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Obama Gives Speech – No Mention of Unemployment Extension or Tier 5

On Wednesday, President Obama travelled to Cleveland to deliver what his aides described as a “major speech on the economy” but in reality was more like a campaign speech. He did propose to continue tax cuts enacted under the Bush Administration for households making less than $250,000 for couples ($200,00 for individuals) which he stated would help the economy in the long run, however he offered no short term path for immediate job creation nor did the words “unemployment insurance” or “Tier 5” ever pass his lips. To many it is becoming clear that the President has choose not to make extensions of unemployment extensions due to expire on November 30 of the addition of a Tier 5 a major focus of his effort to jump start an economy that has all but stalled in the last four months, with unemployment rising, as well as personal bankruptcies and home foreclosures.

The President did use the speech, delivered before what reporters on the scene called “a carefully screened crowd” of about 3,000 “Democratic faithful” to rail against the Republicans, particularly House Minority Leader John Boehner who, if the Republicans take control of the House in the November 2 midterms will likely become Speaker of the House.  The President hammered home what is becoming the apparent Democratic “talking point” for the midterms; that the economy failed under the Republicans and the Republicans have offered no meaningful alternative to the legislative proposals that he has offered during the 21 months of his Presidency.  He mentioned Mr. Boehner no less than seven times in his 20-minute speech, returning again and again to the theme that, in his opinion, it would be a mistake for voters to return Congress to Republican control, emphasizing his position that it was under a Republican President and a Republican Congress that the Recession occurred.

The pieces of Mr. Obama’s new agenda for the economy – expanding and making permanent a credit fore research and development and allowing businesses to write off the full value of new equipment purchases in 2011 seem to be a calculated maneuver to gain business support so that Republicans will have to feel that have to support it in Congress. In fact some observers are calling the proposal a “set up” to frame the debate in such a way that he can accuser Republicans who oppose it simply because he proposed it.

Congressman Boehner in an appearance on “Good Morning America” on ABC on Wednesday morning already was criticizing the President’s proposals and again calling for an extension of the Bush-era tax cuts which would benefit 2% of America’s wealthiest families. Mr. Boehner said that this would create certainty and help the economy more then the proposals offered by President Obama.

Millions of Americans are waiting for some word of Presidential support for both renewal of unemployment extensions and a Tier 5. This does not seem to be in the cards yet – at least before the midterm elections on November

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12 comments to Obama Gives Speech – No Mention of Unemployment Extension or Tier 5

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    sjclark113 says:

    As Obama continues to march out his new plans for economic recovery, I can only hope that he is saving the best for last, announcement of his plans for short term support of 99ers & the unemployed, at his scheduled press conference on Friday. I’ve got to believe that at least one reporter will pin him down on this issue and force a response one way or the other. American’s need to know where he stands on this issue!

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    Carol says:

    Of course the President never mentioned unemployment because they still want the country to believe that all is well and on track. If he brought it up then he would be forced publicly to admit that unemployment is out of control and they just don’t want to deal with it. His jobs plans may be good in the long term but it will not create mass jobs to help the majority of us unemployed and it may take years for those projects to come into being and we need jobs immediately. His housing fix only helps a slight few as most will not qualify for the fixes thus allowing them to still lose their homes. Come November when thousands more fall off the UE files what is this country going to do then? Plus all the troops coming home will need jobs too so his plan will not help any of us as there are not enough jobs now let alone in a month or 2. Everything still boils down to that childish REP vs DEM issue and none of them want to lose the game they are playing. Both sides need to come together and put that behind them and find a solution that will actually HELP us immediately and get on with it now. We need Hillary helping us for a change rather than worrying about the world. The world will not matter if we can’t even help our own country. Our country is worse now than most other countries are. We are an embarrassment to the world as we can’t even help us and we are out there helping them. What a joke. These blog sites are becoming so violent on some of them by many being harassed by *outsiders” that it is just a matter of time before someone snaps. It is so sad that we all have to live like this and we have no control over it. We look day in and out but nothing helps. Unless you are actually going threw this you find it hard to believe but it is true, Nobody is hiring us especially the over 40 and unless someone hires you how are you to survive? The lowest jobs out there are not even hiring us and at this point we will take any job just so we can pay or rent or mtgs and put food on our tables. We need the media reading these blogs hourly and reporting how it really is out there not what the big business wants them to hear or talk about. We just want help.

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      Mrs. Hart says:

      Hey Carol,
      You’re right about the need for the government, both parties have to get it together and start showing an interest in this country.
      Please keep the faith, I know it’s hard. This old lady still faces the same challenges as you and please don’t forget not only seniors but millions with health challenges have double the worry.

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    sjclark113 says:

    Latest figures from the Department of Labor

    In the week ending Sept. 4, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 451,000, a decrease of 27,000 from the previous week’s revised figure of 478,000.

    Can’t wait to see how they spin the 27,000 decrease from the previous week when there were 451,000 new claims into a positive!

    • 3.1


      You know there was a time not long ago when a 450,000 new claims figure would be front page news and be a breaking news items on TV. I suppose it says something about the economy that this is regarded as a “ho hum” story.

      What a lot of people do not get – because it is not really explained in the superficial stories is that most economists think that when new claims get to 300-325K claims then there reason to think that unemployment is declining.

      Also, some are saying that these figures may simply indicate that companies have reduced their workforces to the least number that can be had and still be functional.

      The real danger is looking at one week and making a sweeping assumption either good or bad. The only thing that can be said, at this point is that there is no indication that unemployment is decling…

      more about this later


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    Jim says:

    Republican President and a Republican Congress that the Recession occurred. I thought Dems gained control of Congress in 2006? Recession started 2008? Would the President distort facts?

    He has not been able to even with Dem control of Congress for years, stimulus wasting billions been able to create enough jobs to make a dent in UI levels. What he has done is run up huge deficits like no other has in a short time. Same as Dems always do when in power 70 of last 80 years in Congress. Yet made no dent in lowering UI since he took office.

    There is one stat that effects. Growing number of 99ers since no where near enough jobs to hire enough to avoid total 99ers from growing for many months to come.

    As long as President and Congress continue to waste billions with little effect on UI or creating jobs then help 99ers. Cannot tell them no help when we see all the billions being wasted. America has to come first with our tax dollars.

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    Kimberly says:

    As a 99er, I am all for voting straight Democrat in November, sight unseen, but, Obama needs to get his head out of his a*s and do something about the lack of jobs and lack of unemployment extensions. We can barely keep a roof over our heads with a family of six. I have over 20 years of experience and can’t get a call for an interview from the hundreds of resume’s I have sent out.

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    Paddy says:

    If an extension is not passed before the election there will be another long delay and a Tier 5 will never happen. The biggest help to economy would be to stop out sourcing our jobs but since Obama took office no changes.This should be the number 1 issue but hardly ever mentioned in congress. So no jobs, no Tier 5, no hope-we’re doomed.

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    Eric says:

    Here we go again ! The forgotten Americans hidden in the shadows of the mid term elections . Lets face it were all screwed . Were old news and nothing is going to change the fact that there is no help or hope for us . Politics as usual . Just hide the true facts and maybe well get reelected . The only problem with their thinking is that were growing by the numbers every week and were not going away . Were not asking for a handout just a decent job to feed and house our famalies , is that to much to ask ? What are we to do ? How much longer can we hang on ? When are things going to get better ? Some thing has got to break . Its just a matter of time either its going to get better or a whole lot worse . How am I going to feed my family after November ? I dont know about other people but I will survive on way or another !

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    J.R. says:

    Obama will not say anything about any extension of tier 5 because its not popular to mention such a thing which will burdon the debt. on to our future Americans. When and if an extension is imposed it will be through the Stabenow S3706 bill or it will be topped with the jobs bill which is pending in the Senate like before.

  • 9
    MassGal says:

    Thanks again Michael for an informative article.I,along with many others ,am anxiously awaiting the return of The House’s….next week will be interesting.I can only wonder if Obama is announcing all of these proposed programs to help the economy A) Because the new fiscal year starts Oct.1st for the govt.(even though it has yet to be voted on,not sure about that…) B)Because of the upcoming elections and his fear of losing the House’s..Sad to say,but I think it’s too little too late…He should have listened to his economic advisers back in early 2010….

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    Marie says:

    The Republican Party has created a public atmosphere against the unemployed. Tax breaks for the rich and nothing for those without jobs is their mantra. Democrats have been the ones fighting for us in the Congress so far but the “blame the Democrats for the economy” from Republicans is fooling too many Americans. That may result in votes for Republicans. President Obama and the Democrats are very mindful that there is much at stake. They are right about that. If it is bad now, it will be so much worse with Republicans in control of the Congress. Those of us without jobs have to speak up much louder to counter the Republican pressure. We have to stand with the Democrats like Debbie Stabenow who are fighting on our behalf. The fact is that if millions of us go down, the country will follow. We have to convince our fellow Americans that it is more than a matter of compassion for us….the unemployment extension for the over 99 weekers and for the unemployed in general is protecting the economy for the majority of Americans not just the rich. The Republican agenda is focused on helping the rich.