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President Obama Pleads to Republicans: Pass the Unemployment Extension Bill

President Barack Obama made an urgent appeal to Republicans in the Senate to pass the unemployment extension bill that is pending in the upper house. The stand alone jobs bill is scheduled for a vote on the Senate floor on Tuesday.

The President made his appeal during his weekly address on the radio and online. Obama leveled criticisms against Senate Republicans whom he accused of blocking the legislation and preventing millions of jobless Americans from getting unemployment extension benefits.

Republicans have repeatedly blocked Senate action on the stand alone jobs bill citing the added burden it would put on the nation’s ballooning budget deficit.

The President called the Republicans’ tactics “mean” to  the millions of jobless Americans. “For many,” he said, the unemployment extension benefits “was the only way to make ends meet while searching for work.”

President Obama also cited the impact of unemployment insurance on the economy citing that “most economists agree that extending unemployment insurance is one of the single most cost-effective ways to help jumpstart the economy,” he said. “It puts money into the pockets of folks who not only need it most, but who also are most likely to spend it quickly.”

Obama urged that the Senate treat the unemployment extension as an “emergency expenditure” as what Congress had done in the past noting that the country is still recovering from an “economic disaster.”

The President also called Congress to extend assistance to small businesses in creating jobs to offset the country’s high unemployment rate. He said the legislative body should act on proposals that seek to eliminate some capital gains taxes on investments, create a fund to help small lenders extend loans to small companies and to enhance existing, successful small business administration programs.

During the past several weeks, more than 2 million people have seen their unemployment benefits expire. In June, 125,000 workers lost their jobs and the unemployment rate hovered below double digits at 9.5 percent.

“We need to take new, commonsense steps to help small businesses, grow our economy, and create jobs,” the President pleaded. “And we need to take them now.”

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56 comments to President Obama Pleads to Republicans: Pass the Unemployment Extension Bill

  • 1
    Daniel says:

    Dear Senators

    I am a 54 year old Mexican-American, Arizona State resident and United States Citizen, my ancestors, family and I have worked hard here, and I need you to vote for a Tier 5 Unemployment extension. I need this extension to pay my mortgage. Please note that of the 99 weeks I have been out of full time work that I have worked 26 of those weeks as a part time worker. During that time I earned as little as $200 a week (less money than I have earned in my whole life). My unemployment check (at that time) was $186 a week. This means I made $0 dollars in unemployment benefits for the 26 week period. Please also understand that if I could find a job I would work it. You on the other hand have a job (a good paying job) so do your job and pass a bill that will benefit not only me but millions of unemployed hard working and deserving Americans!


    Daniel E. Reyes III, M.S.

  • 2
    Robert Cappitelli says:

    What does you being mexican american have anything to do with an unemployment extension? I’m caucasian and hope they extend it to. Who cares that I am caucasian?

  • 3
    Bobby says:

    Why make the plea to the Reps now? They already have the 60 votes.

  • 4
    Nina says:

    All unemployed Americans need this extension. To the user that stated that he is Mexican american, I’m not trying to be rude, but that has nothing to do with anything. If you are legal here then thats great, but I think the illegals here are part of the problem of American not finding jobs. I have a degree and I still cant find a job because they want me to speak Spanish. I’m sick of it.

  • 5
    Jim, --Pa. says:

    There Obamas goes again. Jumping on the band wagon to get UC extensions restored. He could have extended them on June 2nd by issuing an executive order for a 60 day emergency extension while the Senate worked on the bill. But we heard NOTHING from him.
    Now that the Senate has a temperary replacement for Sen Byrd, (And the 60th vote needed to pass this bill), All of a sudden Obama wants credit for getting it passed next week by slamming Republicans for his OWN political gain.
    This President makes me sick.

  • 6
    Jay says says:

    Worked 42 out of 62 years. Laid off because of a turn in the construction industry. First time ever on unemployment. Have tried to find work but to no avail. For every one job there are 5 applicants. To not extend unemployment benefits to people in my position and imply that collecting unemployment is an easy out is cruel and unfair. Keep track of the politician voting no to the extension. My motto: Note and don’t vote.

  • 7
    VotetheRepugsout says:

    I suggest you pray, that they still have the two Republican votes, and the Republicans are probably looking for a way to block the bill passing on Tuesday.
    when will people learn that we have got to stop adding race to everything? it is so ignorant and stupid

  • 8
    Rick says:

    The 60 votes include two Republican senators from Maine and I’m sure they don’t want to lose their votes. You can be assured that powerful Republicans are trying to convince them to vote against it. Second, according to Senate rules (read this somewhere this morning), the Republicans can subject this to 30 hours of further debate. I’m betting they will just to pander to the far right in their party. That’s more time spent before it reaches the President’s desk and is signed into law. For many of the unemployed, I’m sure that every day might bring new charges like late payment fees, overdrafts and worse. Thus, every day counts.

  • 9
    samuel says:

    The American people need you to push for a tier 5. Over the last 20 yrears we have become twice maybe three times as productive as workers (new technology robotics ect.) yet the people have not been able to share in that as a matter of fact standard of living of the average american has gotten worse.
    We need to let everyone share in this prosperity by lowering the retirement age to 55 and shortening the work week to 35 or 30. Americans need to share in the marvelous progress we have made not be punished by it.

  • 10
    Kev says:

    When it comes to Unemployment it knows no race. It sees us all as American’s. I would like to see our Reps pass this bill. I have been looking for a job everyday for the last 7 months my unemployment ran out before the end of June. My bills are steadly pileing up and with no unemployment there is no money for fuel to job hunt. Although the unemployment office says I have money that can be claimed after 12 months, which means I only received 6 months this means now I have to wait 6 months before they can give me more benifits. This I do not understand! If they are there let me have them. I have worked over 20years without fileing a claim, then I get laid off just before Christmas and I get unemployment for 6 months and now the Unemployment Office say’s I have money there but I get it with out this Tier 5 Unemployment extension. I wish some of these Reps could go through this so they would better understand what the American Voter’s are going through. Yeah unemployment rate is down cause American’s are unable to get unemployment benifits. Makes you wonder if this is tatic to keep the unemployment down in the single digits.

  • 11
    Brent says:

    Right on Bobby. So I am not the only one who see’s that our President is FINALLY urging the Repuglicans to pass this now that they know they have the votes. What a crock!!

  • 12
    Lisa says:

    I am a 45 year old US citizen, born in the US and I have always been a hard worker. I need you to vote for a Tier 5 extension to so I can pay my house taxes, my untilities and my health insurance. Along with everything else, health insurance does nothing but go up and now I have no income to help support these rising cost and been having to dip into the money I was saving for retirement. If I could find a job I would be working, especially because their are way more benefits to working then not. Millions of people dropped off unemployment as of June and I doubt that there were millions of jobs openings to support all these people and from everything I hear and read most of these people are still without work and now struggling just to keep their a roof over their heads. Not only are their no jobs out their, but it’s harder and harder for people over 40 to even get a job. And now I hear they keep talking about extending the age to collect social security to age 70. How are people that are over 40, without jobs supposed to survive for another 25 years let alone another 30+ years? If we had that kind of money I guess we wouldn’t need the extension. Please help the all the unemployed people out of work. We are NOT lazy, there just aren’t enough of jobs to go around.

  • 13
    " REPUBSOUTNNOV" says:

    This is to mcconnell and buddies, where are you now? I have reviewed these sites and have heard nothing from the party of “NO” in a few weeks now, whats the problem? Have you crawled back under the rocks were you belong.. In November, you will really feel it. The repubs are shameless, selfish savages that shouldn’t have the power to govern the American People. America ashamed, disgusted and embarrassed with the likes of you and this is also to those of you who will continue to support them…It’s time for you to STOP playing games with the American People and it is time for you to go. Everyone saw your true behavior and knows who you really are. There are petitions to be signed to get you OUT in November and beyond. It is also safe to say the majority of these petitioners that were formerly repubs, now you do the math???

  • 14
    jettpaul says:

    You guys should stop complaining cuz one the health care we have now isnt as good as it was supposed to be. also the law has just been signed give it a try u guys are too hard on democrats they went to college and we voted for most of these if u want to say u have the right to choose tell that to ur congress men or state official. as for obama people are just tryin to make it look like america made a mistake he has done things to help us and we had a full 8 years of a terrible president and i will be so as happy as ever when a obama fixes bush’s mistakes. obama has to put up with the wo0rld judging his every move and trying to fix the mess we are in we are lucky anyone wants to be our president. STOP COMPLAINING AND GIVE HIM A BREAK. i wanna see one of yall do what he sas done. some people are just so ignorant.

  • 15
    Bill says:

    Obama is a day late and a dollar short.He demands the unemployment extension from the Republicans AFTER the 60th vote to pass it is in place.Where was he all along before this? Answer:NOWHERE

  • 16
    tablet says:

    Its amazing how the republicans wont pass this but would in a heart beat vote yes on extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich.

  • 17
    susan says:

    I have been unemployed as of June8, 2008 I have worked all my life, raised a family and sent 5 kids to College. I was feeling pretty good and looking forward to a new life of maybe taking a class or joining a club. My whole life has fallen apart. Now I actually have agencies asking me why I cnt move in with my kids? What! As if my kids dont care about me. I did not work so hard to raise them so they could support me. Should I move to their dorm? Or in with my son that has 3 roommates? Yeah, a mom on the couch is just what they need. I have never asked for anything but now I am begging! Please give us the Tier 5, I dont hear anybody on here whining. We are hard workers we want to work. 5 applicants for every job? More like 5000 PS. The whiners seem to be the folks with jobs. I still would not wish this on them. I have $26.00 Gee what should I buy?

  • 18
    STAN says:


  • 19
    mela says:

    Obama is trying to get some brownie points from people that don’t know no better. We know he could’ve done something long ago. He is making a plea now because he know it will pass. And when it does, he wants everyone to think it was HIS plea that did it.

    I wonder how long it will take after Tuesday to actually see some funds in our accounts?

  • 20
    samuel says:

    Just to show you what is happening in America now and how important the unemployment extension and aid to the states is. Harry Reid the senate majority leader was over 20% down in the polls against his opponent in Nevada a few weeks ago and now he has surged to a 7% lead just after we got the 60th vote for the extension. The collective votes of ourselves and our families and friends does matter.

  • 21
    Jason says:

    Wise up people; at the next election vote them all out. Republicans and Democrats represent the corporation not the people. Don’t be fooled by their blame game.

  • 22
    Susie says:

    I am sure they will come up with another excuse to NOT pass it. I have worked all my life been unemployed since a week before Christmas the money ran out in June I am saleing everything I own to make it.

  • 23
    samuel says:

    We need a 100 dollar tax on oil with the funds collected to pay every American enough to eat pay rent and other necessities. If he wants a Mercedes he goes to work.

  • 24
    Jodie says:

    I am glad to see Obama ask the republicans to quit playing games and get on with the unemployment extension. I emailed him a few weeks ago about this,not that he ever got it or really that it seemed he really cared about the unemployed peoples situation….. I truly don’t understand peoples attitude and the cruel hearted words about the unemployed being lazy and these people not even knowing what it is like to lose a job at no fault of your own… and be 57 years old with no chance of probably getting a job that pays more than minimum wage HOW THE H— do you pay rent or mortgage and utilities on that…….. Have they and the people totally lost touch with reality……. We lost our life insurance our medical insurance our pension was frozen we will be lucky if we ever have a paid vacation again, and now they want to reduce medicare and social security everything that I and millions of others worked and paid into for so……many….. YEARS!!!!!!! Next maybe they will just line us up and haul us off to a CAMP and turn on the gas…….. Have they taken my heart, do they really care, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR COUNTRY??????? I truly wish they would worry about being HOMELESS……… digging in a dumpster…… being penniless….. THAT IS WHAT THEY DESERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 25
    jason says:

    The Republican Party is full of greedy, ignorant, and selfish individuals. What is astonishing is that people will actually vote for a person riding on a Republican ticket. A person that is in the middle class to lower class should never vote Republican, but many do!! Why anybody would vote against their own economic interest is beyond me. Maybe its because the typical republican voter is easily fooled by propaganda, or maybe they naively think that if they support the rich, they too will be some how rewarded; thus, they will become rich as well? LOL: if that is the case what suckers!! There is only so much wealth in the world; the scarcity of cash is what makes it valuable. Many rich people hold on to their “share of the pie” like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter. They are going to hold on to as many nuts they can. While at the same time, try to accumulate the rest of the nuts on the tree for themselves. That means the more money the wanna be fat cat makes is less money the real fat cats can put in their piggy banks. So why would the rich support the idea of anybody, other than themselves, accumulate wealth? R.A.S. (Republican’s Are Suckers)

  • 26
    Linda M says:

    Dear Republican Senators:
    I believe we Americans deserve better service from an elected official. You have let me know by your “nay” vote that you obviously don’t know the meaning of, “United we stand – Divided we fall” because you united with others like you and voted to divide the people of this great nation and bring us to our knees when we were already down. The estimate is TWO MILLION by July, this is the number of people whom you have deprived of the help we deserve not only because we have worked for it and are in dire need, but because we are Americans and this is not the AMERICAN WAY. Respectfully,
    Linda M., American and

  • 27
    RayT says:

    Folks STOP FOR A SECOND Just because the Democrats think they have the two needed votes does not mean they do. If you don’t think the pressure is on from the GOP to stop them from voting with the Dems think again. There are so many things that can go wrong at this point. I know all of you think the president is a little late to the party to say something and you are right but by no means is it in the bag. This is a game being played out on every one of us, yes me included. If this is not passed next week I can tell what you can expect. People will take this into streets all across America because on Aug 6th those clowns in DC will go out on recess for a whole month, can you even think of what will happen. I think the president knows it too as well as the senate but my gut reaction is they will give a shot and leave yet another time without passing this bill. WHY? you ask. Because it serves them not you to keep this ball in the air until November then its who is going to ride in on the white horse to save the poor unemployed worker. If I were betting this would be my bet for sure. So don’t count those chickens yet folks. As for Harry Reid he is finished big time and he knows it too. He is trying to save is old ass and its not going to work the people in Nevada would rather have a chimp in office than him and thats a cut above what they have now. As bad as Sharon Angle is he is worse in terms of a state senator. So don’t make the mistake of counting chickens from hens that are not even born yet. Hope for the best but please folks expect the worse thats what you have been handed this whole time is there something in your thoughts that tells you anything different. Theres not. None of this is going to change until the people take back their gov’t from those clowns in DC from both parties. This is not about demmocrat or republican its both folks. This is gov’t on display in DC do we really need any more to see that the only thing they care about is the next election. Hell I can put my finger in the air too. Not one of them deserve the jobs they have. You have been called LAZY, A DRUNK, ON DRUGS, USELESS,and the list goes on and on by those who you elected. What else do you need to see that they simply do not care period.
    They are counting on you forgetting what they have done before November and vote for them and some of you will but don’t forget that when you needed them they turned their back on you now its time you do the same. Vote the bastards out. Replace them with people who will actually do the right thing for the people who sent them there in the first place. As for wall St they are going to get their just reward. This economy is going to collaps soon and all the money they have will be useless as your is. AS broke as I am I will laugh all the way to the end at those who took so much from those who had so little.
    God forbid we ever give them back the gov’t THEY deserve.

  • 28
    Karen says:

    I have been on unemployment since Sept 2008. I don’t want to be. I want a job. For over a year I did not even get responses to my 15-20 resumes I sent out each week. I have had a few interviews recently but no job offers. I even had an interviewer ask me if I had really tried to get a job since I was unemployed. And yet he did hire me either. I am 54 and qualified or overqualified for the jobs I apply for. I’m sure some 20 or 30 something’s are getting hired. I need the extension desperately. PLEASE PASS THE EXTENSION!!

  • 29
    Diane says:

    President Obama urging the senate to pass the bill is all well and good,but he should have signed an executive order ot extend the benefits when it didn’t pass the first time.

  • 30
    Segestan says:

    According to the snobs with jobs… all you lazy unemployed Americans only want a check to buy Ipods.
    This issue is deadly serious and we have morons playing politics. If you are a politician Pass this bill resolution… please!!!

  • 31
    Funemployed says:

    Where has President Obama been this entire time? We’ve been scraping by and hoping for passage of an unemployment extension bill since the beginning of June. Now all of a sudden, when the replacement for the late Senator Byrd is sworn in and the bill is set to pass on Tuesday, Obama wants to put a statement out to take all the credit after nearly 2 months of silence.


  • 32
    jason says:

    One more thing: The Republican idea of denying an unemployment extension because of “adding to the deficit” is absurd! First of all, Republican policies are what caused this mess in the first place. All that bs about limited government in the markets, free trade, bla bla bla… is retarded. The markets were created by humans, thus, they are not perfect. There has to be over site and regulation in order to keep everything balanced. People can not be allowed to do what ever they want, when ever they want. If people are allowed to run a muck , society crumbles into anarchy. There has to be something, such as laws and regulation, that prevent society, the markets etc, from falling into chaos. The markets are subject to the very same same principles society is; after all, the markets were created by humans, thus are subject to the same principles that everything else created by humans are.
    Millions of people are in jeopardy of losing the only income they have. This means millions of Americans will not be able to pay mortgages, bills, goods, etc. What do these idiots think is going to happen? The economy will crumble, thus, many more will become unemployed. A steady source of tax revenue comes from sales tax, property tax, and other taxes. If people are not working, people can not buy these goods, nor can they pay taxes. That is allot of tax revenue the government will not be collecting. That means the government will have to add to the deficit anyway (probably will have to borrow even more) in order to keep the country running. Plus, borrowed money can be paid back! When this country’s economic crisis is over, we can figure out a way to reduce the deficit, and it will be allot easier to do because people will be working and buying goods. That means more tax money, but if the country is bankrupt, because the Republicans are too stupid to figure all this out, it will be way more difficult.

    As for the Tea Party…. When has the federal government ever truly intruded in your life? Thankfully, most people are smart enough to know that you all are a bunch of morons that live in a fantasy world. If the Tea Party ever gets a say in public policy, WE ALL ARE GOING TOO BE IN ALLOT OF TROUBLE!!

  • 33
    Really ??? says:

    I totally agree with Everyone on here that can see right through Obama’s tactics, or lack thereof……while He and His family eat lobster in the wealthiest part of NE….children are continuing to starve because of this stalemated extension……and NOW he makes this plead after it’s all been settled ??? REALLY ??? Does he think that Americans are that stupid ?? I wrote him a letter about my children starving on July 4th while he had cheeseburgers and what I got back was a staff written letter about everything that he has done for America…..well that helped my kid’s stomach stop growling while trying to sleep !!! Thanks Obama !!! For Nothing !!! Don’t think he’ll be re-elected next term……he belongs on a cereal box, not in the White House……..

  • 34
    Laurie says:

    I have worked for over 20 years and have not collected unemployment, I am not lazy I want to work. Congress needs to take a pay cut that would help pay for the unemployment. The republicans are full of it saying they don’t want to add to the deficit.

  • 35
    Mike says:

    will the new bill include tier 5? the info is very conflicting

  • 36
    jason says:

    One last comment about the Tea Party: Taxed Enough Already? What are you talking about?? Americans pay the lest amount of taxes in the Western World. How greedy are you people? Do you care about anybody other than yourself? Its not like you pay 90% of your income in taxes. Even if some of you were taxed 90%, you still would be making a decent living. Poor you, you may have to hold off buying that million dollar home and settle for a half million dollar home. My heart is breaking for you. I would rather pay $10 more in taxes and get $100 back in public programs, safer streets, and better health care. YOU TEA BAGGERS MAKE ME SICK!!

  • 37
    Lim Boundhaul says:


  • 38
    JaySin23 says:

    I like Obama but his priorities are totally out of order, this should have been said MONTHS AGO.

  • 39
    Tamika says:

    What the freak is wrong with the government?! I’m 26 yrs old & I lost my job a lil over a year ago. I have made a friggin job out of looking for a job!! Everyone is looking for a degree that has nothing to do w/ the job. I would take experience over a degree. There are NO jobs out there!! Now they want to take away the funds for their selfish gain & then call us lazy!? WTFreak!! When another country Is in trouble they’re quick to jump over there!! Why won’t they help the ppl in their own country?? I’m young, but what I’m learning about the government is disappointing! Why should I support them?!

  • 40
    Lim says:


  • 41
    mwb says:

    Mr. Obama sees that there is a good chance the bill will pass with Carte Goodwin taking Senator Byrds place and NOW “he will save us all”. Timing is everything…. As it’s been said he could have saved alot of this stress if he would have stepped in from the begining and used his power to pass a temporary extension BEFORE hand. Just remember how we were all treated come election time. All of those “no” voters need to pay for their uncaring attitudes for the unemployed that have suffered through this indignation.

  • 42
    Jack says:

    I wanna see Jim from pa and everyone else who has something to say about the president to walk in his shoes….until you run a country, and deal with the million things that was left on his plate from the last dumb ass president, shut your mouth….We all need help period…

  • 43
    mwb says:

    I lucked into a temp job to hold me over during these times and continued applying for jobs meanwhile. I took the final interveiw for Walmart last Monday and did the Drug screening on Tuesday (waiting for the results to get back to them atm). After all of this crisis I am considering trying to hold onto both jobs as long as I can so I don’t have to depend on the jackasses in power to have any control over my life. Who needs sleep anyways? Some days I may have to work back to back shifts if I can get both places to agree to work with me on this. At least for 2 months or until the temp job ends.

  • 44
    Heidi says:

    What is the hold up on extending the benefits, doesnt congress care about us americans..I’ve worked 20 yrs of my life gave birth in 09 and after my maturity leave was used up I tried to return to work and the company told me that they didnt need me anymore..imagine that..sad part about it was that I had a little new born to feed and this happened on the month of December…NOW OBAMA DO UR JOB…WE R TIRED OF U NOT DOIN ANYTHING FOR US AMERICANS….THIS IS RIDICULOUS…..

  • 45
    Norbert Sanidad says:

    I’m living in my car right now. I sneak into hotels to take showers. I got my last week of unemployment check this past Tuesday which is $378.00 I’ve budgeted $78.00 for my food (and I’m only eating the 2 for $0.99 hotdogs 3x a day, value meals at Wendy’s and McDonald the next day and the day thereafter. The other $300.00 I’m saving it to buy a used gun if I am lucky to buy it at this price including ammo. It will be put to good use, trust me. I’ll confront with my congressman’s office or with the governor’s office in my home state to question them if this unemployment extension bill doesn’t pass next Tuesday. My friend, S&W is my ultimate ticket to freedom. JAIL! Roof over my head, I get to eat the best food America has to offer, oh and it’s 3x a day. No baggage to go with. I’m single, worked for 41 years, been laid off since February 2009 and just turned 59. I’m with all of you, my dear fellow unemployed Americans. I can relate to all your cries, but I am not begging the senate and its occupants to pass this bill more than you already have. The damages been done and my answer is coming.

  • 46
    Kathy says:

    This doesnt make sense..Why are te normal americans struugling but all these entertainersr are geting millions of dollars for acting, hitting a ball, or spilling out bullshit into this world!! If anything should be cut it should be their salaries!!! Cmon 15million dollars for 3 years to play ball!! Lets get serious people!!!! Wake Up

  • 47
    Tony says:

    Wha wha…..whats going to happen if this passes and then it runs out… what then ? Tier 6 begging then ? Do you think the job market will turn around in 3 months…..hell no . This country is on a greased rail to hell

  • 48
    " REPUBSOUTNNOV" says:

    As I sit here crying and crying, never thought in a million years that things would end up this way for me and other hard working Americans. I have been laid off in the past but, was able to get a job for me and my daughter. I have never been without a job in over a month, this is just crazy. At my age, I guess this is the first time that I have ever witness a depression. I really don’t understand how congress can jump immediately when wall street calls, but, stagger and forget about Main Street at no fault of our own. We have paid taxes heavily for over 40 years and this is the thanks that we get. Bulls#$@ this is the time for all these so called republicans to step aside bcse I want my 23 year old and her piers to NOT have to go through this idiocracy of the savages on the hill. mcconnell and your followers, I think that you are ALL going to get what you deserve and I know I keep on repeating myself, I will until you ALL get what you deserve back to you….YOU ARE ALL SAVAGES AND SCUM OF THE EARTH… I am so tired….Lord, please give us strength, Please..

  • 49
    Tony says:

    Repubsoutinnov…….if you would have taken better care of yourself you could work the corner by where you live and not free. Daughter pretty ?? I smell second income there…..

  • 50
    Jim-Pa says:

    To Jack.– I will not shut my mouth. Being born in this country 59 years ago, Having served with the US Army in Viet Nam, and worked paying taxes for 43 years, I have a right to speak my mind.
    I am sick of you die hard Obama supporters still whining about what he inherited from Bush. At least when Bush was in office, most of us were still working.
    You say I should walk in his shoes.
    I wish I WERE in Obamas shoes, I would resign before they find something concrete to impeach me.

  • 51
    Joel says:

    Its all bush fault. And all the dumb stuff they did during 8 years.

  • 52
    carol says:

    I too have been actively looking for work for the past 1 1/2 years. I am a well educated woman with a 15 yr old daughter. I own my home and have always worked hard to pay my own way in life. My unemployment is now on hold while I watch our politicians duke it out.

    I have noticed that most, not all, Republicans that I know fluff up their feathers and actually seem to enjoy blaming Obama and the democrats for every problem out there, including Bush’s war and the problems in the economy. I have also noticed that most of these folks are Police, Military, or work for a family business so they do not have to worry about their futures. As with Congress, they will always have income, health, and retirement. President Obama has only been president for 1 1/2 years. How do you reconcile blaming him for anything. He is trying his best to hold our nations’ collective heads above water. We are drowning and all these people want to do is play a blame game. It is time for all to step up to the plate and do their part to rectify. I am so tired of watching these people cry about a deficit that they created by voting for politicians who approved a war we should not be in and bailouts to the wealthy banks and auto companies.

    Yes, an executive order sounds wonderful, if that would be the end-all answer. For all who are not aware. After an executive order is executed, Congress has the right to challenge it and override it by a 2/3 majority. In other words an executive order could be stopped by the very majority that has been stopping the Unemployment extension and add more fighting and time wasted.

    So, do not be so quick to blame our President. Education is the best defense. Educate yourselves, as I do, and be active in educating others. In November vote out all who have voted against the unemployed and educate yourselves and others on making sure that the politicians who have stood by us will be voted to remain in office.

  • 53
    carol says:

    Joel, I do agree with you but it goes far beyond the 8 years. You must travel into the past during the 80′s and Neil Bush’s involvement with the savings and loan scandal. And then Papa Pres. Bush covering up with the first Gulf War. If you want to go further in the past, Preston Bush aligned himself with the Nazis. These are things that are rarely brought to attention. Like I said before, with education comes power. We must educate ourselves to our fullest to gain more power over these corrupt politicians.

  • 54
    calvin says:

    All of you blaming Obama are making me sick.

    Obama didn’t oppose the extension, the republicans did. This is not the first time that Obama has pleaded for the republicans to pass the bill.

    Have all of you been living under a rock??? Stop jumping on the ‘ I hate Obama’ bandwagon and start forming your own opinion based on the facts.

    Obama didn’t create this mess. He is trying his best to fix it and instead of us standing behind him and fighting to restore our country, we would rather persecute Obama for trying to point us in the right direction.

    Eight years of Bush have done more than destroy this country. It has also harden our hearts.

  • 55
    Rich Parsons says:

    The Republicans want to give the rich 2% a tax break to the tune of 678 Billion without having it paid for. The Republicans are hypocrites !

  • 56
    dlsatterfield says:

    Hey! I know I won’t have my money in time. I’ve checked out shelters, to no avail. Plenty of missions for men in FL but not for women. Can anyone tell me where I can go with my dog?

    In tears, Diana