different lines but I think it was just a 1 night thing and I had no shadowing, I was ‘live’ the first night. Sadly the guy who hired me was arrested for something and then fired, I don’t recall exactly, it may have been underage g/f or something, it was in the paper some time ago; he seemed like a nice guy, well he hired me despite the felony, i did think it odd for a young black man to be mgr. at VS tho. and thought he must be gay otherwise they’d never have him in charge of young girls like that. Are there any men at your store?

        The black not bother me, that’s all I wear, I have comfortable black shoes as well, one particular I cannot recall the brand, I think Sears ‘I love comfort’ – they are worn so I can’t read the print.
        For some reason standing all day can be very tiring, more than say hiking for the same amount of time. I think it’s the standing in place and those fluorescent lights are hypnotizing. When I worked at BR for that brief time I had to stand in a very small area in the front of the store, I’d get dizzy after a while and extremely clausterphobic, having the need to pace.

        Again Macy’s has an office job at the store by me, I’ve applied there I dunno how many times, it almost be a waste of time to do it again but I guess I’ll do it for the H of it. I did actually work there in 2001 as a sales assoc. in Better Sportswear but I really loved the clothes and spent quite a bit of my paycheck. I dunno if Liz Claiborne has changed or my tastes have changed but I no longer find the line that appealing, I think the style has changed.

        yes will see my friend tomorrow, tho weather will be cloudy tho and rain sometime in the afternoon. Next w/e is out so he really wanted to do something

          Sharon-GA says:

          EOTW: I have thought about you a lot and the lack of training you had when you worked there, and wondered how in the world you managed with practically no training. As I said, I was so impressed with their professionalism, and that has just increased the more I have been around them. When I went yesterday to exchange my original purchase, I met more of the sales associates and they said the mgr who did our training had told them about us (by name), so they are already expecting us. Still no schedule as they are scheduled out until the 28th. When I was there yesterday the mgr did say we wouldn’t be called in this weekend because the volume of customers is not enough to justify additional staff. When I leave here I’m going to go ahead and attempt to do my log-in on the system and hope it’s easy to navigate. Everyone is just excellent there, and I’m sorry your experience was not as pleasant as mine has been so far. I think I’m really going to like it there and am looking forward to the opportunity. I’ve always disliked bras and considered them a necessary evil. Now I understand why–I was not fitted properly. Now that I have the right size, I hardly know I’m wearing one, instead of being obsessed with keeping things in place, and yanking at straps that won’t stay up. I will make a really good advocate for proper fitting! No, there are no men in my store, and like you, I would find that a little strange for this type of store. I did ask if they get many men coming in to make purchases, and they said yes, so maybe a man at the store would make men customers more comfortable…I don’t know.

          I kind of figured that you wouldn’t be into the backpacking/camping scene, firstly being a woman alone and you don’t like groups, but also the bug problem. I’d probably worry about you if you were to go out on your own. But if you didn’t have those issues, I see you really enjoying being out in nature and not having to return home.

          I wear black, but I don’t usually wear all black because I look better with a little light next to my face, otherwise I look kind of washed out. But it’s nice not to have to worry about what you’re going to wear–you’re going to wear black, or with a touch of white with black over…so it makes choices that much easier. I was dressed all in black yesterday when I went to exchange my purchases and then went to return my shoes and buy new ones. I wanted to wear the kind of clothes I’d be wearing to work in choosing my shoes (particular attention to length of pants and shoes). When I went to return the shoes the lady said how pretty I was and wanted to know where I’d been that I looked so nice, and I said V-S and that I had a new job there and mentioned that I had applied at their store and they hadn’t been interested in me. (See, look what they missed!)

          We’re expecting rain here this afternoon too, and have dismissed the idea of going to the pool today because it’s just so cool this morning, know the water will not be warm enough for me. It’s actually chilly out there this a.m., but VERY pleasant…though overcast, there’s a nice breeze and it’s what spring should feel like…according to me! Know you will enjoy your time with your friend, and sorry you won’t see him next weekend, but enjoy this weekend enough for both!

          Sorry that there is more damage in other areas of the trail, because even if you can’t see it, it’s sad to know that areas have been damaged–but glad to know you won’t have to see it and it take away from your joy.

  • 99
    suri says:

    EOTW – So glad you checked in with great report on trail! Happiness really IS just a moment, not a place!
    I am amazed at your urge to hike! lol Did you see Rachael Maddox show re Senator Ensign’s use of the word ‘URGE’ in regard to the affair he had to resign the Senate over in his closing speech? TOO funny!!

    The rural area I live in gives constant reminders on walks with dogs of the TRASH people contaminate our roadways with. There are quite a few people who do pick up the cans and bottles as in May/June we are on the path for bicyle trails/races. Still give it a couple of days… I never even allowed my children to spit their gum out the window, let alone anything else. (well, once my DD did — she has red hair and is such a rebel! lol)

    The weather has changed a great deal over my lifetime. When I was in high school in this area we had the prom in mid-April and it was very warm 80′s and went to the beach (Indiana National Dunes Lakeshore) the next day. Graduations end of May were hot 90′s and of course, no a/c so that was why school was done a week before Memorial Day. Today started great but now (2:30 p.m.) overcast and cool – 60.

    Love that your spirit takes you to new heights every day! Hope for fun and relaxing weekend as we learn, second hand from Sharon, the ups and downs of V-S! (Sorry, but the pun was just there…) Peace.

    • 99.1
      endoftheworld says:

      Suri, that was cute about the snacks, you could put a little note in his underwear or PJ’s too, not that he’d forget you but just to make him smile and not fantasize about running away off into the wilderness which it seems he might be inclined to feel or is it more being with his friends he’s exited over?

      At least now you get to make whatever you want for dinner AND dessert! maybe even make your own pizza; I just heard Dominos has a $5.99 LARGE w 2! toppings special (normally that’s like $13-$15 around here. I could eat that for several days, add soup or salad and that’s a week’s worth of lunches or dinners.
      I tend to have food fixations as it is, they come and go, right now pizza is #1 and I could eat it every day but am sure i’ll be sick of it some day like i cannot eat PB anymore, at one pt. I ate it every day with toast for b-fast and with raisons or apple slices on sandwhich for lunch and for snack right out of the jar, now I just find the taste and consistency of PB to be so distateful.

      Am also fixated/obsessed on hiking. I cannot bear to sit still and be inside weather at work or at home, i believe I am also clausterphobic as I don’t even like to walk in the woods if I can’t see the sky. My laptop table is in front of my sliding glass door, facing the dogwalk area in the woods as I could not even sit here otherwise, ditto for my card table which serves as kitchen/work table. Actually this unit has a sit down kitchen counter but it be facing the laundry closet door in the back so I got an old card table which i use as my kitchen/office table and face the glass doors. The computer table is not big enough for doing paperwork and it’s covered with plants and piles of paper of things I keep meaning to ‘look-up’.

      Oh that reminds me, in the paper today a major corp. is moving it’s offices to my City, it’s actually not far so they are transferring EE’s but still will have to keep them in mind and check the website, this is one of those companies that does not advertise on the public job search boards, at least I’ve never seen

  • 100
    Sharon-GA says:

    To All: Read below, and if interested in signing petition, copy and paste link into address:

    Subject: End government handouts to oil companies

    Dear Friend,

    As Americans continue to struggle with outrageous, unstable gas prices, oil companies continue to benefit from them.

    But more outrageous than jaw-dropping oil company profits, is the fact that our government actually rewards these companies with even more of our money for maintaining this disastrous system — to the tune of $4 billion a year in tax credits and subsidies.

    It’s time for that to end.

    Republicans who unanimously voted in March to keep these senseless handouts, and again earlier this month to block a similar vote, are starting to feel the pressure. We need to turn it up.

    I just signed a petition demanding that congress end oil subsidies. Join me and sign the petition here:

  • 101
    suri says:

    TRIBE – New article by Arianna Huffington on Huff Post about ‘America can Do What we Set Our Mind Too—’ and how our elected leaders and the Fed Reserve are CHOOSING to ignore the unemp crisis recession/depression that is ongoing is worth a read. Of course, we all could have written it ourselves! lol Week after week, I am amazed at the loss of potential being wasted in this country!! It is heartbreaking seeing all the new grads promise and reading another article on how 85% !! of college grads (new high record amount) will move home with no job prospects and record debt (ave $27,200 student loans and $10,000 credit card!!). 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 how patient can people be whose lives are slipping away? Sad, but true…

    The weather here is spooky. It’s like we live on the ocean and the fog rolled in yesterday when temps dropped from 85 to 60 in two hours. People had to bring in plants or hanging baskets or cover gardens as it was 40 degrees last night. DH has plenty of warm clothes packed and left for fishing trip a.m. Can we just get a break around here?? Kind of got the ‘he got to go have fun’ blues today so be prepared.

    I’ve not made any changes with cc accounts due to concern of inquiries for refi to FICO score so was surprised that my current bank inititated a credit inquiry (score is good) and issued new cc for a ‘cash refund’ account?? WTHeck? Sometimes life is just ironic, isn’t it?

    Sharon – Thanks for petition! It’s truly unreal that this subsidy exists at this point. If you have a chance and read above Arianna Huffington article she remarks how economy has become two levels with those doing well having no clue to the scraping along of the average American. President Obama will have to offer more intelligence and attention to the unemp imho than Goolsbee or Geither?? They are so disingenuine…

    • 101.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Went to HuffPo, and I had already read that article (and likely commented). Did find an article that incensed me on illegal immigration, and another article about what trouble Social Security and Medicare are in. I also have my opinions about that as well.

      Anyway, have to run, need to do some other things. Did pay bills and balance checkbook and straightened up a little, but need to try and drag the vaccuum around and up and down the steps again. Arm/shoulder doing better, but still not up to snuff, so it’s a bit of a continuing challenge for vaccuuming.

      Have a lovely evening!

  • 102
    suri says:

    Well, fog bank is closing in, if possible, more so (1:00 p.m.). Not really alot of energy but always some laundry, etc. needs doing. I hoped to move a few hostas in the yard, but not today. Everyone who planned cookouts this weekend, graduation parties, proms, are all ranting and raving!! It’s 48 degrees now. God must not be pleased with our planet as I saw on news this year has already set records for most costly diasters and it’s only May!!

    My gf from NC sent me magnet today that says “Save the earth – it’s the only planet with chocolate!” LOL My kind of friend!

    EOTW – Love that idea re Domino’s pizza deal. I have become the queen of the ‘specials’ at eating places. I tried one of the new Subway Chicken Salad Subs – foot long for $5.00 on Italian Herb and Cheese bread, with veggies, lettuce & tomato, cucumber & pickles, Provolone cheese, Ranch dressing!! Yummy, yummy!! I have to have some treats along the way.

    I haven’t found anything to even apply for this week so far. Guess I’ll have to apply my energy to closets — not everyday, but long overdue. During last two years, esp last six months, have just been too disheartened to ‘move on’?? Anyone relate? Hope the sun is shining on you all. Peace.

    • 102.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: I understand you having the blues. I know you don’t begrudge him his fun time, but am sure you sometimes wonder when you’re going to get your fun time. That’s why I tried to suggest that you do something to treat yourself. I know it can’t be big treats, but maybe a movie (though they have gotten so terribly expensive), or take time to read a good book or a magazine. I know the fog is miserable as you have recounted it, but I think I’d bundle up and go outside and imagine that I’m in an oceanside town and the fog is rolling in and imagine hearing the shipping noises and foghorns and smell the salt air and you’re waiting for your man to come home from sea, have a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Maybe a stretch, but transport yourself to another place and time. Maybe you and DD can go out and shop…without buying. Personally, I’m not crazy about that, because when I know I absolutely cannot spend, shopping is not fun. But I love to go antiquing, and even if I can’t buy, antiquing is something I enjoy one way or the other. And, of course, like I say, I always enjoy the reprieve of a good book, or going to a bookstore and sitting there when I’ve found something—and just enjoy the people milling around and the opportunity to be out. Sometimes when I see someone looking at a book I’ve read and loved, I can’t keep it to myself that it’s such a good book…I just have to share my enthusiasm. Or maybe there’s a good movie on TV that you wouldn’t watch if your husband was home? How about lighting candles in the bathroom and taking a good book and having a leisurely bath? Do you have any cheap wine? Around here we have a brand that is on sale at our Kroger often at 3/$10…have a glass of wine with your bath, or with your dinner–make it a little something ‘special.’ I just hate to see you take the whole time to clean closets or clean house…it will just make your blues about ‘he’s out having fun while I’m here working my butt off’ that much worse. I’m not suggesting you have a tit-for-tat type thing, but you deserve to treat yourself too…even if it’s just a small thing that allows you to take some time for yourself.

      That sandwich sounded absolutely wonderful!!! You had my mouth simply watering!!

      I must have watched the same thing you watched about the new college grads and amount of debt etc., though they did say that the recent grads will have a higher rate of being hired than the last several years…so that’s at least a little bit of positive news; but have to admit to not necessarily believing it! And, of course, our Gov. just signed the HB87 (I think) requiring employers of more than 10 people to use E-verify to confirm legal residence, and gives the law the right to check legal residence when stopping for traffic violations. Of course, the illegals are saying they don’t have to comply with this and it’s illegal to ‘punish’ them. I am constantly amazed with the audacity of the illegals in this country who seem to think they have MORE rights than legal citizens, and that they should have protections we don’t have, and that they should be eligible for social services that we don’t have!!! Another subject all together–but really gets me riled. The news is saying that it is TRUE that legal American citizens are being passed over for $10-20/hr jobs in favor of giving illegals jobs in GA…when we have a higher than avg unemployment rate.

      I will likely read the HuffPo article maybe later. I really need to do some straightening and cleaning…not really into it, but really should. Spent most of the morning filling out online stuff for job, but was not able to do some of it. I had called with a question and was told that some of it might not be available until tomorrow at least, but they need to have it by Wed. Will do my best, but if can’t access it, can’t access it. Some of it has to wait until at least 48 hrs after they have input info in.

      Hope you have a good rest of the weekend, and please do take some time for yourself and chase those blues away. Sorry for all the people who had outdoor plans for prom and graduation and such. I think I also saw the same program you did about the weather related catastrophes this year and how they are record setting costs, with hurricane season not yet begun!

  • 103
    endoftheworld says:

    OMG !!! The fancy NH #2 job from 2 weeks ago, the one I got the anon postcard rejection note is posted TODAY as a NEW job. Apparently they did not like ANY of the 10 interview candidates, guess we weren’t ‘professional’ enough, the word being listed like 6 times in the ad, it says they are looking for someone who is EXTREMELY professional in both work AND personal life? At least I feel a wee bit better now, it not just me, it’s THEM being picky, picky. Interestingly this ad is actually quite a bit different than the orig. posting, usually when they do this the job descript. is exactly the same, which makes no sense because if they didnt get the right candidates the first time, they will only get more of the same. This time it basically states that you are the Administrators right hand person and does not mention anything about making arrangements for residents to travel for recreation and outside doctors as being a main task. Am wondering wether to bother to contact HR next week? I mean I was clearly rejected and am assuming this is for the same person, I don’t recall her exact title, this place was big enough to have several administrators. I have had this happen to me before and then called to say I would still be interested but never received a response. I assumed I was rejected due to the crim. rec. now I wonder why the others were? The one that drove me nuts was the local p/t job at laser co. it was something I most definitely could have done tho the filing aspect would have drove me batty, the thing was i clicked with one of the mgr.s but not the other, the one was talking as if I allready had the job, she’d said “when it’s your birthday I’ll bake you a cake”…

    oh well, yeh slim pickens jobwise here too all of a sudden?

    Well I AM ordering the $5.99 2 topping large pizza for myself tonite and have to put the order in online and go pick it up, it just down the st. from me so no big deal, I could even walk but it gettin dark and kinda awkward walking uphill with a huge pizza, with my luck i’d drop it in the road.

    • 103.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      EOTW: Ah, so now they not only want to control the life of the person while they are at work, but want to control their personal lives as well..?! I mean, it’s reasonable to expect that your employee won’t be out dealing drugs on their own time, or robbing banks, but to say they want them to be extremely professional in their personal life? What is a ‘professional’ personal life? I mean, I know you want to reflect well on the company/business you work for, and you don’t want to do or say anything that would reflect badly on the company, but to me that’s pretty much a given. But if they put it in an ad, it makes you feel like they want something far and away more than that.

      It would be hard to know whether to reapply or not actually, since the job description is so different for this one than the could actually be a different job…and if you don’t reapply, then you don’t stand a chance. You really don’t have anything to lose by calling or reapplying, other than another rejection–and haven’t we gotten used to enough of those that it’s kind of like water off a duck’s back. I’d sooner take a chance on being rejected yet again than to possibly lose an opportunity for a job. Don’t you just hate it though when you see what appears to be the same job you applied for being posted yet again? I never did see the one for the chiropractor (who was getting the new billing system and decided he wanted to wait until it was up and running before hiring) be advertised again…so either guess he still hasn’t gotten it, or he decided not to hire because none of us met his standards (for an $8-10/hr job!). He’s the one who sent us all emails. And I know what you mean about clicking really well with someone…and still not getting the job. It is just really strange, and sometimes I don’t know that there is any rhyme or reason to the hiring decisions. There certainly is no rhyme or reason to some of the interview practices. I don’t believe I’ve ever run into so many inept and unprepared interviewers in my life. When you have a good one, such as I was fortunate enough to have, you really do appreciate the difference—it’s like day and night.

      Enjoy the pizza and have a good sleep.

  • 104
    suri says:

    Sharon – We are ‘Sisters from another Mother?’ ? lol Thank you for pick-me-up tips! It’s official, although I did the walk thing (I’m not sugar so I won’t melt — used to tell my kids) but the weather/day never got any improvement. Loved the word pictures you painted!

    Do love reading alot but promised myself NO more trips to library until some headway on the home front. I usually read non-fiction, new health research, biographies, etc. Real life has always been more interesting than fiction for me. Also believe we can learn much from others life stories and can find comfort there. I read Christopher Reeves 1st (and later the 2nd) autobio when my DD went into her migraine crisis at age 12 because I thought if there was a way for him to find joy in his circumstances I needed to learn from that! What tragedy for his wife Dana with her cancer in addition? Some people lives are filled with so many challenges and sorrow… It would be a test of faith and strength, as ours are — at times.

    I have realized want a funk I’ve been in ONLY now that, I hope, I’m coming out of the worst of it. It had many, many layers to it and areas that still haven’t healed completely. I am truly trying to release the life I planned to embrace the life, and new Gbaby ! in Sept, I have now. DH left DD and I super sweet notes as he did daily when he worked or ever leaves on trips. Missed that… The notes, not the leaving! lol

    Weather plays havoc with our boxer/mix as he loves to be outside and run and run and run. So when he doesn’t get out ‘enough’ he runs/plays and is a brat in the house! lol Hoping tomorrow he can get a better work out.

    Yes, that arm will ‘remind’ you from time to time in the future too. Sorry to validate that. We do need to appreciate our body functions don’t we? DH has been waking at night with arm/shoulder pain and I had to remind him of ALL the casting he’s been doing fishing for salmon? lol

    Hope you are all ‘out on the town’ and having FUN! Peace.

  • 105
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri: Well, if “out on the town” means eating at Burger King and running errands at BJs and Wal-Mart–then yep, ‘out on the town’!! This is the kind of evening we usually have–FF of some sort, errands–but still enjoy his company and we always take care of things that need to be done. Occasionally, we have Chinese buffet, or Mexican—but that’s usually every few months. I’m still waiting for my Christmas present, which was to be at Olive Garden or Carrabas, and a movie if I didn’t get the dinner by February. But things are tight all over, and understand that sometimes things just don’t happen. The intent was there. And you know, sometimes intent is the best you can expect, given today’s work climate.

    I loved the ‘sisters from another mother’ concept!! Really cool!! And it was your word pictures of the fog which had me seeing the fog roll in, thick and mist-like…and once I got started, I could see and feel the fog, and the ghostly shapes of men lost at sea with their woolen caps on and craggy, weather-worn faces.

    I prefer fiction myself, and next to that I like self-improvement/self-help books, personality type things etc. And I like reading medical things–I’m actually one who likes the real Gray’s Anatomy for fun (and though I love the show, I like the book too). Don’t deny yourself the luxury of a library book and a trip to the library just to smell and touch the lovely books. There are few things that can give such lasting pleasure as a good book.

    That is so nice of your DH to leave you all notes while he was gone!! How sweet and thoughtful of him. And he did this when he worked too? What a find!! He’s a keeper.

    Well, out for the night…have to try and do the rest of the online stuff for work in the morning before I go see daddy. I read a little of the Guide for work this afternoon/evening before we went out, need to finish that one and then start the next booklet for work. I did get the vaccuuming done and the straightening (at least a little).

  • 106
    Sharon-GA says:

    Sun a.m. – Having trouble putting my schedule online, am sure it’s my fault and not the site. Have requested help after I return from daddy’s today. Have to make sure they know unavailable for my appt Wed., daddy’s Fri., and daddy’s bday early June. They’ve already got the schedule pretty much made for this week anyway, so don’t see most of it as a problem. They’re going to try and work us newbies in some time during the wk. Mandatory mtg next Sun morning.

    It is REALLY cool here today…only expected to go up in the low 60s!! Such weird weather–2-3 wks ago in the 90s, then the blackberry winter, then the 90s again, then this? It’s nice out actually, just a tad on the cool side, and when the breeze comes it’s really chilly…last night out was actually cold (didn’t take a jacket).

    Well, have to run and get showered and get out of here so I can get back in case she calls to help me through this scheduling thing…feel like a dunce. I follow the directions, but it still comes up weird. Discouraging.

    Ya’ll have a lovely day…

    • 106.1
      endoftheworld says:

      Sharon, actually i did sleep quite well, until 10:30! w/o waking up even! (yeh I did go to bed at 1am as usual but)
      The neighbhors on the lower level adjacent to me have started either leaving their dog out all night or putting him out when they wake up which is very early like around sunrise. Now for the past 3 weeks I keep getting woken up around 5:30-45 by it’s loud furious barking mere feet from my bedroon window, ‘cept for today as it rained so I guess he stayed in or whatever it was barking at was in.

      Ya might have problems with the computer system if yours is not compatible, like they use Windows 7 and you have ME or XP?
      I’ve been having problems with monster again, i sure hope they didnt upgrade, am NOT getting a new laptop for quite a few years.

      What I think the NH meant by ‘professional’ outside the NH is like not having a public facebook account and being on professional/civic groups and committees etc. this NH is VERY expensive no doubt the clientele and their families are extremely selective and expect the staff to be of the highest caliber.

      I’ve again been reading the careers tab at some co. websites, very depressing. I had not realized how career oriented most people are untill this prolonged job search, and am certain that’s part of the reason why i’m still looking, I do not live to work I work to live, BIG difference for an employer but beyond my capabilities in faking, I fake/act enough, that is the main part of working which I find so stressful, pretending to be someone you are not each and every day m-f can really give one an ulcer. Even reading the FF/retail websites one gets the impression nobody actually wants to be a cashier everybody want to rise to restaurant/retail mgr. position. I’ve never gotten this career obsession thing at all and considering I went for years of career counselling am surprised i didnt realize the amount of passion most people seem to have for their jobs and or companies, at least that is the impression I get from reading the co. career pages, the commitment and passion sounds very similiar to the institution of marriage, like committing yourself mind body and soul, interesting.

      Well what do I know? I come from another planet anyways…

  • 107
    Sharon-GA says:

    Local paper online says recovery slow…really?!?! Anticipate it taking at least another 3 years before unemployment levels reach pre-recession numbers. (Think that could be optimistic, as others are repothink theyrting as much as 5-7 years…and our unemployment rate is higher than many.) Residential housing market, commercial real estate market, and jobs are the highest concern, and the # of foreclosures with glut on market of housing that doesn’t move. Guess they think they are telling us something we don’t already know….?

  • 108
    Sharon-GA says:

    Weird that something showed up not the way I typed it–others are reporting as much as 5-7 years… (computer was in stuck mode–so think it picked up letters typed later). Anyway, you get the gist.

  • 109
    suri says:

    And the beat goes on… Large area hospital (1,900 emp) cut 112 positions last week due to the lack of insured patients and poor Medicare pay? Turns out they mostly cut head nurses (best paid, best benefits, etc) who have spent their over 20 yr careers there? This is the NEW corporate LAY OFF scurge! They are terminated — no call backs ever! What a unique way to ‘trim’ budgets on the backs of emp!! Reminds me of DH, huh? I guess this is corporates way of dealing with baby boomer crowd? Since DH and I WELL understand the stab in the back, punch to the gut feelings of this, my heart goes out to another wave of those discarded in their prime. I see no end in sight or remedy as our country sprials down…

    The # of foreclosures, I’ve read, are so swamping the banks that they are unable to recover much from the homes at auction due to the glut in the market? Ya’ think?? But NO, we (the elected ‘leaders’) sit on their thumbs? People, I have read, negotiate and plea deal with banks to rearrange their mtg pay. But the bank forecloses and then sells home for 25 – 50%?? How does this make any sense to anyone??

    I know Obama has many fires to tend to but his delegates are not holding up the fire hoses on unemp, housing, education, etc. I honestly see no relief or aid being EVEN discussed on current timelines?

    Saw national tv report on the Detroit area volunteers catching all the stray dogs that have been left behind and homeless. But we don’t have programs for the people!! Unreal…

    Saying this ‘recovery is slow’ should be revised to NONexistent as much as I can tell?

    Sorry, still cold and gloomy here in weather and spirits. Good visit with Dad and connection to schedule so you can SEE into your future soon! Peace.

    • 109.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: It looks like all three of us have gloomy, cool weather today. It has been deeply cloudy, dark, heavy clouds, and very breezy, and just a perfect day to stay in bed—wish I could have!!–at least part of it, snuggle down in the blankets, maybe read a little–though not sure that would be good for my shoulder…still sleeping on my side.

      You had mentioned earlier in the week about the people being let go at the hospital, and I’m sorry to hear it actually took place and wasn’t just contemplation. Of course they let the older, more experienced (and therefore higher paid) go first. They can probably hire 1.5-2 people for every one they let go…doesn’t matter if they’re qualified or experienced or not. I truly do not think that experience and loyalty and an excellent work record holds much water anymore, particularly if you are an older worker. And as you know, those older are having more trouble finding employment, generally speaking. Instead of a gold watch, people are getting the golden foot as they are booted out the door. I know I didn’t get paid for my unused vacation, and pretty much no one gets paid for unused sick leave…so the message there is use it.

      I agree, I don’t see a recovery around here. I am so grateful to have even a part-time seasonal job…but retail is very iffy and is so dependent on how the rest of the economy is doing. So many of our stores around here have gone out of business, some with little to no warning…just here today, gone tomorrow. Retail, and restaurants.

      Think maybe she didn’t get my message about calling to help with scheduling online. May call tomorrow and see if I can get some assistance…or if I’ll have to go in and see if someone can assist. I’m thinking it should be pretty easy to walk me through it…I have some ideas, but every time I try it, it doesn’t work, so I am obviously doing something wrong!!–just can’t figure out what.

      Has been a busy day. Spent the morning trying to work on the schedule availability and putting in for the days I cannot work. Then showered and made myself presentable to go see daddy. We sat outside for a little while even though it’s chilly, so he could get some fresh air and a change of scenery. Had to stop at the grocery on the way home (actually, 2 grocery stores–one doesn’t have the yogurt I like). Got some more BOGO deals that add up to savings. Then, of course, had to unpack everything after getting home and prepare dinner. I had a really nice dinner…tomato slices with mozarella cheese sliced over it and sprinkled with basil and drizzled with olive oil, lobster ravioli ($3.99 for pkg that will last me at least 2 meals, possibly 3), and a Krispy Kreme cream-filled donut. The donut was not as good as if you had pulled up to the Krispy Kreme place and saw the light on that they were all fresh and hot…but that’s at least 1-1/2 hours away in good traffic…so that’s NOT worth the drive…and it was scrumptious…haven’t had a Krispy Kreme in years.

      See, I just don’t understand why banks are not willing to work more with homeowners who clearly want to keep their homes and also try and salvage whatever credit they have remaining, by helping them stay in their homes, rather than accepting 25-50%. If they’re only going to get that, then give the same deal to the homeowner and let them try their best to keep their home. I just don’t understand it. There is such a glut on the market and it is bringing down the price of everything around it…pretty soon nobody’s house is going to be worth anything! Some people who are not even struggling, but who realize that they are so under water, are just walking away from their homes. Personally, I struggle with that one, because I love my home so much and I struggle to figure out how to keep it…despite the fact that it’s probably under water too.

      I think they keep telling us there is a recovery because it’s good politics, but I’m just not sure there is much truth to it, at least for the majority of Americans. Even those with jobs are finding that the higher costs of everything is hobbling them and making them struggle. Some have had their salaries reduced, or their hours reduced. I just can’t believe that our Govt is so out of touch that they don’t see what’s happening–or is it just that they don’t care?–either way, it’s negligent.

      Does DH come home tonite?

  • 110
    endoftheworld says:

    Suri, it was grey and gloomy here too but rather warm and humid so I have my heat set to 60 and it’s not been on all day. the rain is finally over and the Sky is lighter. I allready went for a run this am when it was drizzling but feel like going out again, although I’ve not vacuumed yet and not even 1/2 done with applying/looking for jobs. Actually I did find quite a few, just not local except for 1 really good one as admin. for YMCA childrens center for which of course I know they will do a background check I wont pass but i’ll submit anyways as a child i learned to swim there, took gymnastics classes and went to their summer camp. As an adult I took pottery classes and tried the exercise classes and they are cheaper than other places tho the smell of chlorine and damp from the huge pool permeates the entire building but this job I think is in the childrens center which is in a separate place.

    I don’t think there will be any ‘Recovery’ at all. I believe in the ‘this is the NEW NORMAL’ camp and also I am part of the so callled collateral damage and the new class of ‘unemployables’. The UE rate in this city is around 7.8% while it’s not pre-2007 4-6% most people seem to accept that as not too bad and in any interview i’ve been to really hard to explain lengthy gap. I think regardless of age, race or other barriers people with a 2 year gap or longer are simply not employable, there are exceptions like Sharon (though she’d not reached the 2 year mark) but unless you know someone who has the authority to hire or influence the hiring mgr. I think the possibility for a job offer is next to none. I have applied for numerous low paying social service agency jobs, explaining how I myself am on state aid for my food/rent/insurance and I dont’ even get called in for an interview and these are the agencies which are supposed to be helping people get self sufficient, go figure. I applied for a program coordinator for the rental assist. program I am in, in my own City 2ce. and got NO response at all and they know I know the program having gone through all the paperwork and inspections and meetings etc.
    Anyways am not in any immediate worry as I have enough $ to live for a few years at least and not sure what my life expectancy is. I am fairly certain I will get cancer at some pt. in my life due to fathers side everyone dying before age 60 other than his remaining brother and sister but his 2 other siblings and both parents and grandparents all died young and they were all farmers and fisherman so i’d assume they lead healthy lives tho in old photos they all looked quite grim and unhappy. I’ve always been certain I will die young as I cannot picture any future at all and there is nothing i really want to do so it doesnt matter or frighten me, I’ve allready seen and done anything that interests me and am just waiting for the end but with my luck I’ll live till i’m 90. I spend a considerable amount of time obsessing over my demise and have since I was little; the whole concept of life/death fascinates me to no end. I am still on the fence about re-incarnation, i most definitely do not belive in heaven/hell. The other likely possibility is nothing once you’re gone you’re gone. I do not want to be autopsied or cremated both practices truly sicken me, why’d it matter why one died? and to burn a human body, ick; They had a recent suicide by driving car into lake and they had to autopsy the body? um it was fairly obvious, the girl left a suicide note on facebook. Being the person who does the autopsies/cremations is the ONE job I cannot imagine ANYBODY ever having an interest in doing, I simply cannot see why anybody want either job even if the pay were 1 mil?

    Well hope you got some fun in your day, but your daughter is home so you really don’t have the house to yourself?

    • 110.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      EOTW: Responding to your response to me above, as well as commenting to your post to Suri. Great that you got such a good nights’ sleep!! Like I said, I wished I could have slept in this morning…it was SUCH a good day for it…so gloomy and overcast and chilly, a perfect day for staying in bed and sleeping, reading a bit, and napping. But not to be..too much to get done today.

      Actually, I had just reached my 2 year mark, that’s one of the reasons I had become convinced that I was permanently unemployed (or, unemployable–which just sounds so awful). And I do still think that the older you are if you’re unemployed, the longer you’ll be unemployed, and the more likelihood that you will never find employment. Age is of no value at all anymore, and it would seem that experience and loyalty are also of little value. It would even appear that education only gets you so far. So many people, having been told that the reason we couldn’t find jobs was that we were uneducated or untrained, went back to school, only to find that they still can’t find jobs, and are now in debt for an education which is gaining them nothing in the employment arena. Though an education in and of itself is always of value, if the primary reason was to find employment, and still unable to get a job, it obviously didn’t serve its purpose. I think that was just another convenient ‘excuse’ for why people were not finding work.

      There are people who are very career oriented, and whose lives center around their work, people who are defined by what they do. This is particularly true for men I think and why I think it is even harder for men than women when they lose their jobs, because it’s even how we introduce ourselves, or the first question people ask you–’what do you do?’ or ‘where do you work?’ I’ve found that too, when you’re introduced to someone, they want to know what you do…and when they hear you are ‘in transition’ (new-speak for unemployed), it’s like their eyes glaze over and you’ve just become persona non grata. They can’t get away from you fast enough. Never was able to figure out if that was because they figured you’d ask them for a job, or if they thought it might be contagious, or if they were just contemptuous; or all three?! Do I love to work just because I love to work?, or fancy that I have a career? No, not really. I work because I have to work and like to eat and have a roof over my head. But if I AM working, I want to be excellent at what I do, and I want to learn as much as I can about what I do. And do I want to move up? Yes, again motivated by the desire to put food on the table and a roof over the head, but also driven by the desire to do well at whatever I do. And that’s not limited to what I do to make a living, but whatever I do. I strive to do it well because I take pride in whatever I do. I don’t live to work…but it is apparent that most of us need to work to live, and if we have to work, then it would be nice to gain some enjoyment from it, or some validity for what we do with what becomes a huge chunk of our time here on earth.

      I’ve chosen to be cremated as a matter of finances. It’s considerably cheaper than burial, and finances are going to be a concern for what to do with my remains when I’m gone. Also, my daughter is not the kind to go to a cemetery and visit me–so why take up that land and spend that kind of money? I don’t like the idea of fire at all…but I have to be practical. I’d much prefer a burial at sea…wrap me in something (or not) and take me deep out into the ocean and slide me overboard and let me become fish food…at least of some benefit to someone. Also, know that coffins are much better than they used to be, but have a horror of bugs, as you know, and get really creeped out when I think of critters getting in there with me!!

      When I was young, probably 5th grade I’m thinking, we lived in apartments, and my best girlfriend and I were sitting out on the hill talking. I was talking to her about reincarnation–although I didn’t have a word for it. I told her how we had all lived before and we come back, and I went on as matter-of-factly as you can imagine, never realizing that this wasn’t the way people normally believe (at least not here in the states). I don’t know where it came from. We didn’t have computers then, so technology was not available to me. We off and on went to church–but at that time were not going at all and hadn’t been in quite some time. I haven’t come to a conclusion if I believe in it or not, but I don’t discount the possibility. I do believe that our spirit lives on in some way–as a source of energy? I’m not sure I believe in hell per se…I think hell is here. I definitely believe in good and evil. I think I believe in heaven, because I think of mom and my beloved greyhound and other loved ones as being someplace wonderful and safe and cared for and loved, and that I will see them again…so I guess that’s heaven. And I believe that I am loved by a being, or a spirit that values me. I’ve experienced the presence of people who have passed on, so there has to be something beyond here (again, that’s my personal opinion).

      Is the YMCA job seasonal? I agree, probably your record is going to be a problem there. Did you enjoy the pottery classes? I’ve always wanted to do that. Did you use a pottery wheel? I think they are fascinating to watch!! It’s kind of like magic, a slab of clay you slap on a wheel, and with a spin of the wheel and using fingers/hands and water, magic happens–form and structure out of nothing! And the beauty of watching it happen!! It’s kind of like watching creation in miniature.

      Time to go, guess she’s not going to call. I’ll have to try and touch base with someone tomorrow I guess. I think it’s me…something I’m not understanding, and I feel like an idiot.

  • 111
    endoftheworld says:

    Sharon, it doesnt seem that in your area interviewers are focusing on the UE gap so much as here? I honestly think a 60 y.o. out of work for 5 months stands a bit of a better chance at getting hired than a 40 y.o at 2 years (here i mean). I’ve not had a single interview where “Why arent you working?” or “What have you been doing with yourself?” have not been asked right in the beginning and in a accusatory way and my answer of “i’ve been looking for work” have been met with raised eyebrows.

    Odd about the reincarnation thing you said. I do feel as if I’ve lived before and 3 distinct lives come to mind, 1 of them rather bad and one an animal.

    The Y job is year round, it’s a daycare center besides after school activities for the kids BUT get this…SPANISH BI-LINGUAL STRONGLY preferred. Am very agitated over that one and I addressed it in my cover letter, I said I’d prefer to teach the immigrants English rather than be forced to learn spanish. And um shouldn’t the kids be taught english if they’ll be going to school and living here or is that no longer a requirement to live in the US? am quite mind boggled on that one I’ve actually given up on learning it myself, just am completely lacking in motivation and since I am anti, it like forcing myself to go on an all grapefruit diet if I hated gf. I really am shocked at the # of good jobs requiring one to be bi-lingual spanish, there have really been some that are not $8-$10 or even $12-$14. I am bi-lingual but not spanish.

    While I am creative and very imaginative I have no artistic skills whatsoever and that includes working the wheel in pottery. It’s not as easy as it looks, there really is a knack to it not just throwing a lump of clay on the wheel and spinning it, the hand positions are VERY important, hold your hand the wrong way or apply the wrong amount of pressure and you’ve got yourself some misshapen pot. Personally I lack the patience for this type of thing but i was glad I tried it but would not waste $ on it further. Ditto for drawing, i seem to be able to picture things in my head but they just don’t come out the same at all. I sure admire people who can make a living off the arts but I do think it is an inborn talent more than anything else.

    PBS special on Bears in AK tonight so now even more depressed, they showed Denali NP, absolutely gorgeous. I really wish I had the guts to go, there is nothing or nobody keeping me here really but I have a feeling am not going there ever again and it will drive me batty. I have NO clue where my AK fixation came from, i mean the CO Rockies are sposed to be nice and the Smokies down south but I really have no interest but AK is like a massive intense yearning I literally have had since I don’t know when so I think I must’ve lived there in a previous life or the other thought is that I was meant to be there NOW…

    Oh the thing with the career websites is on the bigger corp. the new thing is testamonial type videos from EE’s. Either they are brainwashed or reaally love their jobs tho I think brainwashed is more likely. Just the way these ‘working for us’ webpages describe working there one gets the sense the EE’s are truly entwined with their jobs. I simpley have never identified with any job or place of employment and just cannot relate to caring at all, that’s the crux of it and what I find so mind boggling, the emotional investment in one’s job. I’ve never even had the desire to do a good job, must be lacking some component in my brain which relates to motivational factors.

    Busy day here tomorrow too.

    • 111.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      EOTW: Lost a HUGE post because I didn’t check for name and email address!! Not happy! Abbreviated post, because not willing to try and redo entire thing!!

      Employers here ask the same kinds of questions, what have you been doing with yourself?, why aren’t you working?, and sometimes act shocked that you’re not working because they didn’t pay attention to your resume and see that you were unemployed. I agree that those who have been unemployed the shortest are more likely to be hired first…given the same sorts of skills and qualifications. My parents’ health deteriorated at the same time the company I worked for went out of business due to outsourcing overseas, and when asked what I’ve been doing, I do mention that. They then act like, “So now you are looking for work?” I’m going, “I’ve always been looking for work!” Don’t understand how employers who are being inundated by 100s of applications don’t appreciate the situation the unemployed are in…but they don’t seem to extrapolate that information into reality.

      Don’t even get me started on the bilingual situation! They are doing an investigation here in GA into the numbers of foreigners that are being brought in to fill $10-20/hr jobs when Georgians are applying, and they are not hiring the Georgians or even looking at them. I approve of the bill the Governor signed, and have trouble understanding how illegals can protest about their “rights” being violated. How come they seem to have more rights than we have? If you are here illegally, how do you have protected rights? They get medical care that we can’t get, and if they don’t get them, they protest. GA has, I believe, the 2nd highest illegal population–close to 1/2 million they say. People are driving who have no licenses and who cannot read English or read our road signs, and are causing more accidents and deaths. Problems with gangs are increasing that we didn’t have a problem with before, and a drug cartel most prominent in the Northeast GA mountains.

      I used to do handpainted porcelain/handpainted china. Haven’t done it in some time because I haven’t had an available 220 line for the kiln, or the $$ (and before, the time) for the stock and the paints. Handpainted china is a dying art, so it does have a historic importance as an artistic skill. You paint pictures on a blank “canvas” of china/porcelain. Some people mistake it for “ceramics” and have no idea of the skill it takes. It has nothing in common with ceramics other than that you paint. It is more akin to painting on canvas–it’s just a different medium. People don’t pay for things that they don’t understand the skill and time it takes to do. You apply paints in thin coats and fire to make it a part of the china, and you build your colors by multiple firings after painting again. Colors with gold in them tend to fade out. I have one piece that took 22 firings to build the intensity of color needed. I tried stained glass, which is very painstaking! It’s fun, but I tend to express myself in gentle colors and transitions and blending of colors, and most stained glass doesn’t allow for that kind of expression. The more blended glasses tend to be more expensive as well. I also like to draw. And I do more crafty things, like crocheting and cross-stitch. I used to work in resin many years ago–very smelly. I also enjoy arranging artificial flowers. And, of course, I enjoy writing. I used to envision writing novels–but other than maybe 1-3 books in me based at least loosely on my own life and experience–I don’t think I have the imagination to create totally without basis in something I know. I think I would be better writing nonfiction/instruction type books requiring knowledge and research and putting it in a unique way. I think I’d enjoy trying a pottery wheel, but I can’t even sculpt a lump of playdoh, so I’m not a sculptor. I think it would be neat to build model ships from scratch out of wood, or bowls out of wood.

      As I’ve said before, most jobs I’ve had I’ve been able to find something about it to like; and I’ve had a few jobs I’ve really liked a lot, where I was given autonomy, responsibility and felt valued and respected and was not micromanaged. But even at that, it was not my life.

      I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, primarily the Outback…though I’d probably be really put off by the critters–snakes, spiders, those kinds of things. I’d be fascinated with kangaroos and other animals. I’d also like to see California, where I was born and never got to see.

      Had my coffee out on the porch this morning but had to wear a coat! It’s cold, overcast, rainy.

      Hope you have a good day…you said it would be busy! Hope you find something to apply for and interviews this week.

  • 112
    suri says:

    G’morning – We have SUNSHINE, amazing stuff! ‘Brightens’ my whole world! Hoping DH gets some too (he’s about 3 hr East) as so far they have had rain, hail, and mostly played cards and watched the Bulls BB game! Guess I didn’t explain it’s a week long trip so I have time to work and play! Going to outline a few areas where I NEED to show improvement. Alot of just decluttering mostly. Things I’ve sorted but haven’t gotten to Goodwill, etc. Yesterday I filled one trash container with junk from garage, so good start.

    EOTW – I ‘get’ where you are coming from exactly! My career path (or ladder?) started in banking and spent 15 yr rising up through the ranks to becoming a loan officer and branch manager. I really didn’t have the college credentials so had to work twice as hard as those with degrees and was a GIRL!! (Back in the day, that was a tough act! lol) I loved being successful and especially surprising those in the ‘good old boys club’ with my work ethic. But always was more interested in the paycheck than titles (banks are infamous for giving high sounding titles, and NO PAY! LOL). I was a ‘company person’ as appropriate, but not 24/7 live and breathe it with clubs, community volunteer, etc.

    I guess after DH’s being cut loose in his prime career earning years, after yrs of salary freezes, give-backs, no 401k matches, bankruptcy of corp, sale to Canadian group, travel 50% of your time;well, you get the picture! Even our kids often remark how they can’t think about employers in the same way they were brought up to have loyalty and tireless work ethic, giving 110% effort, etc. Didn’t think in our wildest nightmare of the ending. Maybe salary cut/part-time or consult but ‘get a box and get out the door?’ TEN DAYS before Christmas without a hint or clue. I do not wish evil things on others, that’s for someone else to judge. I’m not on that committee, and it’s way above my pay grade! lol

    Wow, I keep thinking I’ve made ‘peace’ with all that?

    Love/hate reading Huff Post as they have best articles in their unemp section on the harm being inflicted on a huge chunk of our citizens. And the housing crisis has this country so tied in knots, no movement literally. The Repubs are SO WRONG, when no one has money to spend the govt MUST imho go forward with projects. So little of the stimulus got to actual building projects. My Dad was in the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp) and sent money home to his parents 75 years ago? How is it this nation could do BIG THINGS and certainly much faster?

  • 113
    suri says:

    Don’t really get WHY we start with $8,000 Home Buyers Tax Credit and let it die when housing is worse than ever? It is said Americans spent, before the bust, based on their ‘wealth’ in their houses and 401k’s. I know we will not and should not RETURN to that inflated feeling but the American home has always been the family’s stable investment and I think there should be more rebellion over the undermining of this.

    When my Dad retired and moved to Florida, his dream, his home sale financed his modest retirement there. That is why Florida can’t recover until movement returns to housing! I think fully 10% or more of our economy is housing, construction, realtors, mortgage brokers, banks, etc.

    Sorry I’m just very DISSATISFIED with our govt today!! Ya’ think?

    Hope Sharon has her ‘fix’ on computer problems. Good point EOTW about differing systems. Sometimes I feel unschooled on computers but mostly I use logic and sometimes it’s helpful not to ‘know’ how it’s supposed to work and just make it do what I want? lol

    EOTW – Saw the bear show and appreciated it but NO need to go the AK at all for me. Have you watching those programs where people ‘mistakenly’ make friends with bears to the point where they have lost their perception, and later their lives! BE CAREFUL what you wish for? (from one tribe sister to another!)

    The hispanic speaking thing is everywhere. Another fine mess we have for ourselves?? We check, we don’t check, we have laws, they don’t care? Last night on Chicago news a 10 unit apt house had one apt burn and killed 6 including 3 children. Ten people were living in a two bedroom apt! The building was all hispanic and owned by a hispanic! This is our America and the new normal?

    Never really had an artistic side myself. More math skills and practical applications. Enjoyed and have always been successful in managing problems, people, and showing good results in bottom line profits but don’t know I would have been the video type? lol Trying to be ‘at peace’ with continued efforts, few and far between, on job app front. I think only some personal connection will probably enable me to return to work arena. I truly think that is equally sad for me and for any employer who I would have worked for. Still trying to balance how to finance a lifestyle that allows more fun (darn, fun does cost money sometimes! lol) with current high gas prices/groceries. Do we spend money (which means putting it on cc) to go Memorial weekend to see pg DIL & son? Hard to tell yet. Think DH vacation may cost more than he expected (doesn’t everything? lol) as one guy had to drop out — chest pains and went to hospital.

    Well, back to the day and pay bills. See you later. Peace.

    • 113.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Spoke with a mgr this morning to try and resolve my problem online. Some of it was my misunderstanding, and some was inadequate description/instruction. Think the problem is now resolved, and apologized for being a pest. She said she’d go over it with me some time when I am in to make sure I’ve got it down. She was kind enough to say it was understandable to find it confusing. Actually, there are some aspects of the online experience that she’s never done because she’s been there since the beginning and it wasn’t done online then.

      As I’ve said before, illegals rent houses here in one person’s name, and then 10+ people move into the house, no furniture, just sleeping bags and blow up beds lined up throughout the house. That IS against the law, but again, no one seems to enforce the law. If they get certified mail, they just tell the postman “No habla English.” Around here, they also usually have get-togethers on the weekends where there are lots of cars, and loud music and screaming kids running around everywhere.

      Language skills are more my thing than mathematical. Always had trouble with math. Daddy’s strength was math, and so he’d get terribly mad at me when I wasn’t good at it or didn’t understand. He never seemed to understand that we all have strengths and weaknesses and that even he wasn’t good at everything. For example, I always proofread his work for spelling, punctuation and content for making sense–because language skills were not his biggest strength. I did that from the time I was in 7th grade. Never could understand how he couldn’t understand that I also had my strengths and that math was MY weakness. But I did love science…so science and math don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand like they are so often linked. My very best present ever was a microscope…I absolutely loved it!!

      For everything else, read my post above in response to EOTW.

      Share your view of our lack of Govt action and seeming understanding of the situation so many people in this country are in. There just seems to be a huge disconnect between “them and us,” meaning Govt and the wealthy in this country. The divide between them and us is growing almost daily, and just heard on TV, Susie Orman thinks it will be 2025 before the housing market improves. What does that tell you? Gloom and doom all around!

      Have booklets I need to study this week before I hopefully am scheduled to work some time next week.

      Rainy, COLD, windy, overcast. Hope your hubby’s friend is okay, and hope their weather improves and they are able to enjoy some fishing. So are they staying in a cabin?

      It would be nice if you could go and visit your son and DIL over Memorial Day weekend, but understand reluctance to spend money on gas. Do they at least have enough room for you to stay with them, or will you have to pay for a place to stay? All that figures in to how feasible it will be.

  • 114
    Sharon-GA says:

    Tribe: You might want to read the article by Michael Thornton about the 99ers and the Elephant in the Room on Huffington Post, 05/15/11. As I’ve seen written here before, so much to say I was speechless! If you have the time, give it a read. Sorry to say that unless someone drops a load of giant-sized elephant crapola on our Govt, they are still going to be living in la-la land and ignore us…but at least there are some enlightened people out there not keeping their mouths shut!

    • 114.1
      suri says:

      Sharon – Yes, accurate article and did you see Pepper’s Dad posted at 2:01 p.m. today? At least I am reading more posts/articles on the reality of older workers, 99ers, just unemp in general. But still we wait with no hint of a plan, let alone a cure!

      Something has to give, besides US!! I also agree with many posters that older workers being let go has as much/or more to do with health insurance premiums!! And the ‘new’ thing is contract workers so no benefits? The hospital that just let go 112 workers has several ads on unemp boards for daily contract nurses, etc.!! What an outrage!! What a take-down for the American worker.

      The ‘Attack of the Dust Bunnies’ has begun. They are monsters and may win! lol Feels good to be rid of stuff that I just shelved and forgot due to more pressing matters! I am still hopeful of making significant strides in short order so I can maintain motivation and see impact. I’m way too sentimental with kid’s stuff but time to relocate some to their homes. Gave #1 son his He-Man metal lunch box and it turns out it is one of the valuable ones at $250 or so!
      Well, back to making a difference in my world. Peace.

  • 115
    Sharon-GA says:

    Tribe: I do so miss when the posts were time and date stamped–sometimes it’s so hard to find the newer posts to older comments. Have posted to both EOTW and Suri today above and above and above. I really need to get with it and accomplish something today. I’ve paid bills and such, but have spent far too much time on the internet, particularly HuffPo–articles on depression (genetic link), what women over 50 fear most, the article mentioned above, Trumps withdrawal (LOL!), the Obama machine article, an article about Boehner… Well, you can see what I’ve done. Now I’m going to go up and mail the bills and work on the booklets for work. It is still so COLD here today.

    No, Suri, I didn’t see Pepper’s post. I do miss him and his wit, and the underlying kindness…wonder how the pups are doing?

  • 116
    Sharon-GA says:

    Tribe: Two new HuffPo articles: Mortgage Fraud (exclusive to HuffPo)–is anyone surprised? And is anyone surprised that instead of jail time, they’ll likely be getting a slap on the wrist fine? And then there is an article by Arthur Delaney that South Carolina may be slashing their unemployment benefits to 20 weeks, want to stop people from getting paid for sitting at home….!!!! Does it just make you want to gag?–or so much worse!!

  • 117
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri: You might be interested in reading the article on HuffPo about hospital workers, facing layoffs, are fighting executives through the labor union—since you mentioned the 112 ‘layoffs’ at your local hospital. Just thought you might find it interesting.

    Hope to hear from ya’ll today….

  • 118
    suri says:

    Tribe – Warning! Warning! It’s a grey, gloomy, chilly, drippy wet day here, so look out… Sunshine is a vitamin, I think? Read the age discrimination article and all of it rings true, but in reality what can one do?? The stagnant unemp news has me in a funk (again! lol). I guess I would rather the govt at least acknowledge unemp than this ‘hide and seek’ game. We don’t know how many or for how long crap!

    EOTW – I feel your hurt on NH new/old ad? Don’t know what to say but agree with Sharon. Never in my experience have I experienced such floundering around of interviewers, etc. We, as a nation, seem to have lost our confidence in our decisions and RETHINK things to death! Have some courage in your convictions — actually, have some convictions!! I’m thinking it’s the employers who aren’t ‘professional’ imho!

    Love the idea of Domino’s $5.99 and will tie it to an in town trip;now, what two toppings?? Surprising how we can ‘make’ the smallest treat special!! At least, we still have that ability.

    Sharon – From the insight I have through others present day experience, all the professional offices, medical, dental, chiro, are struggling so and ‘running’ in place. I think that is what is missed the most in this country — ANY ADVANCEMENTS in opportunities, in profit… My DD medical group employer is constructing new written notifications for patients not returning for follow up appts when on new meds, etc. (Did I already post this?) Because drs have liability to discern any side effects or benefits of new prescriptions, they need to document? However, today so many don’t/can’t fill the prescriptions and many can’t afford EVEN the co-pay IF they have insurance as many in our area have ‘insurance’ that has $2,000 to $5,000 deductibles that APPLY TO EVERYTHING!! In other words, they just have catastrophic coverage. Another scam put over on the average worker. Of course, ‘average’ has certainly slipped DOWN several pegs??

    Between that and the many grads with HUGE student loan debt and NO JOB leads, I’m being to think a revolt is in our future??

  • 119
    suri says:

    Cont. – I read the term ‘tweener’ in the age discrimination article for first time? Too old to find emp and too young for SS?? How sad.

    And in the ‘all men are dogs’ category (please don’t insult the dogs! LOL) what about the IMF guy and Arnold?? No wonder Maria has been unsettled and so sorry for their kids? Although, the 17 yr old son posted on Twitter “that it was a speed bump in life, and they drive Hummers!” Like father, like son? The older IMF official won’t be the first or last powerful male to not know the extent of his ‘powers’?

    Well, now I can start my day. Thanks, tribe, for all support and most of all, for sharing yourselves. Peace.

    • 119.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Am finding that I’m having to Shift-Refresh to get the latest posts again…otherwise I would not have gotten your latest post(s). Sometimes it comes up refreshed, and sometimes not, so I’m just refreshing as a matter of course. Of course, if you’re not refreshing, you’re probably not getting any of my posts anyway…so not sure how much good this is doing?

      I read the “tweeners” too…usually used for those not yet teens, but found it interesting in this context. Again, the articles are saying that the older person looking for work is finding it harder to find employment because no one wants us. I do still tend to agree with this, even with my most recent seasonal part-time hire. There is just so much out there that is wrong that it’s hard to keep up…older employees being let go simply because they are older, CEOs making enormous salaries, while everyone else is circling the drain, young college grads being hired but at decreasing salaries, jobs with no benefits, part-time jobs so they don’t have to pay benefits, requiring massive amounts of knowledge for pathetic pay–barely above min. wage. The list just goes on and on. Then of course there is the mortgage fraud with illegal foreclosures. How did our country come to this? Or has it just been happening all along and we were unaware?

      Absolutely strange weather. So cold here today–in the 40s this a.m., and only into the low 60s today predicted, windy, 10-15 degrees below our normal temp for this time of year, when just a couple of weeks ago we were 10-15 degrees above normal temps for this time of year!! Actually like this a little better than the overwhelming heat…but it would be nice if we could hit some sort of middle ground.

      I agree with you Suri, the age discrimination thing (both for those employed and those unemployed) is hard to prove, even with the suggestions given, particularly for “at will” states like GA. They don’t need a reason to let you go, or to not hire you–so discrimination of any kind is kind of out the window for redress.

      How did the dust bunny wars go? Going to be reading my manuals today to prepare for my one scheduled day of work almost 2 weeks from now. Have my F/U shoulder appt tomorrow and daddy’s cardiology appt Fri…taking him out to lunch…if enough time, go to DMV to see about pic ID vs driver’s license–but don’t know if there will be enough time.

      I am so cold…think I’m going to go take a shower and try to get warm.

      Are you finding jobs to apply to? Haven’t heard anything from you lately on the job front. Unfortunately, no news is not usually good news. And wondering about EOTW…she did say there were not a lack of jobs to apply to, so maybe she’s so busy applying and interviewing, as well as getting out, that she doesn’t have time to post. Hope all is going well for her.

  • 120
    suri says:

    Sharon – Some of each — the middle class have been losing ground for a long time I’d have to say 10 – 15 years before the 2008 blow up of the economy that left corporates on the top of the heap!! This is so UNAmerican in my book on so many levels. There is no respect or regard for the ‘human’ in HR? Now it seems employers have the right to use and abuse any and all ages, and especially the older workers. There WILL BE consequences soon, I have to believe. There can be no freedom and liberty WITHOUT ability to earn a livihood that is easily accessible! All that nonsense for the last two years of people are lazy, forgot how to work, no skills, etc. All it has been lies, lies, lies! We, the average hard-working American, are too patient and trusting of our govt imho.

    No nothing on job boards here. Good news, bank called and I will go there to fax info for home equity loan today. Progress seems to be being made! Cross fingers, no snafu? It’s that ‘lack of trust’ issue I have with ANYTHING going right or smoothly.

    Speaking of not going well, we ALL know from experience SOMETHING will break down while DH is gone, right? So there seems to be some problem with furnace not kicking on. I’ve checked the switches and fuses so will wait to see. Can’t believe it’s been so chilly it needed to! The furnace and central a/c are originals!! So certainly can’t complain. Can just run the dryer and vent inside to take chill off and laundry is caught up too! Such a deal! lol

    Didn’t, of course, bother DH with news but he has been complaining as house/cabin’s heat not working!! See what I mean about things turning out well? And tv didn’t work to see Bulls game — not happy campers!! lol

    At least, sun is trying to shine through the clouds now. (12:00 noon) Sister’s minister preached on “God being unhappy with our world today — I believe! I believe!”

    One difficulty with the age thing is that life almost becomes more unfair as we age and some at 50, seem 65, while others look and act 40! I guess this lends itself to “older people are always at least 10 years older than you are!” thinking! lol Seriously, I have questioned myself: am I being objective in applications for emp and look at myself from ‘across the table’? But that now is a different world…

    I’ll check later for EOTW update hopefully. We really are all alone here any more… Peace and hope.

    • 120.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Yes, we really do appear to be all alone here anymore, though I did see StaciB on HuffPo as small letters inOregon (since there was another one out there with her moniker with VERY differing opinions–more trollish). Must just not be checking in here anymore. She seems to be alive and well. Haven’t seen Angel-NYC, may have to start actively looking for her. So at least we know Staci is at least alive!

      I’ve had to turn on the heat here too! Cannot believe it. Thankfully mine are running–if not, they’d have to go unrepaired. Set heat at 62, and a/c at 80-82, so neither runs a whole lot–though in the heat of the summer, believe me, it runs altogether too much even set that high because it’s just so blamed hot here in the summer. I’m kind of enjoying this unseasonably cooler weather. The heat is not coming on too often, and I’m a little chilled sometimes, but my warm shower helped.

      Going to go eat something. Hoping to see a post from EOTW. Booklets for work next on agenda. Have done some laundry, stripped bed and dressed, and such.

      Glad to hear news about refi. I know what you mean about being unsettled about how anything is going to work out and being skeptical.

      Sorry to hear DHs camping trip isn’t turning out quite as envisioned either. Story of our lives, huh?!

  • 121
    suri says:

    Sharon – Dust bunny wars will consist of many battlefronts! Attacking on the master bedroom and upstairs hallway/bookcases at present. Slow go, but progress is progress!

    Didn’t make it to bank before 4:00, so tomorrow will have to do. Thought offices closed at 5:00? Got the paperwork for closing fees, credit report #’s, etc. Everything seems in order thus far. Process will take probably 15 days or more but feel at peace with the decisions, just a rough journey mentally and emotionally. I am trying to become more grateful for our options as so many have none?

    I heard on CNN that Tim Geithner made some statement of the human cost of the recession/depression. NO KIDDING! And how will this be remedied when the timeline goes on for historic lengths of individuals lifespan’s?

    Glad to hear StaciB goes on. Still have to limit my exposure to over much unemp/economy ‘news’. I have fought really hard to find my little perch on this mtn of life and can’t look down! Must get tips for hiking from EOTW on these fears! lol

    Hope your having a restful evening. How does the time pass so quickly? Get a good report from dr tomorrow! Why not just call BMV or ask on-line? That works well here. I really don’t know why Dad would need ID card at all? Maybe you are over-achieving as dutiful daughter?? Best to all, peace.

  • 122
    endoftheworld says:

    hello, not much new. Busy but not “productive” in terms of gettin things accomplished.

    So much for being “professional” – I called the HR DIRECTOR at the NH yest. am. bout the new ad and got NO return call, not very professional if ya ask me.

    yeh, lots o jobs but hard to find something I havent applied to 3 times before, interviewed at or worked at.
    I applied for a job as front desk security officer, the online application made me explain my gaps! i mean I was prompted on the online app. to write what i’ve been doing between each job as they apparently consider over 35 days to be “lengthy”?

    Read that Michael Thornton article. Still he and others refer to l/t as 26 weeks or more almost giving the general public that the L/T UE are 6 months or so, there seems to be less emphasis on those who lost jobs in 08-09 and no place does it really clarify that people are NOT on UE and are NOT getting hired almost as if they are just not working because they don’t really have to. I do generally like Mr. T’s articles and had a screen-name for the examiner but havent been reading regularly or posted in over a year. I generally do not waste time on these articles, same old same old. At this pt. it doesnt matter to me, I stopped expecting a Tier V mid 2010 as it was. Well the thing bout loosing ones skills actually becomes true after 2-3+ I believe. It’s the use it or lose it principle, tho it annoys me the media seems to portray the L/T UE as being unskilled as if we were that way to begin with, and ditto for being unemployable, well any of us would have appeared more employable at 3 months out of wk vs. closing in on 3 yrs.

    A major co. with headquarters here is having an open house next week. They let go like 125+ people in 2008 and now are in a hiring frenzy. I wonder if the people they let go got jobs someplace else or they were not even considered for employment? This co. had pretty bad reviews tho as far as working their goes. I did work there in the mid 90′s and was forced to resign as doing your job was not enough you have to exceed expectations each quarterly review period and I was told if I don’t show my worth they will need to be rid of me. This was my boss who said this, a real warm fuzzy type of woman, rhymes with witch? Anyhow think I’ll skip out on that hiring event tho it not likely the same people still there but who knows. At the time I did notice everybody seemed to be under the age of 45 and I did recall wondering what happened, I thought they might of burned out and quit. It was a very fast paced energetic co, with frequent pep rally type meetings and all kinds of rewards and recognition ceremonies and programs. I recall everybody in my dept. having gotten a balloon except for me and then one day my boss gave me one for like the most silly thing but at least I got my balloon too and could tie it on my chair where everybody could see how exceptional I was. People would leave the deflated balloons dangling on the floor or tape it to the cubicle walls. I think they were silver star shaped and said “shining star”, most people got several of them. you were a nobody unless you got a balloon, it was something to aspire to, even if you had a really crappy day you could look at your droopy balloon and go “at least I have a balloon”.

    Then the other job opportunity was my former shrink (long story filled with much trauma, drama and crazyness – on HIS part that is) is looking for front desk person, no prior med. office exp. necc. was tempted to apply just so the guy knows I’ve been out of work for so long as he got me fired from my University job and I still live here near his office but my friend strongly suggested I don’t shoot myself in the foot as these drs/therapists in that practice couldnt handle me and kept having me committed every time I was noncompliant/argumentative which I still am very much or likely even more so. It ended that I was not to contact the office ever or would be arrested for stalking/harassment if I did so I guess I’d best not but boy am I tempted to apply for this job am sure it would not be unnoticed.

    My left headlight is out on car not sure if fuse or bulb. Unfortunately my friend cannot come and help me with this so I may be forced to bring to garage, I cannot unscrew anything as it’s so rusted shut. Most peculiar I looked in yello pages under auto repair and 1/2 the places I’ve heard of are NOT listed so now I will be forced to go online but i’ve allways let my ‘fingers do the walking’ and based my selection on whom has a good looking ad, websites tend to be cookie cutter and hard to determine a business quality based on website. Firestone is my default but I don’t trust them, another story. I will say that everything depends on the particular mechanic and or service person but I hate being recommended for service I don’t need right now if it’s not necessary but they make it seem it is.

    I’ts been in the 60′s here but that is fine with me. next week sposed to be in the 80′s yuck, hope the neighbors wont start with a/c at nite this early.

    • 122.1
      suri says:

      EOTW – Just HAVE to let you know how much I enjoyed your post and all the word pictures it contained! You do have a gift with writing. You need to find an outlet for that and make money! lol

      The last shall be first category: Probably the headlight but those suckers can be expensive ($20 ?) and difficult to replace if you don’t know the tricks?? Any local small mechanic shops may be the best choice to help you out. My former employers would do stuff like this for $5 or $10 plus bulb? We all need an honest mechanic in our lives imho! Anyone to ask around about a referral? Guess that’s what I liked about the biz — working for people who treated their customers the way you wanted to be treated! That always makes life easier.

      Glad I personally never had to ENDURE the balloon place! Horrors! I almost had nightmares over that story. We had enough of that kind of rah-rah stuff in banking and ‘team’ projects, etc. As my DD likes to say “can we all be 6 ?” LOL In spite of what ever directions we were given by the powers that be, I always managed to outplay the competition by interacting with the employees under my direction with straight-shooting, this is the goal, how will WE achieve it and definitely giving credit (and pay raises/bonus!) as much as possible to others! Those were the days. In my humble experience, I always found if I went the extra mile and demonstrated I was on the team, not just the head of the team, everyone (well, almost! lol) would be on board.

      I would rethink the applying for corp. That’s kind of like blaming this BF for what the last one did imho? lol Anyway, try and be open (and preach that to me, when appropriate!).

      The shrink is another matter entirely? We all know most people go into that area BECAUSE they believe they are somehow OFF! I know and have experienced the benefits of gifted mental health professionals with my #1 son who had PTSD from a frat hazing (horrible experience!!!) and my DD migraine crisis. But there are also many who are ineffective and, much worse, HARMFUL ! Try not to use any energy or look back at an obviously painful experience. (Easy for me to say, huh.) The thing about medical opinions is they are just that – opinions! And what do the guys say? The thing about aholes is, everyone has one? lol

      Don’t see anything to even apply for, let alone fantasize about. Just working on refi and trying not to fret over how much closing costs will be. I can’t worry about things I have no control of. (Repeat 3 times – as necessary!) I am attempting to practice your Zen-like quality to accept the roller-coaster ride of life — enjoy the ‘highs’ and scream when called for!

      Wednesday, how’s the weekend looking? Good I’ll have laundry caught up. Do you know how many yucky clothes come back from fishing trips? (Don’t ask??) Going to pay more bills and look for some fun, sometime. Peace.

    • 122.2
      Sharon-GA says:

      EOTW: I think I would take your friend’s advice about the job at the shrink. I know you might be tempted to kind of thumb your nose at them, but they sound like the kind of people who would follow-through with calling the cops on you for harrassment, even though all you would be doing is applying for a job. And really, would you WANT to work there?–probably not, just a way to let them know how they’ve helped to destroy your life. And it sounds like they didn’t care so much when they were doing it, so why should they care now?

      The Co. that let so many people go and are now in a hiring frenzy, who are the “balloon people” sounds a lot like Amway!! Had a husband who thought that would be the way to go–all the rah-rah stuff, motivational tapes every time you got in your car, and essentially 24 hours a day, calls from your “sponsor” every day trying to be motivational. Walked into a local pet store chain one early morning to find the staff huddled in a circle, and at the end they did the rah-rah thing, did high 5′s and hollered–and I thought, yeah, wouldn’t want to work here!! There’s motivational stuff and then there’s just needless cheerleading. I think more along the lines of Suri, there is what I think of motivation based in reality–set goals and how to work toward achieving them, respect and care about the people you work with, give praise when due, the same with constructive criticism, and when able bonuses and raises, and if not, some form of recognition for exceeding expectations. Perhaps the management at this company has changed and along with it their management style?

      You would think that a place (the NH) that stresses the importance of professionalism, would also exhibit it, wouldn’t you?, by at the very least returning your phone call even if they didn’t have anything particularly positive to say. It would seem that professionalism is a one-way street–yours.

      Weather is so strange. You know a few weeks back we were in the 90s, and now we are lucky to be in the low 60s during the day, but low 40s in the mornings! But by this weekend we’re supposed to be back up in the upper 80s/low 90s! I’m kind of cold inside actually, but prefer this to the high temps…but know they are on their way, and when they get here, they’re not going to leave…so am enjoying this reprieve. A little bit of sunshine today off and on, but still lots of overcast.

      Good luck with the car, you don’t want to be pulled over for having your headlight out and get a ticket. Like you, I still use my phone book…though they had it on the news yesterday about all the phone books going to recycling because no one wants or uses them anymore, and what a horrible waste it is. Guess we’re like the dinosaurs….?

  • 123
    Sharon-GA says:

    All: Read below, and if interested, please copy and paste into address and hold accountable.

    Subject: Hold Senators accountable for voting to protect Big Oil subsidies

    Dear Friend,

    On Tuesday night, 48 Senators, including three Democrats and all but two Republicans, put Big Oil before the American people and helped defeat a bill that would have ended tax breaks for the five biggest oil companies.

    How could anyone vote against a bill that would have kept $21 billion of American taxpayers’ money out of the pockets of cash-rich oil companies?

    One big reason is oil money in our political process. A lot of it. Oil and gas companies spent $39.5 million lobbying congress in just the first quarter of this year, and have donated nearly $18 million to the 48 Senators who voted to protect oil subsidies.

    I just signed a petition to hold these Senators accountable for putting Big Oil company profits and campaign contributions ahead of the American people. Join me by signing the petition now:

    • 123.1
      suri says:

      Sharon – Yeah, thanks. Did you see Ed Show on 5-18-ll on contributions to Rep Senators compared to Dem Senators? Like Repubs get 4 times as much! No surprise there.

  • 124
    Sharon-GA says:

    Tribe: Had my MD appt this a.m. and got an excellent report. He checked several of my ROM but didn’t ask me to raise my arm over my head. After I finished all the others, I stood and said, “Watch this,” and raised my arm straight up in the air. He looked at me in shock and said, “Do it again!” I did, and he came over and gave me a big hug (remember, he’s a friend as well as my ortho) and said, “You are amazing!” He repeated that it is very rare for anyone suffering my kind of fracture ever regain their ROM that way, and he was very surprised and amazed. I still have another week before it will be 6 weeks, but he said that even though it will be lightly healed at that time, he said it will take about 8 months before it is fully healed and has built up enough bone to be considered healed and strong. So he said it would be winter before I would be out of danger for reinjury if I took a spill again, and I should avoid any quick movements with it. He said he didn’t think I would need physical therapy because I’ve done such a good job, but that it will take several months to rebuild muscle strength. All things considered, though I’m not happy with the 8 months and the muscle strength, I am VERY happy that he says I’m doing so well.

    Will be going back to reading my manuals for work so I’m as informed as I can possibly be by the time I actually report for a few hours of work.

    Suri, so long as you have money for the closing costs (which since you don’t seem to be saying you don’t have funds, only stressing over how much), I’d just move forward and know that you are moving in the right direction. You are, for the most part, in an enviable position, and your knowledge of the banking industry can only help you. By the way, what happened with the furnace not kicking on? Did you get someone to come and look at it, or did it start working?

    Have you made any decisions about going to visit son and DIL over Memorial weekend? Heard anymore from DH about his camping trip and fish caught? I can only imagine the smelly clothes coming home…don’t care for the smell of fish.

    It looks like my daylilies are getting ready to bloom soon. Actually, one looks like it was going to open up, but it’s a little wilted and dampish/frazzled looking…guess maybe the low temps at night have gotten to it, but I think the others may survive since they are still more tightly closed and in bud form yet. I’m looking forward to seeing them…there should be 100s of them.

    Did you make any decisions about cellular service? Read that it’s not a foregone conclusion about the takeover of my carrier by larger company…would rather not see that happen as costs will go up and service go down.

    Hope you have a good day. Take care out there…

    • 124.1
      suri says:

      Sharon – Still unsure on cell phones. Any insight or research suggestions? How is DD SmartTalk phone? This world has become so complex on every decision. I used to love to do ‘consumer research’. But now it just wears me down.

      I often read Clark Howard website for financial tips but become distressed on the majority of people who really don’t have the info/interest to manage their financial affairs in their own best interests. I personally think and research studies have proven the whole 401k program, for most middle-class Americans, has turned out to be a sham. Average taxpayers have not understood the program completely and it was ‘sold’ to employees as their having control over their destiny! LOL For the average worker it has been a load of crap!! (See PBS specials, various reports, etc.)

      Our personal experience is probably worse than the usual as the investment company Putnam 401k that employer had went under 10 yrs ago so all employees ‘lost’ half their money? Then for next 5 yr employer match was reduced, then dropped when company went bankrupt!! Finally new owners from Canada struggled to really ‘get’ how 401k was represented?? But they loved that Americans had to pay for their health insurance! LOL

      Yes, I do know there are individuals for whom 401k resulted in a large retirement bundle. But I believe that, like most things in our world, they were the few, the elite, at the top salaries. I have more instances of individuals not understanding the withdrawal penalties or tax consequences and losing 30 to 40% of their money. One associate of DH withdrew his 401k to pay off mtg; one withdraw 401k in anger at company alone! DH just burned all his many, many company jackets, safety awards, corporate junk!!

      Don’t know why I’m stuck on that today. Refi makes me think of it, I guess. Just all the ‘stuff’ one deals with in life over and above the trauma/drama that being alive brings you in sickness and adversity. Our world is not for wimps… (Some say this is HE** and heaven is later! lol) Peace and hope for improvement!

      • 124.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        Suri: Yes, actually, I am one of those believers that he** is here…this is not a new belief for me, I’ve felt this way for many, many years.

        The last time I heard from DD, she still hadn’t gotten the pkg or paperwork to return her nonworking phone, and they will not send her the new phone until they receive her old phone. So she’s not happy, and I can certainly understand why. She has no landline and no other phone for herself, though using the kids’ phone with much fewer minutes of service. Her hubby has his phone, but it stays with him at work during the day, so she’s at home with the kids with limited service. So I don’t call or text her to conserve her minutes. Communicate thru email, which she doesn’t always check regularly. So feeling a bit cut off. My discomfort though I am sure doesn’t even come anywhere near her discomfort and the work she’s going to have to do to recreate everything in her phone. She homeschools the kids–the two older both with ADHD, the little one goes to day care in the a.m. so she can concentrate her attention on the two in school. If she hadn’t chosen homeschooling, both kids would have been lost in the school system. The oldest was so far ahead in his knowledge that he was bored to death and was a disruption in the classroom–when she tested him before homeschooling, he actually skipped a grade–so that accounted for a lot of his problems…and then, of course, the ADHD. The second has ADHD and had a learning disability but was actually tested as being exceptionally bright (like the oldest), but if she hadn’t been homeschooling, the extra attention she needed wouldn’t have been there. She’s doing really well now too, but it’s taken lots of work. I’m the one who encouraged my DD to homeschool the kids, but despite the hard work on her part, I know she is glad this is the path she has chosen. She’s a good mom, and I’m very proud of her.

        There are so many things that I believe the American people have been taken advantage of, the 401K thing being one of them. I never had that opportunity, so it didn’t affect me. I posted in my other post about what I think about privatizing SS, being just another way to put the money back in Wall Street’s pockets, with no guarantees, and just another way for Wall Street to rip off the American people. Unfortunately, I think things are going to get much worse before they get any better (if ever)…if you believe in heaven, then that may be when…

        Sorry, I’m in no better spirits this morning than you are…

          suri says:

          Sharon – Very interested and in agreement re DD homeschooling. I entered that territory when my DD was in migraine crisis for years beginning with sixth grade so WELL KNOW that world. Always knew my children’s future and abilities were more important to me than teacher with 30 in her class, but sons had great school careers including sports, etc. It was truly more difficult for me (and still is) that she missed ‘regular’ school life. My sons were the first to convince me “it was overrated!” LOL

          We eventually used Indiana University High School on-line classes and supplemented one year with local high school classes in nearby country high school that was ACTUALLY INTERESTED in her success and education? Go figure! LOL

          She opted to finish out with GED and go on to a community college, on time and on track!

          Please assure her of my congrats on taking this on and that her family will all be better for it!!

          My niece has only this year realized and had dx her 10 yr son with Asberger’s Syn/ADHD. I hope I have been/will be of some support to her as she faces this dilemna of home-schooling also. Each child is so unique and individual? I spent years in torment with myself before I could accept I didn’t cause the condition, nothing I wouldn’t do to end it, etc. Some of our cc expense is still from extra costs of her medical care/schooling but you literally do what you have to do, right?

          Well, hanging out here too much and yeah I always scroll for every tidbit of all posts! Day is clearing some, hope my outlook does also. On that Clark Howard website they are advertising SmartTalk bundles – on-line specials. Going to have my DD check out? Peace.

            Sharon-GA says:

            Suri: You’ve mentioned your DDs migraine crisis previously, and W-A-Y back (in this article) I posted you regarding our life similarities as my daughter had/has severe migraine problems (both as a child, then teenager and adulthood) as well (particularly bad this past pregnancy–the kind of migraine more closely associated with risk of stroke, and totally debilitating). As many commonalities as we might have, we also have differences, which I mentioned in a post to EOTW not too far back about artistic vs. not artistic (me being more artistic and less mathetmatically inclined, as you are, and EOTW says she doesn’t have an artistic bone in her body, but is obviously very creative and imaginative). You didn’t mention any of these…which maybe you didn’t have anything to say, but I was a tad surprised of no response–that’s why I’ve mentioned that I miss the time and date stamps because it is so hard to keep track if someone actually REPLIES as opposed to just write a new post. The replies tend to get buried and sometimes overlooked. I know when I’m looking for you guys, I have to spend a lot of time going back, sometimes quite a ways, to see what you’ve had to say.

            There really is no doubt that my DD and her husband made the right decision to homeschool–and make no mistake, though she does the teaching, he is the $$ support for the family without assistance, and that’s not easy these days. My gson plays soccer, my gdaughter takes ballet (she used to play soccer too, but they had to cut back on expenses so each gets one thing now), and they are very active in their church, so I don’t think they are actually missing a lot by not attending the public school system. They seem to be socially well-adjusted, and they go on homeschool related field trips and functions.

            I’m sorry to hear about your niece’s child, but I’m sure you will give of your support and your knowledge when you can and when she wants it. Definitely, each child is different–my grandkids are each a wonder, and though they have commonalities, they are distinct individuals. I find myself truly blessed.

            Finally finished the manuals.

            Have a good rest of the day. Like you, have spent entirely too much time on this computer today.

  • 125
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri: You might be interested in the article by Arthur Delaney on HuffPo on Over 50 and Out of Work. You might be interested too, EOTW, but figured since you’re not there yet, it is more relevant to Suri and DH.

  • 126
    suri says:

    Sharon – Just happened to read that Arthur Delaney article before I stopped by here. Heartbreakingly true!! For so many couples, let alone those with kids still at home, the job loss is ultimate ‘cut to the core’ experience. DH and I have been together forever and still the pain and anguish we each experienced weighed very heavy on our lives… It would be ONE thing to lose your job/career through NO FAULT of your own but to not find ANY WORK FOR 3 – 4 YEARS OR EVER?? That is beyond cruel and unusual punishment!!

    The pain of ‘letting your family down’ for most men is too much to bear and seems lots of ‘accidents’ causing death in this age group. Some day we will be able to calculate the depth of this recession but NEVER the DAMAGE DONE IN PEOPLE’S LIVES!! I personally see more and more obits with equal number of younger men with temp or no employer to those over 75. Guess they’re curing the SS problems? How sad…

    The weather here still chilly 58 degrees and very little sun today. No leaving furnace news for when DH returns Saturday night. We are all much too used to ‘making do’ aren’t we? lol

    Yes, we have LEARNED to become grateful for the glass half-full and not to mourn the other half too much. Many have no glass at all… Tragic. Got to go take dogs out and feed. Check ya later. Peace.

  • 127
    endoftheworld says:

    Another crappy day, got very little done though I did discover my car is COMPLETELY out of oil per the dipstick (it was clean) so fortunately I could walk to shopping center and got a quart at Rite Aid which in fact did not even fill it up? hmm. Hope I don’t have a leaking container for the oil, just what I need, another problem! I’ve not driven much other then the trips up to NW Corner 1c or 2ce. a week so surprised it was THAT low, nothing appeared on the dipstick at all.
    My friend did stop by tonite for 5 min. to look under the hood re: the bulb, he thinks he can do it but I dunno, I sprayed wd-40 on the bolts but they are still rusted shut. In any event he told me not to worry, he has tomorrow night free but it’s sposed to rain as it has been ALL week and we’d rather NOT go to mother’s garage.

    Sharon, good news on the shoulder but yes keep in mind, better safe than sorry down the road. Be careful at work if you are asked to lift a heavy box or anything like that. I am sure My and Suri’s positive healing thoughts helped!

    Suri, what kind of trip IS this that your hubby has a TV? and whining over a bit of rain? I doubt the fish mind? I hope he’s appreciating the time away with his friends regardless? The 5.99 Pizza deal at Dominos is over here this week unfortunately I finished my pizza last night and was going to get another today tho it was only 14″ and the amount of toppings was negligible plus the crust is a bit too breadlike for my taste but still 4 nites dinner for $6.35, not bad. The grocery store frozen pizza’s are much more expensive then I realized or maybe the price of cheese has gone up? Actually it seems the price fruits and vegetables has gone up considerably, i’ve noticed, ditto for fish, have not seen any fillets for $3.99 now in months.

    Yes the ballon thing was comical, every manager got like 12 balloons to hand out each month. I think I got mine because everybody had one and this was a leftover. There are employer reviews on and I think is the address and they have RECENT bad reviews on exactly the type of stuff that drove me batty before I left. The co. was a small private co. when I was hired, the corp.cult. after the major buyout completely changed.

    Thanks to electronic records even if the people in HR and my Dept. are no longer there, God only knows what’s in my file. I got called in for tardiness and wearing too much fragrance, it happened that somebody in my dept. who for some reason wished to remain. anon. was allergic to ANY perfumes and I do wear fragrance almost daily as a mood booster tho none of the expensive stuff just cheap drugstore body sprays which are not in particularly strong i’d think. In any event I was reported to HR for “having a strong offensive odor eminating from my cube”. That was one of the more strange HR disciplinary meetings I have ever attended but was super pissed this woman did not approach me 1st. as I had NO idea she had chemical sensitivities and of course instead of addressing it with me i ended up having a disciplinary action in my file for “smelling bad and giving her a headache” as she put it. They did assure me it was NOT BO or i smelled dirty just that i wore too much perfume? so when I said I just wore eau de toilette and not actual “perfume” i was told to not wear any at all as apparently it bothered this 1 person so I became even more paranoid, wondering if my fragranced shampoo or deodarent bothered her too.

    So ah, not to gung ho on working there again and am afraid the feeling be mutual and another waste of my time and energies. I would have to explain why I left and don’t have a plausible reason, also awkward to ‘splain why I want to come back NOW after all these years? Am truly interested tho in the sudden hiring frenzy of “numerous positions available”. Probably the remaining EE’s couldn’t take it and jumped ship. This place had a HUGE disconnect between sr. mgmt. and ground level EE’s who did most of the grunt work. Am surprised they are still doing well financially, they were investigated for some accounting ‘discrepencies’ etc. and in a class action suit I won some addit. stock which is in my 401K.

    another fun and exiting day…dentist appt. at 9AM tomorrow, i’d better set my alarm!

    • 127.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      EOTW: Good luck at your dentist appt this a.m. Know you are still worrying about the strange appt you had prior, so hopefully this one will alleviate those concerns.

      You haven’t noticed any oil residue under your car? Strange that you have no oil with no indication of a leak. Hope there is no expensive problem…that would be just what you need, huh? Glad your friend may be able to help you out with both oil problem and headlight problem, since you thought he would not be available.

      I agree, it was not very nice of that lady not to address the cologne problem with you before reporting it to mgmt, and strange that mgmt would write you up for it without giving you a chance first to correct the problem. If you didn’t know about it, how were you supposed to deal with it? I would have thought they might tell you about it and give you the opportunity to stop wearing it, and then if not, then write you up. But to put it on your record without giving you a chance?–sounds more like someone had it out for you. I do notice there are more and more people who seem to be sensitive to cologne/lotion smells, and there are some offices where it is not allowed to wear them, particularly in the health care field, but in others as well. I had a problem one time with a lady who shared our office space and one particular perfume she wore, and she wore a lot in addition, really bothered me–gave me migraine as well as other allergic reactions…sneezing, nose running etc. It didn’t bother me when she wore other perfumes, just this one–don’t even recall what it was. The first few times it happened I wasn’t sure that was the cause so I didn’t mention it, but after several times, I did mention it to her and just asked if she could refrain from wearing that particular perfume. She was not very happy with me, as she kind of had a belligerent attitude anyway, but she did comply, and we had no further problems. I would not have dreamed of reporting it to mgmt without having addressed it with her first, and even would have hesitated after speaking with her about it if she continued to wear it, knowing that it had that dramatic an affect on me. I really do try very hard not to offend or cause a problem for anybody.

      I am sure that your and Suri’s good thoughts coming my way for my arm went a long way toward helping me. I can certainly use all the help I can get!

      Check in later with us and let us know about dentist and car, and am thinking about you.

  • 128
    suri says:

    Another gloomy, foggy day to soldier through this a.m. Hopefully, the sun will break through later.

    Sharon – AWESOME appt with dr! I knew you were way ahead of the game. You have the worst of it over now!

    Did anyone see Lawrence O’Donnell show last night re the history of Repub/Regan and TAX CUTS and more TAX CUTS all these years? I love/hate the info being so accepted by Bush/Repubs lead us into the wars, manipulated the real estate market to excess, all to create the bubbles that made his admin! A house of cards, if ever there was one imho!

    However, as the crime is usually found MORE in the cover-up than the original deed — I’m feeling our time is just wasting away in the arguing about how to regain any momentum or traction in this economy. In truth we NEED/REQUIRE many different sources of action to counterbalance ALL that has gone down… Unemp extensions, some plan for those over 60 to connect with SS ?, plans for those over 62 to have Medicare earlier (buy-in ?), train/educate those without GED, update skills for l/t unemp, etc. But we get NOTHING!!

  • 129
    suri says:

    Part II – Me thinks the American middle-class worker and general public has been MUCH TOO PATIENT for MUCH TOO LONG!! It’s devastating how cheapened life has been made. So much crime and drugs even in the rural areas such as mine. I haven’t gone quietly into the dark night of unemp for ourselves or our country. WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS!

    If we keep doing what we’re doing (NOTHING) — we will keep getting what we’re getting = NOTHING!! How hard is that? Sorry I need to brighten my spirits.

    EOTW – Sending good thoughts for dentist for you. WE all dislike the dentist — they hurt you and make you pay money! lol Seriously, got to go get broken tooth fixed when finances are fixed. Filling $350. or crown $1,000 + ? Thank you filling will be fine… Just think of the economy boon if the govt could help subsidy necessary dental care? Doesn’t seem to over the top in this day and time that dental care is HEALTHCARE. Oh, yeah, millions have NO HEALTHCARE either… No peace but looking for hope.

    • 129.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Absolutely share your angst over getting NOTHING, no help at all, for so many millions of people. I don’t think we’re necessarily quiet, but I don’t think any of us know how to really get the attention of our Govt because they seem to be totally oblivious to the American people. If they were listening, how could they ignore all the people who don’t have jobs, who are losing their homes to foreclosure, who are homeless, who have no health care. And they keep saying that the unemployed are unemployed because they lack skills–how can that be?–we were working and lost jobs not because we were unskilled, but because of an economy that tanked, and jobs outsourced overseas to improve the company bottom line…but suddenly we are unskilled? And if that is the case, why is it that people who have gone back to school, or have taken additional courses to update their skills still cannot find employment? But if they actually believe this, then why don’t they offer classes to people in their fields that will bring them up-to-date? Surely that would be less expensive than welfare or unemployment benefits, and get us back into the work force? I truly think it’s because that is NOT the reason, and if they did that and still had massive #s of unemployed that it would prove that it is because the economy stinks and there are just not ENOUGH jobs for all those who need them. Yet our legislators still vote for subsidies to oil companies! And instead of reducing the retirement age because older workers are finding it the hardest to find employment, they want to increase it, making it impossible for many older people to survive until they can claim benefits. What are they supposed to do in the interim? And the only reason the Republicans wants to do away with SS is so that the monies people invest in their retirement will go back to Wall Street, again taking care of their wealthy friends. Sorry..too much angst.

      Yes, as I mentioned, I have broken teeth too, but they are not getting fixed. And strange that dental care is not considered part of health care, since the affects of poor dental health has been proven to have an overall affect on general health. But who cares? Apparently no one.

      Have a real case of the nerves this morning for some reason. For last 2 days have had problems sleeping at night, but cannot stay awake when I’m trying to read my manuals for work. I feel like I’m forgetting something or missing something I’m supposed to take care of, but don’t know what it is, and it is causing me lots of nervousness. Also am nervous about work…but that would be natural, particularly going into a field I’m unfamiliar with. Guess it causes me a little more nerves because my real scheduled time to work is still a ways out and gives me lots of time to build up a case of nerves about it. Do have a mandatory meeting this wknd for everyone, so that should be interesting.

      It’s still cool here this morning too…but by this weekend we’re supposed to be in the upper 80s/low 90s. Not sure what today’s high temps are supposed to be. I just haven’t been able to get warm the last couple of days…had heating pad on my shoulder last night, so that helped me to warm up a bit, along with covering with a blanket while I worked on my manuals and struggled to stay awake!! It is so weird!!

      I think a lot about work, visualizing myself in the job, doing the things that need to be done, hoping that when I actually get the opportunity to work that it will seem like I’ve already been there!! I don’t know when I’ve ever had such a case of nerves!–just so out of practice I guess.

      And, of course, I’m worrying about how I’m going to survive making so little, and how I’m going to do everything that needs to be done should I need to move. Am trying to concentrate more on the job and doing a good job and educating myself ahead of time. Am trying not to scatter my attention and worries in too many directions or I won’t be effective in anything.

  • 130
    suri says:

    Sharon – Free floating anxiety — I’d recognize it anywhere! lol Having had more than my fair share of it. It’s not helpful imho to have so much time before activity?

    I am grateful/hopeful that your p/t will be more time and MORE TIME SOON. Just for info: Last two med assts DD has started to train have lasted a day or two. One decided she needed to move to Florida and another didn’t know they meant be there at 7:30 to 5:30?? Crazy stuff, huh. I always believe we truly won’t have enough good people if we EVER get this economy up and running!!

    COMPLETELY in agreement with alot of my time is getting myself mentally from here to there. Whether it is research on refi, cell phones, etc. Must remain focused and not expose myself to much of the ‘sky is falling’ news that seems so prevalant today. It’s that feeling of not being in control and unable to turn the ship around. Please pay attention to the ‘not sleeping’. Try an Advil or Tylenol P.M. They can be helpful.

    Seriously, try to calm your inner self at least a few times a day and find a peaceful moment. Your mind will tune you into what it needs? Sounds hokey, but works for me! Have often spent 15 minutes in mediation and rethought decisions from complete different perspective? Positive peace to you.

    • 130.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Checked with DMV, think I may be able to squeeze in tomorrow since the office has moved and is closer. For license renewal would need to pass a vision test–will ask daddy if he feels confident he can pass, and $20; if just picture ID, $20 and no vision exam. I just need his license to do either. Glad to know what I need, and will just kind of feel daddy out as to which way he wants to go. If he thinks he can pass vision exam, think I’ll go with that, as even MD offices require picture ID and often license–and they are using scanning machines for check-in now which requires a driver’s license! So much bureaucracy anymore for every single little thing you do…if he can pass vision exam, think that’s the best way to go. Would be really nice to get that taken care of tomorrow and have it done and over with. Hate to have things hanging over my head. Really need to have some form of ID, otherwise it’s almost hard to prove your existence anymore!!–and the standard is the driver’s license.

      Confirmed his bday party arrangements with acivities director at NH, so we’re good to go there, emailed DD about confirmation and whether she and kids are just going to show up there or if they’re coming here first. I know he’s looking forward to seeing the kids. And he’s so anxious and happy to turn 90. He’s been telling me for 2 years that he’s going to be 90, and I keep having to tell him he’s gotten ahead of himself–and this year he’ll actually BE 90, so he’s very excited!

      Have to go and get SOMETHING accomplished!

    • 130.2
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: How can it be possible she didn’t know she was moving to Florida?! And what’s with the not knowing what the hours are? Usually isn’t that made clear up front? Though I do know someone (my critter sitter, actually) who was hired at a local hospital with what she thought was 12-hour shifts on the weekend (nights to morning)–that was the way the job was advertised. In the midst of her training, they told her it was a rotating schedule and it would be weekends and weekdays, and rotating schedule of days AND nights. So sometimes administration does not make clear, or changes their mind midstream. Not suggesting it was your daughter’s fault, but maybe someone in administration or HR did not make clear what the hours were when she was hired for the job…? Employers can get away with practically anything anymore, people are so desperate. Though the ladies your daughter dealt with seemed to have other plans, or specific reservations or conflicts…?

      Gotta run.

  • 131
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri: Please look above, as I have responded to earlier posts from you. Actually, I think there are a few of my posts where I respond to older posts from you and EOTW that actually don’t get read because we don’t go far enough up to find them…and it’s so much harder to find things now that there is no date and time stamp. Anyway….have a good day and keep informed about refi etc. When you have nothing better to do, scroll up and see what you may have missed in posts (if anything).

    Take care. Need to go work on manuals when I hopefully can stay awake!! As indicated, having problems sleeping at night and staying awake during the day when I’m trying to read! Feels like I’m drugged or something! Bizarre!

  • 132
    Sharon-GA says:

    It might be worth making notes of above. In an email you can print out, but for ya’ll, maybe just make notes…? These are additional ways to protect your privacy:

    Even If you dislike attorneys..You will love them for these tips.

    Read this and make a copy for your files in case you need to refer to it someday. Maybe we should all take some of his advice! A corporate attorney sent the following out to the employees in his company:

    1. Do not sign the back of your credit cards . Instead, put ‘ PHOTO ID REQUIRED .’

    2. When you are writing checks to pay on your credit card accounts, DO NOT put the complete account number on the ‘For’ line. Instead, just put the last four numbers . The credit card company knows the rest of the number, and anyone who might be handling your check as it passes through all the check processing channels won’t have access to it.

    3.. Put your work phone # on your checks instead of your home phone. If you have a PO Box use that instead of your home address. If you do not have a PO Box, use your work address. Never have your SS# printed on your checks. (DUH!) You can add it if it is necessary. But if you have It printed, anyone can get it.

    4. Place the contents of your wallet on a photocopy machine . Do both sides of each license, credit card, etc. You will know what you had in your wallet and all of the account numbers and phone numbers to call and cancel… Keep the photocopy in a safe place.
    I also carry a photocopy of my passport when I travel either here or abroad. We’ve all heard horror stories about fraud that’s committed on us in stealing a Name, address, Social Security number, credit cards..

    Unfortunately, I, an attorney, have first hand knowledge because my wallet was stolen last month. Within a week, the thieves ordered an expensive monthly cell phone package, applied for a VISA credit card, had a credit line approved to buy a Gateway computer, received a PIN number from DMV to change my driving record information online, and more.
    But here’s some critical information to limit the damage in case this happens to you or someone you know:

    5. We have been told we should cancel our credit cards immediately. But the key is having the toll free numbers and your card numbers handy so you know whom to call. Keep those where you can find them.

    6.. File a police report immediately in the jurisdiction where your credit cards, etc., were stolen. This proves to credit providers you were diligent, and this is a first step toward an investigation (if there ever is one).

    But here’s what is perhaps most important of all : (I never even thought to do this.)
    7.. Call the 3 national credit reporting organizations immediately to place a fraud alert on your name and also call the Social Security fraud line number. I had never heard of doing that until advised by a bank that called to tell me an application for credit was made over the Internet in my name.

    The alert means any company that checks your credit knows your information was stolen, and they have to contact you by phone to authorize new credit..

    By the time I was advised to do this, almost two weeks after the theft, all the damage had been done There are records of all the credit checks initiated by the thieves’ purchases, none of which I knew about before placing the alert. Since then, no additional damage has been done, and the thieves threw my wallet away this weekend (someone turned it in). It seems to have stopped them dead in their tracks….

    Now, here are the numbers you always need to contact about your wallet, if it has been stolen:

    1.) Equifax: 1-800-525-6285

    2.) Experian (formerly TRW): 1-888-397-3742

    3.) Trans Union : 1-800-680 7289

    4.) Social Security Administration (fraud line):

    We pass along jokes on the Internet; we pass along just about everything.

    If you are willing to pass this information along, it could really help someone that you care about.

  • 133
    Sharon-GA says:

    EOTW is going to say I’m hyper today with all these posts…and she may be right, or I might be suffering from Suri’s diagnosis of my having freefloating anxiety. But I’m posting in response to other posts, and I’m also passing along info as I see/hear it. I just heard something on today’s noon news that I found disturbing. I thought for sure I must have misunderstood, but afraid I did not. They were talking about health care and Georgia taking exception to the President’s health care program. What I found the most interesting was that Georgia is saying that people without health insurance should not receive medical care……(?) The Presidential response was in that case people in auto accidents would be left on the road. Now, you’re supposed to have auto insurance (tho I know there are people out there who don’t have it), but that does not mean you have health insurance coverage. What I am amazed about is that you’d have a state that would say that people without health insurance cannot receive medical care. For myself, if I can’t pay, I don’t go. But in the case of an auto accident, where you may receive a traumatic, severe, and totally unexpected injury…do people just not receive care and just be left on the road to die? Is this where we have come to in this nation? I am incredulous, though don’t know why I should be. Sure there will be an umbrella under which the illegals would be protected though…sorry, just saying….

  • 134
    endoftheworld says:

    I have difficulties gettin things done ALL the time tho it seems to be worse as of late, note sure what the H I am doing? tho I seem to spend ALOT of my time lost in thought basically because I don’t have anyone to relie on for advice for personal matters such as where to go to Dentist, what do to about Cell phone as the battery is lasting for shorter and shorter length of time, where to bring car in etc. etc. things like that. I tend to over think and overanalyze things as it is but i’d say not having a network of people to get answers to most simple basic life stuff is a big waste of my time and where ALOT of my time goes into. Mother is of no help and I don’t want to burden my 1 friend with my little personal problems that don’t affect him in any way tho he did buy me some quarts of oil w/o my asking and he will try to install new bulb but I don’t have much faith there as he’s attempted to do some repairs around my apt. but not succeeded and like me he is not the patient type so he’s not gonna waste an hour trying to remove and reassemble my headlight. I just hope he can put it back so at least th high beam still works in the event he has problems. His father was a mechanic so he feels he ought to be able to handle these types of DIY “man” things. My own father was DIY cause he was really tight with his $ and would not part with it unless absolutely necessary, the same way I am. I cannot buy myself an article of clothing, outerwear or sneakers unless the ones I have make me look like a homeless person or the sneakers are so worn they cannot be worn.

    Speaking of, sneakers are getting cheaper and cheaper in quality like bigtime. I recall a pair lasting 5 years and now barely 2. I have a pair, NB I bought year befor last as my Reeboks before them got a huge hole on the side so my little toe was coming out and also they were worn to the sole and my socks got wet when the ground was. I got these fairly name brand sneaks at Sears and now the seams are coming apart on both shoes and the bottoms have lost all traction and have no grooves left. Not much better than noname brand Walmart sneakers. We have a running store in the Mall and wonder if those $90+ ones be of better quality? In even event I will wear these till my feet go through even tho they really look filthy but am afraid if i put in washer they will fall apart completely, this happened with my 2 backpacks and now they have holes in the seams which I sewed shut but cannot do with the sneakers.

    Anyhow back to topic, I thought this spaciness or feeling disconnected like watching your life like from above was a form of disassociation, usually witnessed by trauma victims. I had one really dumb therapist suggest my father had sexually abused me! NOT. While my parents were strict disciplinarians with my doing my chores and keeping my room neat, and I was spanked if I was bad, I was not abused and most certainly not sexually which she implied.
    The free floating anxiety may cause this disociating as a coping mechanism. I’ve always been anxious, even going to nursery school gave me butterflies or elephants in my tummy. I am simply an anxious, fearful and deeply mistrustful person but when I had complained to the doctors about feeling spacey or not all there and losing track of time more than what i think “normal” people do they diagnosed me with ADD and gave me script for amphetamines!

    I wish i could meditate but I cannot sit still just doing nothing unless I am lying out in the Sun and there arent dozens of screaming kids or smelly BBQ grills or latino music emanating from boom-boxes or some huge hispanic group playing volleyball feet from my head.
    I actually don’t see how meditation can work for grave problems, it not like meditating for 20 min. will get you a job or the Gods will decide to throw money down from the skies or if you have some other problem. Maybe for true ‘free floating’ anxiety which I think means has no root cause, just anxious over nothing specific, tho I think we ladies here have enough to be specifically anxious over and not like “Gee I wonder why I feel so crappy?” tho I understand there are many truly clueless people who have to go to a therapist to reveal these types of things to them as they have no insight to their own lives and emotions, mind boggling to me.

    yeh I read most of the posts I think but cannot respond to ALL of them!

    Oh, BIG NEWS – I have NO cavities at all, do need a tooth cleaning (again) so now have to find a medicaid approved dentist who’s not like the woman I went to who in fact takes medicaid but she’s not on the approved state list which only has 8 local. This dentist today who also had free exam coupon told me that what she’d noted as cavities were the natural deep grooves in my teeth which may get cavities but right now my teeth are fine other than the yellowing and asked if I am a heavy smoker. i only smoked for a brief time in the late 80′s/early 90′s before it became outlawed virtually everywhere.

    Ugh my friend will be here in 90 min. and I’ve not done a thing other than read the paper (no jobs), dentist appt, checked e-mail and gone for a run and kinda need to jump in shower as it was 69 but super humid, i got completely soaked and have not eaten lunch and it’s after 3!

    • 134.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      EOTW: So glad your dental appt resulted in good news–no cavities!!! Hope you’re able to find someone reliable from your list to clean your teeth, but you have the main worry at least taken care of.

      I know I have reasons for anxiety all over the place, as you say, we are all too aware of what is happening in our lives…but it just seemed today that I’ve had this terrible nervousness that was out of proportion for nothing any more unusual than “normal.” Terrible how we have had to adjust to such a state of “normal” as being the kind of life that most people would consider traumatic. I’m just feeling very off-centered today and don’t have any one thing I can pinpoint it to…though I do have a whole basketful of them!! Feel like I’m missing something I’m supposed to have done or be doing and that it is really big and not taking care of it is catastrophic, and wonder what I’ve missed. I’m so careful to try and take care of everything…not just for myself but for daddy, and I’ve gone over and over in my head and can’t for the life of me think what it might be. I’m just very anxious, like something terrible is going to happen… a sense of nervous foreboding. Like we don’t have enough of that to deal with on a regular basis?

      Like you, I don’t have anyone to ask a lot of what would be considered the normal, every day things for advice either. I’m afraid I can’t be of much help about the battery for your cell phone as I’m sure you’ve looked into a replacement for it, and possibly looked on E-bay, where I’m told you can find all sorts of things for very reasonable prices. I attempted that when my battery wouldn’t hold a charge, but my battery was in another language and couldn’t find anything identifiable, and cell phone co didn’t have replacements for it any longer as it was an old phone. I ended up having to get a new phone before my battery lost all charge, at which point they said they wouldn’t have been able to retrieve my information to move it over to another phone–so do be careful of that. The place I take my car is one I found for myself, but BF said (afterward) that it has a good reputation. None of them are cheap, and I know no one in that industry for a price break. I think for women alone (for all practical purposes) we are kind of on our own, and I think women who are married or cohabitating at least have someone to share things and responsibilities and decision-making process with, as well as the $$ burdens. I sometimes feel like I take an inordinate amount of time to make decisions because I don’t have anyone for advice….as well as I don’t have any money to implement anything. Making decisions is much easier if you have $$.

      Agree with you–sneakers and pretty much everything else is low quality and doesn’t last as long. We’ve become a society where everything is meant to be thrown away, not repaired, and meant to last less and less so we can spend money to replace it. Remember when you used to have the soles on your shoes replaced?, not replace the shoes? This is not about sneakers specifically, but normally my BF buys lesser expensive shoes for work but opted one time to buy more expensive shoes–and they lasted even LESS time than the cheaper ones. He could have bought two or three pairs of the lesser expensive shoes and had them last 3 times or more longer. Unfortunately, I don’t think cost is necessarily indicative of how good something is or how long it will last.

      I don’t mean to sound critical of the psychiatric community in your area, but it seems to me that you have more than your share of horror stories and I’m not sure if I lived in your area that I’d see ANYBODY that lives near you!! Your experiences have certainly given me pause about seeking any “help,” because it seems to me that more harm has been done to you than help in most circumstances.

      Hope your friend is able to fix the headlight, and find any source of problems for an oil leak if you have one. I know my BF doesn’t have much patience for trying to fix things for me either…even though these are the sort of things he actually does (home, not car). It’s always been a problem with him. Not sure what that’s about, and don’t think about it more often than I have to because it makes me upset. I try not to ask for help. Anyway…don’t want to go there.

      Last day of rather pleasant weather. Tomorrow and into next week is going to be 92+…so have enjoyed this cool reprieve. Not looking forward to a smothering summer.

      Have a good evening.

      • 134.1.1
        endoftheworld says:

        I can certainly relate to the feelings of impending doom, have had that for years as well and also much worse of late. Your father’s impending 90th B-day may be a cause? and of course your actually starting on the job, have they scheduled you yet? I often now also get the shakes, mainly at night, very annoying.

        Ah that funny bout the 90, for yrs. mother said she’s 80 and this year she actually will be. Believe it or not mother does NOT have grey hair. I am pretty certain she doesnt color it as there are some grey strands and it’s not as dark br. as it used to be and she’d not be the type to cover it. She’d likely look her age if she was grey. She has gotten her hair permed for years so surprised that hasn’t damaged or dried it out. I don’t need to perm or do anything, mother had a blow dryer but I didn’t care to use it, not like hot air blowing on my head very much and it tends to dry quickly on it’s own.

        I saw a guy swimming at the lake today and was a bit worried, he was either A. crazy or B. suicidal so I waited untill he was headed towards shore before I left the beach. he swam waay out there. I’ve gone Memorial Day w/e but not this early, it’s been mid 60′s day and low 50′s at night so imagine it be cold plus he was swimming all the way to the island where the boats go. I almost called out to him but didnt’ want to embarrass him in case he’s some super athlete training for some ironman competetion as I noted the bike on the sand. I love to swim but have a massive fear of drowning, another recurrent nightmare type of thing so I never swim over my head if nobody around, also fraid of the seamonsters and mermaids etc.

        So yeh, that dentist the 1st. 1 I went to was a total sham. I could tech. report her to the Dental Board or whatever, if I knew who she was (she never introduced herself and the staff referrd to her as “the dentist”) The guy today also free coupon but much more professional tho he does regular and deep cleanings as separate appts. and sep. fee whereas I’ve had total cleaning in 1 sitting for 1 fee. He got annoyed when I asked him if he would refer me to any of his colleages taking medicaid, oh well. We really have a ridicolous amount of dentists around here, every office building, shopping center and residential st. has a dentist it seems. They must make a decent living tho that another job i’d never consider like most medical jobs, huge ick factor.

        Well the headlight bulb went in rather smoothly but no he was not gonna look undr my car to determine if/where there is a leak. He got me the oil but the wrong kind, oh well, it’s the thought that counts, some people get flowers, I get motor oil – how romantic is that? Will have to keep eye on it tho this could get bad or expensive if it’s a leak. My parking lot is not clean enough to look at the ground; once it stops raining i’ll have to put some papers under it to see if it leaking or burning oil.

          Sharon-GA says:

          EOTW: Well, I shouldn’t be, but I’m tired. Got up at 7:00 (woke at 6:00 and kind of dozed off and on until 7:00), did what I needed to do before leaving at 10:00 to go get daddy. We went to the DMV and renewed his license–that was a little confusing–temporary license is what we get, but regular license mailed, and we had put his home address, but my house is his mailing address, so we had to put my address on it or it would go to his house address and it would return to DMV… Then we went to lunch. Then we went to MD appt, had pacemaker check, then MD appt., then returned to NH, then I returned home after collecting two new bags of laundry for him (do more laundry for him than for myself). Since home at 4:00, (now 4:30), have started daddy’s laundry and taken care of “the girls,” faxed something, and this a.m. before I left I called and took care of a problem with the tax assessor’s office about daddy’s house. Really doesn’t sound like much reason to be tired, but in and out of the car repeatedly throughout the day, getting the walker in and out, getting daddy in and out of the car and getting him and in and out of places and making sure he keeps his balance and helping him to stand up and so forth is somehow tiring. He looked SO handsome today!!–dressed in a pair of greenish/gray dress pants, a white shirt, a yellow tie with a small black design, and the gray cardigan I gave him for Christmas and his dress black shoes–he looked really spiffy!! Everyone complimented him on how nice he looked. He got a good bill of health from the MD. His pacemaker check went well, said the pacemaker would last another 11 years. Not looking forward to a replacement of that, since he almost died with the original placement when they knicked his heart and he nearly bled to death. MD told me today replacement wouldn’t be as risky–but you know, he said the placement was a slam-dunk too, and it nearly cost him his life. Of course, if he hadn’t had it, he would have died anyway as he was always passing out and falling and hurting himself and throwing up and it was happening more and more often and it was going to kill him. We took our best shot. But then, though he may have had a tentative grasp on reality before, after the surgery, he was plunged into the mental state that he has now. It’s been quite a journey.

          Daddy hardly has any gray hair either!! He has a few gray hairs, but his hair is turning darker rather than gray. He used to be blonde, then he became dishwater blonde, and has just gotten darker brown and only hints of gray at 90. I seem to tend to take after him. I had blonde hair as a kid, then it has gotten darker as I got older. I’m now dark dishwater blonde with honey blonde (natural) highlights, and I do have a touch of silver in my hair, but it blends so well with the blondish/brown that it hardly shows up. When I put my hair up and pull it up and back severely, the silver which is underneath shows, but it almost looks like highlights. My mom was a towhead as a kid, then it turned blonde, and by the time I came along she had dark brown hair, and it’s funny, I don’t remember just when it turned all white…but she had really pretty hair. Funny I don’t remember when it turned color. I know it didn’t happen overnight…I remember her as both brown and then white, but don’t remember the combination of when it turned…strange.

          It’s possible I could be anxious about daddy’s bday. When people get older, sometimes it happens that they die close to their birthday…and I have this in the back of my mind all the time. I know that after a week or two after his birthday last year I felt like I took my first real deep breath for weeks–didn’t realize I’d been holding my breath in fear all that time. So it’s possible I’m a little nervous about it. I still have to get all the goodies for it. I’m a little surprised that my DD volunteered to bake cake(s) for him and come to the party, as she doesn’t even call him and never comes to visit him unless I pretty much insist on it (same thing with phone calls). My BF wonders what she’s up to or what she wants.

          I have a mandatory mtg this weekend for work, and I only have one 6-hr shift scheduled for next week from 3-9 on what I would think would be a heavy day. It’s actually in the time period I didn’t expect to be scheduled, since she said she already had everyone scheduled up thru the 28th when we were hired. And, of course, I asked off for my dad’s bday party, but other than that am pretty much open to work–but haven’t received schedule for that week yet. Certainly hope I get more than 6 hrs/wk!! But yes, I am nervous about that too. Don’t know that I have a sense of foreboding about that exactly, kind of excited and scared at the same time. Have gone through the manual once slowly, envisioning the store and myself walking through all the steps as closely as I can visualize them, and I will probably do it at least one more time before I actually have my work shift.

          The guy in the lake might have been either of the things you cited, but he could also just be a water person who just couldn’t wait any longer for warm enough weather and water to get in. I’m a real water person, and I’ve been known to get in water that would cause hypothermia if in for any length of time just because I couldn’t wait any longer. I knew better than to be in for any length of time, but just couldn’t resist. A little surprised that this guy swam so far out, he was in the water for a long time, but maybe he practices this and has built up a tolerance? Don’t know. Know there are those crazy people who jump into freezing ice water in the winter-time (in the nude?). It was kind of nice that you waited to make sure he was okay though, I thought that was very considerate.

          Yes, there are lots of dentists around here, more so in the next town (where I’ll be working), a whole little conclave of nothing but dentists!!–one exception, 1 chiropractor. And they do seem to do a good business. Some of the offices I’ve been in (while I was going door-to-door looking for work) are really luxurious, certainly nothing like the dentist offices I’ve been in…huge waiting rooms, with carpeting and art work and tables with sculptures etc., can’t hear the sounds of dental work (thank God), nor the smells (again, thank God). Dentist’s offices were the last places I really wanted to work, as I have a terrible fear and phobia of dentists…I can barely stand to walk in the door, and just thinking about it makes me physically ill. It is hard to become a dentist, their training mirrors that of an MD (maybe even more).

          Not pleased that the dentist you went to was annoyed when you asked for a reference who accepted Medicaid. At any time people need to watch their money, but he should be much more understanding that at this time people just can’t spend their money willy-nilly and if you have Medicaid you’d be stupid not to use it! And surely he knows that their prices are ridiculous!!! People complain about MD costs…I think dentist’s are much worse and way out of line (imho).

          Glad the headlight got fixed. My concern about the oil is that if you ran it empty it could have done damage to your engine…and that could be costly. I’d be sure to check your oil level regularly, and when you can manage to get something under your car so you can see if it is leaking while you have it parked. I had a pickup truck one time that leaked oil a lot and I spent thousands of dollars trying to get it fixed and they never were able to resolve the problem. And it wasn’t easy to get to the oil to check it or fill it either. I’d have to climb up on it and balance myself precariously, and then lean over and in with my butt up in the air while I leaned down into the truck–same thing for the transmission fluid. The first car I ever had could not pass a gas station without needing oil and transmission fluid–and I’m not kidding!!! It was a Chevy Nova…don’t remember the year…it was red.

          I’m always grateful when my BF does anything for me that I can’t do for myself…doesn’t matter whether it is what would be normally considered romantic or not–it is the thought that counts, and since he’s not given to helping me out (at least not without raising a major fuss!), I especially appreciate anything he does that helps me when I need it. So do you have to take the oil back and exchange it? It’s good you knew enough to know it was the wrong oil! Don’t know if you’ll be able to tell if you’re burning oil…you might be able to look in the rearview mirror and see if you’re smoking, or have your friend follow you and see if you’re smoking…otherwise it might be hard to know if you’re burning it as opposed to leaking it.

          Surprised not to see Suri having posted…but maybe her DH returned today…? and she’s busy doing all the fishy laundry and welcoming him home!!

          Hope you had a good day. Any plans for the weekend?

  • 135
    endoftheworld says:

    Maybe Suri was raptured early? um Sat. sposed to be Judgement Day if your in that Camp…
    NO WONDER my sense of dread and foreboding and maybe even yours are so high!

    Also very rainy all week, right now thunder in the distance and it’s like pitch black out.
    I too very tired I think from not going anywheres this week due to the rain, I just went on my 1 hr. jogging circut thru the heavily trafficked neighbhorhoods. people use these rds. to avoid the hwy which has gotten so packed they are looking to expand to 4 lanes and I live 1/2 mile from overpass so hope not anytime soon, I can hear the traffic when the wind blows from that side as it is. anyhow it was too rainy to risk taking out bike and too muddy for hiking.

    I’ve not done any job search since Mon. I just realized shute. Did get a referral via e-mail for something this afternoon but i saw it too late and to drive 50 min. for $18 even if i can expense the mileage not really worth it, this woman (same from lotto group as referred job before) thought I had nothing to do and would find it fun to preview the new Pirates of the Caribean movie-trailers tho her email was vague and not sure what sposed to do at this preview i mean answer some survey or write a synopsis or what. In any event I am not spontaneous like that, that i could just up and go, (woulda had had to go like right after reading the note and I don’t even know where this theatre is).

    Got approved for the trail inspec/maint job. Not sure this work out, I still have to figure where to get the tools and dont know if they fit in my backpack, am not gonna risk tearing it up for soemthing heavy or sharp. I also had said i’d pick up trash and ya know a bag of wet cans and bottles can be quite heavy. I am just picturing this as a total disaster with me carrying all these tools and huge garbage bag and dropping stuff left and right all the while having to take notes and losing my pen in the bushes! My friend loves to do trailwork, i am not enthusiastic. We had a path out back in our woods at my house i had to maintain, it was quite a pain. I guess am just averse to work period it seems.

    Something maybe interesting for the H of it i applied to a p/t job in nearby town social services dept. The job pays only $12/hr and is “as needed” which sounds a bit too much like a temp job where one cannot plan one’s week ahead. Anyhow this town has population of like 3000 (my city is 90K) there is 1 director and she needs an assistant tho not sure why the low pay as this is a fairly wealthy town and actually not sure whom other than maybe seniors need social services, it’s a bedroom community, nothing there but 1 grade school, library, general store, small IGA supermarket and fire station, oh and a town beach. I live on the southern end of the Lake and this town is on the northen End. People who live on the Lake tend to be wealthier than interior dwelling landlubbers. I was surprised to receive email today for interview next week, however she has not got back to confirm date/time and since she e-mailed i thought it not appropriate to call, her e-mail tag did not have phone which was odd but this was one of those “no calls pls” so maybe she’s so busy she doesn’t want to be interrupted tho like I said, it’s such a small community I can’t imagine she has a huge caseload but then if she’s by herself maybe. I would prefer if it’s not just seniors, i’d rather work with the poor then old people, i just find it too depressing the whole aging thing. The bonus is that not many people likely wanna commute up there and take a job with fluctuating hrs. and no benefits if they need a job to live so she might not have alot of candidates. Long time ago i considered being a social worker as in career counselor for disadvantaged folks, either mentally or just due to bad circumnstances lacking money for training. We’ll see. Am glad it p/t tho I simply could not work a 9-5 job, I think i’d collapse from exhaustion. Ideal is p/t leading to f/t somewhere down the road but this job might lead to some connections, this dir. I see is on several town committee’s, my friend is on several town committees and he knows alot of people, these are voluntary with people having day jobs and i think a small town might be more my scene then where i live now.

    No plans this w/e. there was a lake cleanup i wantd to do just so I can go out in a boat but my friend is leading a hike for the ADK so he can’t come and it be awkward at the BBQ since alot of teens. All highschools around here now mandate some # of volunteer work in order to graduate so this project has become very popular with the kids. I did it a couple times by myself but was quite miserable since this was not a singles activity and all of the participants actually lived on the Lake in the various Lake communities, I live w/i walking distance and prior w/i cycling distance. Sadly the weeds have taken over in recent years and last year it was only swimmable a few weeks in June before it complete grew in so that you could just walk in up to your waiste. The Lake Authority guy is so inept I cannot believe he let the lake be ruined like this AND kept his job for like the past 20 yrs, these weeds can only removed by physical or chemical means and the lake is too big to do that now that it’s gotten to the pt. it has. The thing is since the 80′s the lake was taken over by the boaters and they didnt really care about the weeds what with their power speedboats, now of course it’s even effecting them so this is an issue discussed endlessly in town meetings but it’s not a priority when they can’t even fix the roads from potholes etc.

    It occured to me that if i work in this northern lake town I may be able to get a park beach pass and I have a feeling they pay to clear the weeds out of the swimming area, since it’s a family oriented town and (sh – don’t tell anybody but it’s still like 98% caucasion, this town is NOT bi-lingual, none of the town job postings require or prefer spanish). I could never afford to live there and there are no condos or appts but it’s nice to know such a place still exists where one does not feel like a stranger or foreigner.

  • 136
    suri says:

    Tribe – Did you miss me? I wasn’t gone, definitely not into ‘end of the world’ scenario! lol Comcast had connection issues, as they quite often do.

    Love you kept each other company nicely. Yeah, I know the 90 yr Bday is probably somewhat underneath the anxiety, naturally I think. Today was lovely, in the 70′s finally! DH had first day without rain and he comes home tomorrow! lol Kind of a bust for fishing but good card games and companionship! lol

    Haven’t heard anything else from bank. I always say ‘no news is good news’ until proven otherwise! Lots of documentation, Good Faith Estimates, etc. Who knew there are 4 different types of home appraisals — average market value, drive-by, outside assessment, and full appraisal ?? Priced accordingly, of course. I’m trying not to let imagination bring any bad vibes to process, especially since the second part for new home equity line of credit may be needed sooner than later? Remember heat or a/c isn’t working just now? Actually think I’m pretty calm, considering…

    HATE to disappoint you ladies thinking haveing a DH would be so helpful in either home repairs or decisions. I’ve always been our financial guru and is my deal, so no arguments or opinions for better or worse. Guess my record is pretty good! lol DH does like to do car upkeep but really you can cause more problems with the newer cars so I convince him to let brother-in-law’s shop take care of things. DH and I have worked out splitting chores around home more than past since he’s here all the time. He has always done all yard work and it one of those guys who think the lawn should look like a golf course? lol But interior painting/repair is not his forte.

    Got alot accomplished this week since no job apps. Hope to keep momentum going, feels good.

    Here’s to no internet problems and good weekend for all! Peace and hope.

  • 137
    Sharon-GA says:

    Good Saturday morning Tribe. Don’t have anyone else to tell about it, so you get stuck! Worried about daddy this morning. We had a really good day yesterday, and he seemed just fine (well, as fine as it gets). But this morning when I talked to him he didn’t sound right. He didn’t mention anything, but I said he didn’t sound right, was there anything wrong? He said he’s upset because he’s there and doesn’t have any money, and he has his car (NOT) but nothing else and he doesn’t understand what is going on. I told him he sounded like he was a little confused and that things are the same as they’ve always been and that he doesn’t need money there. (Didn’t tell him he doesn’t have his car. Fairly certain he’ll start obesssing about his car during the day like so often happens…he thinks he’s driven it somewhere and left it and it’s missing and he wants me to go and find it. Maybe made a mistake taking him out yesterday in his car, though thought it would be a treat for him since he loves it so much, and he did enjoy being in it.) He’s still wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday, despite my having told him yesterday to hang his good clothes up and to change into jeans for today. I reiterated this morning for him to change his clothes so he could keep his good clothes nice (since he has accidents) and he said he would, but he said he would yesterday too. Figured yesterday he could stay in them until bedtime…but wonder if he just slept in them last night! I was worried enough to call the NH after I got off phone with him to alert them that he’s very confused this morning and that he’s to change clothes. She said she was surprised to have seen him so spiffy this morning and she’d go and remind him to change into jeans, and she’d try and talk to him about his confusion and concern. I told him he didn’t have anything to worry about, and to try and take his mind off it because everything was okay. It didn’t seem to help much. And, of course, I have my mandatory mtg tomorrow morning…and I’m a little concerned that he’s going to need me. I asked if he feels ok otherwise and he said yes. My stomach is so upset I’ll probably spend the majority of the day in the bathroom, and I have the shakes and am anxious. Everything that happens to him affects me so dramatically and makes me physically ill and emotionally a wreck. Ok–thanks for listening…captive audience, so to speak.

    Of course we missed you, Suri. Glad to know it wasn’t anything major..though sorry to hear you have internet problems regularly.

    EOTW, sounds like you have some leads. Personally, I’d drive 50 min for $18/hr, because that’s really good money around here! Sounds like you’re really kind of excited about the p/t social services job–I hope you hear something from them…it sounds kind of interesting. Like you, I was looking for a f/t job, but when got this p/t, thought that possibly since I’ve been out of work so long it might be a good transition for me, particularly since I’ve never worked in retail before. That job sounds kind of interesting for you. It was nice for the lady to send you the information about the other job…it’s nice that she does that.

    My gson would have loved to go to the trailer for the new Pirates movie–he is so into those movies he’s got all the parts memorized and can say all the words with the right inflection for all the parts!! I’m sure he could even do a critique!

    Need to go get some housecleaning done and see if I can stop worrying about daddy. I’m just feeling more scattered than normal, and anxiety level is high! I need to figure out how to calm myself down. It’s not like it’s the first time he’s been confused and come back around just fine. But sometimes his mental confusion is an indication of a physical problem, and I’m just worried. And, of course, it doesn’t help that now I have a job and though am only scheduled for one day of work next week, I worry that I’m going to have a conflict. I’m just kind of ready to jump out of my skin. I told daddy I had a mandatory mtg tomorrow morning and he did not sound too happy that I was not going to be available. Is there anything that goes smoothly? Is there anything that is not fraught with complications and worries? Is life ever going to resemble anything I’m used to?–probably not. My life has changed so dramatically over the last couple of years that it is not even recognizable anymore, and I don’t really know how to navigate this new terrain, and doing it by myself makes it even harder. Sometimes it is just all too much….

    Hope you all have a good day and a good weekend. It’s supposed to go up into the 90s today.

  • 138
    Sharon-GA says:

    Quick update: Have done my tasks, cleaned, straightened, vaccuumed and shower and hair etc., and then called daddy to check up on him again after I knew he had had lunch to see if he was any better, or worse, than this morning. He seems to be some better, so am a little relieved. Glad I called to check in.

    Really hot out. Front garden area looks terrible…areas where I can’t get in because allergic to the stuff that grows prolifically there, and I feel just awful about it. Daylilies beginning to bloom..happy about that.

    Had no idea, Suri, that they did 3 appraisals now!! I’d be really sunk with the yard looking so bad!! Curb appeal about now is shot! Most yard workers don’t have a clue what’s a flower, plant or weed, so don’t trust them so I could even hire (if I had money!) someone to come in and clean up the mess. I’ve had people just yank up my bulbs, having not a clue they were flowers!! Don’t know how these people qualify to do this…guess all they really strive to do is cut grass…but I couldn’t even get them to use weedwhacker without chopping up whole gardens of flowers!! You have to stand there with them and point very specifically to each and every thing. They don’t like it any more than I do. Of course, if you hired someone who actually HAD a clue, they’d cost an arm and a leg!!

    Well, just thought I’d update you, even though no one seems to be here today yet. Take care and have a good rest of the day…

    • 138.1
      suri says:

      Sharon – I’m not into gardening over much — just a little bit back in the day. No ‘extra’ money for that last three years.

      Sooo sorry, I wasn’t clear about appraisals. You just have one (I think) depending on how much of the equity value the loan is according to the value of the house? So this should be why it will be cheaper to go with bank who already has our home equity line of credit and appraisals from 10 years ago. If they want a full appraisal (inside and out) it’s like $500 +. But likely they will go with drive-by or even market value as our loan will only be for approx 30% of the value of the home. I know, I know why was I so STRESSED out of all perspective? Because we’re UNEMP and have lost trust!! It’s more about having the income to qualify for payment. I’m trying/hoping to feel validated by all our efforts to maintain a spotless credit record in spite of having no advance notice before our lives were ripped out from under us. After this is in place, I will be able, God willing, to renegotiate cc rates or switch to other cc companies. You know the FICO score thing where you can’t make too many changes, etc.

      BTW, the listing of tips you posted is excellent!! I’m pretty good re that kind of thing but sometimes even I think I’ve forgotten half of what I used to know! LOL

      • 138.1.1
        suri says:

        Part II – Glad to hear Dad is more clear p.m. Reminds me of boys in college, I’d talk to them and they’d be all worried about something and two days later they would have forgotten all about it! LOL Perhaps he is picking up on your anxious feelings of change in your life? Change is the only constant in life — repeat three times! I know, I wish it wasn’t so – many times but does remind me to stay in the moment!

        Weeds? What about some spray stuff and just squirt them? Love daylillies, need to grow some. They come in so many colors now and spread don’t they? We have a half acre lot and an extra half acre next door and was originally farmland before house was built in small subdivision. DH planted huge amounts of trees — loves trees! So in spring we have had flowering crab and pear, etc. Lilacs are from my Mom’s yard years ago. Tulips are just finishing. Each of the kids have their ‘own’ trees Dad planted in front yard — #1 son a tamarack (a rare tree native to our area, a soft needle pine that loses it’s needles in winter! with small cute ‘pine cone’ types) #2 son a maple tree typical for our area, #3 DD a tulip tree (leaves shaped like tulips, large tree has flowers shortly is from DH Mom’s yard). The kind of thing you do when you stay put so long!

        Believe me I’m hoping no real people appraisal either. Even with circumstances that we could be refi to fix up alot of angst over having had to come to adrupt halt to usual house upkeep like replacing windows, carpet, etc.

        Well, hope you are more at ease re meeting tomorrow and things just flow… Treat yourself kindly and find a treat! Peace and hope.

  • 139
    suri says:

    Sharon – Sorry Dad’s got you on edge and nervous. It is the parent/child switch isn’t it? “This too shall pass” gets me through many a rough patch. Know what you mean re taking him out in his car. Darned if you do, darned if you don’t! I’ve been through similiar experiences years ago when DM was in NH. I almost forgot how I used to take her out for lunch and shopping and my Dad would have a fit! She didn’t need new clothes, etc. No, she didn’t but, thank God, I knew she needed to feel normal. We do our best, don’t we?

    Just got call, Sat 1:30 p.m., from bank to verify that they had received docs faxed on Thurs and we would hear from them Monday? Maybe this will be processed in the two-three week estimate? It is a 24/7 world these days.

    Grey, rainy day — DH is back and must have brought it with him! Kind of a dud trip for weather and fishing. Just good food, friends, and card games! At least a break from the home scene and routine.

    Have had interesting discussions with DD re Arnold & Maria split. Real life is always more interesting than fiction! The living a lie would be what gets me most! Do what you can life with, because YOU WILL live with what you do.

    EOTW – The p/t social services sounds interesting to me also. Hoping for a solid lead to YOUR new beginning! Is is just me, or do we spend most of our lives ‘getting from here to there’? LOL Especially the locale seems appealing. You are such a NATURE GIRL and have such respect the environment that I wish for you this could be a part of your life in some further ways.

    Seems we all are more attuned with our pets or the environment than our friends and family? Human beings disappoint us so regularly! I try and tell DD that going along and getting along, beats the alternative but sometimes…

    Sharon, I’m in agreement with having lost the expectation of life as ‘normal’? Normal is just the setting on the washing machine imho. I fiercely have to refrain from looking back, to what might have been. Nothing but sadness there. HAVE to hold on to and find joy in, I believe I’ll be able to refi house and need to accept (over and over again, it appears) the financial limits aren’t what we planned, but we made it this far and are healthy and mostly happy! I also try to encourage DD that the world can (and I hope) WILL be better 5 years from now. She’s always had such struggles my heart goes out to her…

    Off to begin laundry. Check on your reports later. Find some fun! Peace and hope.

  • 140
    endoftheworld says:

    Whew, for a minute there Suri, I thought ya’d been Raptured w/o us!
    Actually I think it’s sposed to happen around 6pm today but not sure if that eastern, central or pacific time?
    If it’s eastern then i’ve got bout an hour to go…
    Must say an odd week NO Sun at all LOTS of rain and while some Sun in the AM today now it raining like cats and dogs or the World is About to End…That song by Britney Spears ‘T’il the World Ends’ has been stuck in my head all day, i love that song too very dancey.

    Figures that after finding 2 spiders inside and 1 huge weird green, like leaf colered spider on my sliding glass door i decided to listen to Arther Outlook my little weather guy and put spider poison down. i have a weather sensor that’s NOT quite accurate, the lawncare people have blown it off my doortable a few too many times. this is another great thing that guess what? was discontinued, i even looked on amazon (i dont trust e-bay) and they did not have this particular sensor or weather station. The newer ones are much bigger and not fit on my phone table by the door. Anyhow it wasn’t sposed to rain and the sky was so blue i put down an entire container of poison granules and sprayed 1/4 of the gallon bottle into the cracks/crevices and now it ALL washed out, i feel like i just threw $10 out the door.

    Oh Sharon that movie trailer review thingy yesterday was $18 for 2-430 NOT per hr. and I didnt read it till 1 so would not of had time to eat or shower before going there so not worth it. Do you still feel shaky? You should snuggle with your doggies when you feel bad and or try to do as many jumping jacks in order to git rid of nervous energy. I cannot sit still when I feel really anxious and for some reason the shakes tend to come at night right after I go to bed so I really don’t feel like gitten up and doing jumping jacks or jogging in place.
    the reason i’d waited for that guy in the water was, we just HAD suicide at the lake a few weeks ago, some non local girl drove her car into it (how morbid is that?) at like 2am, almost 48 hrs. after posting an odd sort of “goodbye” on her FB pg. which was ignored by her 300 ‘friends’? so I was thinking if I was the last person to see this guy and read the next day in the paper that some unidentified body was found i’d feel absolutely horrible. He did look at me strange too but then again lots of people give me strange looks and i never know what they mean.

    I’ve never had a ‘normal’ life and never expected one or wanted one, “why be normal?” was a bumper sticker I had on my car when I was in college as well as “life’s a bitch and then you die” or something cherry like that. I did NOT expect the employment situation to be as bad as it is tho, not in a million years. On another website, i forgot where some person in comments on UE article said that they’d applied for and gotten hired at MC’D's so no excuse for people to say they are overqualified, then the clincher was the person said that they felt bad fake accepting this job and working there for a week so they didnt take the paycheck as it was not worth anything anyways! so basically this person was saying that we UE should all just get jobs that arent worth anything just so that we will have a job? like what be the pt. of that? I have not applied to BK or McD since i was 17 tho did try DD for the H of it a couple of years ago and I have applied to a few deli’s but they actully want experience and not sure how hard that be to make a frickin sandwhich since um, I do it for MYSELF every day? I really would not want to be the token white chick in any place tho I dont think the Big 3 incl. Taco Bell even has any NON hispanic EE’s, i mean not here. There is an Arby’s but it has a dirty feel and smell to it, like it not pass food inspection and the people who work there don’t seem too bright, but that is the only place that is not all latinos tho i’ve really not been to the Duchess and Wendy’s in recent years as they are other side of town but we have them all as well as hundreds of pizza places and those are mainly HS and College kids. Making the pizza, now that be fun. I’ve never made pizza dough from scratch, but funny now that I think on it I cannot recall a single job ad for pizza makers, guess it’s not a very high turnover job, tho the smell of garlic all day might get to someone. The dominoes and pizza hut have absolutely NO pizza smell when you walk in, NO food smell at all actually, very odd.

    Sharon have you thought of taking a picture of your dad’s car and giving it to him so he knows it’s safe and not lost? Interestingly another recurrent nightmare type of dream I have is that my car is stolen and it sucks that I dont see my car from my unit, we had break ins a few months ago these people had purses, cell phones and GPS units stolen, not sure why anybody keep pocketbook/cell phone in the car overnight? and GPS well don’t hve to worry bout that. I do have a fake alarm sticker on my car which does make me feel secure, it was the demo model on the lot and they put it on all the cars.

  • 141
    endoftheworld says:

    part II…well not sure if IT ‘officially’ started or not: volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in Iceland, local time 6pm, I read, hmm. I have actually been in the area of that volcano near that unpronouncable glacier. Iceland is a truly beautiful country, mountains and sea and not very developed. I have strong urge to travel.
    Very annoying the stupid comments some make about the End of The World. I for one take it seriously, the concept i mean, not in the religious sense but I do think the World as we know it will not go on forever thanks to pollution and overpopulation and the general demise of civilization. I would not think an All Powerful and Loving God would destroy ‘non-believers’, Satan might but not God so that concept not make any sense to me. In any event it’s not a laughing matter and not a complete impossibility. Co-incidentally the SUN came out at 6pm here, really, really bright like all of a sudden, now it clouding up again.
    I wasnt going to be raptured but I did think there might be some prophetic major natural disaster, besides the floods in MS and LA some kind of global earthquake or the Earth being struck by a meteor but guess not so back to the job hunt afterall…

  • 142
    suri says:

    EOTW – I LOVE that you thought I ‘would be’ raptured! LOL It’s like a compliment! Don’t have a vision for end of times but am open to there being one! I think God is what gets us through these difficult days and the people in the flooding are just heartbreaking! I don’t know to even imagine such diaster. Heard this year (and it’s only May) has surpassed all records on natural crisis!!

    Iceland, how interesting? I am actually open to seeing any new places but don’t know if I would want to travel outside of U.S. now. Won’t be able to afford it, so moot point. One of the great disappointments is being unable to visit friends in Virginia/WashD.C., N.C., Florida, PA, California… So glad we did those things, took family vacations, when we could.

    That’s funny about Taco Bell and being all hispanic? Same here too! My DD and I just made homemade pizza for DH’s return. It’s one of his favorites. She could not ever work in making pizza as she LOVES to eat the raw dough? Yuck! She’s always done that from a little girl, when I wasn’t looking. Now she doesn’t even pretend to hide it! lol

    I might have seen that report on the girl’s suicide and agree with you on paying attention to your surroundings and not wanting to hear later… We are a nation today many times that does ‘look the other way’ etc. We have had sooo many abuse cases of children, women, elderly, that police have run countless articles on reporting and letting the police sort things out. Most of the cases imho are over the lack of unemp, stress over money, no way out. Town clerks in small towns near here, in their twenties/thirties embezzling money, any social clubs or parents groups have problems with money. People who would ‘normally’ not commit such crimes are desperate if they or their families fall into bad luck, bad health, car accidents. So, so many lives are being taken apart.

    There are protests in Spain today (and last six days) with thousands in town squares/streets over unemp and lack of opportunity for young! Sound familiar, huh?

  • 143
    suri says:

    Part II – There was article on Huff Post, I think, re how one should think of our problems and obstacles in a ‘less personal’ way. Just pretend it was a log in the river that upset your ‘boat’ when things go wrong, instead of some personal insult? I GET the theory but the reality is less innocuous than he suggests? I guess I will have to work on that.

    LOVE the ‘why be normal’ sticker! LOL It’s so you, if I may say! I always challenged my kids to be characters and not milk toast — there’s way too much bland and boring in this world imho.

    Can’t really ‘stomach’ many of the unemp websites anymore. Just so much pain and angst. Did you read posting on the other page from al99er or someone. I CAN NOT CONTINUE TO UNDERSTAND HOW OUR GOVT ‘IGNORES’ 20% + of population in the drink with no lifelines or even accounting? I try to just hunker down and appreciate what I do have but sorely believe politicans are completely missing the boat altogether if they think we can continue on like this!!

    Of course, Repubs completely missed the point on Medicare and SS already, haven’t they? I SUPER HATE when I hear people comment well just get two jobs when millions of people CAN’T FIND ONE!! Ignorance is bliss, they say? LOL Kind of like when my DS says we should travel to Arbu? LOL

    Well, sorry about the spider stuff. I dislike the feeling of no margin for error with anything in our lives, huh? Yeah, and don’t take that personally! LOL
    Find peace and fun, if you can.

  • 144
    Sharon-GA says:

    Will respond to your posts later today, just wanted to touch base with you both this Sunday a.m. before my mandatory mtg at work. Called daddy just now (earlier than normal because of mtg) and he seems to be doing well. Got most of the stuff I need for daddy’s bday party last night, just need to get his bday card, father’s day card, and something for his birthday.

    Don’t know how long this mtg is supposed to last, they don’t tell you that…thinking it might be until store opens? Don’t know who all is included…everyone, or just us “newbies.” Taking all my booklets and notebook to take notes if I need. Don’t know what’s expected of a retail mtg…only used to office mtgs, where you might need to take notes. Little off-centered this a.m. If mtg doesn’t last too long, will go from there to the NH to see daddy and take him his laundered clothes. Have to keep an eye on the clock so girls aren’t left too long for their potty needs. May have to come home in-between…?

    Letting girls out for 2nd time before I leave.

    Hope you all have a good day, and I’ll be back later.

  • 145
    suri says:

    Sharon – Thanks for touching base. You all are my ‘touchstones’ and I truly hope you feel the good that you have contributed to my daily life! Really, really appreciate that!

    DH is back to earth and let down from his non-fish, fishing trip. Guessing he had more fun in the planning and dreaming about, than the actual event! LOL

    He also is ‘down’ about refin?? Just another reminder of wouldda, couldda, shouldda, been. Trying to keep myself moving to ‘be the best we can be’ place, financially and emotionally. So very tired for ALL of us to WORK SO HARD just to keep our boats afloat…

    Glad to hear Dad’s doing well and onward to a great Bday!! Ninety has a nice ring to it, much better than eighty-nine! Tell him I said so. My Daddy always wanted to live to be 100! Maybe yours will?

    Your opinion and observations about meeting will be interesting. Sometimes they CAN BE very informative and productive, SOMETIMES NOT SO MUCH?

    Just talked with son #1 re Memorial Day weekend. Hard to believe that is next. He will consult DIL and we’ll decide in a couple of days. DH and I get along very well with DIL parents who live about 45 minutes from Ann Arbor, MI and would probably be there also. It would be fun but DON’T WANT it to be an inconvenience!! Also think kids are coming to realize they won’t always have ‘just them’ time and are going to spend 4th of July here? So we shall see…

    Thinking of making potato salad and taco salad for supper. My potato salad is pretty boring but DH and DD LOVE IT — just potatoes, eggs, onion, etc. Don’t really care for celery or pickles/relish, in it. But even out of season it’s always their #1 request and it’s almost 80 today so might as well consider it summer, or as much as we have seen of it! Just check freezer for many some chicken breasts to bake with.

    The dogs are sooo happy to have DH to play with! It’s like with kids, guys like to get them so riled up! lol
    Well, getting some deck time with Sunday paper — my fav!! Peace and joy.

    P.S. Didn’t see any reason to tell about furnace or call our guy until things progress with loan and then home equity line of credit? Just don’t see any reason to invest money in any repairs at this stage of game and THANKFUL we made it to this season of the year where we can manage. GOD IS GOOD (beer is great and PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!) A country song that says it all! (There is a country song for every life event, isn’t there? LOL)

  • 146
    endoftheworld says:

    Suri, did not know anything going on in Spain, ugh too much going on in the world to keep up with.
    Wonder what happened to the folks who seriously believed yesterday would be their last day? was a bit worried over mass suicides, since religious people even christians can be very cultish and brainwashed into loosing touch with reality.

    Yeh I went on an absolutely mind blowing hiking trip to Iceland in 2000. It’s only 6.5 hrs by plane, much closer then AK. Unfortunately i don’t recall much of that trip either,it hardly seems I went, I can only remember the odd snippet. I do recall being amazed at the incredible scenery like ALL the time. There arent alot of trees/forests so very open country where one can see for miles and like in Ireland the contrast of mountains and sea is very stunning.
    I am actually quite well traveled tho haven’t been anywheres since 2006. There was a B&B I stayed in 2007 up in the Adirondacks by Lake Placid but a spider almost fell on my head while I was in bed so don’t think I’ll be going back to that place and elsewhere very expensive or too close to the main rd. The Catskills are even closer to me but for some reason I’ve not gone there and I hate to go somewheres by myself i’ve never been before. I probably outta go up to the adks before i forget the lay of the land and where the trailheads are and cannot climb those peaks which are waay higher and rugged than hiking down here or God Forbid they build a mall or shopping center in the cute little town of Keene Valley I stayed in. I did wonder WHAT those people did for a living besides summer related recreation jobs.

    Mother has been harassing me all day – 3 phone calls! She constantly brings up the fact i’m not working at the University and lost a good job, ad nauseum. Then she also went on how she doesnt want to end up like my lying around the house all day! Grr. I never lie down during the day unless i’m at the beach (ooo we have massive fights over that as well as in the “dont you have anything better to do” vein). Mother thought I had nothing to do today as it’s not nice out and I didnt go for a hike. Well i NEVER have problems keeping myself occupied it more like NOT having ENOUGH time LOL, where DOES it go? Mother actually thinks we have pleasant conversations and she’s my mental stimulation, ha. The other thing she mainly talked about was some missing local college student, a 24 y.o. male, very odd. She of course thinks he killed himself. I think he joined some terrorist sympathizer group, he’s middle eastern and could be musium, had a muslim sounding name. Lived with his family and had no friends all he did was studied, a ‘chemistry’ student. He was doing well in school so he could not have been suicidally depressed. Anyhow i guess mother thought this was a pleasant topic of conversation to consider. I do notice she likes to talk about misfortunes of others.

    Crazy article in todays’ Sunday paper on UE. OMG. The state DOL is starting some kind of “boot camp” with this one co. for the L/T UE. It includes mock interviews and some kind of mentorship program, i’ll have to look it up tho not in my area of the state. anyhow it goes on to say “the 99 WEEKERS” (never hear that term) “those people who have been out of work for a long time ARE ABOUT TO exhaust their unemployment benefits” (um I thought the 99ers HAD exhausted their benefits) then “Being out of work for so long can be very disheartening and for some people it can be downright depressing” OMG what an insight, give this guy an award in journalism. The rest of the article is equally outrageous, they recommend giving all l/t UE gym memberships! as if the reason we ain’t gettin hired is because we are all out of shape fat ugly slobs and here I am exercising like 20 hours a week. The article was extremely patronizing or like assuming the L/T UE aren’t getting jobs because they have no interview skills and don’t know anything bout the world of work (how to act) and it said “the L/T UE are lethargic when they come in for interviews”? I may come across as not being the bouncy cheerleader type but lethargic? I don’t think so.
    The article is not online or i’d send it. It is one of those don’t know whether to laugh, cry or scream. This also seemed to perpetuate the myth that if you don’t work you must have nothing to do, just sit at home and stare at the walls all day. I guess the people who write these things are too stupid to know what to do with themselves if they weren’t constantly on the go with scheduled activities or events.

    anyways waiting for the Sun, but looks like I’ll have to wait till NEXT w/e, rain and T-storms ALL week, AGAIN. I sure hope this is not the 2nd. Flooding…

    • 146.1
      suri says:

      EOTW – Awww, you can keep that unemp article! LOL That sort will really take me down to a dark place? I constantly look around at how rude and crude people, especially the unemp, are treated and considered! Well, actually, NOT CONSIDERED AT ALL! Bad, bad, bad…

      I am so torn between ‘trying’ to find solid ground in my own life situation with the STILL on-going feelings of anger, bitterness, and just betrayal!! It’s always like we played the game, by the rules, and were cheated, over and over. Just had a wonderful l/t friend thinking he was advising me about 401k etc. We were the upstairs neighbors years ago in Maryland with he and his wife. They divorced 25 years ago but are BOTH dear, dear friends still! That doesn’t happen often? Anyway, he had fantastic govt job in SBA and became quite wealthy. He has been so removed from most aspects of ‘real life’ except through our trials and tribulations. He retired with 80% of his top salary, that Cadillac govt health insurance, TSP accounts (like 401k’s for govt workers). He knows on some levels and definitely admits to his ‘luck’ with choosing the govt but he can also be like Scrooge McDuck with his money bags?

      Anyway, I had to explain (which we just learned recently) that we don’t have any control over OUR 401k MONEY other than to close it entirely! He was just silent… Don’t know who to petition re this but know that there must be millions in our same leaky boat of unfairness! How is this allowed that we THROW people away, their over 20 years of hard work and extra efforts and undermine their ability to make financial decisions in ‘retirement’?? Cruel, is all I can say.

      So much about me. I hear in my heart your relationship with Mom as mine was similiar. When she visited us in Maryland a few times, I would always have DH have a drink ready for me after work BEFORE she would ‘get started’ on me. (and I don’t drink! lol) Why did I think I was so important? Why was I late, didn’t they know she was there? Needed entertained with shopping constantly. She and I just never ‘clicked’ even when I was a child (remember thought I was adopted? lol). She wanted me to be more needy of her opinion, judgements, which was not possible as she was gone much of the time with differing hospitalizations. I remember showing her I could try my shoes at 5 (big deal back in the day!! LOL) and she actually said “no, because I haven’t taught you how?” Just my nature and circumstances that I never relied on her to ‘be there’ for me, physically or emotionally. So yeah, I REALLY get Mom alot. I guess that relationship helped ME become the Mom I wished I had with respect for my children and empowering them to be all they could! It was always so hard for me to understand that she couldn’t be happy for us to achieve and be successful in our lives or finances. She didn’t think it fair if we made more than my Dad, etc. Just couldn’t do anything but not give her any ‘information’ to retalilate against me? Sad, huh.

      • 146.1.1
        suri says:

        Part II – Second flooding, I can SEE that!! Bad storms this p.m. too and sposed to rain all week? I’m getting my hair permed/trim on Wednesday. I’ve stretched it as far as possible and I’ve always had to have body perms to give it ‘ooph’.

        I’m REALLY WITH YOU on NO RESPECT FOR UNEMP. Unfortunately my family can be the worse of all. DS will call and be all annoyed if I can’t/won’t do lunch on a moment’s notice? “But what have you got to do?” MAKES ME REALLY not want to go! LOL I have done some study of Zen thinking and adopted the mantra of “Since this world is so difficult, how can we be anything but kind?”

  • 147
    Sharon-GA says:

    Tribe: Boy, miss an evening and a day and you get really far behind!!

    Suri, can’t use RoundUp in the garden area unless I want to kill all the good stuff with the bad. Weedkiller type sprays are only good in general areas. My garden area is heavily flowered (as well as heavily poison ivy, poison oak, and Virginia creeper–all of which are poisonous to me). If I use sprays and any spray at all gets on the good plants–irises, daylilies, azaleas, hostas, holly’s, monkey grass–well, you get the picture…it will kill anything it touches as the poison is absorbed through the leaves and into the whole plant, or into the ground which will then kill the roots. Good thought, but not practical for the area I need it. Can’t use it in the back yard either, but mostly not for the same reason, as there are areas I could use it because there aren’t flowers in some of the areas, but Nina won’t go outside if she smells the poison!!! Honest–I have to DRAG her out the door, and then she just hangs at the door and won’t go out into the yard to do any of her business. Guess she’s saying, “You kiddin’ me?–there’s poison out here!!”

    EOTW, good idea about taking the picture of daddy’s car!! Had never even thought of that. Funny, you mentioned that you dream about your car, and I remembered that I used to dream about my favorite car and I’d dream that someone stole it. I’d actually get up in the middle of the night and go and check on it!! I bought it used, a ’66 Chevy Impala SuperSport, my dream car, bucket seats, auto transmission with the shift in the middle, leather seats…absolutely a dream. Never gave me a days’ worth of trouble until I was going to get married, and then it wouldn’t start anytime the soon-to-be-husband tried to drive it!! If I started it, it was fine. Ended up getting a new starter and it was fine until I had to sell it shortly afterward to move to PR for his last stint in the AF. Coincidentally, he had a ’66 Chevy Impala SS too–yellow–which he also sold. Probably each of our favorite cars.

    I hope you don’t have any problem with the refi, Suri. When will you know about the appraisal? My DD wanted to refi their house (which they haven’t been in all that long), but unfortunately it appraised at $20,000 (or more) less than what they had originally financed. I know you’ve been in your house some time, but hopefully you don’t have an appraisal that comes in that you are under water. If you’ve had it long enough, as you know having been in banking, you’re probably good to go. Did I miss (or forget) that you had a good appraisal? I know you mentioned about three (which you clarified for me) but have you gotten results? Why is DH upset about the refi now? I mean, you don’t have a choice do you? And I do recall that you had mentioned it to him before…maybe he had just put it out of his mind and hoped it would disappear if he didn’t think about it? (Kind of like when there are bees–I close my eyes and put my hands over my ears and hope I can stop being so scared if I can’t see or hear them!)

    It’s a shame that DH didn’t have good weather for his fishing trip and therefore came back letdown. So often our preconceived idea of how something is going to turn out so far exceeds anything that could be reality that it is inevitable to have a letdown. Mom used to go over in her mind how she envisioned our family get-togethers–what each person would say, how they’d be so excited about something, how everyone would act, and all the warm and fuzzy feelings she (and we) would have. She’d talk about how we’d be “making memories.” But she had such idealized visions that there was no way we could meet her expectations, and she was so often disappointed that we didn’t live up to her expectations. I tried to tell her she needed to stop doing that and just enjoy what happened, and that she was setting herself up to be disappointed, and that no one could live up to the ideal she created in her mind.

    The meeting went well, it was for everyone, and it was training. Of course, I think the older employees had obvious advantage, but it also was good to have them there because they were like extra teachers. Some of the new hires have already had shifts, but gather they’ve had days during the week, whereas I’m getting my first tryout on a Friday night, which is likely to be pretty busy. We went over sizing and measurements and watched videos, and talked about problems etc. But what we didn’t get much training on is the various styles and why for each. I may actually go in this week and familiarize myself with the book so I can be better prepared, and also give a closer look at the actual clothes they have there–which I don’t usually look at (because I can’t buy)–but as a sales associate, I need to know what we offer. They seem to be a friendly, knowledgeable group. Afterwards I went to visit daddy, who was very happy to see me, and we had a nice visit, and he was much better than when I spoke with him the other morning. He told me what a beautiful complexion I have and how pretty I am (which is always nice to hear!). One of the staff at the NH says she needs to come in and get fitted because she has a sundress type dress.

    Sounds like you have had several opportunities, EOTW, to travel and that you really enjoy it. I don’t like to go places by myself, and I’m also hindered by a terrible sense of direction (actually, a nonexistent sense of direction). To complicate matters, when I get lost I lose absolutely all control, can’t think straight, panic, can’t breathe…just absolutely lose it….and I’m lost more often than I know where I’m going!! It’s terrible…truly. What I miss, being alone, is sharing the ordinary things with someone–a beautiful sunset or sunrise, a shared meal, the beauty of something. Those would be the same sorts of things I’d miss in traveling alone, being able to share the new things I’m seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling, with someone. You have an adventurous spirit!

    As I’ve mentioned, I really enjoy the water–smelling it, seeing it, hearing it, feeling it, being in it–everything about it just hypnotizes me. Strangely enough, I’ve almost drowned at least twice, but it never made me scared of the water. (Which is unusual for me, because I’m not what you’d call typically brave–I hate amusement park rides…they terrify me, heights scare me–you get the idea.) When I was young I was taking swimming lessons at the public pool, mom was there, but she wasn’t really watching me, and apparently neither was anybody else! I got into water over my head and went under, I’d go down until my feet touched the bottom and I’d push off and when I’d break the water I’d “holler” help–only it didn’t come out very loud because I’d just gasp for a tiny bit of air before I went down again…bouncing up and down, no one hearing me. As I bounced up and down out of the water…I made my way toward the edge of the pool, where by then I could just touch bottom and could hold onto the side of the pool to catch my breath. It was the weirdest thing…surrounded by people who didn’t know you were in trouble. The 2nd was when we went on vacation with another family to Ocean City, MD. My dad and I, and the other dad and his daughter (a couple years younger than me–we were teenagers) were out in the water and got caught in an undertow. Daddy panicked, and one of the times that I was pulled under, he actually stepped all over me in his panic to get out of the undertow and get to the beach. When I surfaced, I saw him making his way to the beach, and the other dad looked at me and said, “She (his daughter) can’t swim”–by way of explanation and permission to to help her. I told him that was fine, take care of her I’d be ok. I didn’t panic, and I had never heard what you were supposed to do in that situation…I just seemed to know by instinct what to do and told myself, pick up your feet, your lower body, don’t panic, don’t try to swim, just stay as much at the top of the water as you can and try occasionally to see if you are out of the undertow and when you are you can work your way to shore. For some reason I wasn’t worried, wasn’t scared, didn’t panic. I don’t think daddy ever even realized that he abandoned me out there in his anxiety to save himself…though I know the other dad did; and he came to me later and apologized for leaving me.

    Your dinner for tonite sounded good, Suri. I love potato salad. Well, actually, I’m very, very picky about potato salad. My grandmom (mom’s mom) made the best postato salad EVER. And she wouldn’t give anyone her secret. It was always consistent and was always amazing. She used to make a huge bowl of it when I’d come because she knew that oftentimes that’s all I would eat I loved it so much. Store bought potato salads definitely don’t come up to par. My girlfriend made one one time that was excellent–not like my grandmom’s, but still delicious–but then the next time it wasn’t as good (no consistency). My daughter occasionally will make one that is really good, but again, no consistency from one time to the next, so you never know if it’s going to be really good or not. And mine don’t make it to my expectations because I want it to taste like grandmom’s. And potato salad HAS to have eggs in it, lots of eggs, or it’s not potato salad worth eating!! I can just see that big bowl of potato salad she’d make!! She’d also make me fried oysters sometimes, and she’d make my dad his favorite ginger cookies–huge, soft, pungent ginger cookies!!

    Anyway, a day of memories it would seem!

    I do hope you hear something, EOTW, about the social services job–it sounds right up your alley and in a beautiful area that would suit you.

    You mentioned, Suri, that we (the three of us) seem to be passionate about either animals or environment (or both). I do think that’s true…and I think the real commonality is nature (environment), because EOTW doesn’t have pets (‘cept her bears!). I don’t understand people who aren’t concerned about the environment. I feel like we were given the earth and it’s our responsibility to take care of it and ensure it for future generations–and quite honestly, I think we’re doing a pretty lousy job of it. It’s not a continuously renewable resource. We just keep taking from it and don’t give back and just seem to think it is a neverending resource. People around here cut all the trees down in their yards because they’re afraid they will fall on their house in a storm!!! I see yards completely denuded of trees 100s of years old, with absolutely no regard for what they do for our atmosphere or what they do for soil erosion, or to shade your home from the sun in the summer, or the natural mulch the leaves make in the fall. And all the creatures we share the earth with, and what little regard so many people seem to have for them, as if we, as humans, are the only thing that matter.

    Well, it’s 6:15, and I’ve not had a chance to read the paper yet…though I did prepare something to eat for dinner…but am still a little hungry. Think I may fix a little salad to fill up the empty spaces left. Want to keep the “entree” for tomorrow’s dinner, so a salad would probably hit the spot and help to extend the meal.

    Hope you find something this week worthy of applying to Suri, and you too EOTW–though I’m holding out for you hearing from the social services job….

    Keep sending me positive thoughts for my first day of work this Fri., please!! Know I’ve probably not responded to all the things I should have, but I’ll try to do better….just a bit tired for the day. Take care…..

  • 148
    endoftheworld says:

    Sharon, weird story bout the car!
    Wow your father complimented you, considering what you’d said earlier, it be surprising.
    My parents NEVER complimented me on anything most certainly not my looks and I am better looking than either of them, not kidding. A running joke with my friend is he allways says i’m a real “hot babe” (he says he’s being serious)well HE’S the ONLY one who thinks so, crazy old deranged Boober!

    Another show on AK tonight bout the BEARS – yaay. I love bears. I know they can be viscous animals but just so cute and huggable looking. I will take my L’il Guys out of the bed to sit on the couch with Mamma Bear and whatch Nature right now on PBS.

    More later maybe, busy week. I got called by a recruiter at 6pm TODAY for another interview this week, will find out tomorrow, ditto for the Soc. Service one. I KNOW i wont git that one, am ‘fraid cause that’s the ONE i WANT. The one i was called on, I dunno one of the tasks listed is getting lunch for the staff, this likely means THAT will be my lunch break and I really need to go outside and at least walk someplace if I cannot run. I truly cannot sit at a desk ALL day w/o going nuts, plus i find it kind of demeaning, being coffee or lunch girl etc.

    OOO it started gots to go, my Boobers are soo exited.

  • 149
    Sharon-GA says:

    Wow, EOTW, a call at 6 pm on Sunday nite? They must really be interested. I’m so happy that you have so much going on this week and will keep positive thoughts for you on a job you can enjoy and which will give you flexibility to get out and enjoy your surroundings, and where they will appreciate your many strengths and aptitudes.

    Hope you and bears enjoyed the AK show. Know how you long to go there.

    Yeah, actually, daddy is very nice about complimenting me, which kind of always catches me unaware. I think he’s just so grateful to have me take care of him and visit him; he seems to know that without me he’d really be on his own. He tells me that I’m pretty, and he thanks me for all I do for him, and he compliments me on my complexion. Funny, coming from someone who told me when I was growing up that “If you only use your head to keep your ears apart, why didn’t you choose a prettier one?,” and that I was the “flower of his life, a blooming idiot.” I think he doesn’t remember the unkind words he said to me. Other people compliment me, like the staff at the NH, and staff at the hospital when mom was so ill–strangers, for all intents and purposes. But the normal people in my life, like BF, never compliment me. BF says he wouldn’t hang out with me if I wasn’t attractive, so that should be enough, and he doesn’t want to give me a “big head”–like there’d be any chance of that!! DD does think I have a nice complexion, and says people will think she’s my mother instead of the other way around, and people at her church always compliment me on my complexion and how young I look and how they hope they will look as good as I do “when they get to be my age.”

    Going to get ready this morning to go to V-S and try and educate myself a little more on the different styles, and the clothing line they also carry, which I’ve never really looked at. I think I’ll just feel more comfortable if I’m better educated, and if I have to do it for myself, then that’s what I need to do. When I told my BF my plans, he said it would show initiative–guess so. Wasn’t so much thinking of that as thinking of making myself better educated and therefore hopefully a little more comfortable when I have my first shift…which will be a busy shift I think. Everyone else seems to have gotten what would be slower shifts for their first time, which would give them practice before a busy shift…so I’m a bit on the nervous side about my first shift. When I’m nervous, it takes me longer to absorb information–like my brain short circuits. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who have the same sort of reaction–my best girlfriend, my mom, DD etc. I’ve always done much better writing things down in a new job and referring back–but that’s easier to do in an office situation than a retail situation.

    Think I’m going to try and go to the pool some time this week at mom and dad’s…help myself relax a little bit.

    My mom and I occasionally had our problems, but overall she was someone who believed in me and encouraged me and told me she was proud of me and my accomplishments. I miss having that cheerleading section in my life. I realize that in many ways she worked against me, particularly in my relationship with my dad, but if I hadn’t had her I don’t know how I would have survived my childhood. It’s complicated. Our relationships with our families shape so much about our lives, and are so complex. When I hear some of the horror stories of children’s lives in today’s age, with abuse so much worse than mine was, I wonder how in the world they have survived and how they can become whole and well. It really pulls at my heartstrings.

    Suri, I lived in MD too–did most of my growing up there–in between moves–we always seemed to go back there as “home base.” And I lived there after my 1st marriage as well and my first jobs were in MD. My parents lived in MD after my marriage so we didn’t have overnight visits. Then they moved to VA after a while, and there would be more overnight visits both ways. Then we moved to PA, and later when I divorced and remarried and moved to GA, long visits were always the norm. They would come and spend 10 days at a time, and I always looked forward to their visits and would get really wound. But because I need to reenergize myself when I spend a lot of time with people, I didn’t get time to reenergize, and mom would always get upset with me because I wasn’t talking nonstop all the time and I kept trying to tell her that I’m not used to talking all the time, and that I’m not a good small talk person, and it was not a reflection on her or my relationship with her, it was about me needing to have a little downtime to charge my batteries. By the time they were ready to leave, I was ready for them to go–but then when they left, the house seemed so empty and so quiet that I felt lonely. It’s so funny, when I drive daddy’s car, like now, when I look out the window and see his car my heart leaps and I think, “Mom and dad are here!!”–and before I get a chance to think about it I’m ready to run out the door to greet them and help mom out of the car–and then I realize…they’re not here, it will never be like that again. It is just so weird.

    Well, I need to run and get showered and go to V-S and do my “homework.” Then I need to take care of bills and balance checkbooks etc.

    Hope you both have a good day, and we’ll be anxious to hear your reports, EOTW, from your interviews, and Suri about your refi and how DH is handling the whole process.

  • 150
    suri says:

    Hey, Mornin’ Tribe – “It’s complicated” SAYS IT ALL!
    Having ‘people’ in our lives sure beats the alternative (usually ! LOL) but also challenging imho.

    New Arthur Delaney article re Rules Changing — ain’t that the TRUTH! I hear and see more and more truth about the devastation to millions of lives — but no action, or even plans for action? Still monitoring my exposure to alot of the gloomy reports with ongoing struggles for our whole nation’s economy. Always feeling badly for our kids only knowing this current state of affairs in this country without the promise of success to all those who put forth the effort as in the past. I do believe, we shall overcome…

    • 150.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Yep, just read the Arthur Delaney article as well. Found it kind of amusing in some ways…’don’t be old, don’t be unemployed.’ They are the new rules, and trying to disguise any of those things in a resume can actually work and get you to an interview (occasionally), and you may be fortunate enough to not look your age and to be able to explain your employment gap, but eventually your age will have to come out, and you are no longer considered a viable candidate. Age discrimination is definitely alive and well. And, of course, we have had to adjust to the idea that if we are lucky enough to get a job (regardless of your age), you are not going to be paid for your experience or your education or your work ethic. It’s an employers market and they don’t have to compensate you because there are so many desperate people (myself among them) who have been reduced to accepting whatever they can get. At least then they will have something current in their resume that maybe they can build on (or not!).

      It’s a gloomy world…try and enjoy the sun if you’re lucky enough to have it, a pretty day, the ability to put food on the table for another day, provide a roof over your head for another day. It’s kind of day by day now for a lot of people…to be grateful, or to just survive.

      And what about all this weather?! The tornadoes, the flooding. I didn’t put any faith in the end of the world predicted for a particular day, but I don’t make fun of ideas about the world ending. When we see all the storms, all the catastrophes increasing, the loss of lives, the devastation, the costs in the billions in property, and you add to that the economy and the lack of jobs, and people unable to afford health insurance and take care of themselves, the loss of homes and lives due to unemployment, the suicides, the unexplained deaths; I don’t see how you can’t wonder about an end to the world. And you see how we disrespect this wonderful earth we have been charged with being the caretakers for, and the horrible job we are doing of it, and how so many just don’t even think we have any personal responsibility, or even any cumulative responsibility for it. I don’t understand that. When I see entire species of animals disappearing off the face of the earth…don’t you just have to wonder?

      Anyway…hope you have sunshine, hope you have good news of some sort to celebrate.

  • 151
    suri says:

    Part II – Sharon, you are a ‘better man than I’ with all you do for Dad, in spite of your history. I aspire to be a better person, but sometimes having a good memory is an inpediment to forgiving everyone, everything?

    Forgot to tell you, DH car when we dated/married was 1961 Impala SS convertible — white with red stripe, black top, red leather interior. Sharp car, his fav! Of course, I was no slouch either — had a 1965 Ford Mustang convertible, pale lemon yellow, back top & interior! LOVED that car. Those REALLY were the days!

    The refi thing is just ANOTHER reminder of all that was taken away from our lives by his former employer’s greed and callous disregard for his 20+ yrs of employment. IF he had EVER been one of those coasting into the sunset, but he always maintained 110% (over-rated, I think) efforts and continued his education/endorsements/certifications, HAD REVIEWS THAT WERE TOP NOTCH!! For what??? Others in organization who, I understand, were in tears when he left still are in contact. I guess the lesson is that it’s important (and maybe, enough) to KNOW who you are and that IT WASN’T ABOUT YOU! But it sure feels like it, over and over.

    Sorry about DD refi/appraisal and it’s another case of someone being held hostage by the housing/unemp crisis. Yeah, the interest rates are good but many can’t improve their situation as long as housing stays stagnant. There will be as many or more foreclosures AGAIN this year as more and more people who have ‘held out’ continue to collaspe along the way.

    Somewhat similiar to the way banks took advantage of crisis with cc. Jacked up everyone’s rates, reduced the credit limits, ruined people’s credit scores, and are a continued DRAG on economy. Sorry, but this nation was built on the extention of credit. Another manipulation/scam pulled on the average American worker. All those cc with no interest and huge credit limits allowed, encouraged many to live above their means but they also enabled people to MANAGE their financial lives just as corps do. Sorry didn’t mean to rant on…

    • 151.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Believe me, not a saint (where daddy is concerned). I’ve struggled all my life to forgive, but can never forget. And sometimes daddy alludes to he made some mistakes that he can’t do anything about but only has to try and live with–and to be honest, I just can’t go there with him because if he doesn’t include the way he treated me in that list of things, I will be hurt, and if he does, it will just bring it too much to mind, which makes it harder to live with. Actually, as I think about it, I guess I really should allow him the opportunity (if he really wants it) to say it aloud so that I can actually tell him I forgive him. He doesn’t do it often, so it may not come up again, but perhaps I need to rethink this and see if I can overcome my pain to give him some peace. He says sometimes that he “gets better than he deserves.” Like I said, it’s complicated. I do what I can live with. So sometimes it’s as much for me as it is for him…you know? I’m basically a kind and loving person–it’s not how I “see” myself, it’s who I am, and when I live contrary to that I do not feel comfortable with myself.

      It really is amazing what a connection we make with our cars, particularly our first or early cars. The other biggest connection I had was to my pickup truck, which I had for many years in my DDs early teens and through high school. Dodge Ram, big truck, really loved it. It was very distinctive in its color–there was only one other in my area that had the same color combination, so you pretty much always knew where I was!! When I traded it in on a car I wasn’t really all that crazy about (but felt I had no choice because I’d dumped lots of money into it, and I wasn’t even sure it was going to get me home that night), I cried, and I actually went back and visited it!! They didn’t put it in auction, as they do so many vehicles, they actually sold it. And one day I saw it driving down the road and I rushed to turn around and follow it–but I couldn’t catch up!! I saw it once in a while but I haven’t seen it in years now. Everyone always said how strange it was to see me in this big pickup truck, me, this tiny person…but I absolutely loved it!! I loved that I was high up and could see over everyone. When I got the car, it was so low to the ground I couldn’t see anything, and had to look UNDER cars to see people’s tail lights reflected in the pavement so I could anticipate what was ahead of me.

      Anyway, gotta run or I won’t have time to do anything I want to do today. This is kind of my “lifeline” and sometimes have a hard time pulling away from it!

  • 152
    suri says:

    Part III – EOTW, ok we will all ‘pretend’ you don’t want the social services job so it will come! LOL

    Don’t go too far on this bear thing — AK is wild and we wouldn’t want to lose you! Ok, a visit, maybe…

    Don’t let the lunch break bog you down over much. At my position as office manager for orthodontic clinic, I was required, maybe once a week to ‘gofer’ lunch for conferences or meetings with other professionals, etc. At the time I was very cognizant of the ‘would a guy be required to do this?’ and the answer was YES. It was as much a matter of researching local deli’s, restaurants with good carryout, interesting and different selections, managing timing/ordering and stocking supplies for conference room eating area and having drinks available. Was not a favorite duty, but SOMEONE had to do it and was easier to depend on myself? Anyway, don’t let it be a deal breaker or try and cross that bridge, until you get there! LOL

    Check ya all back later. Tornadoes in Missouri are unbelievably sad. What is happening to our world? Peace and be safe.

  • 153
    Sharon-GA says:

    Back from my foray into self-education. I was able to take my time and look at everything, try and get more comfortable and knowledgeable of the many styles and purposes and pros and cons for each style, looked at the clothes which are primarily for the younger group, looked at their makeup line–lip glosses, bronzers, eye shadows and such, and spent some considerable time too in the fragrance department–kind of throughout the store in center and then on sidelines. Tried a few on me, tried some on fragrance strips. Found that the one I liked is actually my 2nd favorite of the ones I tried. Many people picked a fragrance yesterday at the mtg that I had not smelled, so I wanted to smell that–it wasn’t among my top choices. I am very influenced by scents, so scents are very important to me, and I think they have the ability to change mood, to uplift spirits, to make one feel sexy or playful. I have very specific things that I like for myself personally, but I can relate to other scents that would be appealing to different types of personalities. I found something surprising, which is that everyone doesn’t know what you mean when you ask what the ‘notes’ are in a fragrance…

    Anyway, long story short, think I feel a little more comfortable about my scheduled shift—will still have SO much to learn, but at least don’t feel quite as intimidated as I did before…was able to take my own time pretty much without interruption. So now going to get something to eat, and then do bills and balance checkbook and such. Think I’ll go to the pool at mom and dad’s tomorrow (community pool, not theirs personally–lest you misunderstand!) if the weather is still good–water probably will be too cool for me to spend much time in or even necessarily get all the way in–but I just have to try. Summer is long as far as the heat is concerned–but it’s always too short for the amount of time I get to spend at the pool (due to having other things to do, and living 40 minutes away–so it’s an investment in time). When not in the water, I read, or I just sit and look at it and smell it and contemplate the world, dream I’m at the beach and watching and listening to the ocean….ah, such a fantasy. Wish I could go to a beach. Actually like the beach in the off seasons probably the best because there are fewer people there. It’s a very intimate thing for me, being with the ocean. There’s just no way to explain it to anyone, the feeling of oneness with it, the feeling that God made it ‘just for me,’ that thing that makes you complete and fills you with longing when away. When I’ve had the privilege of being able to stay near the ocean, I can barely sleep for excitement of waiting to get out and see and listen to it again–to be with it all day, to sit on the sand and watch and listen and close my eyes and just be ‘with it’ somehow. Mom felt the same way about it. Even though she was afraid of the water, she had a love of the ocean that I’ve never had anyone else share with me…the next closest would be my daughter, who also loves it…but not with the same intimacy or fervor, but still much more than the ordinary person.

    Ah, such reverie!!! Where did that come from? Haven’t been to the ocean in so long…. Like I say, BF’s daughter went not too terribly long ago and texted me a picture, and sometimes she’ll call me and let me listen to it over the phone. Well, hunger pangs are calling, I must heed!!

  • 154
    endoftheworld says:

    Another gloomy and rainy day…very Eeyoreish to be sure!
    Am starting to suffer from lack of SUN, it’s like ZZZZ.
    Anyways the Town Hall is closed on Mondays so maybe that’s why i’ve not heard back re: interview confirmation the SS dept.

    I did get call for interview from the recruiter from yesterday at this unidentified co. tomorrow at 11. Am a bit leery of the “can you come in tomorrow morning” and “they need someone to start asap”. I generally give employers 1 week after offer as my official start date. There is no way i could just jump right into 8-5 w/o intense mental preparations AND buying a new notebook AND getting my hair professionally cut AND polishing my shoes.

    Do have a dentist appt. next week and hope I am still covered as my medicaid approval letter said april/may but over the phone the social worker had told me I am all set till april of 2012, unless make enough to disqualify me. The dentist i picked went to MY HS and U but 3 years after me,he married his HS sweethart and is also a lifelong resident of the area plus he does charity work. There was another who could take me this week which i preferred but no website and a bit leery that they had so many openings. I do not want to go to a dentist that gets most of their business from medicaid like the first free exam I went to where the woman cleaned my teeth in under 10 min. and the 2nd. free exam I went to said it looks like they need a cleaning, he was surprised i’d just had one a month ago and he told me that most medicaid dentists will likely do a 10 min. quickie but maybe this one i picked will be OK. Interestingly he is in the same office building as my last dentist who btw has a very professional website but it definitely is not true, the office staff seems to be a bit slow and not as friendly as advertised, the hygenists must not be treated well or paid very poorly as I get a different one all the time, otherwise no complaints other than they were too expensive w/o insurance.

    Too rainy to check oil situation. the only good thing about interview tomorrow it is tech w/i walking distance 2 miles or so tho this city is NOT pedestrian/bicycle friendly so I’d be having to walk on busy main roads but in the event my car has to go for repairs I can drop it off at garage near downtown and walk vs. the Soc. Service job is 20 miles away and out in the boonies tho think there is a gas station in town that might do repairs.

    The pay for both jobs is $12/hr. and as i’ve said that be OK for p/t job but not acceptable to me for f/t, comes out to be $22K/year! in May of 2007 I made $41K, May of 2008 $35K so I know I can’t really live off $22K w/o dipping into my savings. Obviously better than nothing but how awful to take a job on those premises.

    Besides being “lunch girl” I am afraid it be expected I eat with them in conference room instead of going out for a walk, this happened at another small office i worked at for a brief time. I did get permission to go out for a walk and then had to skip lunch and just eat crackers at my desk since lunch was only 1/2 hr. It was quite awkward so I hope not the same situation, also hope they have a fridge so if i want to bring a soda or something I can instead of buying from vending machine or deli. I have worked in places with no kitchenette even but what a waste of money to buy coffee and lunch out every day.
    oh that job also has “planning and coordinating of staff birthday parties” ugh, that is really not my thing esp. awkward when it’s YOUR b-day, been there done that, like do you collect $ for yourself and buy yourself a card and cake or just hope your boss will handle that one (in my case i was a person non-grata).

    Good idea Sharon, to go familiarize yourself with VS merchandise. So RU a salesperson or cashier? It sounds more like they put you in sales, do you get a commission then?. Our VS doesnt carry clothes other than PJ’s/nities or lingerie type underclothes. They did have a huge lotions and potions and even makeup side but really mostly panties and bras but much more mainstream then i woulda thought, one can find some pretty kinky things at Sears nowadays even.

    Oh Suri, did you watch that AK Bears show on PBS last night too? Now that narrator with the real sexy british accent would be EXACTLY my type in looks and personality. Yeh I was sposed to be going next month, the trip that I was NOT accepted on because it was supposedly full. year before last I was gonna to to the wild Canadian Rockies another place I long to see but I’ll NEVER be able to go into CN because of felony and misdemeanor, not even to visit with a group trip, very sad and not sure what other countries I cannot enter now. First w/e in June the AMC has a w/e trip to Catskills but that Sat. I have to take mother to the airport. Looks like am doomed to be stuck here again. I know if i get a job it will be a whole year before I can take any time off, some places let you after 6 months but the smaller the co. the less liberal the vacation policy is.

    • 154.1
      endoftheworld says:

      II. oh i can pretty much write off tomorrows interview, I just got a confirmation from recruiter with some addit. info. they are looking for someone’s who’s “polished and professional” I look more like I coulda been that guys partner in the AK program. Yeh, getting coffee for the manager and staff is also on the official job duties list, WOW sounds very 1960′s. We’ll see…

      • 154.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        EOTW: Well, you never know—if you like these people, having to plan those other things–pick up lunches, plans for birthdays etc., may not be so bad. But it seems so strange to me that this takes up so much of the “job description.” I would think they would be superfluous instead of such an integral part of the job–something that would be mentioned in the interview, but certainly not of enough significance to make it into a job advertisement. If wherever you might work doesn’t have a frig, consider getting an insulated bag and one of those freezer things that will last 1/2 day so you can take your own food. Some places don’t have a full size frig, but I have never, ever bought lunches and coffee etc. Most places had office provided coffee. I always took my lunches, or didn’t eat–never ate out that I had to pay for food unless it was one of those situations that I couldn’t get out of going with a group. It’s well worth the investment to get an insulated bag and one of those freezer things as lunches out, even cheap ones, add up to expensive. It is advantageous to be close to you, less in transportation costs, and if you do need repairs or weather is too bad to drive you could walk or ski? Do you do cross-country or downhill, or both? And don’t count yourself out of the “polished and professional,”–you’ve said how you dress, and I think you can come off as polished and professional without a problem!–don’t sell yourself short. Here’s also hoping you hear from the SS job. Will be thinking about you tomorrow at 11 and will await your synopsis. Glad to know someone else thinks it’s important to have a notebook!!!

        Thanks for the kudos on going to the store to better acquaint myself. Hired as a “seasonal sales associate,” but pretty much that seems to include anything they want you to do–sales, cashiering, stocking, cleaning, working on visuals and setting up. No mention has been made about commission either in the interview, any of the training, or in any of the booklets I have read–and I’ve read through everything at least once. Like I say, the clothes portion is geared towards the younger customer–jean shorts, yoga pants (which are actually kind of cute and wouldn’t mind having a pair of them–saw one that I liked), t-shirts, hoodies but they all have writing on them. I saw a couple of things I liked as far as nightwear–a 2-pc pants and shirt, and a 1-pc shorts and top in grey. Of course, they have some really cute sexy nightclothes, would prefer the ones without structured bra-like top. Like I said, I feel a little more comfortable with knowing a little bit more than I felt like I knew yesterday after our meeting. Not that I’ll feel totally confident, but I’ll feel a little better than I would have felt without doing it. And I think with a little time I can get things down pretty good—practice makes perfect type of thing. It’s just when you don’t have any real experience in it it’s hard to remember everything when you have no practicum. I just felt all off balance yesterday. Found myself today talking with other customers, particularly about the fragrance department. And though I was not dressed as an associate, and did not approach anyone–it seemed that occasionally someone would look at me like they wanted to ask me something, or ask my opinion. Sometimes that happens to me–and, of course, sometimes I will drag someone into my decision-making process too–especially when there’s no area to try something on and there’s no mirror for me to see myself holding something up to me–then I have to ask someone else for an opinion. And I’ve always been pleasantly surprised that they don’t seem to mind and seem to give me an honest opinion–”nuh, I don’t think so,” or “yes, that looks like a good fit and a good color on you.” Anyway, I just felt like I had to do something to increase my comfort level for my first work I’m glad you thought it was a good idea.

        So sorry about your weather–know how important it is for you to have sun and to have good enough weather to be outside as much as you can–as much for your mental/emotional wellbeing as your physical wellbeing.

        Hey, if you get a job, maybe your mom will stop hounding you!!

        Beginning to look a little overcast outside…hope that doesn’t mean it’s going to rain tomorrow–because I was hoping to go to the pool tomorrow, then try to go out to NH Wednesday (instead of Thursday, so I can try and mentally and emotionally prepare myself for my first day of work on Friday). Sounds like a whole lot of preparation for a 6-hr. shift–but with a new job after 2 years of no work, in an industry I’ve never worked in, well, I just want to give myself the best preparation I can. I’m nervous, but I think it would be understandable–yes?

        I need to get daddy’s cards (bday and father’s day) tomorrow while I’m out, and refill my prescriptions…need to make a list so I don’t forget anything. Once I start making a list, it always grows…and grows….there are 6 things on the list now.

  • 155
    endoftheworld says:

    Sharon, yeh you sound like me with your “mental preparations” IT IS just a part time seasonal retail job as another way to look at it but I’d probably be viewing it in the same way, am not one of those “just do it” people. Have to plan for all the various scenarious so I don’t come across as being stupid (one of my greatest fears in life).
    That is a different set up than when I worked there some years ago for a brief time, the cashiers where not to leave the station, i mean we could straighten around in the area but we were not to go out on the floor and were not trained in fittings, if a person had a question or needed help finding something we were told to call a salesperson or mgr. via the headsets which were new and they didnt work that great nor were there enough for all, it personally made me feel like I was working in some covert operation whispering “2 ladies browsing in panty section left front of store” basically they wanted the salesperson to ask customer what looking for and then pick it out for them, a. so they’d not mess things up but mainly b. so they’d kinda feel obligated to buy. I havnt been there in years I think they changed the line of fragrances like they do at Bath and Body Works too. they didnt sell much makeup beyond lipgloss when I was there but I think they’ve come up with a total cosmetics line now. What is your quota for sales and credit applications?

    I’ve been researching the website of the co. for tomorrow, hard to describe what they do and even harder to personally relate. Unfortunately i discovered i’ll be interviewing with the assistant CFO, not the Accounting Manager as the recruiter called her, titles make me nervous so i wish i’d not found that out. I think it be a small branch as it’s in a an office building with smaller businesses like bank, atty. employment agency etc. I think they may have mentioned the coffee and lunch errands etc. because it is a regular daily part of the job and some people might find that beneath them, I mean I’d do it as long as they aren’t expecting me to be all subservient about it or they don’t expect me to use my break time to do it and I will certainly not be buying anybody coffee and hope everybody pays for themselves not some rotating thing tho most places i’ve worked birthday cake and bagel fridays came out of our own pockets. At the CC i had to go to the bank daily and that was my own time after work but i could not leave work earlier even tho this set me back an extra 20 min. and really annoyed me esp. on fridays as there’d always be a longer line. Also if the mailman came early and I was not done with a mailing they expected me to drive to the post office after work which was completely in the opposite direction I went home instead of just waiting and putting in next day mail as they were very particular with all mailings going out same day. Of course this is now and not then but if you’ve had bad experiences you tend to expect them all to be the same.

    My neighbor has started to use this annoying squeaky toy with her dog, I dunno for what purpose, it very annoying she’s been out there squeaking it for the past hour, my windows are open so it sounds like a baby squawking.

    • 155.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      EOTW: As far as titles and education and being a little intimidated by titles, just remember that they put on their pants the same way you do, one leg at a time!! I once worked with several people who had PhD’s and all the other women were extremely intimidated by those who had advanced educations, so I was the one who was assigned specifically to work with them because I wasn’t intimidated. I tried to tell the other ladies the same thing I am telling you, there really is not a difference, titles and education does not take away their humanity, they are, for all intents and purposes, the same as you are. One of my PhD’s was the typical “absent-minded professor” type–highly intelligent, but couldn’t be bothered with the details–so I took care of the details for him because he just would forget the little things. I’d either remind him if it wasn’t something I could actually do for him, and other things I just took care of for him because it didn’t matter to him. Of course, I grew up with PhD’s–my dad working towards his and then getting it, and the people we associated with all had advanced educations, and knowing their lives, I knew that they were just regular people…just with more degrees than most. Don’t let the titles bother you, they’re just titles. Underneath it, they are just people with problems and insecurities and strengths and weaknesses just like you.

      As far as work, yes, it is seasonal part-time, but I want to be hired as permanent, and I would like to move up…so I want to do a good job. Also, it would be a real blow to me if this is something I can’t handle!–and I don’t think I’d handle it well to fail. Like always, I put much more pressure on myself than anybody else puts on me. I think we’re assigned a ‘zone’ but I’ve not noticed that the cashier has to pretty much be there all the time. And I think they do a lot of cross-training so you can do different jobs at different shifts. Haven’t been trained yet on the cash register, so think it unlikely (I hope) that they would assign me that with no training at all. One of the first things we’re to do at the beginning of our shift is to check the back room for messages, goals for the day, any launches etc., as well as pick up our ‘tools,’ including those headphones. Not a big fan of the ear thing–but she did explain the reason behind them, and it does make sense. If you get busy with customers and are in the back and can’t get to the front (for example), but can see the front and see that someone seems to need assistance, you can let someone know if you’re not able to go and help them. I think I will find it distracting, and am not used to having someone talk in my ear, especially if you’re trying to carry on a conversation with a customer.

      It doesn’t seem reasonable to me that you should have been off the clock to take care of the banking needs of the company you worked for before. That’s a really important function, and IMHO you should have been compensated for your time and your mileage, particularly if it was out of your way.

      I’ll be thinking about you this morning (have already been), and hope it all goes well for you and that you hear something about the SS job that you’re interested in too.

      My list has grown to 8 things now to take care of–none of them huge, just time consuming. Will probably change out cars while I’m at daddy’s house today too.

      Let us know how everything goes, and we’ll keep good thoughts for you.

  • 156
    suri says:

    Sharon – Excellent prep to check things out ahead. Yes, DD has bought some clothes (off clearance rack) that were cute. We’ll be sending you all the smooth vibes possible for first shifts. Those are ALWAYS a stressor, you have to get to know so much at one time!

    EOTW – Good luck with interviews!! You just never know today what’s in store but TOTALLY AGREE with Sharon, you’re as professional and polished as they come! Try not to read too much between the lines, and just let it happen!! Every situation/office has it’s pros and cons it’s finding a good balance, huh?

    Getting my hair done tomorrow so I will feel better about that. All of a sudden it’s completely lifeless? What’s with that?? Oh, you girls don’t need perms so maybe like when one week hair is fine and next you can’t wait to get it cut? LOL

    Still no jobs or anything to even try for around here. Guess I’ll call loan dept tomorrow and see what progress is being made. Have payment due on home equity line but don’t want to screw up amount on the paperwork? Besides, IF it’s going through maybe I can use that for closing costs? Fingers crossed!! Can’t think of why not, but like EOTW says: we just don’t take ANYTHING for granted anymore? Wonder if we EVER WILL?

    #1 son and DIL called and ‘special requested’ us to visit this w/e. DD and I probably can use a break from each other? LOL You know that Mom/DD thing, for me at least, is never easy… I try and look at it as glass AT LEAST half full considering she wasn’t able to go away to college and we have always been too tied together from age 12 with her health condition. DD will have to stay to take care of dogs.

    Well, we’ll have to decide and make a grocery trip for snacks here and to take with. Never like to go empty handed, even to kids, and MI has tax on soda so always take a couple of cases.

  • 157
    suri says:

    Part II – Did you hear about Newt Gingrich and his half million Tiffany’s account? Gotta love how these Repubs shoot themselves in the foot! I knew Mitch Daniels from IN wouldn’t run; as most politicans, he has tons of baggage. He left Eli Lilly the pharm company before he ran for governor and cashed out 27 MILLION in stock, but goes around wearing plaid shirts and talking to farmers like he knows that?? LOL Also his wife left him and their 4 DD about 15 years ago and ran off to Cal with someone. Then five years later came back and they remarried. She hates (or seems to) politics and never appears involved. No big loss for nation, trust me. IN not doing that well. He has sold out education and cut teachers left and right. He SOLD our toll road to the Australians and the trips hikes have been HUGE!! Ya’ really gotta love him? LOL

    Wishing the best for all tomorrow (and everyday!). Wonder if Michael Danielson got a job, I hope so. Thanks for your updates and insights. Always peace and hope.

    • 157.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Perhaps you forgot, but yes, I do get perms–not the body type, but the curly type. Most people think I have naturally curly hair…when mine is straight as a board with no body at all. And yes, I can totally relate–one day my hair will look just fine, awesome even, and the next you wake up and do it and it looks like pooh–and you’re going, “What the heck?!” And for me, the hair thing is a real downer when it doesn’t look right and when I have to spend a lot of extra time trying to make it look decent. Like I’ve said, I don’t like to fuss with it, that’s why I have the perm–and it looks nice. Funny though, one of the girls at VS has this pretty straight hair, and she told me her hair is naturally curly like mine. I told her mine wasn’t naturally curly, I have to get a perm to make it look like this–and she, she has to go to all this trouble to straighten hers!! Just goes to show you that you always want what you don’t have!! When I wore my hair long and straight, sometimes I would like to wash it and then braid it wet–but it would take 2 days to dry!!–but then when I took it down, it was beautifully wavy. I liked the ability to be able to put it up, but had no options other than just wearing it long and straight if I wore it down. And I had to wash it much more often, and it took forever to blow dry–because even though I have fine hair, I have a lot of it.

      It will be so nice to see your son and DIL, and it was nice that they made a special request for you to come this weekend. It will be a nice break for you. We’ll miss you here, but we’ll be thinking about all the fun you are having. Just be careful with all the other people out on the road! Will you be staying with them, or will you have to pay for some place to stay? Hope you are staying with them. How long will you be gone?

      Just be grateful you’re not having to apply for unemployment and certify every week–because if there’s nothing to apply to it is very stressful to try and find something reasonable to apply to that you can put down on your paperwork. I’d find myself really stressing, because sometimes there was very slim pickins!

      I’d be really stressing out I think over the refi. I think you are handling it very well, and I hope that everything works out ok.

      Am just overwhelmed by the tornado news in Missouri!–and the fact that they are still in a storm system that could create more tornadoes in the same area that has already been devastated. Two whole stories of the hospital just ripped off!! All the windows blown out. Places just look like scattered toothpicks everywhere!! It’s horrific! How do you look at your home when it’s been reduced to a pile of rubble?! How do you even find it, when everything around it looks the same?! Places totally unrecognizable. I can’t imagine. I know what it’s like to have to huddle in what you hope is a ‘safe place’ in your home–but when you look at the devastation they suffered, it is hard to conceive that there is anyplace in a home that is “safe.” It is a wonder to me that there are not more deaths than there are. It does go to prove that warning ahead of time is vital, but still, I just don’t know how people survive such devastation–and if they do, how do they survive such a terrible loss? And you know that the bureaucracy of trying to rebuild after such catastrophe has to be mind-numbing–and what do you do in the interim while you’re trying to rebuild and reconstruct a life in shambles? I can’t even imagine.

      • 157.1.1
        suri says:

        Sharon – I did forget re perm just remembered/pictured your curls! Yes, makes life easier for all the reasons you cited. My DD has never had a perm but can scrunch curls into her hair or straighten it. I’m just not used to this generation’s wash-hair-every-day gig?

        You did a great job with explanation of degreed individuals being just people, and sometimes pure idiots also. Read post to EOTW — I’m so hoping it could it the one!! Tribe to Universe: Please enable/enlighten this opportunity for EOTW!!

        Missouri is just heartrendingly broken… I agree, our world is so complicated even when your life is going well. But to literally rise up from ashes is beyond tough. Joplin does seem like a community that will reach out to it’s own, luckily. So many have no one or their families are unable to offer assistance. All this loss from tornadoes and flood allow me to put my problems in a lesser category, for sure.

        Thanks for support on refi and understanding. A home is so much more than a house, as you well know. I have to call them on status, I guess?

        I laugh at how HARD we all are on OURSELVES! The universe CANNOT HELP but assist all of us in our endeavors with our efforts and intentions!!

        If we go, we stay with the kids. They have a beautiful home with 4 bedrooms they have been in 3 years now. Just have to figure if one/two nights, etc. Don’t want to take up their whole holiday. I certainly always try to be ‘low maintenance’ when visiting as far as expectations or entertainment goes. In the past, we always treated them to dinner out, etc. But now may be pizza delivered! LOL

        Got to get some things accomplished and check back later for EOTW updates. Funny how things happen together with SS job and this interview? Got to be a good omen!! Peace and hope.

      • 157.1.2
        suri says:

        Sharon – I think you are ‘missing’ the intensity of the job search some? Feeling like you should be doing it more? I agree with you to make this opportunity all it can be. Think you will ‘run circles’ around the job in no time! (My way of saying you will be over the top for performance!!)

        Hope you had fun in the sun by the water. Keep forgetting to chime in with PERFECT agreement on water/ocean and loving it. Once went to Maine on vacation and stayed in a small cottage with a deck over the ocean! Paradise! Dream of going there again… Sleeping, reading, relaxing to the sound of the waves and seagulls. In the meantime, I can finally sit on back deck (screened porch) and enjoy my coffee in the a.m. and PRETEND!! Peace.

  • 158
    endoftheworld says:

    Quick note – back from 1.5 hr. interview!
    Possible offer (direct. mgr. actually wanted to give me offer right then and there w/o seeing other candidates) BUT 3 more to interview today AND I have to fill out paperwork for the agency yet which includes background check…
    They want person to start this WEDNESDAY (tomorrow!) as current job holder got another job and she’s starting there next week. Hrs. are 8-5 with OT tho and not sure how i manage to be there so early and be alert enough, seems like lots of stuff to do, i’d be the single admin for like 25 people, not just the accountant.
    Was gonna go out for a long jog but pitch black out and I think we are in for a big T-storm so hope the sky will hold out till 2pm as I’m going out now, very stressed.
    One of THE better interviews in terms of clicking with both ladies, no tough questions or suspicions on their part. It was really quite odd, no questioning of the gap at all? no questioning why i left past jobs? (maybe they figure the agency will research this)
    Still the criminal record could negate the whole thing I am afraid. I know that the agency WILL do a background check, now depends if co. has a non hiring of felons policy or if they dont that they liked me so much over the others they are willing to overlook it.
    Am afraid if I have to explain it the opportunity will be ruined.
    well i’ll likely get soaked.

    I’ll find out as early as end of day today!

    • 158.1
      suri says:

      EOTW – I am EXCITED and SCARED at the same time. ALL felonies are not the same, I want to scream! Back in the day, some employer’s tried to assist those with flaws on their records. Sometimes our society seems more discriminating today than ever? Seriously, I am feeling this could be the one? I KNOW all you need is a chance to be allowed to ‘show your stuff’! Good luck!!

      LOVE Sharon’s counsel about degrees and I ‘second’ her advice. We all have different types of intelligence imho. I personally feel the Midwest has a much more limited ‘mindset’ regarding people and their abilities than the East coast or West coast. From our experience on the East coast your abilities were not ‘prejudged’ or predicated on college degrees? It was SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN DO? I believed it was, at least in part, due to the shear numbers of people transferring in and out with the military and govt. In a sense it “leveled the playing field” so much more than small town, rural areas I grew up in where everyone knew by which high school you attended where you fit in?

      Well, going to hold my breath, just takes one!! Remember you can coach you thru your ‘relaunch’ — it will be like riding your bicycle!! I’m going with ‘they like you so much!!’ Peace and much hope.

  • 159
    endoftheworld says:

    ugh, nothing yet…well not sure when the final interview was and if they got behind schedule because of spending so much time with me. The recruiter told me she’d be giving me an update around 4 which is NOW. Then i’ll likely have to go there (the agency is not local unfortunately) to fill out the paperwork unless they can e-mail it tho she allready told me, i’d have to come in person and she’s not sure if either of their other 2 offices be closer (they are at least hr.s drive). The recruiter had sounded alarmed that they wanted me to start this week, she’d thought they were going to decide by the end of this week and start next. Usually employment agencies do thorough background checks and i’ve not even done an online application or signed any consent forms so I don’t know that they’d be able to have me start before the current admin leaves. I was in a similiar situation where they had me start training before getting results of crim. background check back which they did on the 4th day and then they let me go even tho i’d told them what is was but some computer alogithm decides what is acceptable and this job was working in office of group home of teens with behavioural problems, the office was off site and I did not have any one on one contact with the residents but they told me they’d lose their certification from the State if they kept me so am VERY leery of being hired w/o official paperwork being completed 1st.
    The other part is NOW i would be EE of agency if perm i would be EE of the co. and they might have different hiring standards, like maybe they don’t screen the temps but do the perm?

    I called the dir. of SS for the other job and got voicemail, very odd she’s not contacted me since Fri. and that interview was sposed to be Thurs. but no time confirmed yet.

    Ugh the phone just rang – false alarm, it was some pre-recorded credit card sales call i get like 3 times a day.
    I likely have to go outside again, am a total bundle of nerves cannot even type!

    Mother, came by this am, even tho i was late and told her I DONT HAVE the time and pls. don’t come, but she wanted me to type up another letter for her, she doesnt have a printer and cannot type so is often asking me to type up letters, most of this stuff can easier by done over the phone or e-mail i truly have no clue why she wants a formal letter. Since everything is so urgent for her am sure she’s expecting me to get it done and bring it by later today but am too agitated to try to decipher her hand writing which is almost illegible and is always a pain in the neck to do. This am i had to push her out of my appt.! I tell her I am late, and she just barges in and starts going over the minutia of her little problems and issues as if I don’t have to leave the house before 11 when as sposed to be there at 11.

    Sharon ya mentioned getting a job be one way to be rid of her. Sad to say that NOT the case, she will come by the office I can guarantee, she did it at all past jobs i’ve had AND she called me at work with her whiney cricticisms and problems, plus if i’m working she will expect me to stop by on the way home or SHE will be coming over in the evenings. The woman is relentless. It is extremely embarrassing when she stops in to the office she is the type to ingratiate herself with everyone and they all tell me what a cute/sweet mom i have?

    Well I gave the recruiter my cell so I think i have to go out again tho it still look like rain any sec. i just cant sit here or concentrate on anything. I have a feeling if i dont get this one I will never work again, my 2.5 yr. anniversery is June 30 and I am too exhausted to keep looking but have to consider the likelyhood it aint gonna happen. this is not the first stellar interview, i’ve had about 8 where I was 99,999% certain i would get the offer.

    Thanx for your positive thoughts!

  • 160
    suri says:

    Awww, EOTW – You win — on the Mom thing?? Wow, is all I can say! Comes to your office?? Calls you at office?? I sometimes say “some women, give women a bad name” so I think some Moms, give Moms a bad rap! I am sooo sorry this has to add to your anxiety. You have more than your share already! (Just to verify for you. lol)

    I will NOT ALLOW nor ACCEPT your 2.5 anniversary? So ditch that thought immediately, understand? We will survive and thrive. We will be happy and content. We will know it’s not about us. The best revenge is to live happily!! Hope your run takes the ‘edge’ off for you. I hate that ‘waiting by the phone’ that NEVER rings! Just the usual drill in life — we hurry up and wait…

    It’s actually nice today in the 60′s here with sunshine. I, too, never seem to measure up too many accomplishments in a day. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We are PULLING for you and the right position to end this emptiness. Peace and as much hope as you can imagine!!

    P.S. Saw the AK grizzlies last night with the Momma and 3 big bear cubs learning to fish? She was a fierce Momma to have 3!! But AK is just too vast a region. You can visit but no long stays. You may realize civilization isn’t that CIVILIZED and not come back! LOL

    • 160.1
      endoftheworld says:


      Feel like i’ve been hit by a frickin truck – OMG.
      I was quite certain i was never going to be offered a job EVER.
      I mean we are talking over 1500 applications, over 30 interviews, many where I never heard back from even when they’d acted like i got the job.

      BUT before you become insanely jealous, they’ve NOT done the background check prior to offering me this job which is temp/agency to perm/co. I have SIX emails with doc. form attachments I must do tonight and bring over to the agency in another town i’ve never been, a good hours drive away (am NOT well traveled in my own state and will have to google the map as have no idea where this is) my appt. is at 11 and I’m not used to being dressed and ready to leave house by then AND they expect me to start this Thurs f/t 8AM! as a “consultant”? I will have to be up 6:45,OMG- am usually fast asleep at that time. I hope I can be awake enough learn everybody’s name and functions have terrible memory for names as it is not to mention all the other stuff which i hope will be explained in detail, it seems that there are many things this person has to do on a regular but not necessarily daily basis other than the mail and phones and unfortunately I will also be receptionist so i hope the bathrooms are not on the other side of building, I have been kinda avoiding jobs where I am the only one because i have problems same reason avoid applying for register jobs where I’m there by myself. It sounds funny but is really an annoyance when ya just cant’ get up and leave your station whenever.

      I dread downloading the forms am sure the criminal record question will be there, the email said I must complete all forms and successfully pass background checks before starting? So I really don’t know IF this job really is mine since i’ve allready been rejected numerous times before once that came to light and I’ve been told by recruiters than when company uses an agency they expect EE’s of the highest caliber, that i’d be better off applying direct than trying to get hired by an employment agency so it still a BIG ? as to whether or not I actually “got” the job. I can only pray that the question will be have you been convicted in the last 7 yrs. not “ever” and that if i put NO they won’t do further check. Also they will do a reference check of employers and I knows the names of the faculty i gave them from my university job those people are not likely to be hanging around campus now that the semester is over so I might get stuck there since I don’t have any other names I can give whom i know would give me a good ref and I am not in contact with them now so not like I can give their home #.

      Well we’ll see but I am in total shock, this sposed to be good news but I feel awful about it and just not ready to jump right in, such a long day yet and the pay is lower than advertised tho I won’t mention that now. Am really going backwards here. Actually with state aid for rent/food/health insurance I was gettin about $20K year taxfree my new salary will be $22K minus taxes so i’ll actually be getting less tho not sure if after 6 months there be a significant increase as they didnt ask me about pay other then telling me they pay competetively? Um I don’t think $22K/yr is “competetive” not around here. My 1st. job out of college in 1990 I made close to $29K/year and the cost of living has tripled since.

      Very twilight zone feeling. Very interesting what will be the end result, I just am not 100% they will keep me once they do background check and will be really ill if they tell me they cannot take me afterall. My direct supervisor is a black lady Thank GOD not hispanic, I am truly averse to those people and would of had a problem. I was surprised they seemed to like me so much, I actually was dead tired as I was up till 3am and woke several times before my alarm went off at 9am so wasn’t feeling esp. sharp or perky. It’s a standard office job, i’d imagine they’d of had tons of applicants, esp. recent college grads? well maybe these woman wanted somebody closer to their own age, which i’d guess in the 35-45 range, rest of office seemed middle aged as well, mostly women? tho not that type of business?

      Gots to get busy on the forms/application now.

      I can only say it was Divine Intervention…

      • 160.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        Oh dear EOTW, I am so HAPPY for you!! And I can definitely empathize with your ‘This should be good news’ but why do you suddenly feel sick? type thing. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you. Okay, now let’s try not to borrow trouble, let’s try and think positive about the background check–maybe it will only ask for 7 years, not the EVER question. And if they do, maybe their policy will not eliminate you. I am sure you just have to be in shock and denial all at the same time. Fear and excitement. It’s enough to make you spend the rest of the night in the bathroom (or at least it would me!!).

        You seem to get around pretty well, I have confidence that you will find your way. Now if it was me, that would be a different story. I’d have to leave 3 hours ahead of time and still get lost!! I truly am terrible. You’ll handle one hurdle at a time. Don’t forget to get your notebook while you are out tomorrow, so you’ll be prepared for Thursday.

        Once you get back into the routine of being at work and having to get up at a certain hour, you’ll be just fine. It will be an adjustment at first, for sure, but the adrenaline level will probably be pretty high for the first week or two, so you’ll probably not have a problem getting up on time, though you may be totally wiped as much from emotional exhaustion as physical. I have no doubt you’ll settle in and do just fine.

        I have a tiny problem. Got my schedule for next week, and she has me working on my dad’s birthday–we’re having the party you know!! I had put in for it off, and thought I had rec’d confirmation (though it was hard to interpret the thing–I don’t know why it seems to be such a poor way of communicating and scheduling). Anyway, I called as soon as I saw it and spoke directly to her, and she said it was not a problem (but you know how you can tell that it is even when they say it’s not?–it was that kind of thing. “I’ll see if I can get someone else to work.”) And I’m thinking, #1-I spoke with her about this day off last Monday; #2-I sent it via the internet scheduling program and rec’d what I think was confirmation of my request (though, again, it is not clear, it just says Thurs off but there is no date anywhere I can see–what kind of scheduling system is that?!!). Anyway, I sent her a confirmation message via the internet system they have confirming our telecon this evening (because it took them a long time to answer the phone and it also sounded noisy and busy there, and it would be my luck she won’t remember our conversation at all), and that I had requested that day off previously, and that perhaps I needed some instruction about the scheduling system so that no further conflicts like this would arise. I mean, I don’t want to be a pain here, but by the same token, I’ve pretty much left every availability open and if I ask for a day, particularly an important day, and I can be accommodated, then I think that is reasonable. I made it clear from my training day onward that I needed that day off. ONE DAY! There are 6 others for crying out loud, and I have open availability for everything. Not happy. Not happy that she’s not happy, but also not happy that it appears I either don’t understand the scheduling system or that they completely ignore the scheduling system or that I misinterpreted the confirmation I got, or that she misinterpreted my requested day off. At any rate–there was miscommunication and even though she says she’ll fix it and it’s ok–well, you can tell when someone is not happy. It’s my dad’s 90th birthday, my daughter is baking cakes and coming with the grandkids, we’ve scheduled the time and date with the NH and daddy’s looking forward to it!! I think I’m a little irritated….. Scheduled to work this Fri–as you knew; and also Mon & Tues. Okay–sorry to take away from your good news–I’m just kinda out-of-sorts…I’ve been so frickin clear about this day from the get-go.

        JOY TO THE WORLD, EOTW! Get those forms filled out, get a good nights rest, drive safe tomorrow, and we’ll keep you in our thoughts and send you all the best, and all the strength we can send you.

  • 161
    Sharon-GA says:

    Oh my!! So much to respond to. Leave at noon and look what happens!!!

    I am so hoping for you EOTW, and like Suri, am excited and scared, nervous and anxious. Feel like I’m waiting right there alongside you, waiting for that phone to ring, and not knowing exactly what to hope for. I wish they had just offered you the job there and then, but guess they already had scheduled interviews. Wow! They might want you to start tomorrow?!?!!!!? Not much preparation time there is there? And I agree on the one hand, you could start tomorrow and THEN do the background check, and in the meantime you could impress them with your stuff and they’d NEVER be able to let you go, regardless of the background check. Or, you could impress the H out of them, and they let you go because of their policies, then you would have had the nervousness and excitement of the new job and learning things, and then the disappointment of being let go even though they like you and you’re qualified. I don’t know what to wish for, because I think if you got your foot in the door they wouldn’t want to let you go; but if policy dictates… Oh my, I’m in such a quandry, I can only imagine how you have to be feeling!! Did you like them too? Did you feel comfortable with them and with the job requirements? It sounds like a very responsible job. Oh EOTW, I am just all wound up for you.

    As for your negative thoughts about not ever getting a job again if you don’t get this job (or the SS one), please don’t go there in your thoughts. You have such a positive can-do attitude, you never give up, you always keep plugging away, and I admire your tenacity so much. I just do NOT believe that if this does not work out for some reason that it means the end of hope for you. I do agree, however, have been to interviews where I had every confidence that I had the job and didn’t get it–so it does happen. But maybe it just means you’re getting closer to the real thing, the one that is going to be the perfect job and the perfect fit for you to showcase your talents. I will keep the computer on and keep checking in on you. I know you just have to be practically crawling out of your skin waiting by the phone for a call, and feeling the need to get outside and release some of that pent-up energy and nerves.

    My mom would call me at work too–most of the time just to chat. But she wasn’t regular about it, and when I impressed on her that her calls could get me in trouble, she really did try to curb them. My parents did come and visit me at work when they would come and visit for their 10 days–but they’d come at lunchtime and take me out to lunch, so they weren’t just hanging out. Your mom sounds like the type of person who will not respond to reason–and I can only apologize for her and extend my sympathies to you. I would try, however, since she’s always giving you a hard time about not having a job etc., that you tell her that it’s important since you have a job and you know how important it is to her that you’re working–that you need her not to do anything to jeopardize that for you by coming to visit or calling you at work. Tell her you will be sure to call her (and, unfortunately, you’ll have to follow through with this, or she WILL call you), but that it is unprofessional to receive personal calls at work, particularly when you are new on the job (you might want to skip that part! LOL). I can’t believe she also came this morning and persisted when you told her you were running late for an interview. She’s not making me happy!!–How can she just ignore you like that?! Sorry–wish I could run interference for you.

    Got all my errands done–well, still have one left, but will try to do that tomorrow, probably after I go see daddy. Unfortunately, my pool time was not as wonderful as I had anticipated. (Need to take the advice I gave my mom all the time–about expectations!) I usually have the pool to myself, or possibly share it with one or two other adults who are quiet and unobtrusive. That’s one of the reasons I go during the week and try to avoid weekends, so I avoid people’s grandkids and such…though last year for several weeks there were 3 young girls who seemed to be spending the summer with grandma and were at the pool a lot when I was there–but they were not real loud or too obtrusive. But today!!–8 people–older teenager-type–don’t know if they were the daughter and grandkids or granddaughter and great-grandkids?–I’d say they ranged from 13 to 21 or so maybe?–and LOUD, and ROWDY, and jumping in and splashing everyone everywhere, and just annoying. Then two other women came down, but they didn’t bother me, they were unobtrusive and quiet. I didn’t feel comfortable getting in the water with the teens–didn’t want to get in their way–and just felt kind of out-of-sorts with the whole thing. I got to just dunk myself quickly when I first got there as they were coming to the pool right after I got there–and I never got to get back in again. Only stayed about an hour. Waited…hoping they’d get tired and go away–but no chance!!! Of course, I sat there and thought, “Hey, this isn’t YOUR pool Sharon, this is not a private pool and it is not realistic to expect you are going to have it to yourself. Get over it and enjoy what you have.” Of course, I also sat there and wondered what might be the best time of day to come to avoid the likelihood of people being there–or at least kids and teens. And then thought, well, if I live here, I’d be able to peek out the window and see when it was clear and run down real quick and get in!! But don’t live there now, and it’s over 1-1/2 hrs (R/T) only to find it’s occupied by rowdies. But, it’s better than most public pools, and it’s free, and I just need to get over liking to have it more quiet and peaceful. I was also thinking what it was like when my DD and SIL and 2 grandkids would come and we’d go to the pool (the baby hadn’t been born yet), and they were not quiet! When it was just us, everyone made a lot of noise, when other people came, they’d be a little quieter and not as rowdy splashing and such, and tried to confine themselves to a certain area of the pool so they didn’t take up the whole thing. My “kids” can be on the noisy side–SIL very loud, and then everyone else has to yell over him to be heard. So….have to remember not to throw stones… But, I would have enjoyed it more if I’d been able to get in the pool again, and if I’d had just 1/2 hour of quiet to myself–then I wouldn’t have minded so much having to share it. I ended up only staying in the pool for about an hour–I usually stay between 2 and 3 hours.

    Then when I went upstairs to get out of my bathing suit and get dressed, the doorbell rang. I’m naked as a bluejay, peeked around the corner, thinking it might be the neighbor, and saw it looked like someone wearing a men’s shirt. They rang again insistently, so I threw on a towel (didn’t have time to get dressed–and no robe around anywhere) and peeked around the door. It was a used-to-be neighbor (lived across the street from mom and dad early on) who had seen daddy’s car in the driveway (I hadn’t had a chance to switch them out yet) and wanted to stop and see how they were doing. They used to have 2 pugs that were really cute. I told him mom was gone and daddy was in a NH, and he wanted to know where so he could go and visit him. He and his wife had had to move from the house because they had had to file bankruptcy and I think they were able to sell the house and not go into foreclosure (not sure about the details), but a few years ago had stopped by to see mom and dad because they wanted to see if they knew of any homes for sale in their neighborhood because they wanted to move back. Well, he told me his mom had died (a year ago?–I don’t recall–it was such a rushed conversation, me being in my towel and all) and left him 3 properties–one in this area but not mom and dad’s community, kind of adjacent, cluster homes I think he’s in–well, he will be next week–he’s moving there. He tried to sell this house that was worth $130,000, and was unable to sell it for even $95,000, so he’s going to move into it; the other house he inherited was a $499,000 home and he’s been unable to sell it for $300,000, so he’s thinking about renting it; and he inherited a piece of property that he’s also been unable to sell. He’s retired now, and his wife divorced him after his mom died. When I showed my shock (which my face is an open book sometimes if I don’t get control of it real fast!) he said, “The stress.” His mom was ill for a while, she had Alzheimer’s, and even though his sister lived nearby and assisted in care, he spent a lot of time caring for her and he’d go and spend the night when he needed, and it just got to be too much for his wife, and after she died she divorced him. Sorry, I’m still shocked. They went through bankruptcy and the loss of their home and she didn’t leave him…what’s with this leaving him after he’s lost someone he loves? Sorry, I know it’s not my place to judge—nothing is easy. I’m just sorry to hear that it happened to them. And he lost one of his two dogs just last week and he’s suffering from that loss, but he lived to be 14 years old–which is really good! He still has the other one but doesn’t know how long that one will last, they were about the same age–and dogs do grieve after they’ve been together for so long and one dies… Yeah, quite a rushed conversation while I’m standing there in nothing but a towel and a smile!! He apologized again for interrupting me. He wanted to know if I thought daddy would know him, and I told him he might have to jog his memory by mentioning the dogs and he said, “I have a picture of the dogs together. I’ll take that with me when I go to visit. I know he’ll remember them!!”

    Stopped to visit the neighbor across the street before I left to come home. She really wants me to move into mom and dad’s house, but she knows that it is going to be no small task–having to sell all mom and dad’s things, and as she said, “They have a lot of nice things, and nobody now has any money to spend and if they do, they don’t know the value of things.”–I’m not going to just GIVE their stuff away. And, of course, there is my stuff–and all my stuff won’t fit in their house, so I’d have to go through my stuff too. We’re talking massive undertakings–truly…you have no idea. Lots of people in their neighborhood want me to move there. Mom and dad were among the first people to buy there, and daddy started the Homeowner’s Association and he actually wrote the first set of bylaws, and he was the President for years–he enjoyed quite a reputation there–until he began losing his temper with everyone and acting like he was too good and intelligent for them—then they became kind of isolated, which hurt mom a lot since she was the social one and was suffering for daddy’s behavior.

    So when might you leave, Suri, for your weekend trip? It sounds like fun, and I know they’ll be happy to see you.

    Actually, it does feel funny not to be doing my job search and applying for jobs. Actually, I do still kind of look for the local stuff, but I have this thing about trying not to scatter myself too much with other things until I get myself settled in this job. I’m afraid if I scatter myself I could jeopardize what I have (little as it may be) for something that I DON’T have. I don’t know if I’m making sense or not, but I feel like it would be so easy for me to be distracted by looking for another job and not giving my focus to the one I have. And I really do want to give it a fair shot, and I am grateful to have been given an opportunity, so I want to be deserving of that opportunity. Once I feel some comfort in the job (since it’s so out of my experience), then I will feel more comfortable looking for other p/t opportunities that could share…or, if I find I’m not all that crazy about it, then I can look for something f/t. But until I give it a shot, and my best efforts, I don’t feel like I’m being fair. But yes, it does feel funny not out there day after day looking on all the sites. Like I say, keeping track of local stuff (because with gas prices, I’m not inclined to venture out much, ‘specially with the salaries they are offering).

    Anyway, I’m sure I’ve exhausted you all with my jibber-jabber. I’m filling in space until EOTW lets us know what’s up! I’ve not eaten today and it’s 6:45 and I’m getting a real case of the hungries, so I think I have to go and see what I can scrounge up to eat that doesn’t take too long to fix. Maybe by then we’ll know something….?

  • 162
    Sharon-GA says:

    Tribe: Okay, I know I am obsessing (see post above in response to EOTW’s EXCITING and hopeful news). I don’t want to take anything away from EOTW’s wonderful news, so I’m kind of addressing this to you, Suri, so I don’t draw attention away from the best news, which belongs to EOTW.

    But I’m really upset about this scheduling problem with my request for daddy’s 90th bday off, having received what I thought was confirmation of my request, and still having been scheduled to work that day despite it. Despite having told them over 2 weeks ago, on the date of my ‘onboarding,’ and then again when I spoke to the person who does the scheduling that I was having problems with the system and telling her directly, then having put it in the computer system and rec’d–like I said–confirmation of such–though it doesn’t have dates–what kind of system doesn’t have a date???!! But what is also bothering me is what she said when I spoke with her this evening. She tells me that it’s okay, in a tone that makes it clear it’s not, and that she’ll TRY and find someone else to work on that day. And then when I asked if I had made a mistake in the scheduling request she says she doesn’t know, that she had written it down on a little piece of paper and maybe it got lost, or maybe she had the schedule done before she rec’d request (mind you, she said she hadn’t made it before, and also I rec’d some sort of confirmation of her receipt of my request and approval). Then she went on to say that she hadn’t received the availability “from the people who HAVE other jobs” and she’ll try and find someone who can work on the day she has scheduled me.

    I know I’m rambling here and I apologize. I will not ever take advantage of the system, and I have open availability from 12a through midnight shift pretty much 7 days a week, and I only need the one day, and I made it clear from the VERY beginning that I needed this day and they hired me anyway. I never take advantage of anything, but I also don’t expect to be TAKEN advantage of either. And I don’t want someone holding it over my head that I don’t have ANOTHER job that has to be worked around, so therefore I should work and be grateful to work any shift that no one else wants or can work. Again, open availability all the time…I’m not asking for any favors, I’m not asking to have special considerations of any kind.

    Okay, sorry….I’m just very upset. Knew things had to be going too smoothly, or appeared to be going too smoothly to be true. Okay…try to calm down. I could possibly have the shortest-lived job on record!!!

    • 162.1
      endoftheworld says:

      No Darling i think that would be ME.

      UM printed out a 1/4 REAM of paperwork, they are apparently conducting an investigation of FBI proportions. My cover letter says I have a “conditional offer”.

      The ? WAS have you EVER been convicted of ANY crime, pls. describe in detail. I left out the details (well only a 1/4 inch space to write and just put convictions with date and town).
      Debated for a FULL hour wether to leave blank or what. The letter says that “criminal background checks MAY be conducted on SOME EE’s.” the application says any falsification of information will lead to immediate termination or something like that so my past experience has been that if they have you fill out all the forms and sign your life away they will do the checks, why have you sign all the consent forms otherwise?

      soo still holding breath. I may git there Thurs. and be told to leave or I might be called tomorrow night and told not to come in or if they are swamped maybe some time next week.

      oh am also sposed to have drug test w neg. results BEFORE i start any job so not sure when they plan to squeeze that one in, don’t know if they are gonna ask me to pee in a cup at the agency tomorrow or drive across the state to the appointed testing ctr. or what, i’d have a beer right now if I knew, they will test for alcohol not just drugs and not sure how that shows up in the blood or what level is acceptable or they mean looking for zero?

      My gut tells me they may be so rushed that I should’ve NOT answered the question and pretend i didnt see it, tho in this partic. app. it is hard to NOT notice it. in some it’s a teeny 1 line question but here they bolded it and it’s 2 lines so. I just don’t know what to do and hope I aint screwing myself.

      I am still mind boggled on how well I was received by the turns out Controller and Accounting Mgr. I rarely click with people instantaneously esp. when am tense and nervous. Am wondering if my willingness to accept low salary had something to do with their enthusiasm? The previous admin. found the job too overwhelming, the one they have now too clerical? Am not sure what # I would be also have NO clue how at what would would I be offered f/t status since I do know of companies who have eternal temps and I know people who have been promised temp to hire but 3 yrs. later they are STILL temping. Also worried bout the hours. I really find 8-5 to be too early and too long of a day, i’ve allways gotten in trouble for cutting my hours esp. at last job which was 9-5 and they’d not let me come in 830-430 as orig. agreed upon and what I worked at university. Also worried the direct mgr. works 8-7! as her REG. hrs? and did not seem to mind. I did notice they were both fishing to see if I had kids by the comments they made about their own kids.

      Just when ya think things be going smoothly they don’t. Sharon as my friend D would say “welcome to the world of retail” she was denied going to her cousins wedding after asking MONTHS in advance in writing and verbally reminding not to work that Sun/Mon and guess what? they sched that Sun/Mon. so she ended up calling in sick and as they made a big song and dance about having to work her scheduled hours and how they couldnt change the almighty sched. once they wrote out, yet she’d even gotten verbal permission from her own mgr. that she could go? she hasnt written to me in a while actually, i hope they didnt finally drive her off the deep end but she was giving me updates all the time on the scheduling nightmares like 3-11 and 7-3 the next day, etc.

      Well i was asked to change my dentist appt. tues. but am not able to and will lose medicaid now if I earn income so i hope they wont view me as inflexible but I told them init. i’d be avail to start next Wed and this dentist doesnt have any later appt. then 4 and since i’d lose my medicaid insurance in June and not be elig. for insur. till the co. hires me (God knows when) I’d rather not wait months for the cleaning and risk getting cavities. this agency has some insur. but some no-name co. and you pay for it plus high deductible be useless for me and no dental or vision anyhow.

      I take it Sharon the mgr. who was snippy with you know was not the same woman who hired you?

      Instead of taking these jobs I think we ought to collaborate on a Soap Opera? I doubt anybodys lives are filled with as much drama and intrigue as ours :-)

      • 162.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        Yeah, I felt like having a drink tonite too!!–but with the pain meds I’m still on you can’t drink. I’ve eliminated the middle of the night pills, which leaves me pained and stiff in the mornings, but it works out okay. Know I’m going to need to continue them as I’m working, at least in the beginning, and am using the arm/shoulder in more and different ways.

        I was so hoping that question wouldn’t be on your list–or at least they’d confine it to the 7 years. I don’t think there’s anything you can do but fill it out actually. #1, with being in bold, you can’t claim you didn’t see it. #2, they say any falsification will be terms for termination–so say they hire you and they find out, you’re gone and with no chance for unemployment because you lied by omission. I just don’t see any way around it. I just so wish this wouldn’t keep coming back to haunt you, and wish I could fix it for you. I can only imagine how impotent it makes YOU feel, because it makes me feel that way. It’s possible these people liked you well enough to override the agency–but the agency would likely have them sign some sort of release absolving them of responsibility–you think? Such a mess. But again, you and I tend to borrow trouble, so let’s just wait and see what happens tomorrow and then go from there.

        The drug testing center is across the state?! Holy cow. You could certainly have a busy day tomorrow! I’m just going to go with this–you’re going to get the job…I just have to believe this. Your time has come. And if, perchance, you don’t, do remember that you were offered a job, they obviously liked you, you clicked with them–so it is just a matter of time that another co., that you don’t have to go through employment agency to get job, will note all you have to offer and make you an offer of employment. You have to remember that they wanted you.

        Now, WHEN you get this job, you just need to remember to take care of yourself because it’s going to be tiring, particularly in the beginning. You need to get plenty of rest, try to figure out how and when to get your exercise–at least it doesn’t get dark early, so you can go out in the evenings and you still have the weekends. And probably more than anything else, you need to not be so hard on yourself. We both tend to not give ourselves any leeway for error, and accuse ourselves of being stupid for any small mistake or forgetfulness. If you forget someone’s name, you’ll remember tomorrow, cut yourself some slack and remember you’re human, not superhuman. And as I’ve said before, my brain tends to short circuit when I’m really nervous and trying really hard–and it seems to be something I simply cannot bypass, I just have to live through it and everything does settle into place. That’s why I find taking notes helps a lot for me (too bad I can’t do it in retail…can you see me carrying around a notebook and flipping through it while waiting on a customer?!–what a visual). Did you hear anything back about the SS job? You said you had called and gotten a recording, but no return calls yet…?

        Correct, it wasn’t the woman who hired me who was snippy with me today–though I have met her, and had interchanges with her during the mtg on Sunday, she’s a little bit older than the average (don’t know if she’s my age though) and she seems to be nice enough–well, with the exception of today. And don’t know if that was because she made an error in scheduling, or if it was because I dared to mention it..newbie that I am, or maybe she was having a busy, bad day. It just didn’t sit well with me–the scheduling, the attitude. And like I said, it’s not like I wasn’t clear from the get-go about that date. Yeah, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it shakes out…like I said, it may be short-lived.

        I like the idea about collaborating on a soap opera. You know they’re cancelling so many of them–maybe we can fill in the blank time slots!! I bet a whole bunch of the unemployed could get together and tell true-life stories that would put the soaps to shame.

        I will be anxiously waiting to hear what happens tomorrow. I need to go see daddy tomorrow, and I have one more errand to run, and don’t know if I will make a special trip to VS to see if they can instruct me on the use of the scheduling tool (in case it IS me)–or if I should just wait until my shift and either go in early or stay late and have someone go over it with me. But I did it exactly like she told me to do it…so I tend to think it was not me…plus that confirmation of approval thing….? But I could be wrong and might not have gotten it right, and want to avoid any conflict or confusion in the future—providing I still have a future!!! Who knows?

        The two of us, who seem to have had good news…are now sitting here with question marks. Of the two of us, if it works out, you have the job that will make more money, should have a better future with possibility of temp to perm, and even raises….so let’s keep good thoughts, this could be just what you’ve been looking for. And try not to dwell on the hours just yet…one step at a time…

        Talk to you tomorrow…..Sleep tight, sweet dreams…

  • 163
    Sharon-GA says:

    Hey Tribe: Surprised we haven’t heard from Suri–because I know she’d be keeping track here to find out about EOTW, so assuming you’re either getting ready for your trip, or your internet is down (again!), or you’ve just gotten busy with a real life instead of a virtual one!!

    Still obsessing over the scheduling mishap, particularly since I’ve checked again this morning and I’m still scheduled to work on daddy’s birthday. Maybe she just hasn’t had a chance to update the schedule yet? But see, here’s the thing. I’ve always been taught to take responsibility, and if you’ve made a mistake to own up to it. If you had a legitimate reason for what you did, then it is okay to give that reason after accepting responsibility; if not, then you don’t make ‘excuses.’ Reasons are different from excuses. And I feel that what was given to me were excuses, not reasons. I gave at least three different ways, and three different times, all to the same person, my schedule availability and the 2nd of June was always OFF. I gave it in writing at the time of my ‘onboarding,’ I spoke with her when I was having trouble with the program for scheduling and told her, and then when she told me how to use the system, I put it in the system and rec’d what appears to be confirmation and approval of that day off (again, a little difficult to interpret as there is no DATE!?). So what disturbs me a little is that mgmt sets the tone…and if mgmt does not accept responsibility but only offers excuses, then I find that just a tad disturbing. Ok. I’ll try to get over it now. Just kind of wanted to explain exactly why I find this so disturbing, aside from the fact that I HAVE (as well as WANT) to be there for my dad’s party as I am responsible for everything, and the NH has put it on their printed calendar of activities so people will know to attend, and my dad only has ONE 90th birthday!!

    I will be getting ready soon to go out and see daddy, and I am anxious to get back and check in and see how EOTWs day went with the agency and maybe the drug screen, and hopefully she will have some better idea how things are going to work out for her. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel we are so invested in each other’s lives and our fortunes are so important and we are each other’s emotional support system, our own cheerleading section. Maybe even sometimes we can give valuable advice based on our own experiences.

    Well, if I’m going to get myself out of here and take care of the things I need to take care of today I need to get with it. I’m going today instead of tomorrow so I can save tomorrow for trying to gather myself before my first shift on Friday. I’ve been scheduled for what I would think would be very busy times, over the holiday — Mon. and Tues as well as this Fri. Everyone else hired new has already had shifts in preparation, and I’m kind of being thrown into the fire without any preparation. Don’t know if this is intentional or just coincidence…?

    Will check back in when I return. Am thinking very much about EOTW today…feels almost like it’s happening to me…? Ya’ll have a really good day, and hope to see check-ins when I return.

  • 164
    suri says:

    Tribe – IF ALL of this works out for everyone, we should rename our “Tribe of Divine Intervention!” LOL
    We, of course, had “local region service outage” last p.m. and no tv either. DH had to listen to Chicago Bulls BB on radio? How funny is that! It was kind of neat to catch up and read all the posts at once this morning. I offer thanks and blessings to have our connections, to offer solace, cheer, tips, or just combine our experiences and insights! My vitural life gives me structure and understanding felt nowhere else by me!

    OMG — I JUMPED when I read EOTW initial post re job!!
    Then as I read on Sharon gave advice and I second completely on ‘it is what it is’ and so sorry this injury has to continue to pursue you EOTW. WE ALL TRY SO HARD, IN EVERY WAY, TO THINK AND RETHINK OUR EVERY INTENTION! It wears me out… I think perhaps Grasshoppers, that there is such a thing as ‘trying too hard?’ We have to let well enough alone imho.

    We are having wicked weather here today. Bad storms, lightening, and tornado watch, etc. So IF I leave, KNOW it’s not my choice! lol

    • 164.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      Suri: Getting ready to run after I feed the girls, but wanted to give you a shout out and tell you to please be safe (like you wouldn’t try anyway LOL!) and I will keep you and your neighbors in my prayers. Please seek cover if necessary, and I’m assuming you have a safe place all planned out to seek shelter should you need to. I find it amazing that so many people survived all the devastating tornadoes, and I can’t help but think it’s because they heeded the warnings and sought shelter. But when I look at the pictures of the devastation, I still can’t help but wonder how they survived with nothing but rubble and totally leveled structures. Is today your hair day? Anyway, please be careful and take care. Will be checking in for updates later.

      • 164.1.1
        suri says:

        Sharon – Thanks for looking out for me! Yes, I’m controlling how much I watch of the disaster footage. CAN’T IMAGINE such (or any further) turmoil in individual’s lives than having your house with all your photos/mementoes/sentimental stuff just GONE! Whether fire, flood, tornado, or earthquakes, this 2011 is quite unsettling as well as record setting for all the wrong reasons.

        Interesting re visit with your exneighbor. Watching housing discussion and truly think there is no end in sight of present foreclosure/downfall in prices. Most important missing part is JOBS. People can not/will not be able to buy houses without jobs that pay an adequate salary and have some stability. I hate reading salary for EOTW but know that is the ‘new normal’? and you’re lucky to get it. Sad, sad time in our country. Govt has become so disconnected from American Dreams and Promises such as improving your situation through hard work and homes being, for most individuals, their chief investment. I am grateful that although our refi is not want we planned or expected it is better than millions of others have available. That is my main ‘lesson’ over and over. You can be bitter and angry over what isn’t or you can find a way to enjoy what remains?

        Still hoping with Obama’s newfound successes he takes ahold of unemp and housing problems in a more meaningful way. Still truly believe he is the man for the times, crazy as they are! Have a good day and find peace.

  • 165
    suri says:

    Saga continued – EOTW – Don’t worry over much re dental appt. I know how inconvenient it would be to put off but in the scheme of things (and there is a SCHEME, isn’t there? lol) it’s not the ‘end of the world’! Gosh, I’m surprised I haven’t work that in a response to you before? lol It seems like yesterday I first posted that “EOTW – it’s not, just seems like it!”

    I agree for all that finding a way to BALANCE all the emotions/stresses of work life is the KEY to finding harmony in work place. Too hiped and nothing sticks in the brain and appear too scattered… Too casual and it doesn’t appear you take it seriously or care? Here we are experienced, trained professionals tying ourselves up in knots over every little thing imho. We must TRUST (yeah, I KNOW how difficult that IS!) that the universe will bring us through this!

    Oh my gosh, now for my quibbles. First, speaking of overworrying things (we were right? lol), I called bank to find out status of loan app. They had called Saturday at l:30 p.m. to say they had my faxed info and would let me know outcome on Monday. But, of course, when I called they seemed annoyed. “What did I want to know?” What’d ya think? LOL Anyway seems to be moving along and ordering appraisal, etc. The “Good Faith Estimate” has a 15 day rate lock and is dated May 12th so I ASSUMED (badly, it seems) that we would know by then as they originally quoted a 2-3 week time to closing? Is it us or are we just too thin-skinned NOW?

    I guess I will order raincoats for all of us as we have been ‘stung’ too often and just feel damaged by normal interactions? See Sharon, you are not alone!!

    Next order of business: Niece gave me info on a f/t job connection as a secretary for local social services agency that arranges supervised visits for parents with custody issues. She has just started as a superviser of visits, 3 nights and half day Saturdays. She records the two hour visits in her notes, no opinions just observations for the court. Think that might distress me with the background details, etc. She seems to like it, so far. It would be great hours/location and they have had some huge # of apps not be able to pass background checks (sorry EOTW), drug checks, reference checks, and be able to be bonded. Niece had friend that works there and got her in and I guess they were asking staff for others as general emp ads are such huge cattle calls?

    Also, my stylist who I’ve know for 15 yr was saying her receptionist’s Mom has ca and may need some time off to take her for treatments. So I volunteered that I’m looking for some p/t or whatever?? So here goes…

  • 166
    suri says:

    More – Think it’s so helpful to bounce things off each other and measure how different employment is today? Otherwise, I fret and think ‘it must be me’ even tho I hear from kids the same. It just doesn’t imho seem to settle as HEAVY on the young? Sorry, EOTW, it feels even worse, if possible, as you get older?

    In that vein, my #1 son told me about new baby/parenting book called “Just Go the F* Asleep!” about all the things ALL parents have thought, but maybe not said! LOL As human beings we all want to know SOMEONE – SOMEWHERE has felt like this before?

    Guess storm is passing so must go get something done. This is one of ‘those’ days when DH can’t get outside and doesn’t know what to do with himself? Fun, no! Don’t know about trip yet? Checking weather and with DD tonight? Maybe go Friday afternoon and come back Sunday night? That way they can have Monday to themselves… Peace and puzzling over outcomes!! Wishing direction and kindness for all…

  • 167
    Sharon-GA says:

    Suri: Wow, I can hardly believe it…a possibility of all of us working. EOTW and I seem to be on a little shaky ground, with outcome unclear yet for EOTW, and since I have yet to actually work, they may decide I’m a buffoon and what made them think I’d be any good!!–hope not, but stranger things have happened, as we all know. I’m hoping that not having heard from EOTW yet means that it’s good news, not that she needs to run around the block 1,000 times because she’s so upset; maybe run around the block 1,000 times because she’s excited and has lots of nervous energy. Am just waiting to hear something. Sometimes we just have to settle in with what has happened before we can report it to anyone else.

    Anyway, I think the social services job sounds interesting Suri, and like hours that you might be able to deal with without too much disruption in your life. You didn’t mention pay. I know it could be upsetting to know the background situation, but you would be doing a good service, to make sure, and to report the visits objectively; and having someone there will assure pretty much that the child(ren) is (are) safe. Filling in for the receptionist at the hairstylist might also be good, and you would be helping someone who has a need at this point in time in her life with cancer treatments. Both of these jobs are helpful to the people, and you would be providing a much-needed service. Would you work BOTH jobs?–or choose one or the other? Guess it would depend on how much time they would each take. Sounds like they could work well together though, and the one at the hairstylist sounds like it might be an occasional as-needed thing? Think it’s great that you have heard about both of these by word-of-mouth, and that at least someone can vouch for you or already knows you. In addition, for the social services position, you won’t have any problem with the background check etc., or being bonded, so that is a shoe-in. Given the kinds and numbers of problems that EOTW has, I can’t help but wonder how in the world people with a REAL criminal background manage to live and get a job!!–no wonder there is so much recitivism.

    I do want you both to know how much you have come to mean to me, how much I care about you, and how much I count on you for your support, your caring, your advice, and your unique perspective on things. When situations arise, I often think about what you will think, what your advice would be, what your perspective would be. You help to hold my world together, you help me to hold on, and you help me to know that someone cares and that someone hears me…sometimes we just need to be heard, and know that someone is trying to understand. Should we all be fortunate enough to have some sort of job–whether it be p/t, f/t, seasonal, temp, permanent, or just hit and miss–I hope that we will keep in touch with each other. And know, EOTW, that if this one isn’t it, we’ll hang in there with you until there is the one that is–as I have no doubt it’s just waiting out there for you and the two of you haven’t hooked up yet.

    When I went to the NH today, I ran into the hospice pastor, who I haven’t seen in quite some time. He wanted to know how I was doing, and then he tentatively asked if I’d found a job. I told him about it and kind of how it took place, and that it was seasonal p/t, and I repeated what you said, EOTW, that my online friend had mentioned Divine Intervention. He agreed, and he said perhaps this would be a stepping stone for me to move up, and that somehow he felt this is where I’m supposed to be and there’s something I’m s’posed to do there. Ran into the woman who helped with mom’s care with hospice too, haven’t seen her in a while either!!

    Did finally get a response to my message to the mgr about the scheduling, and even tho Thurs 2nd is still showing up on my schedule, she wrote me, “no problem.” So–guess she’s going to get someone to cover for me…but I wish she’d take it off my schedule, makes me nervous!!

    We’re supposed to start getting bad weather tomorrow, tstorms etc., and we all know what that often portends at this time of year. Hope we can avoid bad weather, but we really do need rain–I think it’s been a month since we’ve had any appreciable rain. When the mowers are out on the roads mowing the sides and the islands, you can’t even see the mowers for all the dust.

    I’ll keep checking in and hope to hear from EOTW. Plan to kind of relax and regroup tomorrow, wash the hair, maybe do nails and toenails, decide what to wear Fri and get it all ready, maybe sleep in just a tad (watch, when I can sleep in, I have trouble sleeping in; and when I have to get up, I can barely drag my butt out of bed…as mom always used to say, “Can’t get this bed off my back!”)

    Luv you guys!

    • 167.1
      suri says:

      Now, Sharon – Tell us more about your conversation with hospice pastor? Did you tell HIM it’s a job at V-S? LOL

      I am ‘over the moon’ about EOTW’s job! Maybe more than she is? lol I think it’s a case of ‘nervous nellie’s’ of the unknown imho. Think it’s a + that she doesn’t have time to stress before starting. Action is sooo much better than worrying!

      Planning to go see son & DIL on Friday thru