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99ers Organizing To Rally for Tier 5 Unemployment Extension; CBO Estimate Questioned

NREUI — the Nationwide Rally to Extend Unemployment Insurance — is seeking names and locations in an attempt to set up a massive, coordinated, peaceful demonstration to encourage Congress to enact a Tier 5 unemployment extension. The rally hopes to see at least 25 people at each of at least 50 unemployment offices across the country. They currently have less than two hundred names; if you know a 99er, send them a link!

It’s sad that, in a country where thousands of people will rally in New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco to support the citizens of Egypt, no such rallies are in progress objecting to the abuse of Americans by our own government. And yes, when you’ve been stripped of your income, your personal standing, and your dignity by filthy Wall Street shenanigans and then the government dedicated to looking out for the People turns its back on you, that’s abuse.

But then, there are only 1.4 million 99ers, right? That’s only half of one percent of American citizens — that’s acceptable collateral damage from the Great Recession…right?

It turns out that the Congressional Research Service might not be all that accurate in their figuring after all. Let’s do just a little bit of simple math.

  • Remember, a 99er has been unemployed for roughly 2 years, so people who lost their jobs in December 2007 became 99ers in November of 2009. People who lost their jobs in March of 2009 are just becoming 99ers today. That means everyone who lost their jobs between December 2007 and March of 2009 — and didn’t get a new one — is a 99er today.
  • In March through December 2009, the nation lost a total of 2.5 million jobs.
  • In 2010, there was a total of 863,000 jobs created.
  • Given that a net total, then, of 1.7 million jobs have been lost since March of 2009, how likely is it that a significant number of the people who were unemployed in March of 2009 have gotten jobs (and thus avoided becoming 99ers?) The answer is “not bloody likely”.
  • So, then, how many unemployed people were there in March of 2009 — the people who would be 99ers today? 13.2 million

Where did the other 11.8 million unemployed people go if they didn’t become 99ers? Given that there was an accepted average of 1 job opening for every 5 workers consistently through the past couple of years, you can knock 20% off of that number, as roughly 1 in 5 of those people presumably found a job.

That still leaves us with 9.44 million people that are entirely unaccounted for. Where did they go? Well, it turns out that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has simply erased them. According to Michael Shedlock of The Market Oracle, it’s “statistical sleight of hand”.

Based on population growth, the labor force should have been expanding over the course of a year by about 125,000 workers a month, a total of 1.5 million workers. Instead, (for the entire year) the BLS reports that the civilian labor force fell by 167,000. Those not in the labor force rose by 2,094,000. In January alone, a whopping 319,000 people dropped out of the workforce.

To get the unemployment rate down from 9.8% to 9.0%, you simply do not count two million workers. Look on the bright side, at this rate we will be back to full employment in no time…

Given the total distortions of reality with respect to not counting people who allegedly dropped out of the work force, it is hard to discuss the numbers.

The official unemployment rate is 9.0%. However, if you start counting all the people that want a job but gave up, all the people with part-time jobs that want a full-time job, all the people who dropped off the unemployment rolls because their unemployment benefits ran out, etc., you get a closer picture of what the unemployment rate is. That number is [called the] U-6.

While the “official” unemployment rate is an unacceptable 9.0%, U-6 is much higher at 16.1%. Moreover, both the official rate and U-6 would be much higher were it not for huge numbers of people dropping out of the workforce.

Things are much worse than the reported numbers would have you believe.

So there you have it — the government is outright wrong about how many 99ers there are. Basic common sense math tells us that there are probably much closer to the previously estimated 7 million 99ers — if not 10! — than the BLS numbers would have us believe. So the question is, do we go with Team Evil and claim that this is all a plot to sink the Tier 5 unemployment extension before it happens, or Team Stupid and claim that they simply have no idea what they’re doing?

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48 comments to 99ers Organizing To Rally for Tier 5 Unemployment Extension; CBO Estimate Questioned

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    Steve Brad says:

    Well, I just think that it’s sad that our government has given up on otherwise productive members of society without a pause. I think that both parties, are to blame and in particular the president. Barack Obama sites in many circumstances, what is the right thing to do? I question a white house, who’s chief agenda is to placate the other party. Obama is more interested in becoming a center president and placating the GOP then stearing the agenda. I once thought that the president was ladden with midwestern values, but learned that was just a facade of the real man.
    What president would constantly ignore a block of american citizens without even addressing there concerns or plight. Many need asssistance and have lost every means of resources and income. Myself, I have received many calls for employment, but have exhausted all forms of income, and therefore cannot pursue those opportunties. This president speaks about every other coutry and it’s plights, but has been cold and stoic in regard to the growing numbers of the 99ers, right in his own backyard.
    It’s cold and lonely, many friends and family members turn there back on you, when your not doing well financially. Where should we as 99ers go, with our concerns, other then our leaders and our government. Security blackets have been cutilvated to be used in emergency and this is a emergeny, where the american middle class and the growing number of american 99ers are being crushed. People can only be crushed if the leadership allows it! Obama is allowing It!

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      suri says:

      Steve Brad – Hi! I’m sadly in agreement with you. President Obama has disappointed me on as many levels as possible while I still believe in his intention!! But you know what they say about good intentions being the road to ?? It’s really ‘proof in the pudding’ time now, isn’t it!! Do something that is helpful for those who have been shut out of opportunity and access to emp — NOW and not after six or months of lousy, lying reports!! Peace.

      • 1.1.1
        Steve Brad says:

        Suri, Thanks for your constant support, I hope all is well as it can be under our current circumstances. Peace, your friend Steve

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    Sharon-GA says:

    Question: Send them a link to what?–am I missing something, or just being particularly thick this morning?

    I am also wondering how they are (supposedly) counting the 99ers? I have read that starting in January of this year they started counting the 99ers…how? Has anybody been certifying that reads here? Has anyone received a call to be counted or asked if you’ve found employment? Doesn’t the DOL freeze you out of your account once you’ve exhausted your benefits, so you can’t certify? So how are they counting the 99ers?

    And we all know that the numbers cannot be right, when you count the number of jobs having been “created” (or filled), and the continuing jobs being lost, and the numbers of people who are still unaccounted for…sorry, but even an inept Gov’t should be able to figure out that the numbers simply do not add up! But then, it’s not in their best interest to make the numbers add up, is it? They’d rather lie and ignore, and continue the lie that the numbers are less and therefore not worthy of any assistance (and even at that, 1.4 million people is not something to sneeze at!!), and that 1.4 million people, or whatever the REAL number is, are just lazy and don’t WANT to work. I’m disgusted.

    So anyway, if I’ve missed the link to find out about this rally thing, please let me know. And I don’t think it should just be 99ers, I think it should be anyone who is a supporter for assistance to the 99ers. ??

    • 2.1
      endoftheworld says:

      Sharon, that is the link to Henry Shivleys website “from the Trenches” you may have come across it? the sign-up is under the tab “organized resistance” it seens kinda radical and anti socialism, he had also made a negative comment bout Mr. C and other advocates?
      I would read the website and comments carefully before deciding to align with them.
      I dont check it often but i have noticed the tone getting darker.

      Just a word of caution for anyone who might blindly sign up w/o examining the group for themselves first. Of course i believe this is the only group out there actually organizing such an event so it might be now or never but what exactly are they for?

      Bout your other msg. to me: oh so your’re a bit jealous of me are you missy :-)? – Well I am flattered if ANYONE should wish they were me…
      Seriously tho I am well aware there are folks worse off then me, unable to get aid BUT personally I am more aware of the many MUCH better off.
      I do stand by my claim that basic vision/dental is not optional medical services and should be lumped together with regular medical benefits, and also who would want to hire a toothless hag with coke bottle thick glasses?

      another day, it’s 11am and am still in pj’s and havnt eaten yet, ugh!

      • 2.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        EOTW: Thanks so much for the heads up. I had been to From the Trenches before, but it’s been some time; and I do recall that it seemed a little radical even in the beginning. I just didn’t see a reference to it in this article, so wasn’t sure if it was the same group organizing this. (Kind of wish it was another group…, maybe a little less radical?) And I didn’t realize there were comments made against Michael C and the rest of us here too. I likely will not sign up, but I probably will go and check the site out again—it’s been a long, long time.

        You made me smile (actually, you made me laugh) with your “jealous of me are you missy?”–I’m glad you took it so well. And yeah, I guess maybe I am a little bit. I wish I had access to some of the assistance you have. And you’re right, a toothless hag with coke bottle glasses is not likely to beat out a better looking candidate!! I think that this kind of care should be available to EVERYONE, but we know where pipe dreams like that take us!!–nowhere!! People do need to see, and dental care is more important than people think, outside of the aesthetics. People, unfortunately, cannot get sufficient regular health care, to say nothing of optical and dental care. Yeah, I haven’t eaten yet either and still doing my job search in my pj’s. It is really cold outside, and I’m having trouble getting warm today (again). Course, may have something to do with keeping the temp at 62 to keep costs down!

        Haven’t checked your responses yet to other posts, but does your DOL have farm work listed? I know you like working outside, and you had mentioned wishing you could have a farm. Working on one for pay is different, of course, but it might be something you might actually enjoy…? The money isn’t great, but it’s not minimum wage (which is what I thought it would be, actually). Most of them around here are too far away, but I did check it out just to see..


          Sharon, the link is contained in the very first word of the article. Sorry if it wasn’t obvious. :)

          suri says:

          Sharon-GA & EOTW – Are we going to have to referee you two?? lol This is one of those, I can’t believe in my lifetime that dental care would be a luxury?? Or medical care, or funerals?? But I know hubby and I each have dental care that we are putting off due to cost (a $l,000 for root canal or crown). Also am amazed at ‘no services’ and ‘cremations’ in obits or requests for donations to family.

          I am applying to state IN for insurance for uninsurable after being uninsured for six months, as required. They have, at least, a TWO YEAR waiting list and even then you have a limited number of professionals that participate and a premium to pay!! This Obama healthcare COULD have been helpful but I’m beginning to think I’ll be on Medicare first!!

          Chin up – there is at least some sunshine today — cold sunshine at 10 degrees!!

            Sharon-GA says:

            Nah, no need for referee; we’re doing good!!

            Dentistry is horribly expensive and definitely fits on the optional list; but like I said, for me, so does health care. And it sounds like your health care is also in question. I’m seeing more cremations and no services too, just announcements of deaths. I’ve already decided on cremation because burial is so terribly, terribly expensive. I think it is the least expensive way to go, considering all. Not real joyous about it, but honestly, I’m not going to be around, so how will I know?!! Actually, I wish I could have a “burial at sea,” so the fishies could at least have food and I’d be of benefit somewhere. My daughter is not much into visiting gravesites anyway, so there’d be no real reason to put me in the ground. I’ve asked her to scatter my ashes over the ocean.

            Well, that sounds all kind of depressing, doesn’t it? Didn’t mean for it to.

            Yeah, we have beautiful sunshine today, but it’s cold–but I think you’d think it was a heat wave, because we made it into the low 40′s I think. We have a good wind and it just feels kind of rough out there. We’re expecting possible snow tomorrow night and Thursday morning—but obviously NOTHING like you have!! Take care, Suri.

    • 2.2
      suri says:

      Sharon – GA – Hey, good morning! I’m with you on the numbers game. At beginning of year IN allowed new claims to be opened for 99ers and I thought we would continue posting so as to capture the 99er number (of course, no benefits). Nothing else has happened?? So where is this new ‘corrected’ unemp number?? Invisible is my best guess!! It is difficult to accept how insulting these reports continue and grow!! At the very least let’s have TRUTH — isn’t that supposed to be the American way??

      Weather has been very brutal this winter season. Extreme cold and lots of snow sums it up. We have at least 30″ on ground and 10 degrees for HIGH (?) today. Last week’s storm had ‘snow emergency’ road rules where no one could travel for several days and radio broadcasts of no food pantries was heartbreaking. Also reports of many in our area will fall off untilies in March due to long overdue accts (they cannot disconnect during winter season). The downward spiral in my state is crushing the heart and soul of many…

      I’m still looking for MC also and we must tell each other to hang on as he would. I am at peace with not knowing details and accept that we are not entitled to. It’s just human nature, I guess, to want ‘whole picture’. It is enough to have known and been known by MC and felt his interest, concern, and helpfulness. I can only hope my own people feel that from me in their lives… Peace.

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    Jack cou says:

    We,the 99ers,have other problem added becouse the employers dont want 99ers,they say the 99ers lost skills to work,I and others 99ers friends have suffered that recently,what about us in the future? we will die on streets?,god bless america.

  • 4
    jdm says:

    Jack, i agree with your comment. But the fact is 99′ers would make better employees. They are well rested, calmer psyches, understand better the job force than before. The number one problem is companies want to continue working their people to death in order to make more profits. I know friends that have been sent to the hospital from work more than once for being overworked. I have one friend in hotel management who hasn’t had a day off since September and his wife moved out and divorced him recently because he won’t stand up to his employer. Millions are out of work because of greedy companies. We have 20 years experience how can we have forgotten how to work. It’s a joke. If everyone walks out of these slave labor employers, maybe things will change.

    • 4.1
      endoftheworld says:

      sorry – have to STRONGLY disagree with your statement that we 99ers are “calm and well rested”
      I personally am a nervous wreck and my nerves are just about shot, don’t know about how other long term unemployed feel but if you feel “calm and well rested” after 99++ weeks of UE I suspect yu are very well off!

    • 4.2
      suri says:

      jdm – I agree with the ‘overworked employees’ portion of your comment. So many things employers are getting by with due to NO ONE having any ability or appetite for questioning due to lack of available emp. I am disheartened by President Obama’s pleas to corporates to show concern for our American workers or future. They, the govt, has allowed this country to be governed by the ‘bottom line’ and Wall Street?? I don’t think it in their hearts or minds to reset their thinking now!!

      I agree with others on the calm and rested 99ers — more than we should all have treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, in my view. I honestly don’t see how we, the 99ers and unemp, can reconnect in any large numbers without govt help?? At least with unemp extensions it would be possible to assist those with life sustaining functions. Remember only half of all unemp EVER had unemp insurance benefits to begin and millions don’t get 99 weeks either! Unemp ext would be the fastest, most helpful direction to go forward imho.

      Best wishes to all, peace and hope for better days.

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    Sharon-GA says:

    I’m not sure where to put this comment, but I guess here is as good as anyplace. They just had a news report on the local noon news about the extension of benefits for the 99ers and the likelihood of its success. A resounding, “no way” is this going to happen from the correspondent who stood with the scene of the Capitol Building in the background. He said it had been hard enough to get the extension for regular unemployment, and pretty much a snow balls chance in hell (though he didn’t say that) of getting this passed. Of course, we all knew/know it’s a long shot, but it is disheartening to hear it said so succinctly and so definitely out loud. Not sure what it will take to bring real attention to the plight of the 99ers and the need for assistance. I just think they want us to “go away,” whatever that entails.

    And EOTW: You just tickle me sometimes!!! I agree with you, I thought the “calm and well rested” was a strange way to talk about us. I am anything but “calm,” and actually don’t sleep so well–I usually have no problem going to sleep, it’s staying asleep that is my problem. And rested also would seem to mean that I’m doing something enjoyable with my life, which I’m not, because if I do anything that even resembles pleasure, I feel guilty. So I don’t consider myself resembling anything like “calm and well rested.” I think sometimes if I’m going to some day be lucky enough to get a job to one of the many, many places I have applied and continue to apply, that it certainly would be nice if I could rest some in between so I’d be prepared…but I just can’t seem to be either calm or well rested.

  • 6
    Jack cou says:

    I agree with both comments,but I have too much worries my situation coz I am ready and strong to work but the employers dont want me coz I am 99ers 30 months ago and they comment I lost the skills to be efficient,this is a injustice,then,I have a question,when could I get a job again?I beleave thousands people are same and unsuccessful in our country and we have to call for the goverment about that discrimination,I dont know how to do that but we have to do somethings,please somebody clear me.

  • 7
    suri says:

    Michael – A very truthful, revealing article!! I’m having a tough time with the Team Evil vs Team Stupid thing — I would pick Team Stupid truly, but as the kids say ‘stupid can’t be fixed’ ! lol And I’m too much of a Pollyanna to go with Team Evil, though I always believe Evil can redeem itself and change it’s ways!! What a dilemna…

    This is so beyond belief regarding unemp rates and stats!! Simple math is pretty obvious. Figures lie and liars figure pretty much sums it up!! I personally think somehow the govt is insulting our intelligence that our unemp rate is not closer to 20% and 18 million, at least, of 99ers!!

    Whatever is IS and hiding behind the curtain is not going to allow this country to thrive and perhaps not even survive!! We had better pay close attention to Eygpt for the power of the people to rise up against loss of opportunity in jobs and ability to sustain life. I disbelieve the talk of humanitian aid for Egypt when NO SUCH PLAN EXISTS FOR HELP IN OUR OWN COUNTRY with individuals, families and children, in need of food and basic housing?? How will anyone caught in this trap of long term unemp be able to regain any ability to reenter the job market with no access to transportation or housing??

    This topic is at once so simple and so complicated, isn’t it?? Individuals will help themselves much more cheaply and in a timely basis if given the financial ability to hang on (as MC would put it). The govt is so ineffective in time constraints and finances to address this in a more direct manner. These are my thoughts that unemp extensions in whatever course, Tier 5 or add’l weeks, would immediately and effectively carry our country forward financially, emotionally, and morally. America ignores 99ers and puts at risk the future of us all !! Peace and hope for future.

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    Sharon-GA says:

    In reading articles about the Lee press release on Wednesday regarding the bill she is going to propose for the 99ers, there is conflicting information available. Some say that she is not proposing a way to pay for this, and others say she is proposing a way to pay for it. If she is NOT proposing a way to pay for it, then I’m afraid it will be no more than a press release (and I think MC would have agreed with this), and she will be doing no more than she did previously, just putting herself out there for publicity, while doing really nothing for the 99ers. So let’s hope that she has a proposal for how to pay for it.

    So nice to see you back, Suri.

    • 8.1
      suri says:

      Sharon – GA – Never under estimate the POWER of a kind word!! Nice to reconnect to console ourselves with the loss of MC. When I think of his many replies I’m always reminded of ‘There is no greater wisdom, than kindness’. That is so fitting for him…

  • 9
    Mike says:

    I’m sure plenty of folks across the country has seen the report of the man who at gun point held up a local store in his state. He apologized to the owner for holding him up & promised to pay the money back once he got back on his feet.He stated that he had to find a way to buy food for his children & was unemployed. This my friends is going to be a common thing in the U.S. I’m sure the government doesen’t give a rats ass but this is very sad to see happening here.

    • 9.1
      tchofgrey says:

      Fact: Households with minor children *always* qualify for the SNAP (food stamp) program if truly indigent and without money or assets.

      Statements that the unemployed with kids are *starving* are simply false.

      • 9.1.1
        suri says:

        tchofgrey – Well, I don’t personally know but I think judgments such as yours are harsh and biased.

        “Starving” may be in the eye of the parent’s inability to provide, don’t you think?? Whatever is the reality in your mind doesn’t not justify your cruel assessment imho.

          tchofgrey says:

          That indigent families qualify for the SNAP program is a FACT, not a cruel, harsh or biased “judgment”. “Starvation” is a condition that results from inadequate consumption of nutrition and kids simply don’t “starve” in the USA unless their parents/guardians are unfit.

          Newsflash: It’s an increasingly HARSH world out there, Suri. Better embrace that fact and do what you can to help yourself, because help from your neighbors and the government is quite likely over.

      • 9.1.2
        Sharon-GA says:

        tchofgrey: I think the key words here are “indigent and without money or assets.” I think people are desperate who may still have a roof over their heads (that they may be in danger of losing at any time), but not able to provide for their families and do not qualify (by what you said as indigent and w/o money or assets) for SNAP. As we know, “everybody” is not eligible for social services. And just in case you didn’t know, people have been starving, or near, in Appalachia for decades…possibly because they have the audacity to have a roof over their heads…?!

        And as an observer, I didn’t think your “Newflash” was necessary.

      • 9.1.3

        tchofgrey, my mother-in-law is a certified nutritionist. I know precisely what the accepted definition of ‘starvation’ is according to the World Health Organization, AND I have a two-year-old son AND I’m on food stamps.

        Let me tell you that I know, in very real vivid detail, exactly the degree to which food stamps do not avert starvation.

          Sharon-GA says:

          Thanks, Michael, for your response, because I think there is a misunderstanding of just what and how far food stamps go (though I wouldn’t know for certain, as I am not eligible!), and starvation is not a result of negligence and lack of education, but lack of $$ to be able to provide adequate nutrition, food stamp help or not! And hunger in this country has been around for a long, long time, certain areas of the country more (and longer) affected than others.

          suri says:

          Michael – Thanks for sharing your viewpoint and sorry for your personal experience! We all must fight and reject the ‘hard facts’ offered regarding our world today. It does not have to be in our country that we argue about such basics as food !

    • 9.2
      suri says:

      Mike – This is quite rampant in my area also. Of course, the car and home burglary rates are over and above any previous. Many homes are being attacked with the people at home!! Especially the elderly have been told to have a big dog and ‘yell they are calling 911′ instead of just not going to the door! Also police warned everyone to never put large cartons a curb which show any new tv, computers, etc. as it is an invitation to thieves. What a world of crime we live in and it’s rural America! How far down can we go?? I apologize to my kids for my generation not doing a better job! How sad for us all…

    • 9.3
      suri says:

      Mike – Forgot to report a sad newspaper item in IN where a police stand off ended with the homeowner who was being escorted out by foreclosure officers held all at bay and later set fire to the house and killed himself !! This foreclosure housing crisis to continuing to escalate in our area as unemp benefits have run out and housing prices are still declining so basically – NO WAY OUT !! So many have tried to keep the faith for two years only to have NO HELP OR HOPE left…

      • 9.3.1
        suri says:

        Today’s local newspaper headline “Homeless Man Found Frozen to Death”. He was 49 – how sad that this should happen in this great nation. I’m sure as I type more will be found in the days to come… The temps are below zero at this time and we are urged to report anyone leaving an animal outside yet the police were notified several times and did nothing? I’m sure many people don’t want to know or ‘interfere’ but seriously how do they sleep at night?? Dark and cold peace.

  • 10
    dimplesmile7 says:

    Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Congress Bobby Scott will be doing a press conference on Wednesday to introduce H.R. 3404. It is a bill that will give an 14 additional weeks of unemployment to 99ers. The American 99ers Union will be at this press conference too.—The-Emergency-Unemployment-Compensation-Act.aspx

  • 11
    dimplesmile7 says:

    Go to congresswoman Barbara Lee’s website:,57&itemid=2288

  • 12
    nbsouthfl says:

    I just wanted to make a comment on another subject. Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. wanted all the 99′ers to send in thier resumes to make some sort of point. So I mailed mine in and to the correct address that was posted and it just was returned to me and it was stamped “NO MAIL RECEPTACLE UNABLE TO FORWARD”. I went out of my way to send this, bought stamps and envelopes that I cannot afford anymore and am thinking to myself, “Is this some kind of stupid joke?” Has this happened to anyone else??

    • 12.1
      Sharon-GA says:

      I don’t remember where the information is located, but I believe there was a fax number you could fax your resume to (I don’t recall, but I don’t think there was an email address to send it to). I faxed mine and got confirmation that it went through (from the fax machine, not from Mr. Jackson himself). If you have access to a fax, you might try that. I haven’t heard of anyone else having had a problem with the mailing address. But I also have not heard that anything has been done with the resumes he received, or when it might be scheduled that anything would be done, so you might still have time to get your resume counted if you are able to fax it. Sorry to hear that you had this problem. But also wondering if/when anything is going to be done with the ones he actually received. Does anyone else know anything about when something will be done?

  • 13
    Dave says:

    In terms of the broader picture, I don’t see (in what is obviously an intentional mathematical misrepresentation in the 99er count) this as necessarily a direct plot to kill a Tier 5 extension per se. While it may support that assertion for those in opposition of a Tier 5, this is part of something much larger than just our particular needs. I’m not diminishing our plight here. We deserve better treatment than what we’ve been getting to be certain and there are very good reasons to support that mindset.

    Those reasons however pale in comparison to what’s at stake though. That is, in the eyes of our leadership and those who advise them. If we were to get a Tier 5, that would mean that there would be a number count of our existence. That would not play well into their equation for promoting the overall economic growth. Economic growth, especially in a recessive economy, is about more than just numbers. It’s about emotions and the state of mind. It’s about restoring confidence. It’s about leading the majority of the populace (and that is not us) into the belief that the trend is looking up, not down. Confidence is a key feature in any economy.

    When consumers (those with jobs) are confident about the positive trend of the economy and the increased feeling of security with general employment trends, they are more likely to spend beyond what is necessary for mere survival (those such as us). The more they spend (those with jobs) the more likely it will become necessary to hire more people. That is our leaderships position. Where they’re going wrong with this mindset however is that it ultimately goes toward supporting foreign economies and not what has come to be our own current defunct unproductive service sector base. That’s one of the major failures in our economy over the decades…policies that have allowed this to happen. Also it’s becoming obvious that the aged, although able and prepared to work, are less likely to find gainful employment. That’s the real shame of it all for that group comprises a large percentage of those long term unemployed.

    Some have been arguing from the point of view that if they would just pass a Tier 5 that those monies would circulate thru the economy and have a positive effect. Sure, it would, but only if it was for an indefinite period of time would it have any real effect in economic terms…and what are the chances of that happening when all they seem to talk about are budget cuts lately. That’s not in the mix. So, what about the proposition of a something on a smaller scale?

    Sure for us personally it would help. I could use it. From their (majority) perspective however, the trade off for adding another blemish to a stagflation economy by bringing to the forefront (thru a Tier 5) the true number of those who are 99ers as opposed to leading the general public into beleiving that their numbers are few and they are finding gainful employment…well it’s really no trade off at all as far as their concerned. After all, it’s really not a new game they’re playing. Keep repeating the lie and people will believe it eventually…and for the general economic well being of our nations future, this is exactly what they’re doing and what’s more is that they feel validated doing this.

    The sacrifice of a few 99ers thru manipulation to benefit the many more (including themselves) at this point in their eyes is a validated course to take for the benefit of the overall economy and this has the stamp of approval from the prez himself. His economic staff has told this. Refrain from speaking of our (99ers) true existence. For the benefit of the overall economy say that the answer to the unemployment problem is job creation. They know we’re here, and I really believe they know that there are many more of us than the numbers might suggest. Obama knows it. He may be a lot of things, but stupid or ignorantly blind he is not. We are the sacrifice that is being made for the overall benefit of the masses.

    You don’t have to like it, but there it is.

    • 13.1
      suri says:

      Dave – Truth is hard to swallow and leaves a bitter taste in this case… Peace inspite of being a part of the collateral damage, but really don’t think ‘this’ will fly or even help crawl our economy along. I truly believe until our govt and elected leaders are honest and forthright to our cause their attempts to turn away from this and continue ahead will NOT SUCCEED !!

    • 13.2
      Sharon-GA says:

      Dave: I agree in principle with what you are saying, and intellectually it sounds correct. However, I cannot believe that an economy can recover, that our country can be successful, built on the backs of the unemployed by false statistics and not giving a damn. Like building a house on sand. I believe that if that is the mindset that this country will collapse in on itself in an even bigger way than any of us can imagine. Sure, encourage people to spend, encourage credit, building a false economy based on lies…things are actually going to get worse, and people are going to be so caught off-guard because they’ve been fed this enormous lie about how “good” things are, how everything is “improving.” These kinds of lies contributed to how we got here in the first place, with Wall Street and their nefarious actions. It’s the same thing. Ignoring us is going to come at great cost to our nation.

      • 13.2.1
        Dave says:

        Sharon: I could not agree with you more. This is a very dangerous game they’ve chosen to play, for these are not just numbers on a balance sheet..they in fact represent the lives of human beings. This method will not produce sustainable results and will, as you say, come at great cost to our nation. Many will end up paying that cost with their lives as the result of our leaderships’ behavior. We are seeing these acts of desperation playing out more and more each day. To simply ignore our plight or at the very least our existence will eventually in some manner or form come to backfire and explode before their very eyes. I see it as a matter of cause and effect. The effect they are seeking however will not be the one they wanted. They are simply repeating their mistakes and creating another illusion. They are building another house of cards. They know it’s a dice roll, and it’s only a matter of time until they crap-out once again as so many times before. Prepare yourselves as best you can. Good luck to you and yours.

          Steve Brad says:

          Dave, that was a very good insight on the overall picture. The smaller more humane picture is that government is alsp designed to protect directly and indirectly and to serve the populance to a degree. Please don’t take this literally, but the holocaust happened and slavery happened. Should we ignore the plight of people or should we help them. My problem is that president Obama are so called leader is choosing to ignore the problem, instead od addressing the issues.
          Obama is a feel good president he addresses the sexy or current issue that shed’s the spotlight on himself. The ignoring of the 99er plight is also, his attempt not to bring bad press to his presidency. That is not presidential, a president should tackle all the issues with at least a effort or acknowledgement. Let’s forget the numbers of high unemployment, you as a citizen would be more apt to re-elect someone who had a plan and a focus to alleviate the problem. My point is that he doesn’t have a plan or the agenda to focus on this dire problem.

  • 14
    Toni says:

    Obama and this administration have to go! I am so sick of that mess in Washington! Devils, all of them! Hell, even Satan knew if he just twisted the truth, he had his man! They are doing it Satan’s way! It will fall though! Obama and his goons are trying to play the American people stupid! WE ARE UNEMPLOYED, NOT STUPID!!!!! STOP WITH THE FUZZY MATH!!!!! That EOE sign on employer’s applications should be taken off, and what in the hell is up with this credit check thing? If you don’t have a damn job, then, you will get behind in bills! Common sense will tell you that! BILL CLINTON, PLEASE RUN IN 2012!!!!!

    • 14.1
      Steve Brad says:

      Tony, I agree but I hope that the american people send Barack Obama to OZ, so the wizard can give him a heart and backbone too.

  • 15
    kirsten says:

    Does this mean that if the tier 5 passes that everyone will be able to get a tier 5 like me because I stopped turning in jobs because benefits completely ran out? I have reached the end of my benefits 2 weeks ago and I am wondering if we were supposed to keep trying to get the tier 5 and keep mailing in 6 jobs every 2 weeks. Now, I may not get nothing if it passes, right? How does it work for the ones that completely stopped sending in jobs, do we count? My 93 weeks are up and I am just wondering if I can still get the tier 5 if passed. Any info on this?

    • 15.1
      HD says:


      The bill that is being introduced by Rep. Lee and Rep. Scott is not a Tier 5. It is legislation to add 14 additional weeks to Tier 1 and would include all unemployed who have exhausted all of their their UI tiers/benefits.

      To answer your other question, most states do not allow you to keep certifying once you’ve exhausted benefits, so this would not prevent you from being eligible.

      Hope this helps.

      • 15.1.1
        Sharon-GA says:

        HD: Okay, if not allowed to certify once benefits have been exhausted, just how are they (supposedly) tracking the 99ers and know their numbers??!!? This continues to mystify me. Yet they are giving out these numbers as FACTS….Where do these “facts” come from?

          HD says:

          Sharon, I agree! The stats being spouted are a fallacy. While it’s true that the Labor Dept would have no idea who has/hasn’t found a job since falling off the UI rolls and into the abyss, they certainly know the EXACT number of people who exhausted their benefits. And it’s a much larger number than they’re willing to admit. After all, if they didn’t have that most basic information, how would they ever have known when to stop paying us? :-)

          suri says:

          Sharon-GA – Hi from the COLD North!!! I’m with you on these ‘FACTS’ ! There are plenty of articles on how false these numbers are and even Ed Show is quoting “no one believes these numbers!”

  • 16
    99erneedjob says:

    Kirsten, They say keep filing every 2 weeks,that way
    you stay in the system. So if and when we get something
    you want have a delay in getting a check.
    Hope this helps…
    I really wonder if anything will ever be done…
    I am waiting on a call for an interveiw this week…
    I hope they were not lying to me…
    I heard OBAMA said yesterday that he was going to
    try and help the 99ers. Has anyone else heard anything???

  • 17
    John says:

    It has been unfair what has been happening to the 99ers. They have the funds but don’t want to use on unemployment. I feel that very shortly people are going to be killing other peole and will steal whatever it takes to try to survive. I beleive that we are living in hell because all we do is struggle to survive. It is ridilous Obama sucks he isn’t for us. The gov. is for the gov. the peopleare for the people. We don’t need the bull shit from congress it is just going to get worse. Everything keeps going up and the shelters are full because it is too cod outside. I have been unemployed since Dec 2008, had three interviews, have my resume out their with head hunters ad they don’t have anything. I go to he career center and I am a veteran and I am am too young to retire and I am at the end of the rope just like most 99ers. We need a miracle from someone rhat will listen to all the 99ers. It isn’t our fault that the economy sucks.